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"Being Broken

Doesn't Have To Mean

You're Not Strong"


Name  >  Nayoung Choi

Nicknames  >  NaNa

Birthdate  >  September 11, 1996

Age  >  25 (Looks) | 25 (Actual)

Hometown  >  Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Residence  >  Evermore City, Colorado

Species  >  Nephilim (Half)

Face Claim  >  Lee Ji-Eun (IU)


Nayoung Choi was born in Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; into poverty because of her parents’ choices. Her father was a compulsive gambler, hoping to strike it rich, instead he wastes all of their money. Her mother was an alcoholic, that didn’t care what time of the day it was, if she wanted a drink, she would have one. Nayoung did have an older sister, however she did not live at home, she had moved out when she was eighteen and never came back home. Now Nayoung was a quiet baby for the most part, but due to her parents’ neglect, she was often left crying without being taken care of, and she missed her feeding time more times than not. A few days after she was born, her sister Yuna finally found out about her through a friend, and immediately made a trip home to check on Nayoung’s current living situation.

When Yuna arrived at her parents’ house, she was dumbfounded as soon as she entered the door. Her father was nowhere to be seen, her mother was passed out on the couch from drinking too much, and baby Nayoung was in the old dog bed crying for her parents. She immediately went to her sister and picked her up, and left the house with her. Yuna had contacted her friend ahead of time so that she could have a place to stay, without having to stay at her parents’ house. When she got to her friends’ place she immediately took care of her baby sister, making sure she was fed, and had a clean diaper. With that done, she asked her friend to keep a close eye on her sister while she went back to her parents’ house to collect some stuff and have a very loud word with her parents’.

Yuna was furious with the behavior of her parents, especially with a baby in the house. When she had returned home, her father was there, and her mother was still asleep on the couch. She immediately went to the kitchen and filled up a large glass with water, then returned to her mother and emptied the contents onto the sleeping woman. Neither of her parents had even realized that the baby was gone, they were too focused on themselves, and what they were doing. Yuna had spent nearly an hour yelling at her parents, and collecting anything that she felt necessary, before leaving. The last thing she told her parents, was that she was taking her baby sister to live with her, and that if they tried to stop her she would easily win in court over a drunk and a gambler. That was the last time either of the siblings saw their parents, and Yuna took Nayoung with her to live in Jeju-si, Jeju-do.

Life was much different after Yuna had taken over looking after her. Nayoung felt at ease in the safety of her sister’s place. She returned to being a quiet baby, only crying when she needed something, and her sister was quite good with her parenting skills. Yuna had no choice but to grow up fast, because she was only twelve when her parents behaviors had changed. She was left to take care of herself for the most part, and now she wanted to make sure that Nayoung would never have to be alone. As time passed by, her parents did try to make contact, but Yuna wouldn’t let them near her until they could prove that they were ready for the responsibility. However they never got the chance, because when Nayoung was only four years old, both of her parents had died in a car accident. Although Yuna didn’t like her parents, nor did she talk to them much, she still mourned them when they died.

Nayoung’s first word that she spoke was “eomma”, the korean word for Mommy. Where she had lived with her sister for so long, she had thought that her older sister was her mother. Yuna knew that she probably wouldn’t understand yet, but she did her best to correct little Nayoung, and explain that she was her “eonni” meaning big sister, and not her “eomma” meaning mother. It had taken her a few months to fully realize the difference, but eventually she had begun to refer to Yuna as her sister and not her mother. As time went on, Nayoung grew rather fast in regards to her intelligence, however she didn’t always like to show it in front of anyone other than her sister because she thought it would make her a freak. She did her best to lower her intellect when she began school, so that she might be able to make friends easier, though it proved to be more difficult than she had expected.

Throughout her elementary school years, Nayoung was exceptional in her classes even if she tried to lower her intellect. The only way that she would get an answer wrong, was if she intentionally gave the wrong answer, or if she left the answer blank. Some of her classmates had teased her, calling her the teacher’s pet and so on. Others bullied her because she was too smart for their liking. However there were a few individuals who stood up for her and helped her out when she was being bullied and teased. These individuals eventually became Nayoung’s friends, and made her time in school much easier. Their friendship meant more than anything to Nayoung, and eventually she was able to come out of her shell and open up more to those around her. She became a popular sought after tutor for her classmates as well as people in classes below her. Nayoung had been born with scars on her back, though she didn’t exactly know what happened, and anytime that she asked her sister about them, Yuna would tell her that she would explain after she graduated high school.

