Original Characters Statistics

M/F = Number of Males and Females
A = Accepting new characters: Y or N

Species Name F


Vampire 4 4 Y
Dhampir 5 9 N
Human 6 2 Y
Instar Diviner 7 4 Y
Initia 9 5 N
Therianthrope 2 9 Y
Celestial 4 4 Y
Nephilim 8 6 N
Aspects 4 4 N
Ailward Guard 5 6 N
Total 52 50

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Welcome to ECRP!

Welcome to ECRP

We are an original character roleplay site based on a supernatural sanctuary named Evermore nicknamed the Eternal City. We offer premades and applications and many different species.

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    Hello? (Open to Jem and Audrina)

    Started by ✓ James 'Jem' Chadwick in The City Centre (Nephilim Territory). Last reply by ✓ Audrina Kensington 41 minutes ago. 5 Replies

    It’s only been around a week since coming back from spending nearly the past year at Boarding school, now he was back for the summer. He both loved and hated boarding school at the same time. He’d made many friends back in England. Nobody knew who…Continue

    An intruder or a friend? (Open to Winther and Arthur only)

    Started by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn in The Woods (Therianthrope Territory). Last reply by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn 2 hours ago. 10 Replies

    Arthur was never the one to stay at home during the night these days anymore, now that he was a wolf, he…Continue

    Who would kill a human? ( Holland and David. )

    Started by ✓ Holland Emery in In and Around The City (Human Territory). Last reply by ✓ Holland Emery 5 hours ago. 4 Replies

    Today was just like any other run of the mill day for Holland. Get up, get dressed, make breakfast and…Continue

    The Day Can't Get Any Worse (Malva and Tatiana)

    Started by ✓ Malva Ailward in South of The City (Ailward Territory). Last reply by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov 6 hours ago. 3 Replies

    Malva woke up with a jolt. The moment her eyes were fluttered open to see the ceiling above her, she suddenly found her breathing to be uneven. She took a few more breaths to calm herself down from whatever dream it was, that she was running from,…Continue

    Blog Posts

    A run in with the city.

    Posted by ✓ Katherine Olivia Rome on July 13, 2018 at 2:19 0 Comments

    I think I finally fingered this thing…


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