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Why do you look like her? (Lucius & Elle) - Completed

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A bittersweet reunion (Lucius and Malva)

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There is always a path to cross for a better life

 Lu.  Wright
name.Lucius Wright
age.168 (looks 30)
date of birth.October 22, 1851 
occupation.Lawyer (Once Retired)
face claim.Brandon Routh
residence.West of the City, Evermore, Colorado
hometown.The Sky Kensington, England
status.My One Who Never Want To Leave
hair.Dark Brown
Virtues ➠ Balanced, Empathetic and Tolerant 

Vices ➠ Anxious, Hostile, Narrow-minded

status.Not Accepting threads
rp style.Forum
plotting.Comments, Inbox, PC
rp length.Multi-para
time zone.PST (GMT-8)
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Ash Dunford
~ Crush/Unknown ~
Ash and Lucius meet each other the night are mentor was murdered. Lucius could not believe someone would kill a good person in the way he saw the body. He was no family to the male but to Lucius, he was family. The man gave him a second chance at his old job and taught him everything. Lucius didn't expect to meet someone but it was not a normal meet. Ashe said he will tell him everything he wants to know over dinner. It is a cheeky move from Ash's side but Lucius accepted not looking for anything else but answers. (Will be adding more.)

Sometimes I wonder why am not dead. I guess it's my charm.”

— Lucius W.
The Energy of a Star
  Strengths and Powers

Power of Time -  The Celestial are able to pause time momentarily (for between 10 and 30 seconds dependant on practice) enabling them to move without the passing of time, in this state however they are unable to touch anything or anyone around them. If they touch someone else when starting to use this power they can bring the other person into the same state.

Foresight - When a Celestial touches a object or person while glowing they are able to see the most likely path of the future (small glimpses that can change) for that object or person, they can choose to project this into the mind of the person they touch or to keep it to themselves. 

Glowing - A Celestial can cover themselves with celestial energy capable of providing them with pain relief and painlessness, their body will also become a self contained source of light.

A Star's Favor - When a Celestial cares for someone to the point of love (either romantic or platonic), they are able to protect that person from death through means of revival, however using this power can kill them if used more than thrice in their lifetime.

Immortal - Stars do not grow older, they remain the same age they fall at. 

Celestial Energy - Celestials can use the power of Celestial energy to attack and parry blows made at them. Similar to all magic it can overload the Celestial to the point of death if overused. Celestials can also store their magic making it usable by others, it can grant others a single use of a time pause.

Volakiri - Due to the Yin and Yang nature of Valkyr and Celestials a very special connection can be formed between the pair. If a Valkyr and a Celestial exchange blood a bond is created, a link between the two that is forever unbreakable and comes with many benefits for both. Though the Valkyr are weakened by Celestial energy a hit of blood from their Volakiri can strengthen the Valkyr and vise versa. A bonding will only be embarked on when both parties are in complete agreement and a connection is palpable between the pair.


When you see a shooting star they say to make a wish upon the star, if only people knew the real truth. Everything was black and there was nothing he could of done to prevent what happened only for him to accept. Upon being swallowed by the darkness, he never knew how much his live was going to change when he woke up.

A day after falling on the earth below, Lucius woke up in an open field very confused she stood up slowly and looked around to find nothing that could help him. Everything to him was a mystery; who was he, why was he here, Why couldn’t he remember anything, Did someone leave him out in an open field to die? The questions kept coming but he knew the answer would not be where he was within that moment, he began to walk hoping to find people or just the answers but a street like road met him and the sounds of hooves came closer and close to Lucius. Turning around as the horse and a brougham followed behind, stopping along with the house a man got out of the four wheel vehicle and approached Lucius, he asked him questions that he didn’t know the answer to. It was clear to the man that Lucius had no idea where he was from or how he found himself within the parts they were standing.

The man took him to the place he called home, Kensington, England, as in the modern day would call it a suburb of wealth and elegancy. The year 1850, England, Lucius was taught by his new family, manners, knowledge, how to speak, the dos and don'ts. It didn’t take long for Lucius to get to grips with things and speak his mind. He was told he had a voice and an eye for justice. He was strict he about what he said to others and he knew what people were like from observing their body language. Lucius thought it was normal for people to read others but he determined it wasn’t by watching a single person for a few minutes.

The thought of being a judge or someone with a title within the law never crossed Lucius’ mind but he knew most of the law was ridiculous and wrong, regardless they were made for a reason and he was taught rules should be followed no matter how dark and cruel they are. His motto became. “ If Rules and Law are made you must follow them with no question.” Most of the people he met and become acquaintances with had no idea he wasn’t human but a Celestial, he kept it a secret, only revealed to those close to him. In society he agreed to be part of the law, learning for himself every in and out of the rules. He started off small, but after some time he became a well respected lawyer. Lucius believed he was lucky but deep down it was the powers of being a celestial, the law became his passion which changed his personality from a understanding person to a know it all narcissist. Everything went his way and no one else’s, making his work almost known and eventually made him one of the best lawyers who never lost a case.