Yuna had learned about their supernatural status when she made a visit to the supernatural city of Evermore. Some friends that she made in the city had told her all about what she was, and despite her initial shock, Yuna had known what they said was true. Yuna had undergone special training in the city while she was there, and learned more about the species that she was born into. It was because of what she was, that she wanted Nayoung to have an ordinary life for as long as possible. Once the truth about what she was had been revealed, there would be no changing the fact that she was in fact part of the supernatural species known as the Nephilim. Yuna planned for multiple situations regarding the truth about what they both were, and she had hoped that this would be the best path for Nayoung. Once she graduated, Yuna would start her training, so that she would be prepared to face the reality about the world. Not everything was sunshine and rainbows, behind the curtain of the mortal world, was the supernatural where danger lurked around almost every corner.

At the age of fourteen, Nayoung had begun to become interested in dating, as did her friends. However Nayoung was unsure of who she wanted to date. She had many people want to be in a relationship with her, though she didn’t want just anybody, she had a crush on her best friend Jinyoung. He had grown to be the most popular guy in her class, and his looks had drastically changed from when they were in elementary. With how many dates she had actually turned down, her girl best friend Ayeon began to wonder if it was because she was only being asked by boys. While they were hanging out together one day alone, Ayeon straight out asked her if she was a lesbian. When Nayoung told her no, she asked her why she had declined all the guys who asked her out. Nayoung confessed to Ayeon about her feelings for Jinyoung.

After that day, Ayeon had lost all trust from Nayoung and they were no longer friends. Ayeon had intentionally spilled her secret to everybody in her class, including Jinyoung. Nayoung was furious and hurt at the same time, and she ran out of the school and hid away for many hours. Her sister and friends were actually beginning to worry about her, so they split up to search for Nayoung. To her surprise, Jinyoung had been the one to find her, hiding out on the rocks near the water, throwing pebbles into the water. Nayoung jumped when she heard a voice calling out to her, and wiped away her tears. Jinyoung came over to her, and sat down beside her, telling her not to let Ayeon get to her. He didn’t know that she had felt that way towards him, after all, he had held the same feelings for her. After sitting in silence for nearly twenty minutes just staring out over the water, Yuna came upon the two of them sitting by the rocks. She was about to call out to the both of them, when Jinyoung leaned in and kissed Nayoung.

Jinyoung whispered in her ear, telling her that they could try dating, as long as she promised not to let it ruin their friendship. Nayoung’s frown and teary eyes had gone from sad, to shock, to happiness as she wrapped her arms around the male. She promised that she wouldn’t let it ruin their friendship, and together they stood up to return home. As they turned to leave, Nayoung saw her sister standing there with her friends who were all smiling. Despite the awful start to the day, everything had turned out alright for the young Nayoung. However their relationship only lasted a year, because when she was fifteen, both her and her sister moved to America. Her sister was expanding the company she owned, and her next destination was Miami Beach, Florida. After saying her goodbyes to her friends, they headed for their newest destination.

For the first year they were in America, Nayoung had been homeschooled so that she could learn the English language as well as do her school work without the worry of people picking on her for being a foreigner. She didn’t go outside very much that first year, but after getting a good grip on the English language, she began to explore more that the city had to offer. Her sister had said that they would only be in America for a few years, but Nayoung still missed her friends, and especially her boyfriend Jinyoung. She had only been in Miami for about three months, when one of her friends informed her that Jinyoung had moved on. However that wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was that he was now dating her ex-best friend Ayeon. She was furious, and threw her phone across the room smashing it, and just barely missing her sister as she entered the room. Yuna asked her what was going on, and Nayoung yelled at her, saying she wanted to be left alone.

