Lucien stared at the books that lay on the table of the desk he was at more than his bed or anywhere else for that matter. His eyes were beginning to strain and he could feel that weakness of hunger begin to pang in his stomach. How strange it was to have human needs. It would be a lie to say that he didn't enjoy the taste of food again, but he could do without the grumbling that came with being hungry. Luke hadn't eaten all day and he supposed now would be a good time as any to finally get something in his stomach, now that the words on the pages were beginning to blur. He couldn't be sure if the oncoming headache was from the lack of food or the intensive research he was going through for the answers that would not come. Perhaps both.

As he stood, he felt the muscles in his body give a much needed stretch from having been seated all day. The coffee mug that was sitting on the wooden top had gone cold and he couldn't be sure how many cups he'd had. Luke had gotten up when the sky was just beginning to turn the brighter colors of dawn and as he looked out the window now and towards the sun which was hanging high, his eyes fell on the gardens. There was a woman he didn't know very well, but was thankful in ways that she was there at the lodge with the rest of his kind.

Lucien walked towards the front door, his boots causing for the creaking noises over the wood floor, and turned the knob. The warmth of the sun was pleasant as he stepped out onto the massive porch and began walking down the steps. He was careful to avoid stepping on rows of vegetables and other plants he couldn't quite readily name. The weather was beginning to finally warm and spring was blooming. It seemed at least that was on their side when it came to helping provide for themselves. That and a little magical help from Malva Ailward.

"Miss Ambrosio," he said in greeting to the woman's back as she was kneeling down to tend to one of her plants. Lucien could see her jump and he quickly stepped back and bowed slightly to her. Old habits died hard and he had a feeling that many of the customary things of his time when he was alive would never truly fade away. "I'm terribly sorry. I did not mean to startle you."

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Ommin had been tending to her garden since early morning. Her skirt had turned from a blush pink to a brown tone. The Aliward guards had blessed them with enough land to start propitiating plants and herbs needed to growth their strength again. One Aliward called Malva had blessed their land with fertility. She was forever grateful to this amazing person who helped her. Donations of planter boxes and seeds were enough to have her tearful. She plugged away since the day they were granted these lands. making sure they had everything they needed to last - while also finding ways to make income to support there faction. She did what she could, when she could. 

A familiar hum took over her vocal cords as she started to pluck some fresh carrots from the ground, the melody filled the air around her as she plucked away. Her mind being lost in how much work she had ahead of her this season. Maybe she should ask some others to help out in the garden as the first major harvest arrives. She began to sing as a memory took over her mind, her in a garden with a elderly woman. This song took over her mind as she let it drift from her mouth in a soft lullaby tone. She Sat back on her heels and turned her head to the sky "Thank you" She whispered to who ever had brought that memory back to her. Shaking her head with a large smile she plunged back into her work. 

A man spoke behind her. She let a little yelp out knocking over the carrot basket,jumping to her feet and spinning around. Her hand placed on her chest. "Oh hello,Sir davenport!" She said with a light laugh. She lifted the edges of her skirt with dirty hands and tried to curtsy. Her bare feet shifting around the dirt nervously. "No need to worry about startling me, It happens more then you would think! The carrots are growing faster then Had expected! We also have lettuce a few days out. our major harvest should be in two weeks as well!" Clapping her hands together she leaned down to pick up the carrots, Placing them into the basket as she stood up. She noticed his flushed face and pale skin tone. "Lucien"  She said in a stern voice you would expect to come from a disappointed mother. "Have you been working yourself to the bone again?" She handed him a dirty carrot. "Don't worry The dirt's good for you" She winked as she brushed her hands off on her skirt once again. It seemed to be a nervous habit. - Song she is singing 

Lucien quickly bent down to help her with the overturned basket, placing the fallen carrots back inside. "Please, let me help. I should've been more apparent about my approaching." His eyes moved about the large space Malva had created to get their crops growing and he was impressed by how well everything was beginning to sprout. He had no doubt that with Ommin's careful tending, they could sustain their food much more easily. The Aurazin were lucky to have her there on Earth in these troubled days.

