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Looking for a Attorney ( open to Aiden and Astoria)

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✓ Aiden Hale's Page

Name: Aiden Hale
Age: 32
Eye colour when using magic: White
Species: Instar Diviner - Dark
Family: Scarlett Hale

Resourceful ][ Controlled ][ Charming ][ Determined
Sarcastic ][ Ruthless ][ Arrogant ][ Detached

Face claim: Jamie Dornan 


Scarlett Hale 


Scarlett came to Evermore in search of her  Brother Aiden who Vanished after the destruction of their Coven leaving Colten and her alone. Aiden spent many years watching over Colten and Scarlett from a distance leaving no clue it was him helping them when it was needed. When Word had reached  Aiden his sister  was in hospital he  paid    for everything she needed  to recover and dealt with her boyfriend  with his own hands  knowing Scarlett  would realise  it was her brother  who mutilated   him she traced the money transaction back to Evermore  after leaving a message to Colten  she travelled to Evermore hoping to Aiden and not another dead end 


Aiden was born into a world of old money, southern sophistication, and decadent lifestyles mixed with ancient lies and cover-ups disguised as polite society gossip. Born at his family plantation home in the heart of Savannah, Georgia on a balmy summer evening to Tyler and Caroline Hale, he was the first of three children.

The Hale’s can trace their ancestry all the way back to before the formal formation of Georgia, their legacy tied to a 10 mile stretch of land and the three story plantation home that had been built and rebuilt by multiple generations of Hales. What was more, the Hales were a part of a small community of Fae that existed among the larger populace of Savannah. The coven of Fae stayed pretty tight knit though always contributing to the upper circles of Savannah’s elite crowd and the community at large.

From the get go Tyler and Caroline had wanted the perfect family. They had the land which yielded inordinate amounts of top of the line produce, the grand house that Tyler and his father had updated to perfection, and the only thing they needed to complete the picture was a little boy and a little girl. Aiden was born during their tenth year of marriage and would be the couple’s only child for 8 long years. 

From the moment Aiden was born he knew only love and affection from just about everyone in his life. His parents doted on him, giving him everything he could ever ask for and so much more. Even the coven showed him deference, making him the golden boy that would one day rule there small southern community. The years passed easily enough though a tension began to grow between Tyler and Caroline, both parents longed for another child but all attempts seemed doomed to fail. Caroline managed to get pregnant several times but each time ended up miscarrying driving an even deeper wedge between them.

By the time Aiden was 10 years old his parents’ marriage was falling apart, the constant arguing eventually graduating to full on abuse as Tyler blamed Caroline for every lost child. Young Aiden tried to protect his mother earning him a myriad of bruises and a potent fear of his father. Tyler became increasingly violent with his family though for the sake of appearances the family kept everything under their roof. Once outside or among society they were the perfect family.

As Aiden got older he learned more of his heritage, soaked up knowledge like a sponge, and did everything he could to help out. Some days he worked in the fields contributing to the family business and keeping up with the covens affairs. Other days he cleaned house, cooked, and looked after his mother while his father worked. Occasionally Tyler went out to work with Aiden and in those rare moments’ father and son bonded with none of the usual fear and anger that tainted their usual day to day affairs.

Finally Caroline was able to carry another child though the trouble had only just begun, instead of giving him his little girl she popped out another boy. Aiden’s life changed as he now had a little brother to protect along with his mother, though much to their surprise Tyler was a little less volatile for a time. The family existed in a peaceful lull, in a limbo as they waited for his temper and ire to return. Caroline slipped into a barely contained depression, withdrawing from life for the most part though still carrying out her duties as mother, wife, and matriarch of the Georgia Coven.

At the age of 16 Aiden was nearly a man in own right and taking on the responsibilities that would be fully his one day. His grades in school were impeccable, his physical prowess was beyond reproach since he had all the combat experts he could ask for, and he had a head for business that showed with his easy and almost natural grasp of the subject. True to his southern roots he was outgoing, charming, handsome, smart, and driven. In spite of his parents hostile relationship Aiden was an easy going guy with a penchant for laughter that radiated around him.

The brightest light in his life was his brother Colton. The 8 years between the boys had created a break from sibling rivalry, forging a strong bond between the boys that no force on earth could severe. Colton adored Aiden, looking up to him and mimicking him in everything. There was never a more solid picture of brotherly affection than the Hale boys. 

As the boys grew they became inseparable, one never straying far from the other. Everything that Aiden learned he taught to Colton making sure his brother knew about their ancestry and what to expect when they came of age. Eventually their father descended back into his foul temper taking it out on his family whenever the mood suited him. Once again Aiden stepped up as the protector and took more than a few beatings in order to protect his mother and brother.