Yuna left her alone for a little while, just to let her calm down, and just before dinner was ready Nayoung came out of her room and apologized to her sister for yelling at her, and almost hitting her with her phone. She then explained what her friend, and her sister hugged her tight. While she couldn’t pretend to understand what she was going through, Yuna held her sister and assured her that she would always be there for her to talk to about anything. The two of them had been close ever since Yuna saved her from her parents’ bad behavior as a baby, and that hadn’t changed a bit as they grew. That night they ate ice cream and watched movies on Netflix, and her sister had turned off her phone so that they wouldn’t be interrupted.

After she graduated, Yuna kept her promise to her sister and explained everything to her about what they were. Neither of them even knew which of their parents were Nephilim, but they had the Nephilim blood in them, and that was why they had those scars on their back. Hearing all of this came as quite a shock for Nayoung, unlike her sister, she didn’t want to believe that it was even possible. Supernatural beings were only fictional things that belonged in storybooks and folk tales. Nayoung ran away from her sister, and began wandering the streets of Miami Beach, trying to clear her mind and forget about everything her sister had told her. There was no way that she was supernatural, her sister had to be lying to her. The truth of the fact was that she just didn’t want to believe that she was special. All her life she was special because of her intellect, and now she was being told that she was basically an angel? How could her sister expect her to believe that.

A few hours later, she bumped into a man who asked her if she was lost. When she looked around she had no idea where she was, or even how long she had even walked. She asked the man where she was, and how she could get back to Miami Beach. The man smiled and told her that he would show her the way home, and placed his arm over her shoulder. Nayoung pulled away from him, but he grabbed her wrist and began dragging her towards a nearby building. Before he could even get her inside of the building, the man’s grip was jolted away and Nayoung fell to the ground. There her sister was, standing between her and the man, saying that he should keep moving if he didn’t want to end up in a hospital tonight. The male obviously didn’t know that they were sisters, and said that they were just going to a party in the building, and that she was welcome to join them if she wanted. As he made another advance towards Nayoung, Yuna knocked him on his ass, and told Nayoung to look away. However she didn’t look away and watched as her sister beat up the man that was trying to take her.

After about twenty minutes, she called a cab and told him to make sure that the guy gets to a hospital, and paid him extra to keep quiet. Nayoung asked her why she let him go, and her sister said that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how low they are. She also assured Nayoung that he wouldn’t say anything to the police, because he’d be the one in trouble instead of them. As they made their way home, Nayoung apologized to her sister for leaving like she did, and thanked her sister for rescuing her when she did. Yuna just laughed at her little sister and said what are sisters for? While Yuna was upset, she was happier that her sister was okay, and that she was now safe. While she lay in her bed trying to sleep, Nayoung began to wonder about what her sister had told her, and found herself wondering if there was any truth to it. She had noticed the little things her sister described about the Nephilim, but she just tossed it aside as lighting and other things that were happening at the time.

About three months before her eighteenth birthday, Nayoung had begun her training under her sister, learning all that she could about the supernatural world. It was a bit much to take in, given that she didn’t exactly believe it fully, but as time passed, the more believable it became. As her eighteenth birthday came closer, she noticed her sister becoming a little more paranoid. Every time that she asked her about it though, her sister would just brush it aside and say that she was imagining things. Maybe she was imagining things, surely her sister would have told her if she was worried about something. However the night before her eighteenth birthday, she was woken up by her sister who was panicking and trying to rush her. Apparently there was an intruder in the house, and her sister’s main priority was to make sure that Nayoung was safe. For her sister to be worried, it had to be something bad, so she followed her sister’s instructions.

Nayoung was brought to a hidden room, and told to stay there until she came for her. After being locked in the room, her sister went back out to deal with the intruder. While she wanted to help her sister, Yuna told her that she was not ready to face this person yet, and that she wasn’t even sure if she was ready. Nayoung found a switch on the nearby wall, and flicked it on, thinking it was a light switch. However the switch had turned on a computer system that monitored the house. That was when she saw her sister in her bedroom, and a menacing figure enter the room. The person that entered was big, like bigger than anybody she had ever seen, and she watched her sister fight him. Then she watched her sister fail, and have her wings cut off by the person, followed by having the blade driven through her stomach. The person then left, and after about ten minutes, Nayoung carefully crept out of the hidden room, and went to her sister.

