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What just happened? (Ha-joon & and Daehyun)

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What a long day, this was one of the days the cafe got so many people come…Continue

Are you talking to me? ( Ha-joon & Yeonseok)

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It was a normal day among Ha-joon's life, getting up to go to work,…Continue

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"Daehyun stared at the three male figured hovering over another male that was already on the ground, which really caused him to click his tongue in annoyance. He really does hate bullies or anyone that oppresses the other in general, but something…"

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Ha-Joon Sae 새하준
  If I Someone's strength Someones light I wish I could be a Piece of Peace
NAME: Ha-joon Sae
NICKNAMES: None at the moment
AGE: 25
GENDER: Male (FC: Jung Ho-Seok)
HAIR: Dark Brown (Natural)
EYES: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 5'9 (177 cm)
WEIGHT: 68kg (150 lbs)
BUILD: Athletic

SEXUALITY: What do you think?
OCCUPATION: Works at a cafe
LIKES: Loves to give out hugs, music, dancing
DISLIKES: being away from family, doing something wrong, controlling people.

PARENTS: Jae-geun Sae(Father) and Soo-min Sae (Mother)
SIBLINGS: Older Sister - Hana Sae
NAME: Crystal
AGE: 22
AIM: Kiki
EXPERIENCE: 7 years of rping 
CONTACT: PC, Comments and Inbox
STYLE: Multi paras (very long an detailed)
TIME ZONE: Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)
The Pros: Ha-joon growing up was very well known to be the very happiness child growing up in his home town due to his sister and his love of his family. One of these traits is his Care-free view on the world as he tries to give everything to people he thinks deserves more things then he does. if you need someone who will always have your back and never talk about Ha-joon is your man. He is very Humorous, he believes the best thing in the world in the acts of laughter that can cure anything. He tried to joke around as much as possible but when it  comes serious he is like another person. Ha-joon is also Passionate in everything he gets into. If it's not dancing, working or school he makes sure he does his best knowing nothing will stop him.
The Cons: When he was growing up, Ha-joon has to learn things the hard way. He is always told to be Cautious no matter who the person is and what their history background. He loves to give people a chance but sometime people don't want that and it's alright for him as he can just move on and wish that person luck in life. he is not one to be judgemental toward people., For those who wants to stay around and get to know Ha-joon they can find him very Quirky, one moment he came be still the next he could be randomly dancing or doing something to get a laugh out of someone. He does not care about harsh comments because he knows he is being himself and why would he change.For someone is cautious Ha-joon does have a bit of a daring side when it come to something he cane be Opportunistic. He does not let anything stop him and if it's something he knows he has a chance at he will fight for it.

Relationships with Others
~ Hana Sae (older sister): Ha-joon is very close with his sister. He works more to make sure she does not have to worry about work so she can focus on her studying. he workers extra hard looks after her.  he acts like the older sibling but he hopes she is proud of him as she is always supportive on his choices in life.
~ Other will come soon (when it comes ^^)
The story of A dancer

The year was 1994, the month of love for family, loved ones, and relationships. On February 18 a baby was born in Gwangju, South Korea known as the sixth largest city in South Korea. As the winter's snow was still falling with a light harmony that no one can hear, the mother names her child, Sae Ha-joon. His mother always can remember when Ha-joon came into the world with a smile as bright as the sun. Despite the smile of a very healthy and happy baby, he came late as he is due date was right on the fourth-tenth of February. Really it didn’t matter at the end since it’s the beginning of Ha-joon’s story and journey to his life that people will know in Evermore City.

Growing up, Ha-Joon became a bright kid that never left anyone down when it comes to his smile. He never once like sad people or bad days even if you can’t avoid it. To Ha-joon everyone deserve to have a smile and a great day no matter what events comes into someone life. His point of view came from his older sister, Hana Sae. Ha-joon and Hana are very close in a brother-sister relationship as they look out for each other despite who is younger or older. The Sae family were very friendly people, the are always there to help people no matter what their backstory is but a line is still there to be drawn.

As Middle school and High school came around, everything changed for him as his way to act and his point of view. Ha-joon got great grade as everyone knew his name as his kindness became to the big talk in school. It brought his first girlfriend in his life, a beautiful girl named, Jae-soo.They shared a lot of common interest, always saw each other and went everywhere together. Everyone told them they should just date as they always look couple like more than just being friends. Ha-joon and Jae-soo agreed to date each other but it was later going to end in a tragedy. Ha-joon was very blind to see Jae-soo was not in love with him like he thought she was.

Jae-soo was the one to break everything up as Ha-joon became so blind and confused in love with her. His heart soon to be heartbroken when Jae-Soo told him she was in love with another. First time Ha-joon felt happy in his first relationship ended up with her choosing another guy then him. It did break him when Ha-joon begin to see her and her new man around school. He became very distance, quiet and didn’t socialized like he always was. As many saw what happened and want to define him Ha-joon told them not to make her sad and it was not her fault she moved on. He knew it was not fair but there was nothing he could do, forcing something to work was nothing he never wanted to do to someone.

