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An Awkward Situation - Open to Otto Markov & Isabelle Carrington

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Late morning winter glow shimmered through the curtains of Isabelle Carrington’s home. Her hazel optics becoming ajar as she soon heard the pitter-patter of claws against the wood flooring. Soon the…Continue

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Photo Code Credit: Zeus McCartney

〆 Full Alias: Isabelle Dakota Carrington

〆 Other Aliases: Bell, Bella, Belle, and Issy

〆 Age: Twenty - Six Years Old |〆 Species: Human

〆 Organization Weapon: Diamond Edged Dagger

 〆 Supernatural Standing: Member of the Organization

〆 Organization Status: Member of the Intelligence Department

〆 Ogranization Technology: Supernatural Detection & Tracking Devices | Blinding | Stunning | Deafening Device

〆 Sexuality: Heterosexual | 〆 Relationship Status: Single

〆 Height: 5 ft 8in | 〆 Weight: 128 lbs

〆 Body Build: Femininely muscular and Slim

〆 Ethnicity: Cacausian | 〆 Skin Color: Pale Tan

〆 Hair Color: Dark Brunette | 〆 Hair Length: Medium Length

〆 Eye Color: Hazel| 〆 Distgushing Marks: Various scars from hand to hand combat training. 

〆 Positive Traits: Dauntless | Loyal | Compassionate | Strong

〆 Negative Traits: Blunt | Stubborn | Gulible | Cynical

"Only the strongest raises to the top of society. Those words had been repeatedly told to Isabelle Carrington ever since she was able to speak by her parents Charles and Sofia Carrington. Throughout her life she was groomed to be the best of her family’s territory. When Isabelle was born she born into a large family with five older brothers, Isabelle had always been seen as the weakest link. It was a struggle to live up to their expectations that Isabelle eventually achieved it in near future. They had always told her to only care for herself and have no remorse when it comes to the people who stood in her way. So she did just that. Isabelle always knew what she wanted and while she might be stoic on the exterior she remembered to carry compassion.

Isabelle was a calm child, the Saint, she was always of a level head. Even in the face of death she was collected. Isabelle lived a life surrounded by her family and the people like her from the beginning, and had slowly earned her eldest brothers Percy's compassion. He saw Isabelle struggle daily to be the prize child like him and his younger brothers, so he made it his duty to keep his eye on her and keep Isabelle out of trouble. And by the time she sixteen Isabelle learned of her parents involvement with some City Council, how she would be apart of it too someday. Since most parents trained their offspring as soon as they entered the world, so it was fitting for Isabelle to grow bitter toward her own from the lack of answer to the endless questions she had about her own training. It was Isabelle's grandfather Maxwell who took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew, everything he created and put Isabelle in the intelligence department.

When Isabelle reached the age of eighteen she proved to her parents that she was fully capable of everything they had wanted of her by taking up fighting. A boy around her age Ross helped Isabelle learn hand to hand combat which she caught on with grace. Ready and determined to get her parents approval Isabelle went to the fighting ring, and per usual she witnessed her parents dotting upon her big brothers. Isabelle spent an hour sparing and training and not once did her parents bat an eye to look at their daughter. Angered with her parents dead she moved away from home in with her grandfather and migrated towards department of Intel. It was easy for Isabelle and thanks to the knowledge her grandfather poured into his granddaughters mind, she made use of it quickly. Creating and building for the Humans who dared to stray near the supernatural with no knowledge, helped her reputation grow, it was apparent Isabelle had a high skill for it. Before long she was known for how much of replica of her grandfather she truly was.

Maxwell taught his granddaughter about the Council and how it was started, what it was made for, and now how tainted it became. Isabelle wasn't surprised her parents were involved with such cruel things, killing and stealing land that belonged to supernatural beings before them for decades. Isabelle's grandfather said the Council was suppose to protect humans not kill supernatural for sport. Isabelle had a whole new outlook that she knew already in the back of her mind, but for the longest time she was naive and wanted her parents to be these golden parents that she dreamed up in her mind and longed for.

If anyone asked her the early childhood and adolescent years of Isabelle's life was bland, pathetic and unimportant. Those times didn’t matter to her but in the back of her mind it did, and what did matter was the time where her reputation and skill blossomed in her adulthood. Therians were scarce in her homeland, but they were seen as great beings that could strike terror and destroy anything they wanted. They were essentially seen as demons. Isabelle's grandfather lived to protect his small community from them until one day when three rebel therians lived up to the presumptions. Isabelle and her grandfather were out on their territory planning out where they would build a few more satellites when three men approached Isabelle's grandfather in a heated rage.