One day within the family home, Lucius came home to the family’s children waiting for his return and welcome him. Children were his soft spot in his heart, always making time for them asking if he could tell him about his job. Lucius knew he couldn’t say no, to inspire young minds to greater good of the future was a big honor for him, he enjoyed to be asked about what he does by children as young of 7 to 10 years old. After a long session of questions, Lucius watched the children go to the rooms and get ready for bed. He went to his room to have some time for himself and his tea whilst looking out to the night sky. Lucius didn’t understand why people loved looking at the stars, he didn’t see what the point was. Hearing people at his work always talked about spending time with their missus looking up at the tiny dots up in the sky, the idea of him doing that made him chuckle knowing love or romantic stuff was not his cup of tea. He was married to his job he could not see a woman in his life.

When the talk of the stars kept being the main talk everywhere, one conversation he overheard a child talking to his mother about. The story of a myth that people in his era would say, people who fell from the sky like the shooting stars are magical and powerful beings like gods. Lucius knew stories like that from fairy tales or dreams, he believed it was made up he told the story to his mother as he soon found out it was not a fairytale or for someone who made it up if fact it was a real myth and story. “ Where I can read more about this myth.” Lucius spoke up as he learned about a library of old textbooks. The next day on his day off he went to the library. Lucius looked for all the star books he could find looking for this myth but he could not find the story anywhere believing it was misplaced so the question came up within his mind, “Why did he want to know more about this myth and why was it important to him?” Lucius was lost just like the day he spoke up in an empty field not knowing what he was other then the name that came up in his mind. “Lucius.” he spoke his name and wondered about the name, there where a billion of other names it could of been by that name sounded familiar to him.

Getting sidetracked, his blue hues found a book he didn’t look at already, with his gut feeling it was the book with all the answers. Opening the old ripped up book not daring to pick it up, he found the myth but it was broken up within paragraphs. Taking the time to read each paragraph without losing where he was at, things in his mind processed what he was reading. Everything the book told within it’s words and in between the text happened to him. The thought of him having these powers of these so called species that are believe to be god-like made him put the book back and turned his back on the real truth. Lucius pretended he didn’t read or know anything about his species and went on with this life.

Months after, Lucius got word the man he helped him that day was shot and killed by a hit and run driver. The loss of the man who was so generous to help a stranger and a great man that was now gone hit him hard. Work for him became difficult as the funeral date came closer, he did his best to hide the fact that the lawyer who was so strict on himself and others was badly affected by the death of the man. On the day of the funeral, he wanted to be alone, putting on his suit. As there were maids working for the family, he didn’t look at his body or dress himself most of the time. With no word of a tattoo on his right chest made him uneasy. He did not drink or have blackouts so he didn’t remember having or getting a tattoo. Within that moment Lucius knew something was off about him that he needed to find out what it was but his mind went back to the book her turned his back on and sighed. “ If I was one of those people with powers and falling from the sky I would of known by now.” Lucius spoke to himself and then looked at the tattoo as it finally clicked, the day he was alone in the middle of a field. He knew he was freaking out about everything coming together but the funeral came back to his mind and he rushed out hoping he was not going to be late.

Hearing the man’s family say their farewells told Lucius the man had a good and pure heart and he always loved everyone and always loved to give out a helping hand. Lucius talked with people who didn’t know him and told them about how he helped him on a day he could not remember anything. “ That sounds a lot like Walter.” the mother said as Lucius looked up at the man’s mother in shocked. “ Walter was his name? He never got a chance to tell me.” Walter’s mother was shocked by what Lucius said but smiled and told him who Walter was as a person. Lucius didn’t get to tell him how thankful he was to Walter but was glad it was him who helped, and he understood why he would help a stranger. Walter’s family were not the only people he would meet on that same day as Lucius walked out planning to go the gravesite to tell the Walter how happy he was for helping a helpless man and he knew somewhat why he didn’t remember anything. A woman he never seen before dressed in black with her brown hair long for what he could say that went to the middle of her back.

Lucius tired to read her but there was no much he couldn’t get much off of her as he watched her walking to him. The dirty blonde haired man allowed his blue hues watch the women as she smiled at him telling him she was sorry for his loss. Lucius didn’t know if he could trust the woman but as if she felt him wondering she told him her name, Ophelia Dreyvalian. Asking for him to hear her out, Lucius nodded and offered to take her back to his home for a cup of tea. Hearing her story out, Lucius asked questions he had toward Ophelia and she confirmed he was not human but a Celestial and the tattoo he had on his chest was the Mark of the Libra Constellation. Lucius agreed to listen to her as she was the only one he could talk to about who he was considering the fact no one hardly knew anything the species.

Lucius resigned his job as he was going away for a long time from what he had learned he suspecting this era would never see him again, though he would always remember it. He agreed he would meet Ophelia at the Isle of Skye, learning about another species, The Aliward Aspects. The visit with the Aspects was everything Lucius didn’t expect, to Lucius is was calm before the storm. Lucius as a man who can read people, didn’t mind meeting new people and learning about things as they went on. Everything was fine, Lucius can described it as a reunion to old and new between both species. Before everything went to chaos, he remembered he felt in his gut that something wasn’t right. He didn’t have time to communicate that he felt something was wrong before the storm hit and him and his people began to be captured and to make it worst there was no sign of Ophelia.

