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The Promise (Ophelia and Adriel)

Started Feb 8, 2021 0 Replies

It had been on her mind for a while now. The idea of having a volakiri seemed almost foreign to the wayfinder because she didn't know how she could ever resolve herself to find someone she would trust with everything she had locked deep down. She…Continue

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Every Mistake That I Ever Made.

Made Me Who I Am Today.

Basic Info

  • Ophelia Serena Dreyvalian

  • Phe, Wayfinder

  • Looks 26 | Real 438

  • Celestial

  • Pansexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Adelaide Kane

  • Single

  • Kind
  • Selfless
  • Brave
  • Short-Sighted
  • Naive
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Aureus Ailward

Ophelia once thought that her and Aureus understood one another but she couldn't have been more wrong about what he was willing to do in the name of time. After he ordered her people locked away Ophelia made a vow to get her people back at any cost and a cost she paid deeply. Ophelia doesn't think she'll ever forgive Aureus for the decision he made.

Erythreus Ailward

Erythreus and Ophelia developed a friendship like no other. Despite the constant arguments and conflict between both of their kind, the aspect and the wayfinder always seemed to hold a constant respect for one another. While Ophelia knows she could never ask him to turn his back on his family for her she does enjoy having him close.

Hanseol Park

Hanseol is one of the youngest of the celestials that Ophelia has met and also one of the first to leave the celestial castle and build a life of his own. Ophelia does her best to look out for Hanseol as his leader and as a friend. She wishes to be able to help him see the power he can wield once he accepts who and what he is.

Artemis Bluemoon

Ophelia has known Artemis for a very long time and the other celestial is one of the oldest fallen stars the Wayfinder has met. She feels a closeness with the other woman that she doesn't have with many others, a friendship which has stood the test of time and is important to her. Artemis always seems to know what to say to lift Ophelia's spirits.

Cecilia Laterza

Ophelia forged an alliance with the valkyr not long after she came to the Eternal City. She also developed a personal relationship with it's leader, Cecilia, who left an impression on the Wayfinder from the moment they met. Ophelia is curious to see what happens next with the firey valkyr.

Ophelia Dreyvalian


The legends state that when you wish upon a shooting star your dreams come true. To most the legend is simply that, a story told without real meaning. The truth of the matter however is that stars fall when they are needed more on earth than they are in the sky.

Ophelia knew nothing of her history when she first awoke laying in a crater in a barren field in London, England dressed in a ethereal looking dress and wearing a shining blue amulet, she knew nothing of who she was, where she was from or even what her name was. The first few weeks of her life on earth were hard, she suffered from regular blackouts and she had nowhere to call a home, all she knew for sure was that she was nothing like the humans that roamed the earth.

Lost and afraid the girl found herself taken in by a wealthy English family, despite knowing little about herself, Ophelia was able to function normally, she could communicate with the humans and knew many skills she didn’t remember learning. It wasn’t until her fifth week on earth that her name returned to her, without realizing what was happening she spoke her name “Ophelia Dreyvalian”. It was all she would ever remember of her past, the rest was a puzzle she would have to unravel for herself.

The kind family that had taken her in consisted of a middle aged couple and their young daughter of seven. Ophelia was grateful to the Walker family for taking her in when she had nowhere to go and stayed with them for the first year of her life. During this year Ophelia discovered things about herself that were different, sometimes she would feel as though the world stopped for a few seconds and she was all alone, other times she would catch her skin with a radiant glow not possible of a natural complexion.

It took endless hours of searching and confusion before she eventually found her way to the texts of her past, explaining the legends of a species named Celestials also known as fallen stars, she was drawn to it when she spotted a book with a shape etched into the spine which matched a small mark she had found on the right of her stomach. Using these texts Ophelia was able to learn about the Celestial species, they were the physical embodiment of fallen stars capable of feats no normal human could achieve but they were rare and hunted for their unique ability. Ophelia however was more than just a Celestial herself, she was born a wayfinder, a star from the one of the two Ursa constellations blessed with an amulet.