As they both stood, Luke gave her a warm smile that quickly faded into a sheepish one as the woman passed the carrot to him and mentioned his working. It was no secret to any of them that Luke was constantly up at all hours of the day, sleeping a weird schedule, just to keep researching for any answers to their expulsion on Earth. His grayish, blue eyes moved from the vegetable she held to him and back to her gaze before finally taking it from her. It seemed that Miss Ommin was going to be somewhat of the caretaker among them all. She could always be seen in the kitchen if not in the gardens, prepping meals for the household and ensuring they were all properly fed. "Well.. I... I suppose I should've taken a break for something to eat sooner, I must admit." Luke's eyes scanned the carrot where the dirt clung in its crevices. Pulling the handkerchief from his jacket, he wiped away the dirt and moved to the fountain to clean it off before taking a bite of the crunchy veggie and smirking to her.

"Please. Can I help at all?" Lucien moved closer to her and reached for the basket. "My family had many gardens at our estate. I was often taught by the slaves there how to grow the food as I ran around the crops as a child. That was until my father came along and scolded me for being around them. He was not so thrilled to have our company mixed with them. I could never understand that as a child and we grew further apart as I expressed my opinions about it in my adult years." His eyes moved about all the leafy greens and smiled. "You've done an outstanding job here. I would've been completely lost if this were all up to me. These plants would've been dead within a few days had I gotten appointed to the job. Where did you learn to do this?" 

Ommin could not help but let a smile creep up onto her lips. A soft one - Like a mother watching her kids play as one takes a tumble. She had a habit of sticking to herself in the veil. Tho she figured that would not work as well here, Her mind had got caught up in talking to herself a lot and children. So her voice always carried this stern yet care free feel. She watched him walk over to the fountain washing the carrot. She proceeded to settle herself into the dirt, pulling out small weed sprout from around other greenaries. She let him speak about his past as she felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him, a mixed jumble of emotions flowed between them. Leaving the feelings aside, she nodded tho she lifted her brow at the mention of slaves. Happy to hear he did not follow his fathers foot steps. "I'd be honored to have some help. There is a resting pad you can sit on just over in the corner" She motioned somewhere behind her. "So your clothes do not get dirty. As you can tell. I am far past that point haha." As he made his choice to help or remain standing she continued to speak. "The weeds in  this patch and this patch need to be pulled. After that tho I'm mostly done for today. I could use supper myself!" 

Her hands worked fast and efficiently pulling all the small greens out. Placing them in another little bucket. A few scattered near each plot site for the disposal over things. "It seems the 'future' " She makes air quotes around her "Is more kind then I could have ever hoped for. Mind you it's not perfect but I've been treated better here in a few week then I ever was alive."  She chuckled again to her self when miles and her had built the main structure not to long ago. "I am sorry to hear about the distance that grew between your family members. Family is a special gift. Especially the bond between a father and his son. I also learned to garden from my mother, Tho back in the day it was mostly herbs for healing. Once I was at my own tribe we ended up doing a large community plot. Not as near as nice as this but today's fertilizers do wonders! I had a gentleman read me this gardening book and it was filled with beautiful tips and pointers that really helped it explode!" As she spoke her hands drifted back and forth with speed. Some things were weeds, tho a couple early harvests as well. A single tomato, a handful of snap peas, three water melons and a couple baby crab apples which was from a tree which had already been there. A nice little addition to the garden for shade originally. It ended up as a very nice surprise bearing apples.

