Nayoung cried herself to sleep that night for the first time in years, her old wounds reopened by the sight of her sister’s wings hanging on the wall. The young Nephilim had no perception of time inside the darkened room; there were no windows to see if it was day or night, and no clock to even know what time it was. Her captor had even gone so far as to take her watch and cell phone from her while she was unconscious, so she was left just to wonder how long she has been ‘missing’ for. There was obviously nobody coming to find her, the police on the island were more invested in protecting the city limits than patrolling the entire island, and nobody she cared about even knew where she was. She didn’t want to drag anybody close to her into this mess, mostly because she was afraid to lose them. The amount of sleep she had gotten was minimal at best, constant nightmares kept her from having peaceful sleep; at least as peaceful as she could in her current situation.

Days went by and the young brunette had been left alone in the dark for who knew how long. Her eyes still wanted to cry, but it was as if her tear ducts had been drained with all the crying she had already done. Nothing but silence since she had been trapped in here, and the constant reminder of her sister’s gruesome murder hanging on the nearby wall, taunting her at every glance. She saw a blinking red dot in the far corner of the room, which meant that he had to be watching her through some kind of camera system. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” she screamed out into the darkness, her voice raspy due to the lack of hydration. She was very thirsty, and very hungry by now; and she couldn’t help but wonder if the police had captured him, leaving her to die of starvation and thirst. Her eyes had slowly adjusted to the darkness, and although she couldn’t identify everything, she could make out some of the things in the room that she was in. Nayoung noticed that there was a water bottle on a nearby table, though she couldn’t see if it even had water in it.

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For the next hour or so, Nayoung pondered on how to obtain the bottle. She didn’t have any bed sheets that she could use to fish the bottle from the table, that would’ve been too easy. Her jacket had been removed before she was placed in the cell, and her belt was also missing. There was only one option, and that was to use the clothes she was currently wearing. The young Nephilim removed her top and wound it up, to make it as long as possible; then she began tossing it at the bottle to try and knock the bottle off the table and closer to the cage. However after a few tries, she realized that the material of her shirt was just too light, and she couldn’t get it thrown far enough. Putting her shirt back on, she removed her jeans next and began trying to reach the bottle with them. The leg of the jeans touched the bottle, but just barely, making it obvious that her jeans just weren’t long enough to do the job. Nayoung put her jeans back on and sulked in the corner, just about ready to give up and accept her fate. The man had been watching her feeble attempts at the water from the monitor upstairs, keeping a close eye on them to make sure she wouldn’t die on him too soon.

There was only one option left to try, and right now she was willing to do whatever it took for survival. The young Nephilim removed both her top and her jeans, tied them together and attempted to get the bottle once more. This time she managed to get it far enough that the leg of the pants wrapped the bottle slightly, just enough to pull the bottle in her direction as she tugged on the shirt. When the bottle fell off the table, it hit the floor and rolled toward the cage. The bottle was unfortunately empty, and all of her efforts had been for nothing, just a waste of precious energy. Nayoung put her clothes back on, and collapsed on the bed, the weakened girl stared at the ceiling and prayed for something to happen. “Either give me food and water, let me go, or kill me” she mumbled out to herself as she closed her eyes. Just as she closed her eyes, the sound of a door opening caused her eyes to fly open again.

The light above her head came on once again, and the man who captured her had taken a seat at the table. “I brought you some food and water, but before we get to that, let’s talk about Yuna,” he said with a devilish grin. “DON’T YOU DARE SAY MY SISTER’S NAME” Nayoung snapped back at the male. After what he had done, he had no right to speak her sister’s name. “Yuna was…” he began before the young brunette interrupted him. “I SAID DON’T YOU SAY HER NAME!” She snapped, furious with the man, almost forgetting her hunger and thirst. “That’s two strikes, snap at me again, and I take this food and water and leave” he calmly stated as he motioned to the sandwiches and water he placed on the table. “I will say your sister’s name, and if you interrupt me again, or snap at me while I’m speaking; I will leave and we will try this again tomorrow” he restated and moved a little closer to the cage. “Now as I was saying…” he began with a slight pause. “Yuna had been avoiding me for years before I found her, and if it wasn’t for YOU, she probably would still be alive today and we wouldn’t be here in this situation” he spoke, putting extra emphasis on his accusations. “You’re lying. How is it my fault?” she queried, genuinely curious if it really was her fault that he found her sister.