The amulet however was a mystery to her, she didn’t know what magic it possessed, she only felt the compulsion to protect it from danger, it felt like an extension of her own being, as if she was holding her own heart inside of it. There was little to no information about the amulet in the texts other than diagrams of it written in an old and since dead language.

While the Walker family had been kind to her, Ophelia’s discoveries lead her to choose to leave their home for a life of her own, she knew that she would not age and eventually someone would be able to sense that something was wrong with her and she felt a calling, she wanted to find others like her, she felt a natural sense of duty to the others out there so that she could teach them who they were and they wouldn’t have to feel lost and alone when they first fell like she did.

Ophelia spent the next decade of her life traveling the world and learning to gain control over her powers, she also ran into her fair share of the hunters that the texts warned of, people who wanted to harness the power of a star to return to their past and change the course of time. Ophelia quickly learned to become skilled in human weapons such as swords and bows and arrows. Being able to melee weapons helped to protect her from those who sought to catch her weak, people who saw her as prey to be chased across the globe.

Through the years Ophelia found her way to people like her and with time they began to build up a colony much like her ancestor Emilia Dreyvalian had done before her, Emilia’s ending however had been a gruesome one, Ophelia had no intention for her people to fall into the same fate as those before them should she be able to do anything about it. The hunters came in their dozens but as the colony grew the Celestial were able to fight off those that threatened them, their numbers causing their lights to get brighter and their control to strengthen.

The game was still an uphill battle for the Celestial however, they needed to find ground where they were safe, a life on the run was not a life at all and most the colony had spent their entire lives running and fearing for themselves. Ophelia caught word from some of the newer members of their colony that there was a group whom had been silently protecting the Celestial whom called themselves the Ailward.

It took a great deal of searching and underhand connections to make contact with the Ailward but eventually Ophelia was able to set up a meeting with the Aspect Of Time, a man whom was capable of seeing the flow of time itself and charged with protecting it. Ophelia and Aureus came to a deal between their two people, at first she believed she had nothing to offer them but it turned out that he knew a lot more of the amulet that Ophelia owned than anyone and it’s powers would prove to be her bargaining chip.

The Ailward provided refuge on the Isle of Skye for Ophelia and her people and in return Ophelia learned to use the power in her amulet to travel back in time and repair time rifts in the past. It was a difficult task but her physical combat skills proved useful in being able to stop those whom sought harm to the stars. This agreement went on for several years and for the first time in almost a millennia the Celestial didn’t need to flee for their lives, they were free to build their lives, fall in love if they wanted to, they had the chance to lead a normal life.

On her years on Skye Ophelia came to have feelings for Venetus, the leader of the the aspects, she admired his duty to the world and it’s flow, she was fascinated by his stories of the world and the different realms that existed. The two never officially spoke their feelings to one another but they spent many hours talking and finding excuses to see one another when they should have been focused on their duties.

One night under the light of the stars Ophelia had told Venetus of the amulet and her connection to it, she had never really spoken of it before but she trusted him with her words, she knew that he would understand what she was telling. She told him how she felt like the amulet was a part of her, how it was like holding a small piece of her she needed in her hands, just how Venetus had taken a part of her too without even knowing it.

For a blissful time everything was too good to be true, the deaths slowed until eventually Ophelia rarely needed to return to fix the timeline, of course there was still stars out there on their own but with the guard’s watchful eye on the world they were generally able to prevent rifts in time from ever occurring. Not until the death of Raven Milenia. Raven had been the target of a group of Initia radicals with the goal of changing the past to gain military advantages against Phoenixes. Ophelia had known that the trip would be a dangerous one, she would have to travel into the middle of a warzone between Initia and Phoenix in order to repair the timeline. The night before she was due to make the trip she had met Venetus in the hallway, without a word she had placed the amulet in his hand, it was like giving her heart to him, she hadn’t needed to explain, she had simply walked away knowing that he would understand before disappearing into the Celestial ether.

