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My Sister, My Responsibility (Open to Argent and Benjamin) COMPLETED

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"She laughed softly and shrugged “Well…isn’t that the time to be experimenting,…"
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"Argent raised her brows wondering why Luna would be defending sororities of all things, she…"
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"Argent chuckled softly “That’s true…we do get our fair share for the work we…"
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On a hot summer night in the late 8th century, Argent Delvalle was born to the Delvalle family, a long line of pureblood Nephilim whom lived in a small town. Argent was the youngest child of an already large family which consisted of her two elder brothers and one elder sister. From the moment she was born, Argent was seen as the light, in her parent’s eyes and her older siblings who doted on her. Even at a young age, Argent was an inquisitive and curious young girl, she always had questions and thoughts, she sought the need to learn things.

Argent’s family were a pillar in the Nephilim community in those years, they had connections with many other nephilim families and served the goal that all nephilim were expected to, to protect humans. Times however, were not in the young Delvalle girl’s favor, for women were considered inferior to men and therefore her elder brothers got to become warriors while Argent and her sister learned to stay home and become the next generation of housewives.

Argent however, made friends with a young boy from the Raedyn family, another high ranking nephilim family. The two of them were of similar age and unlike the other boys in their small town, he didn’t shy away from Argent when she acted more independant or bossy than a women was supposed to be. The two would often meet in secret behind the church and Thomas taught her all different things he had learned in his studies.

It was through Thomas that Argent learned how to fight as well as the basics of how to read and write. They kept it a secret from their parents because they knew it was frowned upon for a girl to be able to read or fight and the last thing Argent wanted to do was disappoint her parents. In a way, Thomas and Argent were ahead of their time, looking for a better future. The two of them always treated one another as equals, partners even.

Thanks to Thomas, Argent felt like the world expanded, even though she had to keep her knowledge a secret. She felt as though she was really able to make her mark on the world, or at least she would be able to had society not expected her to take care of children and do very little else with her life. Argent was smart, she took interest in medicine and helping others, she loved the idea of being a protector and being able to protect people who didn’t have the amazing abilities she had.

Moving into their teenage years Argent found herself falling for the bright and forward thinking young man. Thomas had brought so much into her life that others had shut away from her and she admired him for it. The young woman however never got the chance to tell him so because a few weeks after her 15th birthday, her parents told her that she was to be married to Faron Raedyn, Thomas’ elder brother.

Argent had of course expected such a thing to happen, women didn’t get to choose who their husband would be and most men in her community didn’t marry until their early 20s, she knew her and Thomas would have never worked and yet her heart felt like it cracked in two the moment her parents told her the news. She was angry, not at anyone in particular, but for how the world worked and how people like her would never have the freedom of course. To choose to marry who they wished, to choose to not marry, to choose to learn. She had no choice.

Regardless Argent did as she was asked and accepted the engagement to Faron. After the engagement was official, Thomas stopped meeting with her, stopped teaching her new things, he became distant and full of anger. She knew he was hurting the same way she was hurting but she said nothing. It hurt more than words can say, not only did she have to marry someone she barely knew but she had lost her closest friend over it.

The wedding happened a few weeks later and Argent became Argent Raedyn, just not in the way she had always been hoping. Faron was kind, but mostly uninterested in Argent and her life, like her, he had agreed to the wedding simply out of duty. The two of them had a mutual respect for one another but they both knew deep down it would never be love.

It was a miserable few years for Argent, she lived a basic existence, cooking and cleaning, pretending she was happy when she longed for so much more. She kept up with reading and practicing sword fighting in secret, in the hours when Faron was out working, trying to hold onto the dreams and ideals she had always wished could be hers.

It was around this time that Argent heard about the uprising of the Ailward cause, they were infamous for being a group of outcasts, running away from their homes in search of a better, fairer life. Argent admired Venetus, the leader of the Ailward group and his boldness to stand for what he believed in. A world of equality in every sense of the word, where people were free to be the person they are without fear of judgement.