She looks up when he is near her after he speaks for a bit. Her mind is pulled toward the looming question they all have been asking. She did have Lucien one on one for a moment. Since she was not focusing on finding the veil but rather supporting her tribe she was a bit behind of information. She  meets his eyes with a straight face for a moment. "Lucien, do you think this is a blessing or a curse? Being removed from the veil I mean, Who's to say the gods aren't giving us a second chance. redemption due to the shit lives we lead before. Like we get to sleep, dream, eat, drink! i've been told to try new age whiskey. I'm rather excited for that day!" She started to get excitedIt's not that she didn't miss helping people or miss her enjoyment of bring people to peace. Just this might be a fresh start. a chance at life again, a better happier life. "Not saying I don't miss the veil or strive to go back but....Maybe this is a shot for a better end this time around." She feels as a nervous energy raises into her gut. Reaching its way up her throat. She clears her throat and looks back down to the garden "Sorry, I miss spoke" She whispered lightly digging her toes into the ground as she plucked her greens ever faster. 

Lucien turned to see the pad she spoke of, grabbing it and moving to the opposite side of the patch she worked on. After finding what would likely be the most comfortable position to help her, he watched to see how she worked. Ommin was fast and efficient, that was for sure, but when he understood which greenery was not the kind to do the garden well, Luke pulled the weed from the earth and began a small pile for the discarded plants. In the time he pulled a few, she had done several. Perhaps it was also that he was enjoying the actual smell of the dirt as well. It was somehow different than that of the veil and he hadn't realized how much he missed it from his time alive.

His focus was keen on the gardening, but he couldn't help but lift his gaze to Ommin when she said that life had been kinder to her this time around than it had been when she was alive. It had taken him by surprise, but of course, it shouldn't have. People didn't always have the best and easiest of times in life and he knew that, but it suddenly put into perspective why his kind would be so eager to try again now that they were cast from their home. Lucien could see the happy aura of yellows and orange that seemed to pulse from her and though the sentry in him wanted to immediately tell her that they would soon return home, that this was only temporary, he swallowed the words and continued pulling at the weeds.

"My father and I were on different paths in life. He was more concerned about his business instead of how it was effecting the world and people around him. Money and more power with the crown of England was all he could be concerned with." Lucien tossed another of the leaves aside, staring at the dirt on his hands which inadvertently sent him into a flashback of being on the battlefield covered in blood and dirt. Slightly shaking his head of the image, he brushed his hands off and stood up, grabbing the weeds he'd pulled and then moving to take the ones she'd collected as well.

Just as he finished piling the basket full, Lucien could see the expression on her face. It seemed she was having an internal fight on whether she should say something or keep it inside and the colors of her aura began to shift slightly as the turmoil began. Luke was going to ask her what was wrong, but her thoughts soon came to light. He listened to her words and let out a light breath instead of answering right away as he tried to consider the possible truth she was hoping for. "Please, Miss Ambrosio, you needn't apologize." Luke offered his hand to her to help her stand. "I am glad you shared your thoughts with me." Taking the basket in his hand, he lifted his other arm for Ommin to take to walk back to the lodge. "Who can know what the Gods are thinking? My heart tells me this was not the Gods doing, but something else entirely. Something malevolent. I believe the truth will come to light eventually, but I also believe that perhaps this is a gift for some of us as well. I just fear that once we do have a path to the veil again, some of our kind will have trouble leaving Earth if they become too attached to the idea of living here with some sense of permanence." His eyes moved up to their new home, looking to the window of his office and thinking of all the research that lay across his desk with no answers to speak of. "If this is to be our home now, for however long," he began hesitantly, looking to her, "then I can't see the harm in enjoying it with the err of caution." He chuckled slightly and thought of a few of the Aurazin who might find discretion something hard to do. "I believe that might be easier said than done, however."

Walking up the steps, he opened the door for her and headed for the kitchen with their load. "How about I help you with supper then over a glass of whiskey?" Lucien smiled, nodding his head towards his office where the small stash sat on a bookcase. "Some of the Guards were kind enough to offer me a few bottles of alcohol when they caught me overworked at the manor."

