Please fill out the following form to apply for a premade role and inbox it to the ambassador of the species. Please note if the role states an ethnicity, it means their FC must have this ethnicity.

Valkyr: Cecilia Laterza
Dhampir: Donovan Hendrix
Human: Sariah Holloway
Instar Diviner: Kaelyn Brookes
Initia: Sofi Zahara

      Celestial: Ophelia Dreyvalian
Ailward Aspect: Argent Ailward
Nephilim: Clarissa Bradford 
Therianthrope: Lachlan Remington
Ailward Guard: Damien Verlac
Niveis: Freyja Silvermoon
Aurazin: Lucien Davenport

Premade Name:
Are you happy with the character bio as it is?:
If No, what would you like to change about the character bio?:
Are you happy with the FC of the premade?: 
If No, what FC would you like the premade changed to?:
Are you happy with the name of the premade?:
If No, what would you like the premade's name to be changed to?:
What is your preferred RP media in preference order?: Forum/Chat/Comments/PC/Inbox
How would you like to be approached for plots: Chat/Inbox/Comments
Provide a detailed roleplay sample (Please do this from the POV of the premade):

Please use the buttons below to see the premades available for each species. This FCs listed below with the available premade characters are the most recently chosen FCs for the roles, so they will be the most accurate, not the ones linked on each of their bios.

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