Argent hadn’t intended to ever join them however, whilst she had agreed with Ven’s views, she didn’t want to bring shame upon her family by becoming a face for a rebel group. This however all changed the night she met him. Argent was heading to the well to gather water for their evening meal when she had quite literally ran into the Ailward leader. She guessed he must have sensed something in her because instead of just letting her on her way, he had started talking.

Venetus had a bold and strong opinion on his thoughts of the future and Argent liked the picture that he painted. One where she wasn’t stuck in a loveless marriage, where her attraction to both men and women alike wasn’t something she had to force down and pretend it didn’t exist, where she was treated as equal to the men in the group. Venetus saw exactly what she saw and she wanted it more than she could even admit out loud.

When Venetus offered Argent a place, she told him she needed some time to consider. Her heart told her this was the right thing to do, that it was the step she could finally take to control her own life, to move forward. But her head knew that making this choice would hurt the people she cared for. She knew her parents would turn their backs on her, as would her siblings, Faron would be forced to brand her a traitor and her only protection would be this man and the group of people that followed him.

Argent couldn’t bring herself to do it and so she turned him down. As much as she wanted the life he offered, things were so much more complicated than that and Argent wasn’t brave and bold the way he was. Later she would come to regret that very decision. Argent was out in the kitchen, her sword she kept well hidden unsheathed as she practiced stances and fighting technique when her mother had walked in, dropping the pie she had brought over in shock as she saw her daughter.

Argent’s life started to fall apart from that very moment, questions were raised that she didn’t want to answer, like where she had gotten the weapon or learned to wield it. She refused to betray the man she had once loved, even knowing that he had turned his back on her a long time ago. Before long, the whole town knew everything. Argent knew would would come next, she was tossed out of her home and she was sent on the run.

As she ran as fast as she could, her lungs started to burn and her head felt like it was going to explode but she kept moving. The tears stung her eyes, she was angry, life was so incredibly unjust as to leave her wound up in this situation simply for learning to wield a weapon and learn to read. She didn’t really know where it was she was going or what she was going to do until she found herself passing the well. Venetus had been right, the only way to fight against such an unfair society was to rise up against it.

And so she found herself on his doorstep, with nothing other than her winter coat and a desperate need for change. After being let inside and wrapped up warm by the fire, the redhead finally allowed her emotions to unravel, breaking down as she cursed the world for taking everything she loved from her, for being born into a society so backwards and so unable to understand the pain and suffering it inflicted. And when she was done crying, she rolled her shoulders back and decided she was ready to fight, with every breath in her body she would fight.

Argent was steadfast from that day, she rallied to the Ailward cause and believed it with every fiber of her being. It pained her more than she cared to admit, to see the looks of shame on her parent’s faces as she stood alongside Venetus and the other Ailwards but she stood tall regardless. She would be more than the cookie cutter life paved out for her and she wouldn’t be sorry for who she was.

It seemed to some people that the group was rebellious and unruly, but it was those who believed that actually envied the group, such as King Mitus who saw many of the people in his kingdom turning to the Ailward and being loyal to them rather than to him. Mitus came up with a plan to destroy the Ailward once and for all, by sending a group of his guards to spy on the group, the guards swearing loyalty to the group so that they could spy on them. Argent noticed that Venetus had been speaking with one of the guards the night of the full moon; she then watched him disappear and thought nothing more of it as it wasn’t unusual for them to travel.

The guard who had been speaking with Venetus must have followed him and then returned to Mitus to tell him of his findings, and it wasn’t that long after that she along with the other members of the Ailward were called before the King and named abominations as none of them were actually human. The King ordered that they were to be executed, each of the Ailward were taken one by one to meet their deaths and each of them had their own reactions to this sentence, Argent never showing anything other than a straight face as she looked into the eyes of her killer. After the axe fell, she woke up somewhere unknown to her and surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

Argent curtsied in a sign of respect toward these gods she had been placed in front of; she listened carefully to their words as they explained that they’d be sending her and the others that had been killed back to earth, however not as they were before where they were just a species of outcasts. Now they would be able to help change the future of the supernatural, Argent was named the aspect of light, she was the only one able to watch the sun and moon, astral events and the power to bring light to the world and species allied with the light. Argent gracefully accepted their proposal and in the few moments before she was resurrected she was presented with a silver staff, the gem glowing with all the light of the stars which followed her and enabled her to take the form of a dragon.

