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Valkyr 4 8 Y
Dhampir 5 6 Y
Human 6 7 N
Instar Diviner 9 3 Y
Initia 5 6 Y
Therianthrope 4 9 Y
Celestial 7 7 Y
Nephilim 2 5 Y
Aspects 4 4 N
Niveis 5 7 Y
Ailward Guard 6 7 Y
Aurazin 5 4 Y
Total 66 77

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Welcome to ECRP!

Welcome to ECRP

We are an original character roleplay site based on a supernatural sanctuary named Evermore nicknamed the Eternal City, based on the ning platform. We cannot wait to have you join our online roleplaying community.

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    Serious Work *Aal + Everson*

    Started by ✓ Aaliyah Cole in The River Banks (Instar Diviner Territory). Last reply by ✓ Aaliyah Cole 2 hours ago. 14 Replies

    The bed was a mountain of crisp white sheets under the thick warmth of a snow white duvet cover. Beneath the mound his Aaliyah Cole, still sound asleep despite the late hour of the morning. He morning runs had become a thing of the past and had now…Continue

    "The Talk" (Mairenn & August)

    Started by ✓ Mairenn Ní Haodhai in In and Around The City (Human Territory) 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

    Today was one of the darkest days for Mairenn. She stood there in front of the library with her shoulders slumped and a pout across her lips. There was a sign on the front saying closed for construction. There was a bad storm and there was…Continue

    Romantic Date for 2 (Sapphire & Katrina)

    Started by ✓ Katrina O'Sullivan in West of The City (Celestial Territory). Last reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli 12 hours ago. 9 Replies

    Katrina was excited about their date tonight. Sapphire and Katrina hadn't been out in a little while and she had…Continue

    Catching up With times ( Open to Edward and Sapphire)

    Started by ✓ Edward Starhawk in South of The City (Ailward Territory). Last reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli 12 hours ago. 27 Replies

    Edward switched off the tv as he sighed a little as he rubbed his eyes as he rose out of his seat as he looked down at the things others had called a Cell phone the small device had been buzzing and making funny noises all day as he picked it up he…Continue

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