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Her heart is like a puzzle, confusing to put together but easy to take apart [On/Off]


Age: 24 -- Species: Initia - Radix -- Family: N/A -- Elements Water and Earth
Nicknames: N/A -- Born: March 21st 1993 in Georgia  -- Face Claim: Rihanna

Current Residence: Evermore City (In a small one bedroom apartment) -- Relationship Status: Doesn't matter. Not interested -- Occupation: Works at a Café (Day Job), Movie Theater (Night Job)


Build: Tall & Thin 

Hair Color: Varies. She likes to change it up a lot 

Distinguishing Marks: Tribal Tattoo on Lower back 

Eye Color: Varies but they are brown


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Good: Loyal, Protective, Smart 

Bad: Short-Tempered, Careless, Curious (So much as it gets her into trouble) 


Jadis was born to Isadora and Pollando Anderson in a small town in Georgia. March 21st was the day, a hot one too. Her parents were traveling out of state to get away from the small town but they had to go back when Jadis was coming. Their plan to get away was held off because of her birth. Isadora her mother who was apart of the initia tribe in Georgia, didn't want to expose her daughter to such a life. Her mother was already seen as an outcast from due to her marrying human. Her parents only stayed in town for a couple of days before leaving to reside in LA, California.
By the age of 4, Jadis seemed normal. Nothing about her was out of the ordinary. Her mother thought that was a sign of relief. Although in the back of her mind, the fact that her daughter could gain an elemental power frightened her. As Jadis grew up, she was unaware of the gift she was harboring. Her mother thought that maybe she wouldn't have developed the gift of an element. Isadora had the element of Water. Since a tribal tattoo didn't appear by her 16th birthday, her mother continued to allow Jadis to live without knowing what she really is.

It wasn't until one day after school, Jadis was offered a chance to hang out with some new friends she had made. Since she was an only child, it got lonely at times. She yearned for a connection of some kind with people around her age. That day, they went and hung out at an abandoned warehouse. One girl allowed Jadis to see what she could do. She had the power to control air. At first, Jadis thought she was drinking to much, since they were drinking alcohol illegally but it was real. The other girl showed her that she could control fire, using a lighter to show her ability.
They had asked her if she was an inita too and if she got her tribal tattoo. Jadis was confused about the whole situation. She couldn't respond. Her friends just laughed and made fun of her for being quote on quote "Normal". Jadis ran home and burst into tears. Her mother wasn't sure what was wrong but when she asked, Isadora could not answer. She practically refused to tell her anything. That very same day, Jadis ran away from home. She did not want to be around her mother anymore. She felt bad for not saying goodbye to her father but he was a very busy man. She barely saw him and when she did, he would be too tired and go straight to sleep. Jadis took her essentials, some cash she had been saving and two credit cards. She wasn't sure of where she was going but anywhere but CA was good enough for her.

Jadis took the bus and went on a cross country road trip practically. She stayed on the bus for days, basically only stopping once or twice to get off. None of the places the bus has made a stop at, she considered to be home. That was until she came across Evermore. Something about this city possessed her to step out and stay.
She was able to live on her own and take care of herself. All seemed normal, living here in Evermore until her eighteenth birthday came swinging by. She worked at a café during the day and movie theater at night. During her night job at the theater, she was feeling overwhelmingly hot and dehydrated. She wasn't sure what was wrong with her. Jadis went into the break room to find the water fountain that resided there. When she came near it, it started to shake uncontrollably, at first, she thought it was broken but when water spat out chaotically, Jadis put her hands up to take cover.

No water fell on her, it remained in the air,hovering and when she let her hands fall down to her sides, the water fell to the ground. Jadis was unsure of what just happened but it reminded her of those girls back in CA from two years ago. She quickly went over to a mirror and lifted up the back of her work shirt, a tribal tattoo had appeared. Jadis was shocked and kind of scared. She wasn't sure what was going to happen next. Only to know all the answers she was looking for would be right under her nose in Evermore. Where ‘normal’ was overrated

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