Her sister hadn’t been fully gone yet, and asked her to get the box underneath the dresser. Nayoung wanted to call for help, but she told her that it was too late for that, and she needed her to listen to her. Crying and heartbroken, Nayoung went and collected the box for her sister, and brought it back to her. She was told to open the box, and inside were two sets of keys. Her sister explained to her that one set of keys held her car key, as well as the key to a house she had in Evermore City; Nayoung remembered the city from her sister’s explanation about the scars on her back., it was the city that was supposed to be a supernatural safe haven. The second set of keys was to a secret room within the house, and her sister told her that she shouldn’t open the door. Before she could ask her sister what was in the room, her sister’s remaining life left, and she was left holding her sister’s dead body.

After the funeral and everything was over, Nayoung had been left in charge of her sister’s company, and given her sister’s fortune that she had earned. None of that mattered to Nayoung though, she was more focused on the night of her sister’s death, and the figure that had killed her. Maybe Evermore City would hold some answers as to who killed her sister, or even why they had killed her. While Nayoung was the main shareholder of her sister’s company, she didn’t know anything about the business, so she hired someone who could do her sister’s job while she focused on finding her sister’s killer. With the company in good hands, Nayoung paid the cops a rather large sum of money to hand over the weapon used to kill her sister. With the amount of money she had given them, they didn’t put up much of a fight to hand over the blade. After packing up everything of value to her, she made the move to Evermore City, following the address that her sister had given her.

When she arrived in the city, she knew that there was no way that she would be able to avenge her sister in her current condition. She would need to find someone to teach her everything that she needed to know, as well as someone to teach her to fight. Her sister was well-trained and yet the dark figure still overpowered her, so Nayoung would have to grow stronger than even her sister was. Yuna’s death had been hard for her, but she knew that she didn’t have any time to waste. If he didn’t get what he wanted from her sister, then it could only be a matter of time before he comes looking again, and she would be ready for when that time came. She would get justice for her sister, even if it meant going down a dark path, and even if it led to her own death. Once she was determined about something, it was hard to change her mind, and determination was something she held a lot of.

As the years passed by Nayoung kept asking her teacher to intensify her training, and help push her past her limits. Her memory was very good, she could picture the battle her sister had in her head, watching the stranger’s moves closely. She needed to make sure she could defend against his attacks, as well as make her own attacks connect. It was going to be difficult, but she would find a way no matter how long it took. The sword fighting practice was taking her the longest to learn. She always seemed to be a step behind her teacher, and that just wasn’t going to cut it. All he keeps telling her is that she’s fighting for the wrong reason, and that is why she will always fail.

Now at the age of twenty-four, Nayoung is still pushing herself to be better, but she is still unable to overpower her teacher. He keeps telling her that she’s fighting for the wrong reason, but she doesn’t understand. How could fighting to avenge her sister be the wrong reason? She has lived in Evermore now for nearly five years now, and she has yet to open the door that her sister told her not to open. She had been tempted to open it a few times, but she knew that her sister wouldn’t forgive her if she opened it. Nayoung also didn’t think she was ready to open that door either. Who knows what is behind that door? If it did lead her to her sister’s killer, she isn’t ready to fight him just yet, so she kept putting off opening the door. Will she ever be strong enough to avenge her sister? Only time will tell...
THE GOOD  >  Active | Dedicated | Hard-Working    THE BAD  >  Inhibited | Misguided | Obsessive



Nayoung first met Ivory back when she was just a teenager, living with her sister in Miami Beach. At the time Ivory was trying to hide from the paparazzi and fans, by ducking into the backyard of Nayoung’s house. She let the young actress hide with her, and they got along pretty well. Now that they have grown in size and age, their friendship has grown as well. While Nayoung hasn’t voiced her feelings towards the young Initia yet, she has begun to see the young actress as more of a sister than her friend. After Nayoung’s sister was murdered, Ivory has been there for her more times than she can count, and Nayoung has been there for Ivory as well.


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PART 04:  LIFE & DEATH (Solo RP)











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