The battle was bloody and it took Ophelia hours of searching to track her way back to Raven’s death but as she hid in the shadows ready to strike she felt a cold sting in her back. The Intia had been ready for a wayfinder and there was nothing she could do as she fell to her knees unable to breathe as she collapsed to the floor. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched her fellow Celestial die before her eyes, she had failed and that failure would haunt her for years to come.

Ophelia remembered little of her fleeing from Skye, it was a flash of fog as she moved as fast as her legs would take her, all she remembered was a vision of a man ushering her away from the castle, she couldn’t picture his face nor his voice, the only scrap of a memory she was able to retain the image of a small tattoo upon the man’s skin, as she ran as fast as her legs she kept running and running until she faded into the darkness once more.

When Ophelia awoke she looked around to find a woman treating her wounds, she couldn’t bring words to her mouth, she knew the future that had set, a brutal war between Initia and Phoenix leading to the death of over 1000 people. It was weeks before Ophelia could even walk again and she soon discovered she had lost her light, unable to surround herself with Celestial energy the way she had always been able.

Ophelia had tried to find her way back to Skye but her suspicions were confirmed true when she could no longer find the Isle, her punishment for her failure would be taken out on her people. She felt guilty and scared and angry all at once but most of all she felt a sense of duty, she knew she wouldn’t rest until she found a way to make it back onto the Isle and save her people, it was the impossible and yet she was willing to do the impossible, she would do anything for those she cared for.

It took years of searching, time started to blur for her as she endlessly sought a way to break the protection placed on the Isle long enough for her to save her people and escape, the search was mostly empty with dead ends but the more she searched the more contacts she made, Ophelia became close with a lot of powerful Diviners and remained in their contact even after she had exhausted every idea they had to offer her. With time however her determination brought back her light and the return of her power spurred her to push further to save her people.

Eventually however she was connected to two diviners simply know as the Gemini, their circles were small and Ophelia never met with them nor did she know their names or who they were. She traded stored celestial energy for a potion which was capable of breaking a rift in the barrier, she didn’t know if it would work but it was the only chance she had at saving her people and she decided to take it.

True to their word the potion allowed Ophelia to pass through the barrier on Skye, she hurried through the back passages of the castle which she had learned from her time there and reached the holding cells where she freed each of the stars that had been captured, for most it was a reunion with a long lost friend and for others it was meeting them for the first time, regardless she was dedicated to each of them. Sword in hand she lead them through the passages the way she had come when the first earthquake hit.

Ophelia had no idea what was happening, she shielded her people as best as she could as they made their exit from the castle and to flee the island. In the sky she could see flashes of lightning. The group hurriedly made their way to a waiting boat at the edge of the island and made their escape. As they looked back they watched as the island began to crumble away, being battered and worn by the weather itself. Ophelia knew that she had made a deal with the devil, breaking the barrier had brought the Ailward a foe much more deadly than she even knew

There was little time for Ophelia to feel guilty for what she had done however, she told herself that it would have happened regardless of her decisions and she was simply saving her people from the same fate, it was enough to help her sleep at night for the least. For the next few months the Colony traveled here and there searching for Ophelia’s amulet, without it she felt incomplete and she knew she needed it to feel complete again.

To no surprise the search was fruitless, all of the troves that the Ailward had many interesting and fascinating magical items but never the one she was searching for. Ophelia knew then that she would have to face her fate in Evermore City where the Ailward had since created their new home. She knew it was a huge risk but she saw little point in running for the rest of their existence, the guard’s reach was far and long and if they didn’t make a stand she knew that they would be picked off one by one once more.

And so it was decided that Ophelia Dreyvalian would come face to face with the Ailward once again.

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