During the summer of Aiden’s 18th birthday, the brothers were out in the fields contributing to the family business and safeguarding their lineage. The humid Georgia heat created an oppressive, sticky atmosphere while they worked but laughter could be heard echoing around the property as they worked. Aiden had been feel strange all day his skin itching while his body felt almost foreign to him. As the day wore on the feeling only grew stronger his emotions flayed to breaking point by the feeling that something within him wanted to be free.

Just as the sun was setting the coven gathered placing a very confused and slightly frightened Aiden in the center. Both of his parents appeared leading the ceremony that ensued though for Aiden it was all a blur. Once twilight was upon them a bright burning light consumed him searing past some internal barriers and setting his powers free. As the sun finally sank below the horizon Aiden took his place within his coven having been claimed by the Fae. 

Aiden’s world shifted once again from that moment on as the coven golden boy had ascended to his rightful place. His father took him under his wing and began his training both as a Fae and as the future leader of the coven. In the following years Aiden did his best to continue supporting Colton but the demands placed on him made it difficult. The pressure placed on him by the coven, by his parents, and by the family business mixed with the continued hostility of their family made life a labor. Tyler took up drinking while Caroline became vindictive, spitting acidic insults at her sons every chance she got.

Aiden put everything he had into the family institutions. Under his expert guidance the coven grew in power and prestige while money poured in from the family ventures growing and expanding past anything his ancestors could have dreamed up. Colton was with him every step of the way working tirelessly beside his brother. It came as no surprise when Colten was claimed by the Fae officially becoming Aiden’s right hand man.

12 years of prosperity and relative peace would pass for the Hale’s, or what had come to pass as peaceful for them. Aiden and Colton lived separately from their parents who continued to have problems yet refused to separate. Aiden liked to think there was still love within their hearts and hoped one day they would reconcile with one another. His wish came true for a short time.

In February the entire coven stood in shock when Caroline announced she was once again pregnant and even more shocked to find out she was having twin girls. Tyler was overjoyed once again caring for his wife like a husband should, bringing his family back together with much happiness and joy. It didn’t last.

Caroline had complications during the pregnancy and sadly only one of the twin survived, little Scarlett. Tyler was never the same withdrawing so far into himself that he became unpredictable and even dangerous. Caroline never spoke another word, pushing everyone away. Aiden picked up the remnants of his family, once again caring for his siblings and did everything he could to keep things going for his brother and sister. 

Time passed quickly though not without its struggles. Tyler grew violent forcing Aiden to act, banishing his father from his lands and coven for life. Caroline never recovered despite her children’s best efforts to rouse her from her mute numbness. Still the family business grew exponentially, the coven prospered, and his family grew. Colton married his high school sweetheart who gave him 2 beautiful twin boys, Aiden was dating a longtime friend, and Scarlett was claimed by the Fae on her 18th birthday.

As things go tragedy once again struck the Hale family tearing it asunder. The night after Scarlett’s 18th birthday Aiden was jolted awake by screams of pain and fear. Tyler had spent the long years of his banishment wallowing in his hatred letting it build within him till he finally snapped. Such was his resentment that in one night of blood and fire he had all but wiped out the Hale Coven and his family.

The screams echoed across the fields bright flames eating at the crops and the town house where his mother and sister lived. Calling on Colton the brothers hurried to the burning house using their combined powers to get inside the inferno. Together they rescued their sister who had locked herself in the basement after witnessing their father brutally murder their mother. Once outside more screams and explosions rent the air coming from both their own houses and the coven house. Both Hale men took off running for their homes Aiden straining toward his home and the woman he loved.

Struggling past smoke and fire Aiden came to his bedroom to find his father bent of his dead wife, a bloody knife in his hand. Grief, outrage, and a powerful fury built up in his body as his father squared off against him fully intent on killing him. For the first time in his life Aiden called upon his powers, grey eyes glazing over to the purest of white as he hurled spell after spell at his father. The two grappled and fought until finally Aiden gained the upper hand calling upon the power of an ancient talisman that had been passed down through the Hale line. The amulet had been passed down through generations of Hale’s, imbued with the light magic from each of the ruling men. It was to be used for great good and only in the most sparing of circumstances.

Colton came bursting in lending his strength to his brother despite his own grief. Together the Hale brothers gained the upper hand and subdued Tyler. Aiden couldn’t see past his ire and grief casting a pain infliction spell with the help of his family’s talisman. Colton tried desperately to stop Aiden but for naught as Aiden held the spell until the very life was drawn from their father.

That one act of pure and intentional darkness swept through Aiden driving out all that was light and forever anchoring him to the Necromancer line. That night the Hale siblings stood watching their lives burn having lost their coven, their mother, Aiden’s girlfriend, and Colton’s wife and 2 kids. When dawn broke Aiden disappeared, leaving his siblings and the devastation that his life had become behind. 