"Nobility can drive an ordinary man mad" Ommin responded lightly as Lucien talked about his father. Their relationship withering due to the need and want of power. Something that happens all too often with men of the past. "Sometimes the world changes the people we love or bring out a side of them that they kept hidden" She glanced up at him from behind some leaves and saw him staring at his hands. His aura flashed between a couple colors before settling back to normal. A sad smile flashed on her lips as she wondered what he had just experienced emotionally. After she spoke she stood up with Lucien, brushing some dirt off the rock paths and back into the gardens.  She lifted Lucien pad he was sitting on and placed it back where it was. Along with putting away all her tools.

She locked eyes standing before Lucien as he told her not to apologize. She nodded lightly brushing the dirt off her hands and slipping her arm to lock with his. As they walked she listened to what he had to say. As he spoke about the gods she thought back to many mythology stories from her childhood of demons sent by the gods. She knew the gods had wrath like no other. Tho Lucien's confidence it was not their doing was brushing off on her as she nodded with confidence. "Maybe you are right Sir. Maybe something else is keeping us from our home. As for our kind - I think the new Aurazin might find it difficult. As much as I like it here. I do wish to help those lost souls and remain as an empath for our kind. I do miss my work" A sigh carried out into her lungs as she took a deep breath to follow. Her hands trembling ever to lightly. Thinking of never returning to the veil. 

As they got closer to approaching their new home she laughed lightly at his comment of airing on the side of caution. "What is that saying of the cat again. Oh yes! 'curiosity killed that cat......but satisfaction brought it back'!" He opened the door and she slipped silently into the house. As light as a butterfly landing on a flower. His comment of dinner and whisky made her chuckle again. "Well I guess Whiskey without a proper man present would be shameful" She made a joke about the era they use to live in compared to now. Light hearted and calmly she took the basket "I'd be honored to share a glass of whiskey with you. A good experience I hope!" She tipped the carrots into the sink and turned on the cold water rinsing them off before shutting the water off.. "I was thinking Sheppard pie! easy and large! I must change first! Please excuse me!" She left with a fast slightly clumsy curtsy. walking briskly out. 

She made it to her small room which she was given - sharing it with a couple other Aurazin she stripped down to her under garments. She lifted a small red dress out of her trunk slipping it over. She ran a comb through her hair as best she could have. Let it down from the way she wore it gardening. Her curly hair sitting nicely she washed her face and arms in the water basin she kept in her room. There was a couple things from the past she just couldn't let go of. The washing basin was one of those things. She thought about Lucien downstairs grabbing whiskey. Would she like it? Would she want more? She giggled lightly. At l;east she was in good company! Lately she had been more social and was finding it rewarding. She swung around into the kitchen to see Lucien there. "All clean and ready to cook sir!" She jokingly gave him a salute. 

Lucien chuckled at her bubbly personality. It was refreshing after having been in such a down place for most of the day if not pretty much everyday since they arrived on Earth. The weight on his shoulders was heavy, but he would bear it no matter what for however long it took for him to find answers for his kind. He smirked at her mention of having whiskey without a man present; my how time had changed their societies and cultural behaviors. What a scandal it would've been for the two of them to even be alone together, especially when adding whiskey to the mix.

Watching her clean the carrots, he pulled one of the many cookbooks that were stacked on a counter nearby to flip through the pages. "Shepherd's pie. How very appropriate," Luke cut his eye over to her with a grin before turning to face Ommin fully and bowing quickly in return as she exited the room. At least there were a few in the house that shared some of the same old customs despite their hundreds of years apart. He continued flipping through the recipes and found one for shepherd's pie. He believed it was Aurantia who was kind enough to bring them the cookbooks with recipes from around the world that had classics in which they all might have had in their previous lifetimes. A brown smear appeared on one of the pages where he had touched which made Lucien look at his hands. Setting the cookbook down, he stepped over to the sink and washed his hands of the dirt from the bit of gardening he had done before heading to his study.

The sentry looked at one of the bookcase shelves and peered at the many different labeled bottles. Picking up the whiskey, he shrugged as he of course did not know the difference between any of the brands and headed back towards the kitchen. It occurred to Lucien that this would be the first time he'd had a drop of alcohol since before his death. The last time he'd had a flask of rum on him was during his time on the battlefield. 