After Argent awoke as an aspect she and the other 7 aspects fled America to a safer land where they were able to find the Isle of the Skye. Venetus lead her and the other aspects into the Isle where they began to create a home for themselves and using their combined power they were able to create a spell which surrounded the entire Island. The spell only allowed the aspects to enter, as well as those who are truly loyal to them and the spell was the perfect protection for them all.

Over the years as Venetus lead the aspect council they all came to a decision to allow outsiders to join the council and become members of the guard, and they slowly began to grow once again. This time was different as they kept their efforts quiet while each of the aspects served the world, it was only those of a supernatural nature that ever really knew of their existence. The aspects supported her and helped her find who she really was again, and it was thanks to these people believing in her that she is who she is today.

Argent finally had a purpose - maintaining balance and helping the other Aspects in their goals, knowing that there’s no need for hate between one another. Her newfound powers granted her the ability to lead others, guide them into that same path. She lived for learning new things and would take every chance she got to try new activities and skills.

Around these people the aspect of light thrived, she finally felt like she could be herself, her new siblings understood her in a way her previous family never had. She learned and practiced sparring with Erythreus, she was fascinated to see the inner workings of magic with Malva, she felt like her voice was listened to and respected by Venetus and as the years passed she watched the world become more and more accepting.

Through the years Argent met a lot of different people, from guards, to those just passing through, to those who collided paths with her on missions. Many people came in, some stayed a little while but inevitably they all left eventually. The only people she could rely on to always be there were her siblings, they were constant and they cared for her as she did for them. After centuries of nothing but broken hearts and goodbyes the aspect of light started to give up on the very idea of love.

And so, while she was friendly with those around there and some she pulled into close friendships, that part of her remained in the past, a distant memory of a boy who showed her the world, then became it and then turned his back on her. That didn’t stop her from experiencing life however, the aspect of light got to see a lot of the world, travelling on missions with guards and other aspects alike. She had a few flings, though nothing really came from them. She learned to paint, learned about medicine, worked different jobs in all different societies and eras.

Argent enjoyed following every development in the world, watching it slowly but surely become the world she had once imagined. That world where it didn’t matter, who you are, what you were, who you choose to love or what you chose to believe. A world that accepted what was different and celebrated it, instead of shutting it away and pretending it didn’t exist.

Argent had been overjoyed when the Celestials had been granted a place on the Isle on Skye, she naturally felt close to all them on a level she couldn’t explain, that was what came with being the aspect of light when you were around the literal embodiments of stars. Argent admired the strength of Ophelia and her people, having lived their entire lives in fear of being killed.

Argent felt a strength come over herself whenever she witnessed one of the celestials using their powers. She found herself wanting to spend more and more time around them. She also started getting closer to one of them, her name was Raven and she was particularly independent and strong willed. The two of them spent a lot of time together, Argent liked the person she became around Raven, she felt stronger because of her and came into her own person more.

Argent confessed her feelings to Raven a few months later and the two of them started a whirlwind romance. It was understated but Raven made Argent happy in the same way she had felt all those years ago with Thomas. Argent and Raven had a blissful 10 years together, the two of them explored the world together one mission at a time. Raven opened up the world to Argent in a way she had never even thought was possible and without even realizing it, she had fallen in love with her.

Life always had a way of taking the things Argent treasured most from her however. Raven had been on a mission with some of the Ailward guards but the whole thing had been a set up by the Phoenix and Initia. Argent felt the pain the moment it happened, collapsing to the floor along with her brother Aureus, something was very wrong.

Days later and the guards returned without their Celestial protectee. Argent’s knees had buckled from under her the moment she had realized what had happened but once the initial shock had set in it was replaced with hope. Ophelia had managed to save Celestials before and maybe she could again. Ophelia had agreed to go back in time and within hours they had set up the time jump ready to save Raven and prevent whatever change the wish would bring.