Tapping into the family fortune Aiden transferred funds over to a different account and effectively took on a new persona. While he had lived 40 years by then he still only looked about 20 years old which enabled him to blend in. He traveled aimlessly for a few years though fate had him falling into some trouble with some very unsavory people. His combat skills enabled him to escape and evade though drew some attention from a foreign government who offered him a choice: he could become an expert spy and assassin for them or spend the rest of his life in prison. Naturally he chose to work for them.

The money, anonymity, and freedom that that life afforded him appealed to him greatly so he spent the next 50 or so years as a living weapon. Despite his changed attitude and personality killing wasn’t something he enjoyed only something he was good at. Each kill left a burden on his heart, a mark on his soul that would forever be etched upon his conscience. To cope Aiden had a mark tattoo’d on his body each time he took a life, a silent commemoration of each spirit he sent to the afterlife. While he never made contact with his brother or sister he silently kept tabs on them.

As with all being who know longevity there came a time when people were beginning to notice his lack of aging, growing curious as to why his appearance hadn’t really changed. Knowing it was time Aiden faked his death and once again started a new. Tired of killing he decided to do something a little more constructive, reinventing his identity.

Aiden found work at a construction company and became highly interested in the process of building and equipment. Following that interest he enrolled in college to pursue that passion, earning his degree and within a few short years of graduating became one of the top Architects in the world. He has since expanded his company to encompass the entire process of the building enterprise and even owns several other companies that all operate under Hale Enterprises. A small town guy at heart Aiden flinched away from having his business operations in New York or Chicago and instead picked a town in Colorado.

Evermore was a perfect spot to run his multimillion dollar company, giving him space to build his newest high rise design and implant his company home office. There he plans on running his business, quietly watching over his siblings from afar, and being left well enough alone.

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"Aiden shrugged " i kinda partially own the building  till the owner pays his final instalment is paid    I took a special interest in this room may I add" Aiden  chose to remain silent about why as  he looked…"
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✓ Aiden Hale replied to ✓ Aiden Hale's discussion A Chance Oppertumity (open to Aiden and Athena)
"Aiden removed his hoodie revealing his white  t- shirt only exposing the edges of his tattoos   but not the details  as he watched the girl “ where are you applying to i'm happy to  drop you off no hassle at all …"
May 15

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"Good day Aiden! I saw you requested a thread in my plot with me. Feel free to hit me with ideas. -Penny"
May 2

✓ Athena Rosenberg replied to ✓ Aiden Hale's discussion A Chance Oppertumity (open to Aiden and Athena)
"all Athena wanted at this point was to go, just run for the hills like a mad person, her heart raced and she could feel the cold breeze on her neck from the heat her body had created from nerves. she shouldn't feel so panicked but with limited…"
Apr 1

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✓ Aiden Hale replied to ✓ Aiden Hale's discussion A Chance Oppertumity (open to Aiden and Athena)
"Aiden stopped as the last beat of the song faded away from his earphones as he bent over breathing heavily as he raised his left wrist looking at the time” 30 minutes not bad as it is my first time here “ he took his earphones out as he…"
Mar 29

✓ Athena Rosenberg replied to ✓ Aiden Hale's discussion A Chance Oppertumity (open to Aiden and Athena)
"every morning started just the same and Athena didn't mind the never ending circle of her day to day life, it was new normal that brought her a sense of security because she knew what was coming. she knew she was safe. Athena woke up every…"
Mar 18

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A Chance Oppertumity (open to Aiden and Athena)

The sun  began to rise from the darkness as Aiden woke  up looking up at the fan realising he had crashed   on the couch doing paperwork as he rose to his feet  he  stretched as he looked out  at the partitioning sky from darkness  to orange then the sun creeping the as the familiar ping from the coffee machine indicating the first  cup of coffee was ready as he made his…See More
Mar 8

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"Looking for threads"
Feb 25

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✓ Aiden Hale replied to ✓ Macie Black's discussion ~ An Evermore Christmas (Open to 2 others~
"Aiden sighed as he looked out at the snow-covered city but the weather brought no happiness to him the last time he was happy in the snow all his coven was alive as he closed his eyes he turned on his heel as he made his way towards his desk taking…"
Feb 1

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Jan 18

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✓ Aiden Hale replied to ✓ Aiden Hale's discussion Looking for a Attorney ( open to Aiden and Astoria)
"Aiden opened up his file as he began to scan through for the dismissal letter and deeds “ what brought you into this field of lawyering  Ms Belenski “ his eyes widen a little as he finds the required paperwork handing it over…"
Dec 5, 2020

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