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"The concoction was a rather unconventional mixture, but Genevieve needed the warmth from the nerve soothing tea and the extra kick from the shot of whiskey to proceed with the night without finding herself shutting down. Genevieve glanced…"

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"Ever since Genevieve was a young girl; she played a very vulnerable role in the orphanage. The other children were always wrestling around and confronting one another about the littlest subjects. Genevieve spent most days being diverged in workbooks…"

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Once An Orphan; Now A Little City Girl

✰ Name: Genevieve Marie Shaw

✰ Nicknames: Gen, Gene, Genie, Evie, Nevie, Vieve, 

✰ Birthday: August 21 1870 ✰ Looks Age: 21 ✰ Actual Age: 149 

✰ Zodiac sign: Leo ✰ Species: Valkyr  ✰ Turned By: Adopted Sister Eden

✰ Birthplace: Eden ✰ Residency: Evermore City, CO ✰ Occupation: ER Doctor

✰ Sexuality: Heterosexual ✰ Relationship Status: Single and looking to start anew


Nobody truly knows which parent Genevieve takes after because she was orphaned at such a young age. Most would like to believe her genetics favor more in her mothers, but other argue that she could possibly be more of her father. Fortunately though Genevieve loves to believe she is mixture of either of her parents. Gene is a rather petite woman as she is only five feet and three inches tall and only weighs one hundred and thirty-three pounds. While determining who she takes after; Genevieve has discovered she has her mother’s lengthy beautiful brownish-blonde hair, but is blessed with her father’s beautiful deep ocean blue optics. However her build is rather slender with very little curves to her, but she is a beautiful mix either way.


When Genevieve was living in the Orphanage she hoped and prayed every night for a family to come and adopt her. However she did have fears and nightmares of going into a home with parents who would eventually harm her.; just like one of orphanage staff had done. Forever Gene feared someone might hurt her. Over the years she developed her obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD; which caused her to overthink and worry about little petty things which eventually ends up sending her into a panic attack. She unfortunately has no control over these compulsive issues and has not found a way to control them. Also after doctor diagnoses they find that just everyday life triggers her OCD and panic attack issues. Her panic attacks aren’t very severe, but they still affect her mentally and physically. So Genevieve does have an emotional support animal to help her through the rough days.

Positive Traits

Caring - Since a young age Genevieve has always been a caring individual; while at the Orphanage Genevieve found herself caring for the younger and ill children. Once adopted Genevieve went on to care for her adoptive mother while she was on her deathbed. Her caring personality is one of the many reasons she went to school to become an emergency room doctor. She wanted the satisfaction of knowing she was caring for those who didn’t know how to care for themselves.

Responsible - Ever since the orphanage Genevieve took responsibility for the young children when the orphanage was short staffed. Growing up Genevieve was always very responsible when it came to giving her adoptive mother medications and remember to schedule appointments for her mother. She never was one to blame anyone for her own mistakes; which made her responsible and one of the reasons the hospital allowed her to join at a such a young age.

Intelligent - Being alive for many years makes Genevieve rather intelligent, but she always had an extensive knowledge for medicine since a young age. Gene is one of many who is blessed with a photographic memory, which allows her to remember knowledge learned years ago along with newly learned medicine. Nerdy as most would call her Genevieve is very very smart and continues to improve her intelligence.

Negative Traits

Boisterous - Genevieve is  naturally overly cheerful and loud when speaking or even in the way she acts. Many people become very annoyed with her cheerful ways, but her boisterous personality can also cause problems for Genevieve. When angry Genevieve tends to overrun her mouth or become overly rowdy where she gets herself into trouble, which contradicts with how vulnerable she really is.

Vulnerable -  Even with Genevieve being a Valkry she tends to be very Vulnerable both physically and emotionally. Physically she doesn’t know how to fight for herself so most of the time she attends to stray away from conflicts. Emotionally Genevieve is very fragile and tends to be very emotional at times which makes her rather vulnerable to insults one might throw at her during confrontations.

Envious - Genevieve has always struggled with being envious or jealous with everyone; especially living in the orphanage. Most of the children were adopted from the orphanage and got their happily ever afters while Gene had gotten stuck living in the orphanage most of her life until being adopted by Margaret Shaw. However then her Envious ways still loomed over head as she had to eventually quit school to take care of Eden and her mother while Eden had gotten to live out her dream of being a tutor. She has always had a lot of jealousy towards Eden and she has a hard time letting go of her envious ways.

The Orphanages normally filled with children of those who weren’t able to care for their offspring or simply for those searching for an easily anonymous way to drop offspring off at the front step. Leaving them behind to never know who their legal guardians were and to be placed for adoption. Simply this happened to orphan Genevieve, who was indeed named by the very staff who found her. The child was barely minutes old when she was dropped at the orphanage’s front step; the woman of the child fled before anyone could even answer the door. With a newborn orphan entering the establishment, meant the staff had a lot of work on their hands. They were raising a young human being to function in the world.

While normally many infants were instantly adopted Genevieve seemed to be one of those rather hard cases. The women of the orphanage agreed that she was a beautiful and well-behaved infant, but adopters must have seen something the staff hadn’t been able to detect just yet. The child seemed to thrive in the hands of the staff, from infant on she was very intelligent and independent. Most infants relied on the staff of the orphanage, which made for hard times. Some months the orphanage struggled to feed the children living within the building, but with friendly donations for food, water, and supplies they made it by until adopters would come through and adopt the child they bonded with.

