Original Characters Statistics

M/F = Number of Males and Females
A = Accepting new characters: Y or N

Species Name F


Vampire 5 5 Y
Dhampir 6 5 Y
Human 4 4 Y
Instar Diviner 2 1 Y
Initia 5 2 Y
Therianthrope 5 6 Y
Celestial 8 6 Y
Nephilim 8 5 N
Aspects 4 3 Y
Ailward Guard 4 8 N
Total 54 54

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Welcome to ECRP!

Welcome to ECRP

We are an original character roleplay site based on a supernatural sanctuary named Evermore nicknamed the Eternal City. We offer premades and applications and many different species.

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Welcome to the ECRP family


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    Nobody Else(Erythreus & Serena)

    Started by ✓ Serena Hamilton in North East City Corner (Vampire & Dhampir Territory). Last reply by ✓ Erythreus Ailward 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

    Having friends was hard especially when you schedule was tight. Meeting Serena during regular hours was almost impossible. She was aware of that and had therefore agreed to spend the night in Her friend Erys room at the Aliward manor. To show him…Continue

    One hell of a night (Dominic and Erythreus)

    Started by ✓ Erythreus Ailward in South of The City (Ailward Territory). Last reply by ✓ Erythreus Ailward 2 hours ago. 8 Replies

    Erythreus sat in his room thinking about his purpose in "life" which made him chuckle since he was technically dead, and the protector of it "oh the irony" he muttered  as a maid came in with clean bed sheets, "really, I can do my own bedding, my…Continue

    Wake Up Call (Venetus and Erythreus)

    Started by ✓ Erythreus Ailward in South of The City (Ailward Territory). Last reply by ✓ Erythreus Ailward 4 hours ago. 2 Replies

    Erythreus had been drinking his days away as of lately. The Aspect of Death was literally consuming more…Continue

    Feline Frenzy (Open to Sariah and Sierra)

    Started by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~ in In and Around The City (Human Territory). Last reply by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~ 4 hours ago. 8 Replies

    Getting a cat hadn't exactly been on the human ambassador's list of things to achieve, hell she hadn't…Continue


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