“It was just after your graduation. You were wandering around the streets when a guy grabbed you and started dragging you towards a nearby building” he began and watched as the young brunette’s face went into one shock. How could he know that? Nobody knew about that other than herself and her sister… she hadn’t even mentioned it to Ivy because it happened so long ago. “How do you know about that?” she asked him. “Let me finish my story little Angel” he commented and shifted on his seat. “Neither of you knew it at the time, but I was there that day, and what I saw next was what led me to your sister,” he added with a slight pause, drinking some water from one of the bottles that was on the table. “Refreshing,” he said with a grin. Nayoung glared at the male before her, teasing her with the water while taunting her with old memories she had pushed far down to forget. “I saw your sister fly down from the skies knocking the guy away from you, her wings retracting before either of you saw anything” he continued before standing up. “So I’m guessing that you ran away or something and she had been flying around looking for you, and it’s because of that I found your sister. So it was thanks to you that I had found the person I’d been seeking for five years” he commented with a smile.

Nayoung’s heart sank a little, he couldn’t have been telling the truth could he? It had to be the truth though, she thought to herself as she went to the bed to sit down. Looking back at that day, Yuna had to have been flying around looking for her. There was no other way that her sister could have been there at that particular moment, without calling out and scaring the man in the first place. It was just a thud and Nayoung was on the ground with her sister between herself and the male. “It can’t be true,” Nayoung stated as she tried to convince herself that he was lying. “Oh but it is little Angel, and you know it to be true deep down” he replied with a small laugh. “If it were true, why did you wait so long to attack? That happened nearly a year or more before the attack” she sputtered out as she moved back to the side of the cell. The male passed her a folding chair and told her to sit.

“I couldn’t just attack your sister right away. I needed to do some digging, get information on where you lived, and everything else I would need… like alarm codes” he commented and raised a brow. “Should I tell you about the night I infiltrated your sister’s house while both of you were sleeping?” he asked her with a grin. Neither of them knew that he had been there, and he had also wiped the security footage before leaving so that they didn’t know. “Now you’re just trying to mess with my head. That is impossible” the young brunette responded almost confidently with her answer. “You might not have known because of where you were so young, but surely your sister knew. I wiped the security footage before I left. I could even tell you what you were both wearing that night” he replied with a laugh. “But let’s not get into the details of that, but here is how you’ll know I am telling the truth. The next day, when your sister discovered the missing footage, she changed the codes and locks on the doors, giving you a new key to the house in the process” he continued and watched his prisoner’s face contort once more as she realized he was telling the truth.

“Why?” was the only word that came out of her mouth, as he revealed the story to be true. “It’s called testing the waters my little Angel” he replied with a soft smile. “Now I have a question for you little Angel” he began in a soft tone. “Did your sister ever tell you about me?” he questioned her. “The only time my sister told me anything, was the night you murdered her. It obviously wasn’t anything to help me find you, otherwise I would have found you sooner” she began with a slight pause. “Why do you keep calling me little Angel?” she questioned him curiously. He had done it on many occasions, and yet she had no idea why he was doing it. “You must tell me little Angel, what did she tell you as she was dying?” he questioned her again, completely brushing off the girl’s question. “You didn’t answer my question” she replied without answering his question. “I do not intend to answer that question today little Angel, now answer my question so you can have your food and water” he replied with an impatient tone. “She didn’t tell me much. I wanted to stay and help her fight, but she told me that I was no match for you and locked me in a hidden room, but I saw everything” she told him with hatred in her tone. “There was more. What else did she tell you?” he replied and waited for another answer. “Nothing more was said about you. She told me to go to Evermore City, and gave me the keys to her place there” the young brunette replied. “If I discover that you are lying, you will be in very big trouble” he commented and gave her the food and water. “I’ll be back tomorrow evening with more, and we’ll definitely talk more about your sister, and just for fun, I’ll describe in excruciatingly painful gory details your sister’s murder. We’ll do it everyday until I get through the entire story” he said with a laugh as he exited the room, once more turning off the light above her head, leaving the only light coming from where her sister’s wings were mounted.

For the next two weeks the male would come in and talk to her, with food and water as the reward for her listening. However unlike the first conversation they had, he would make her relive the death of her sister everyday. Detailing the gory scene with as much detail as possible, and when she yelled at him to stop three times, he would take the food and water with him when he left. She didn’t want him to ever finish the story, but after a week of no food and water Nayoung was forced to listen to the entire story to get the sustenance she needed for survival. However she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of listening to the story every day, only at the end of the week when she really needed the food and water. However, in the third week, the male gave her a new rule. If she didn’t let him finish his story every day for the entire week, she would not receive any food or water at the end of the week. She could either have food and water all week long, or not at all. Nayoung went two full weeks without food and water until she gave up and let him tell the story of her sister’s murder the entire week. He did that for almost a month, relishing in the mental torture it caused the young Nephilim.

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