Luke sat the bottle on the large kitchen island before reaching up into the cabinets for two glasses. He set them down next to the whiskey, grabbing the cookbook and sitting on one of the stools. As his eyes scanned the directions for the recipe, he realized that this was just like cottage pie which he was actually very familiar with. It was popular in England and his mother would make it all the time. "I know this," he said softly to himself as Ommin returned. He instinctively stood up as was the proper thing to do when a woman entered or left the room, turning the book to her to confirm this was a good choice to what she wanted to make for them tonight. He chuckled as she saluted him, shaking his head. "Please. No one has saluted me in hundreds of years. I'd rather like to keep it that way." Grabbing the bottle again, he opened the seal with a knife and twisted the top off, pouring the golden liquid into the glasses and handing her one. Lucien raised the drink into the air and paused for a moment to think on what they would toast to. "To second chances," he decided on, looking to Ommin. "On the err of caution." A smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth as he repeated the words from earlier. She deserved a second chance to enjoy herself for however long it was they were to be on Earth and it would be unfair to keep her and their kind from such. Luke raised the glass again as confirmation before taking a sip of the whiskey.

She glanced at the book Lucien had pulled out "Cottage pie" She whispered as she rubbed her chin in thought "Sounds perfect!" She clapped her hands together as she looked at the whisky glasses placed before the two! What a treat! She licked her lips as she thought about how her taste buds were going to react. Was it sweet? bitter? harsh? Her aura blew up with yellow's and oranges. When Lucien had mentioned the salute she placed her hand on her mouth and gasped. "Oh sorry about that. I will refrain from it!" She gave her head a light nod at the fact. She knew little things about their leader passed around from people. She did know he use to serve in the military ranks. She was not sure on how that all worked or which rank he sat among in his lifetime. Her family line has mostly been sailors and captains. She appreciated being around someone who was also slightly lost in the new age of things. She found it rather comfortable. 

She watched his hands effortlessly open the whiskey bottle and pour them both a drink. She grabbed the drink with both hands. Excitement flew into her body once more like a child finding a dog on Christmas morning under the tree. She raises the glass in one hand letting her other rest on the counter top palm down. She nodded and repeated him "To second chances." Nodding on agreement about caution she raised the glass to her lips and let the bitter/sweetened honeyish flavor wash over her tongue. Her eyes brows raised ever so slightly as she pulled it from her mouth. "Hmmm interesting. I rather like this actually!" She placed the glass down onto the counter and glaces at the recipe's in the books. "If we triple this we should also have enough for everyone in the manor to at least try it! Shall we do that?" She nodded to herself and looked at the picture,. biting her lip lightly in confusion as she tried to sound out some words in her head. After a few seconds she gave up and handed the book to Lucien. "How about you gather the stuff on the list and I'll cut it up!" 

Ommin spoke candidly as they worked around the kitchen together - Occasionally taking very small flavor filled sips of her whiskey. "So Lucien, I know you've been locked in the manor a bit working away. Do you mind me asking what you've found so far? If anything? I've actually meet a Ailward guard here names Miles who has helped me plenty but he knows very little bout the issue to I try no to bother him with any questions." Her hands darted among veggies cutting them up and placing them in a pan to saute and cook. She sat down on a close by bar stool as she had finished what she could as Lucien was grabbing the rest of the ingredients 

Lucien let the liquor go smoothly down his throat and warm his chest. It seemed to not be as powerful as the whiskey he remembered, but it was good nonetheless. From the amount of bottles and options he'd seen at the manor when the Ailwards were nice enough to gift him the whiskey, Luke imagined there were probably many businesses that competed with one another to make their version. He'd have to get in contact with those Guards again and learn about where to procure them. A drink or two was always a nice distraction from the vast amount of time he spent with his head in a book hoping to find some new lead.