However Genevieve could never find that special bond with a couple who would have came for miles to adopt the toddler. Poor Genevieve spent most of her childhood longing for that special family to come around. The staff of the orphanage tried desperately to make the orphanage feel like a home to Gene. They felt horrible that the young child never knew what life was like behind the struggling walls of the orphanage. One of the staff at the orphanage wasn’t always very homely to Genevieve, she treated her as more of servant than a child they were trying desperately to get a home. Secretly this very staff member named Katherine would abuse Genevieve for many years. Until the original staff member who collected newborn Genevieve began spotting the bruises and cuts from the abuse. Which later forced Genevieve to reveal who had been abusing her all this time. Katherine was immediately terminated from working with the children and was sentenced to prison for child abuse.

Genevieve’s preteen years began as she still remained living at the orphanage; the staff began to worry that Genevieve would live out her entire life in the orphanage. Which would make her one of the few that did. They didn’t understand what caused her not to be candidate for adoption, the young girl was intelligent, caring, artistic, etc. She was everything some of the other children were not, but they adopted faster than poor Genevieve.

Genevieve was fifteen years old when she was finally adopted by a single parent looking to fill her empty nest with another child, but the woman was widowed and not looking to remarry. Instead the woman adopted fifteen year old Genevieve. Margaret Shaw turned out to be a wonderful adoption mother candidate for Genevieve, from the moment the two met they were a match made in heaven. Genevieve had finally found her forever home with the Shaw family. Genevieve was unsure of how to function in a family situation which mean Margaret had a lot to teach the fifteen year old. Of course Margaret knew Genevieve would have trouble transitioning into her newly found loving home.

Margaret taught Genevieve all about the Shaw family history; Genevieve was fascinated by the photos of her new family background and had fallen in love with the fact that she had a sibling to call her own. Even though Genevieve never had gotten to meet Eden until tragedy would strike the Shaw family once again. Margaret had began showing signs of dying of old age. Young Genevieve was forced to take her focuses away from her schooling to take care of her mother. How she longed for a break from taking care of her mother, but no one was able to take Genevieve’s place. Eden was away tutoring Lord Heathcliff’s children and hadn’t visited their mother in years. Genevieve was forced to place her own life on hold, while her own adoptive sister got to follow her dreams and become successful.

While taking care of her dying mother Genevieve had fallen ill herself with tuberculosis. However she tried desperately not to show that she was ill, but the time with her mother was coming to an end. Margaret was barely holding on anymore and that’s when Eden had come home. Genevieve was furious how miraculously her sister finally showed up when their mother was close to her death. “Why hello sister, it’s nice of you to finally join us.” She snarled to the woman known as her sister Eden. Genevieve’s own illness was slowly killing her, but this wasn’t the time to be worried about her own health.

Margaret passed the week after Eden arrived home and for once Genevieve had gotten a break from caring for their ill mother; as Eden felt the need to care of their mother in her final days. Grieving over their mother’s death the two sister buried their mother next to where their father was buried under that same exact oak tree.

After their mother passed away In a jealous rage, Genevieve finally revealed that she was slowly dying from tuberculosis. Genevieve couldn’t hold back anymore she was furious with Eden and how she was able to make sure she herself was healthy. However what Genevieve didn’t know is that her adoptive sister wasn’t always this healthy. Eden explained that she was suffering from the exact same brain tumor that their deceased father had. Genevieve felt awful for assuming her sister was always healthy, but she didn’t understand how she was cured? Especially considering their father passed away from the incurable disease. Even with the two girls having their differences Eden offered her newly adopted sister a way to cure her, but Eden needed her sister to understand that this change would come with a price. Genevieve agreed that she understood with what this cure came with, however she wasn’t ready.

Several long months it took for Genevieve’s incurable tuberculosis to finally take her life. Her lifeless body was lying in her bed where Eden began performing the same exact turning ritual as Lord Heathcliff had done the night Eden had died. Eden began by slitting open her own wrist and prying her own sister’s mouth ajar, watching the blood slipped down her fair skin and down into her adopted sister’s throat. The shadow energy infused with the blood and sunk down into Genevieve’s body and began making it’s changes to he. After twenty-four hours Gene sprung to life in the comfort of her own bed. Her breathing high in her chest as her newly born lungs filled with clean oxygen. Her eyes were wide with panic as she noticed the bloodied body lying on the floor of her bed room.

Without thinking almost like animal instincts Genevieve lept from her bed and clung to the deceased body that lie on the floor. Newly grown fangs pierced her gums as she sunk them into the soft flesh of the lifeless body below her. Soon the warm crimson liquid passed through her fangs and down her throat. Gene felt like a starving animal as she began to suck the lifeless carcass dry of it’s crimson liquid. This new animal-like instincts scared her, but with Eden by her side to help her understand the process in which was afflicted upon her. Eden finally told Genevieve what price her cure came with. This was it… Genevieve was now a young Valkyr and now fed on a blood to survive. She would now need to learn how to control her hunger and her thirst so she didn’t disgrace the Valkyr name. After three long hard month Genevieve finally had her hunger under control to a point where she could feed undetected and no longer a threat to humans.

After the change was complete and she was no longer a large threat to anyone. Eden and Genevieve parted ways; Eden went back to tutoring the Heathcliff children, while Genevieve went off on her own and began starting the path to her own career. Genevieve traveled to the United States where she attended college and began getting her degree in the medical field. With her caring and nurturing ways Genevieve always wanted to help those who were ill. She ended up attending school for four years and graduated with a master’s degree in Emergency Medical Physician.

However Genevieve longed to hear from her adopted sister even if with the differences they had. Once graduating from college Genevieve found herself relocating once again to a famous city, by the name of Evermore City, Colorado. Nervous enough Genevieve ended up scoring her first job as an emergency physician at Evermore City hospital. Her dreams were finally coming true now all that was left was for her to find her adoptive sibling Eden. Genevieve was unaware her sister too had relocated to this big beautiful city she now called home!


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