A woman with them signaled for the security team in a fright that set off one of the therians, Isabelle grabbed her grandfathers arm in hopes for him to back away with her, Isabelle's eyes caught gaze to a Therian and with a calm demeanor Isabelle stood collected. And in a matter of seconds Isabelle witnessed the three rebels twist and become contorted, her mouth fell ajar. Isabelle was in a state of shock that she didn't here the calls of her two her older brothers Gavin and Michael until she was on the ground with a ringing in her ears and a burning fire down her arm. Standing up Isabelle was on nothing but adrenaline when she ran straight to the blurred building close to her, slamming the door of a shed Isabelle crawled into a corner and covered her ears and shut her eyes. Silent pleas to wake up and for god to end it all Isabelle stayed in there til she blacked out.

Isabelle woke in the E.R. and greeted by the rhythmic beeping of the machines, a bandage arm and wires leaving her body here and there. Staring up at the egg shell white ceiling, Isabelle for the first time in what seemed like forever, cried. The last time Isabelle remembered crying it was when she was seven years old and the oldest of the Carrington children Percy found her in the weapons room with a cut in her palm.

"" Belle... Father has told you to never go in here, you know this Belle. And playing with the knives especially"" He told her while moving her away from the sharp objects before grabbing a first aid kit and sat her down on some boxes. "" I was trying to be like you and Miche-- "" A young Isabelle hiccuped, while her eldest brother cleaned her palm with a solemn expression. "" I know what you're trying to do baby sister, and this is not what you're meant for -- "" pausing he frowned. "" you Belle are going to grow up and do incredible things, better things than this. Besides you are never meant to cry over a paper cut likes this... "" Percy held up her hand before wrapping cloth around it, taping the bandage up the oldest Carrington sibling smiled at his sister. "" you're special the way you are Belle... ""

Isabelle sat up, shaking the memories of her deceased brother who died months after her eighth birthday from training procedure gone wrong, pulling off the wires causing one machine to go off like an air raid. Isabelle left her room ignoring the nurses and doctors while she searched for her grandfather in a frantic state. That is when Ross, the young boy who helped Isabelle learn some combat skills years ago covered in blood and dirt, he stopped and looked at Isabelle with a look she loathed... Pity. Shaking her head Isabelle knew, she knew someone died and as she fought more tears Ross approached her and tried to calm her down, Isabelle screamed out a series of no's and pushed and slapped away. All Ross could do was pin her to him and hold her til Isabelle knees gave out, sitting on the hospital floor, Isabelle tried to come to terms she was alone in the world.

When Isabelle learned that her family was dead the first words she spoke of was how did they die. Isabelle sat in the hospital bed, dead inside when she spoke in a hoarse voice.

"" How?... How did they die? "" Isabelle's eyes were fixated on the tree outside her window when a poor old woman assigned to be her nurse was put on the spot. "" Ms. Carrington they... I-- Those rebel Therians they were angry and they slaughtered them, your brothers and parents they fought with the others believe me they did it was such a tragedy... I'm terribly sorr--- "" Isabelle shouted at her and threw her tray across the room. "" it was no tragedy!... You people think they were soooooooo great! They were selfish and vain! They cared for no one but glory and being the stars of this sad pathetic town!... "" she snarled and turned away.

For the next couple of years she was given sacrifices and people of her small town whispered about how her brothers were heroes, how her parents were taken to soon. How her family ‘graced’ their community to protect everyone from all the possible threats from the outside. Little did they know that the Isabelle could have cared less about the well-being of the people she was supposed to look at as family. Isabelle was in mourning and it wasn't over her parents or her other four brothers, it was her grandfather she mourned over. His death was what she cried over just like how when she was little she crawled into her brothers Percy bed and cried herself to sleep. To most the constant scheduled condolences might have been lovely, but to her it was sickening. All of her fame and pity ended when she caught word of her distant relative in dire need of help.

Though it pained her to leave her comfortable abode of her grandfathers home where she did her recovery time, a cynical Isabelle traveled to Colorado to seek her relative and assist in whatever the urgent matter was. When Isabelle landed in Colorado, a city called Evermore was waiting for her, and so was her aunt. Isabelle and her aunt went to the city were Isabelle was put to work helping her aunt set up some old rusted hard drives. Once things were settled and completed she continued to look out for her own, finding some place to live Isabelle contemplated on seeing the world. Her aunt finally let Isabelle in on why she was really there, turning three shades ghost white a shocked Isabelle learned what Evermore was and what she could do here for the human race that was actually right. So Isabelle stayed and continued what her grandfather started and wanted for the world.

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