A small grin spread on his face when he saw Ommin enjoying the brand. "It is rather good," he replied to her as she brought her attention to the recipe book they were to follow. Taking another sip, he noticed she seemed to be struggling a bit with the instructions. Luke moved next to her to glance at the pages again which seemed straight forward. He looked to Ommin's confused expression just as she handed him the book. Luke didn't want to be rude and ask outright what he was assuming, so instead he just nodded when she requested he sort out what they would need to begin.

His eyes scanned the page and he began grabbing the different herbs and spices from the nearby cupboard. Pulling one of the many drawers open, he looked at all the different contraptions inside that were used for cooking, and not one of them looked familiar. Luke wondered if he would ever get used to all of this newness in the present world. Giving a small sigh, his eyes looked up to the cutlery which he was very familiar with. He reached for one of the smaller knives and set up the garbage can nearby. Dragging one of the stools over to be near Ommin, he sat down and began peeling the potatoes with a glance to the veggies that were smelling lovely in the pan.

The blade went cleanly over the skin of the potatoes and he was having sudden flashbacks of a lifetime ago, but it was her voice that quickly pulled him back out of it. His blue gaze looked up to hers with a bit of uncertainty. "Honestly, no, Miss Ambrosio. There is nothing I've found that has ever shown something like this happening to our kind before.  I don't believe this truly has anything to do with anything we've done or perhaps didn't do. I think this is due to something else entirely." Luke looked down to the potato he had finished peeling and placed it on the counter, before turning back to her somewhat somberly. "I'm worried there are darker intentions for our fall."

Ommin remained silent as those heavy words hung in the air. Darker Intentions... Her eyes shifted downward to her hands as she sat with these words for a moment longer, what or who would want to bring them out of their home like that? Who would wish such hardship on a species meant to bring happiness and peace after grief. "Well Lucien, If you need me for ANYTHING" She put on hand down hard on the counter making a slapping noise, causing the cutting board to rattle a bit.  "Just ask, I am not good at many things but I do have a keen eye!" She balled her fist up in a determined stance and smiled. "Oh damn!" She burst as a small burning smell was coming from the veggies. Standing up she started to stir the pot. As she stir'd she figured now or never was a great time to get to know Lucien a bit better. 

"I didn't see you much in the void or around work..." She looked over her shoulders. "So tell me about you. What do you like to do? I'm sure you use to have hobbies before you died. Mine were not so much hobbies as work life but now i'm exploring those options more and more! Don't work yourself to death my dear...If I see you doing more work with no moments for pleasure i'll have to smack you with this spoon" She lifted the wooden spoon she was string with and gave it a light thwack toward the air. Motioning toward him. She thought to herself for a moment about her life before. Her husband...this brought a frown to her face as she let her left hand drift over her belly. Her mind snapped back to the present as she poured the veggies into a bowl. Ready to be mixed with the rest of the ingredients. She puttered around and tried her hardest to do what she thought was right without looking at the book. 

She came to sit back down at her place as she looked up at him. "Tell me of your family." She sipped her whisky once more,. Her fingertips brushing the ends of the book as she giggles very lightly to herself. Her fingers tips had started to feel rather fuzzy, Her brain was slowing down in a way she did not recognized. Mid one of Lucien's sentences she cut him off "When people drink. Do their bodies feel....Floaty?" She tilted her head questioning as she gasped shortly after covering her mouth. I'm sorry sir! I interrupted!" her head bowed immediately....Old habits die hard. 

Lucien gave a soft smile as she gave her outburst of determination in being at the ready should he need any help. It was nice to see his kind coming together in this way. One could blame it on their predestined need to always want to give some kind of assistance to anyone looking for it, but even so, this felt different since it wasn't just the obligation of their duty in the veil. Up there it was like a working machine and the Aurazin were the gears that kept it running. Now that they were down here, their free will could really make them choose however they want in their own interests yet, still they chose to stick together. It made him proud.

