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M/F = Male and Female Tally
A = Accepting Applications

Species Name F


Valkyr 5 7 Y
Dhampir 5 8 Y
Human 4 5 Y
Instar Diviner 9 4 Y
Initia 4 7 Y
Therianthrope 4 6 Y
Celestial 7 6 N
Nephilim 7 4 Y
Aspects 4 4 N
Niveis 6 7 Y
Ailward Guard 6 6 N
Total 61 64

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Welcome to ECRP!

Welcome to ECRP

We are an original character roleplay site based on a supernatural sanctuary named Evermore nicknamed the Eternal City, based on the ning platform. We cannot wait to have you join our online roleplaying community.

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    Heroes and Villains (Nathaniel + Nova)

    Started by ✓ Nova Rose Cross in North West City Corner (Dhampir Territory). Last reply by ✓ Nova Rose Cross 4 hours ago. 10 Replies

    Nova watched as the coffee pot in her precinct break room filled up with the dark liquid that she desperately needed. She didn't sleep much last night and her body was trying to stay awake, but today was pretty slow for her. There wasn't many…Continue

    Blood Bound (Open to Ophelia and Gideon)

    Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~ in North East City Corner (Vampire Territory). Last reply by ✓ Gideon Ashworth ~Admin~ 5 hours ago. 17 Replies

    Volakiri. It was a bond between a celestial and valkyr. Something that the wayfinder had known nothing of until Atticus had returned to the tribe and revealed how he used to have one before he died. From that moment Ophelia had been researching…Continue

    ★ A Force To Recon With (Open to all)

    Started by ✓ Darragh Cavan in South of The City (Ailward Territory). Last reply by ✓ Darragh Cavan 6 hours ago. 3 Replies

    It had only been a day since the Celestial had returned back home with Eden, after what had happened to the both of them inside their home there was no way he was going to chance taking a risk to compromise both hers and his safety. Coming back to…Continue

    The Morning After || Harper & Aeryn ||

    Started by ✓ Harper Adler in The River Banks (Instar Diviner Territory). Last reply by ✓ Harper Adler 6 hours ago. 22 Replies

    Consciousness crept upon her slowly, sliding through her mind to wrap around her senses and slowly bring her around. Her eyes registered the light first, even shaded behind eyelid the sunshine was blinding making her squint and turn away from the…Continue

    Blog Posts

    A Little Bit More About Christian

    Posted by ✓ Christian Abdiel Jeon on January 10, 2019 at 15:01 0 Comments

    1. First name: Min Dae or Christian
    2. Surname: Jeon
    3. Middle names: Abdiel 
    4. Nicknames: Squishy Mochi, Mochi, Jeon, Tian, Sti, Glitter Elf, Glitter Monster, Squishy Tomato, Squirrel,…

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