Her face was full of hope. She clung to everything she had that her love would be fine. But as she watched Aureus fall to ground and pass out the aspect cried out in pain. She was inconsolable as she clutched her chest in grief. The pain hit her from every side, the grief of knowing her love was dead and there was nothing she could do about. The pain of experiencing the time shift and a brutal non-existent war becoming a reality. She hadn’t been able to take it, she shut down, curling into a ball.

When Aureus and her awoke however their reactions to what had happened were polar opposites. Aureus had gotten it in his mind that the only way to ever keep balance over time was to lock up all the Celestials. Argent had begged him not to do this, she warned him that it would only cause more heartache down the line, she explained how this was no one’s fault but those who sought to kill the Celestials but he wouldn’t listen to reason.

The vote was passed to the Ailward council and despite her definitive vote of no, she was outnumbered. After that night a part of Argent’s light dimmed, the part of her who tirelessly believed in the Ailward cause and her belief they were always doing things for the best. She couldn’t even bring herself to look the Celestials in the eye when she brought things down for them.

It took Argent years to ever really move past Raven’s death and everything that had brought. Eventually she managed to find some of her spirit again, repair some of the somewhat broken relationships with those around her and find the will to leave the Isle and explore again. Whilst she hadn’t been happy about it, she had also agree to leave Skye to join her siblings in Evermore city when a chance arose to put an end to the feuding between the Phoenix and Initia species.

The peace talks were a stressful time for them all, leading to Argent having periods of very little sleep and existing purely on coffee and determination but she was determined to help the others through this, negotiating talks and being present to help keep the atmosphere calm, always there to provide a calm and kind ear to anyone who needed it. Her temper also meant that she had no issue stating her disapproval of something, no matter who was present, though she always tried to do so in a respectful way to keep the talks from deteriorating. Finally though, the talks were over, the peace treaty signed, and a celebration was to take place. Argent was looking forward to going home, but unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be.

The night of the celebration pain ripped through all of the Aspects, pain unlike any they’ve felt. Argent and the other Ailward knew immediately what it was - their home, now reduced to nothing more than rubble falling from the sky. Panic was the first thing she felt as they had left people there to guard the Isle and the others that stayed there, having no idea what happened. The Ailward all scurried to find out what had happened, all of them officially in panic mode as they dealt with the aftermath of their home now being gone. What had gotten through the barrier, were there any survivors, what were they going to do now that their home was gone? It took time but eventually they had to come to terms with the fact that no one who had been on the Isle - not one - had survived. They also had to deal with something else - all of the Celestials, who had been on the Isle, were gone without a trace.

For Argent that was at least a small blessing, as she had advocated for a different solution to their plight from the beginning, something other than keeping them trapped on the Isle, and when that failed had made a point of visiting them whenever she could. That small relief quickly turned to boiling rage when she learned the truth though, that it was the Celestial’s leader who had caused the loss of so many lives.

Filled with a rage the likes of which she hasn’t experienced since so long ago when she was still a Nephilim, Argent practically went on a warpath, making no secret of who she blamed for the events. The other Aspects - especially Aureus and Venetus - for keeping them trapped and not considering another option, the Celestials for the loss of all the people that she considered her family, but most of all she blames herself. She should have seen it coming, should have fought harder for what she knew was right, should have kept the others safe. Still wrecked with grief, she’s trying to come to terms with all that’s happened.


Venetus Ailward


Her brother and her leader, the one she looks to when she's not sure where to go, the two of them have always stood alongside one another throughout the years. Argent will always protect Ven. Even when she thinks he's wrong and she cares for him.

Erythreus Ailward


Argent and Erythreus have an understanding, their personalities are opposite and yet they still find a way to get along and always have done throughout the years. Ery is her go to for late night talks, she finds his council wise and often puts her own thoughts into perspective.

Aureus Ailward


Argent and her brother Aureus clash often, having different and strong views on the celestial kind and how to handle the fallen stars. Regardless Argent still respects him, love hims and feels for the pain he often must go through due to time rifts and lapses.