He continued on with his peeling, but glanced up to her in pause as she asked him about what he liked to do in life. "You mean when I wasn't fighting in a war?" he joked darkly, before glancing out of the window in thought and smirking at her threat. "Well, I enjoyed fencing and politics." Luke's eyes looked over to her after the last bit and scoffed. "Politics, I know. I was young and determined to make some kind of difference, I suppose. I wasn't on the right side of the fight at first. I took me too long to realize it. Something I find a bit regretful, but it was a learning experience nonetheless." 

Placing the potatoes into the boiling water, Luke sat back down on the stool and absentmindedly twirled the knife in his hand; Something he had done during war when there was not much else to do in the down time. "Fencing was a passion though. I taught a few of the sl.." he paused mid-sentence, looking to Ommin, but realized the truth was only that and continued on. There could be no sugar coating part of his past. "Well, slaves we had on our estate. Secretly, of course. Father would have none of that." Luke looked down at his hand and realized he was still spinning the blade and put it down with a little embarrassed smile. 

"I enjoyed horseback riding too. Especially when it was a chance to get away from the reality of my life at one point." His mind drifted back to the ugly fights he would have with his father. "I've heard there are a few stables in Evermore and I was thinking of visiting when I can find the time to relax."

Luke reached for the bottle of whiskey and poured more in the glass, taking a sip and feeling a bit sorrowful as Ommin inquired about his family. His fingertips tapped on the sides of the glass as his wife's face moved to the forefront of his mind. "Well, you know much of my father. My mother was a dutiful wife, even if it was clear she didn't agree with my father's way of thinking. Such were the times." His hues moved from the whiskey to Ommin. "I met my wife during war. I was injured badly and she saved me. I got a scolding and a lecture from her when I was well enough to stay conscious for more than a few minutes in why I should be fighting for the patriots instead. My heart had drifted to this idea before we'd ever met, but it was her words that finally convinced me to turn." Luke chuckled and shook his head. "The woman had spark and a wit I never knew was possible. I fell in love with her very quickly." 

He took a drink to swallow the lump in his throat that was forming and glanced to her. "We married shortly after and were happy for some time, but then the loyalists came and..." Lucien stopped as Ommin interrupted his sentence, making him raise a brow. Her doe eyes were big and a bit glossy. Lucien chuckled and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Floaty is a good word for it." Seeing Ommin lower her head to him with an apology, made Lucien put his glass down and place a finger under her chin to lift her gaze to meet his. Their habits in life seemed hard to break even now; Some habits that should've died hundreds of years ago. "Hey, none of that. If anything I should be apologizing for being your assistant in here. I'm sure I will somehow ruin this delicious meal you intend for us." He smiled reassuringly and picked up the drink again and raised the glass to her shortly, before taking a sip. "So, tell me Miss Ambrosio, what are these options you're exploring more? You're obviously a gem in the kitchen already."

Ommin listened to what Lucien had mentioned about the war. Her heart carried a heavy ping as his words danced around her head like the butterflies she loved so much. Her eyes locked on him with intense understanding of his pain. “Fencing. My late husband attempted to do that. Tho I must say. He was proper shit at it.” A small giggle left her lips as she let Lucien keep talking. “Sometimes you have to be on the wrong side to see the right side.” She said lightly as she smiled yet again. Her heart grew heavy with emotion as she listened to his struggles with his life. As he brought up slaves her eyes grew even softer. “At least someone was kind to them. They most likely were very grateful to you Lucien.” She placed a hand on his shoulder for a brief moment in solidarity with him. 

Her mind raced with the couple thoughts of slaves. She watched her tribe peoples be taken on boats never to be seen again. She remembered back when she was younger and the Spanish had first landed. Her mother was a natural beauty of dark skin. She was kept for the highest ranking official at the time as his bride. She shook these negative thoughts from her head as she chimed back into what Lucien was saying. “I’ve never rode a horse. We cared for them but were never given permission to ride one. Beautiful creatures they are.” Her hands brushing any crumbs off the counter tops they had created. 

