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..:::The path to destruction is paved with good intentions:::..

▸seventeen years old◂▸unmatured dhampir◂▸hong kong chinese◂▸sun on yee
◂▸kim yugyeom◂▸

Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient, a city a shrouded in mystery as it was in beauty. A city of rich cultures with a complicated history and dark underbelly that many liked to pretend didn’t exist. Drugs, Murder, Prostitution and that was just what was on the surface. Many people thought that the small island nation was run by the government but it was the Triads that really pulled the strings. The Sun On Yee and 18K were virtually untouchable and had their fingers in absolutely everything that went on on Hong Kong Island.

The Sun On Yee were a force to be reckoned with and at its head sat The Dragon more affectionately known as Uncle Po. Po had a terrify presence that made many quake and instilled unshakeable loyalty in many of the Sun On Yee. He was a tall, imposing and though many thought it was a myth; a vampire. Po had been turned by a rogue back in the early 40s when he was in his mid fifties and was only a low level brother but that didn’t stop him from using his new found supernatural abilities to his benefit as he clawed his way to the to top. He took the Sun On Yee from a small time gang to an internationally feared Triad  within a shockingly short amount of time eating many enemies along the way.

It was just before dawn in the last year of the twentieth century when Wei’s parents met for the first time. Po had just become Uncle Po after a not very democratic vote amongst the On Yee generals and had been celebrating at his local Karaoke bar when she had caught his eye. She was a pretty young thing wrapped in a low cut silk slit dress that made Po thirsty in more that one way. He knew that she knew he was watching her but that was part of the thrill. Before too long she gave him a smirk and left via the backdoor of the club making sure Po was following.

The encounter did not go as Po has intended. The woman’s name was Vivienne and she flirted with her eyes enticing him to drop his guard but a soon as he did Vivienne had whipped out a pen knife and had stabbed him in the stomach and had run off with his wallet. Po had never been so shocked in his life. It sparked an infatuation that lasted years and ultimately lead to Wei being born.

Wei was under no illusions about his parents relationship. They cared deeply about one another but they didn’t love each other. Vivienne was a favoured mistress at most and though Po showered them with lavish gifts there would be no happy families. Not that this bothered Wei nor Vivienne, Po’s status was enough to mean they had a good life and the Triad members were like extended family members.

Wei knew of his father's supernatural tendencies. It was just another unusual aspect of his life that he had come to accept. They didn’t go into the specifics of what that made Wei but he’d been given enough books on vampires and rune books to piece everything together. Some research of his own lead him to some of the other species that existed throughout the world but some of the facts about them were clearly fictional so Wei wasn’t really sure what to believe and he didn’t really know who to ask for clarification. He’d once asked his father only to find out the man was as clueless as himself and had learned about his own species through trial and error.

Wei and his mother lived in a lavish apartment in Kennedy Town, his mother drove a flash car (stolen of course) and he went to one of the best british funded private schools on the island. Other than having one parent as a Triad Leader Wei was relatively normal. He liked practicing Wing Chun mixed with the street fighting techniques the Sun On Yee brothers taught him and was gradually trying to teach himself guitar. He was friends with Ambassadors daughters and street thugs alike but somehow both sides of his life melded together seamlessly.

That is until the wedding of Winston and Peggy Chu. There had been tension between the Sun On Yee and 18k  simmering just below boiling point for a quite a few months. The 18K had gotten a new leader know as Big Smile Lee who thought he was just going push the Sun On Yee from their stronghold overnight. He was grossly mistaken and was a very sore loser after his forces were mowed down when he tried to muscle his way into the On Yee Headquarters. In revenge Big Smile broke one of the most sacred rules. He attacked a wedding.

Almost all of the Son On Yee higher ups were at the wedding. Winston was a trusted general and this was a day of celebration for the Triad. The cathedral had been decked out in whites and silvers for the event and everyone from initiates all the way up to Uncle Po had been invited as Peggy counted everyone as Family. Over half the Sun On Yee Triad were in the church along with a large portion of civilians. Wei and Vivienne were halfway down the church rather than sitting with Po as he was sitting with the rest of the generals for the ceremony.

Peggy and Winston had been married twenty minutes when the 18K burst open the doors of the church and opened fire. Wei and his mother escaped via a shattered stained glass window with some minor cuts and major bruising but they were lucky. Po had taken three shots to the chest, enough to kill a mortal man but not enough to end a vampire. The newlyweds and much of the wedding party didn't make it.

This vile act sparked a war between the two Triads that quickly spiraled out of control. It was open warfare and any unspoken sacred rules that had stood for hundreds of years were forgotten as the two Triads killed innocents left, right and center. Hong Kong PD tried their best to control the violence but they had little to no power over the city which became frightfully obvious as the sound of gunfire became as common as car honking.

When the 18K started to move in on Sun On Yee family and friends Vivienne decided enough was enough. She couldn’t hack the stress of looking over her shoulder and she was afraid to sleep at night incase she never woke again. She confronted Po demanding he make it so her and Wei would be safe until the 18K had been put back in it’s place. Luckily Po had been thinking along the same lines and had started to make arrangements for them to go to America for a while. Po had a connection in a city called Evermore and everything had been set up so Wei and Vivienne could live safely.

They left from Hong Kong international airport on a red eye, Po saying he’d see them when things had settled but Wei got the feeling that it was the last time he was going to see the vampire.

~City Lights~
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~Bros b4hoes~
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At 20:40 on December 24, 2017,
Fluid Role
✘ Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Here's your presents for being good this year xx

Because you have been naughty to Samira, instead of two gifts you get one.

~From Santa 

At 13:21 on December 24, 2017,
✓ Dyllann Schuster


I actually have nothing to be thankful for about meeting you and becoming friends. You ruined my life.
I guess being bros and picking pockets together was okay? x)
Hope you have a Happy Holidays and a very healing, happy New Year. ^-^

I don't have much but as a gift, you have been selected especially to have one of these. Maybe it'll freshen up that attitude of yours. :P

Hate you, ya nastay.
Dyllann. <3

At 21:26 on December 23, 2017,
✓ Clara Carter

An Early Christmas Gift Just for you

Related image

Merry Christmas
~Clara Carter

At 16:14 on December 23, 2017,
✓ Krystal Kang

Hello Wei Devil :)

I'm sorry, but since you've been a naughty boy all year long, you don't deserve any presents. Since I am nice though, I'll give you but one ;)



At 23:32 on November 5, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Thank you for accepting my request hope we can role play


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