If it was not for the break up he would never found his love of music and dance. He found many song that describe how he felt but one song that brought him to be happy. The song called, ‘Solo by Dynamic Dyo.’ The best of the song distracted him for his feelings as he found himself want to dance. Ha-joon begin to listen to the song on repeat as started to move, dancing to school from the bus to home. He found something he never thought he had the energy for. Ha-joon’s dancing brought the attention to a dance group that has been watching him went Ha-joon walked by them almost everyday. They saw something within Ha-joon, they stopped him one day to see if his is inserted in joining their group.

Being Ha-joon, he accepted. His family never saw him going down that road but they saw how happy Ha-joon is and supported him with no questions or comments. Ha-joon being to live his life again as he became his old self. He had a hard time keeping up with school and his dance competitions but he somehow saw the middle ground with his older sister’s help. Almost going to the end of his High School he came very unforgettable with his life as much pressure came on his as his CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test) came closer and closer. Ha-joon wanted to pass it the first time to make his parents proud he soon pulled away from the dance group as he felt it was ready. He knew it was hard for him but he took his family fist.

When the test day came Ha-joon, did everything he can and passed. At first he didn’t know what he wanted to do in his college life, which was good for him as the new came upon him that changed everything. His family is going to move America, Ha-joon’s heart dropped as the fear in his heart came upon himself, The language. His older sister knew some English but not a lot, he didn’t know how it will work. One thing Ha-joon is very happy to have is the internet to try to find a way to learn English before the move. He found a site that is free and can talk to people with the language you want to learn. He meet a girl name Megan from Evermore, Colorado. At this time, he didn’t know supernatural really existed as it’s only in story’s and Korean dramas. In the real reality, his older sister knew as well as his parents. He was the last one to know.

Megan and Ha-joon became good friends as he got to learn English a lot better but he still had his accent. He didn’t care about his accent showing as he didn’t want to hide where he came from. Ha-joon took the chance one day to ask about where she lived as Megan laughed tell him if he knew he would not believe her. The test became girl as Megan soon realized Ha-joon is very serious about know and told him. She is a Human like him but it’s a place where the supernatural lived as well. Ha-joon never saw her as a liar it went over his head wondering what more has he never knew. Megan became closer to him until the day he is moving to America. He would not be able to talk to her but it was the day everything went wrong.

Hana and Ha-joon got news about their mother’s health problems as she couldn’t fly to another country. As Hana got accepted to a collage already Ha-joon didn’t like his family splitting apart but his parents begged him to watch over his sister. At the end, Ha-joon went with Hana to live in America. The trip affected them in different ways of bittersweet. The time they landed and walked into the airport, they looked at the T.V screen to see a meteor hit a area that is miles away from when they landed. Ha-joon messaged his friend Megan and thought it was weird for him to seen his message and not reply to it. As the Airport, were helping people he overheard someone say that the meteor hit a city they never knew was there, Evermore City. His heart fell to the ground as he looked at the screen of his phone. His friend could be dead, which will explain his read message with no reply.

Ha-joon was very close but too late to meet his friend that helped him out. Hana took Ha-joon to a apartment that her friend she knew would let them live in until it was clear to go into the city. The possible death he will never know begin to eat at him but he had to remind himself it was part of life. Ha-joon, soon got back to his feet started to find place to work, the local cafe shop took him on as he found his new love and became happy again. When he was working at the cafe, he meet many people who were supernaturals who told him many story's and a little of their species as little they can since he was Human.

Working got him to be comfortable to talk in English as many people told him either they loved his accent or they find his voice attractive. As soon the word came to him and Hana, she found a house to fit for both of them. It took them a few years to finally get to Evermore. From the move to now, Ha-joon found himself another job at a Ha-joon in Evermore living his best life while taking care of his sister who is very busy in college. Ha-joon does want to find some friends that will accept him and to live his life to the fullest. Further plans for him as college is still up in the air as he still does not know what to do but his job. He does want to go back to his hometown to see his parents and the people he lift behind.


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   Are you talking to me?                   04.09.19 00.00.00 00.00.00 Ha-joon, Yeonseok Ha-joon worked on the day hardly anyone came in as his co-work wanted him to dance. In the end he got noticed by someone, Yeonseok who is an owner of a company.
  What just happened?                     04.09.19 00.00.00 00.00.00 Ha-joon, Daehyung Ha-joon worked overtime which lead to him to get attacked by three random people Unknown if anyone is around to help him a stranger did.
     A Splash of Paint                       04.11.19 00.00.00 00.00.00 Anastasia, Ha-joon Ha-joon was running a work errand for his manger on new things for the cafe. Along this time he bumped into someone and got paint on himself and her.
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So some ideas include;

Let's Rock And Roll! : Where Seokmin accidentally breaks into song when he hears his favorite song in the cafe where Joon works. And delivers a stunning show. 

Coffee Break?: Seokmin needs his coffee in the morning because his agent is a jerk and wakes him up to early. So he comes to Joon's cafe and strikes up a conversation. 

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