Ommin’s aura shifted when he spoke of his wife. Her aura showed  a mix of sympathy and love. “Sounds like you loved her very, very, much Lucien. She seems to have kept you in line! A wild man as yourself needs a good woman to keep him safe,”Her laugh echoed throughout the manor. At this moment she cut Lucien off with her ramble on body feelings. As he lifted her head to meet his eyes a blush raised over her cheeks yet again. Despite her dark complexion a  dark rouge could be seen in her cheeks. Her eyes locked with him as his kind words were spoken. “I’m sure your help didn’t ruin anything.” Her chin resting on his fingers as warmth spread through her body. A feeling her body hasn’t had in a couple hundred years. As her Aura started to shift with reds and pinks she pulled her face away and cleared her throat. She hopped off the stool as a burning smell was coming from the burner. She had removed the veggies but forgot to leave the pan on it. She gasped and took action still listening to Lucien.

With the compliment she nodded “Why thank you!, Umm to be fully honest I have some help with...Umm….” Her eyes looked at the burner as she pulled out a ceramic bowl to place the dough she had made for the crust in. As she laid it and made sure it was  a perfect fit she spoke.

“I’ve had help with reading and writing, Tho I still lack commitment and determination sometimes. I really want to look into butterfly conservation. I’ve heard that’s a thing now. In my opinions humans did a right shit job of keeping our home safe. I guess greed will do that to you…” She trailed off in thought for a moment before snapping back to it and looking at Lucien well sipping her liquor he had refilled. “ In all honesty I’m not sure what I enjoy doing, Cooking is because I was taught to do so. This is my place. I know it’s not like that anymore but...It’s difficult to figure out what you like when you’ve always had a job, a position and told how to do it. It was that way with my first life, my death and now I must figure out how to be… What’s that word people use all the time? Ah yes. Free…” The word free seemed to burn her tongue. She would never be truly free. After all. She was dead.

Despite how incredibly against Lucien was with the idea of becoming too comfortable in their new life here on Earth, he could not help himself from wanting to show Ommin as much of this present world as was possible. Well, with the small bit that he did know of it so far. The fact that her life was never truly her own made his empathy levels grow increasingly higher the more he learned about this woman. Of course, Lucien didn't live to see passed his thirties, but he at least got to make his own decisions, good and bad, and go about doing what he wanted to do in his life which Ommin could never do. 

Lucien grabbed a nearby rag and a mitt to lift the boiling pot of potatoes, pouring the water into the strainer and moving his face away with a slight chuckle as the steam moved over him. He'd forgotten what it was like to be in the kitchen after so long. His eyes moved back over to Ommin as she mentioned her struggling with reading and writing. It seemed he had assumed right with his earlier observations, but he didn't want to presume or judge and least of all make her uncomfortable. Instead, he waited till she was finished explaining how she was feeling about her newfound freedom before chiming in.

"Miss Ambrosio, I don't mean to be forward, but if you would like to continue your studies here at the lodge, I would be more than happy to help you." Luke brought over a bowl and fork, dumping the drained potatoes in with butter and then seasoning them with salt and pepper as he remembered it being done without looking at the recipe. His gaze moved back over to her with a soft smile. "Please, don't hesitate to call on me. As for the butterfly conservation," he continued, concentrating on mashing the potatoes with the fork and sitting back down on the stool near her, "there is one at the botanical gardens here in Evermore. I've been meaning to go walk the gardens the moment I read about the establishment in the newspaper. I would be honored if you would like to join me?"   

Luke's gaze lifted towards hers, pausing from his work for a moment. "I think it might be a good place to gather your thoughts and who knows, perhaps they might even have work there for you. Maybe even volunteering. If you're ready for something like that, of course." He continued mashing the potatoes and felt his stomach growl from all the wonderful smells in the kitchen causing him to smirk. How strange it was to need to eat again. "However, I do think I will insist on you coming with me to the stables no matter what." Lucien spun around with the bowl of finished mashed to fully face her with a coy smile. "You must come riding with me, especially if you've never been able to before. I think you would have quite the affinity for horses, Miss Ambrosio."

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