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Valkyr 4 10 Y
Dhampir 5 10 N
Human 8 7 N
Instar Diviner 9 6 N
Initia 7 8 N
Therianthrope 5 5 Y
Celestial 6 9 N
Nephilim 6 8 Y
Aspects 4 4 N
Niveis 4 9 Y
Ailward Guard 8 6 Y
Total 66 82

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Welcome to ECRP!

Welcome to ECRP

We are an original character roleplay site based on a supernatural sanctuary named Evermore nicknamed the Eternal City, based on the ning platform. We cannot wait to have you join our online roleplaying community.

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    Iridescent (Taealha & Ivory)

    Started by ✓ Taealha Kim in In and Around The City (Human Territory). Last reply by ✓ Ivory Tessa Blake 1 hour ago. 11 Replies

    Today was surprisingly not the day she would spent the entire second inside the laboratory for once in her week. Like most people, Taealha too, got her…Continue

    ★ Peirasmós (Malva & Octavia)

    Started by ✓ Malva Ailward in Around The World. Last reply by ✓ Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu 1 hour ago. 13 Replies

    She knew it was wrong. How many times had she told herself that it was utterly and inexplicably wrong?…Continue

    Adoption Rally (Open to Dakota and Jessalyn)

    Started by ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield in In and Around The City (Human Territory). Last reply by ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield 1 hour ago. 8 Replies

    Dakota was generally a busy person, her day job was as a teacher and that was always her first love, she enjoyed coming up with lesson plans and thinking about new and interesting ways to teach the kids things, she would spend hours of her free time…Continue

    Rekindling Hope {Damien & Arwyn}

    Started by ✓ Arwyn Valkyrie in In and Around The City (Human Territory). Last reply by ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ 2 hours ago. 7 Replies

    It was just his luck.The therian got out of his car and inspected the engine. It shouldn't have caused him…Continue

    Blog Posts

    Smoke house Mis Haps

    Posted by ✓ Ray Herald on November 13, 2019 at 15:20 0 Comments

    Ray sat at his desk as he watched the training officer explain the route of the route that all candidates needed to take as he as finally he heard the words he wanted to hear " suit up and see you outside the smokehouse in 15 minutes " Ray was…


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