He sat questioning what did they do wrong, why did the aspects betray them. Lucius found his old lost self once again which made him annoyed and he hated himself for not reacting on the bad feeling he had. Being locked up with the others that he knew were now his family, he hated being stuck in one place knowing if he didn’t look for that book and hear what that boy said he would not be in this mess. Lucius knew that was wishful thinking and deep down he knew he would’ve still be locked and Ophelia would still have found him. It did change him, his personality and how he treated people changed. There was not a day he didn’t see a guard coming around, watching like there was something wrong, in the back on his mind he was wondering what was the point of having them locked up. The rules that Lucius believed in were looking for answers. If he ever got out of the the imprisonment of the guards and aspect he vowed to never be friendly or look their way ever again. He had enough looking at Ailward’s to last him for the rest of his life. Lucius never did go to Walter’s grave and give him a final farewell, regret was a new feeling he discovered, as well as rethinking how he can be a better person without changing himself completely.

Lucius all but gave up after 6 months after he was locked up, his hate for the guard that walked, looked and left almost every hour clouded his judgment. Thinking of the outside world made him jealous but happy they were going to work, seeing their wives or husbands, family and one thing he never once thought he would miss was the black fabric of night with the small stars he once called stars. As Lucius was falling asleep yelling and chaos rang out in Lucius’s ear as the memory of what happened to all of them. Moving closer to the cold steel bars he watched the others looking at each other wondering what was happened as the place shook a little, he knew it wasn’t an earthquake but it was enough for the locks on of bars to unlock themself. Lucius looked at the door before he tried to open it as it flew open and he stepped out before helping the others to escape their cells too.

As he helped people and make sure each one was alright, he saw Ophelia once again, another person he owed a thank you to. Years after he was first placed in captivity he found himself in a new world entirely. Touch screen phones, kendals, bigger buildings, cafes, and television, all things he had to learn how to work with. In the back of his mind he wondered if there was a way he could get used to living in the modern world. He found his way to England to do the one thing he needed to before going to the place he would be calling home forever. 2018, the year he read on a newspaper, he wondered how many years he was in that prison. As Lucius got to Kensington, he was shocked how almost nothing had changed. He did got informationship about suburb in the modern day that there a few museums, historic buildings from the Victorian era and a lot that people can do and see in the area. Lucius knew he was visiting but what people didn’t know was this is where he spent his life before being captured by the aspects and guards. He didn’t know what they called his era, making things easy for him to understand he finally found the graveyard where Walter was. Not knowing his last name made things hard for the star to find the head stone. He spent three hours before he finally found the headstone.

Lucius waited for a few minutes as he walked up feeling the memory of the day they met come back to him. “Hey Walter, I know it’s about time I came to see you. My life went crazy after you passed. I wanted to say thank you for doing everything you did for me back in the day. When I told you I don’t know anything, it was all true until a woman came to me and told me something different. You made the best man out of me Walter and I will try to live the life that was taken from you. I wish I could have put whoever it was behind bars. Rest in peace my old friend.” Lucius said tearing up but holding them within his blue eyes as he turned his back on Kensington forever knowing he could not change the past.

Leaving England once and for all, he headed to Evermore, Colorado, America. He thought about how he was going to live and what he could do differently. Trust issues with new people were new to him and he knew he would have anyone to love who will want to be with someone as troubled as he went through but things can change. Lucius thought about becoming a lawyer again but he needed to learn the laws of Evermore before he could. He needed to take one step at a time so he started by finding a place to live. The trip to Evermore was faster since airplanes had been invented, he was impressed. Everything in the world made him impressed from horses to cars, trains, buses and planes, he knew it would not take him long to learn everything. Arriving in Evermore, he was walking to the new home Ophelia told him of, another celestial warned him “Don’t trust anything or anyone and be careful” those were the words he always kept within himself as he looked at the castle. His new life was now starting within that moment and day.


Eden Shaw
During the time being captured, Miyaza and Joshua meet each other by voice. At the time she only knew korean as he is the only one who understood her. They became friends. As time went by they finally meet each other face to face. It's un clear what they are going to do now but Miyaza is very thankful for him to talk to her when she needed someone.

Elle-Mae Levette
Lucius and Elle meet at the evermore park when Lucius noticed a face he saw a face he has not seen in many years. Lucius did notice she does not know anything of the past or her family which make it hard to talk about Serenity. He does not know if he wants to allow her in but knowing he would be that one to ask about her family. Memory line is coming back to him in a good or bad way he will never know.

Artemitra Bluemoon





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Merry Christmas Lucius,

I got you are star dog tag thought it looked pretty dope.

Some pins from London to remind you of home.

And lastly I know you enjoy coffee I myself grow my own coffee beans so I thought I would stock you up with the best coffee in Evermore.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas,


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Maybe Mitra/Lu could be old friends? *we can figure out their background, as we plot* Maybe the two can run into each other at the castle, whilst Mitra is finishing up on her celestial energy training?

Or we could do something holiday themed?

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