Aurantia Ailward


Argent is closest to Tia out of all of her sisters as their elements are similar in nature and their personalities are similar. She looks up to the other redhead and enjoys her company, Argent looks up to Tia as somewhat of a role model, someone who she can aspire to be like.

Virindeus Ailward


Argent and Deus are the most lively and fun-loving of their siblings, the two enjoy pulling pranks on their more serious siblings. Argent enjoys her brother's more lighthearted nature and fun spirit, his presence always brightens her days as she hopes to brighten his.

Cora Ailward


Cora and Argent's elements are the mirror of one another and so are the two girls. Argent loves her sister and the work she does to keep darkness safe but the two of them have always seen the world very differently. Argent is amazed by Cora's perspective on life.

Malva Ailward


Argent and Malva are probably polar opposites of one another but the younger sister always looks out for her elder diligently. She worries about Malva and the way she always gets herself wrapped up in the dangerous balance between light and dark magic. She looks up to her greatly.

Caleb Segal


Argent met Caleb when he first came to Evermore city after passing out from a motorcycle accident. After that the two of them developed a somewhat whimsical friendship which saw them fixing things and exploring all over Evermore. Argent really enjoys Caleb's company and artistic nature.

Seojun Ahn

Personal Guard

Argent has been paired with Seojun in the guard for a long time. She was the one who convinced him to stay with the Ailward cause after he lost his direction in the world and the two have been close ever since. She cares deeply for him and feels comfortable in his presence but is also blissfully unaware of his feelings for her.

Luna Marin


Argent met Luna on her first day at her new university. The grumpy kisune was assigned to share a room with her and the two quickly got to know one another. Argent likes Luna's no-nonsense approach to the world and enjoys her sarcastic quips and taste in food. She hopes the two of them can grow closer in time.

Donovan Hendrix

Could Have Been

After Argent met Donovan the two of them started a push and pull type relationship. Despite knowing she should keep her distance she finds it hard to resist staying in his world, she sees him as a true friend and a missed moment in time. Perhaps things could have turned out differently in another life.

Dominic Howlett

Freaky Friday

Dominic and Argent experienced one hell of a day when they both found themselves waking up in one another's body, the adventure took them all over the place, leading the aspect to glimpse the darker parts of Evermore city. She developed a great respect for Dominic through his actions that day.

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At 9:44 on February 4, 2023,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward

Nice to see you out of your room Argent hope all is well

At 11:47 on December 17, 2022,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward

Dear Argent 

Happy Holidays 


At 1:37 on February 16, 2021,
✓ Donovan Hendrix ~ Admin

Dear Silver.

I have returned. To our friendship

At 20:02 on September 24, 2020,
Ailward Guard
✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~

*Hands her the bag* Sorry I broke your boots...

At 21:00 on December 25, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

"Merry Christmas, Argent!"

Caleb ducked his head, smiling softly. "This is for you."

It was square in shape and decently large.

"You said you'd like to get more into crafting, so with a bit of tinkering, I made this. With plenty of instructions."

At 16:50 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role

Hey Argent. It's Ace, your friendly human. I'm not entirely sure what to get you, but I did ask around and I heard you like fashion, as well as music. So I decided to get you a few outfits and a pair of headphones. I hope you like them! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

At 22:36 on August 3, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

Happy Birthday, Argent!

Gotcha something. 

/He casually hands her a gift wrapped in brown paper with a red bow.

At 5:55 on February 9, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

Pardon the super late reply! 

It was overdue even after I got sick.

Hope it works out for you.

At 16:53 on February 3, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~

My hero! *fans himself and twirls his hair, batting his eyes at her*

I appreciate that, Red. Wouldn't wanna mess with you *hands her his dagger* Do your worst. Show no mercy as it shows me none in return.

At 8:11 on December 27, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward

Merry late Christmas, baby sister

I get you gifts all year long so there's nothing special left to give. But I saw this on a website called ebay and decided it works.


Your favourite brother, Venetus.


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