Name: Jennifer Aiken
Age: 23 (Looks) 61 (Actual)
Species: Initia
Element: Metal
Rank: Metal Master
Face Claim: Jessica Henwick

| Courteous | Reckless | Dignified | Insecure | High-Spirited | Scornful | Stubborn |


Jennifer never had a hard time in life, not once in her entire lifetime which does make many around her envy the only daughter of Charles Aiken, a renowned businessman that goes back and forth around Chinatown. Despite her bubbly and cheerful exterior, nobody befriended her yet that never discouraged Jennifer. Why? Because unlike the portion of people that saw her as no one special in the Aiken household compared to her infamous older brothers, Jenni didn’t have any special skills or talent that will last her on a long road. Or at least, that’s what people tell her from a young age, where only one exception to that remained his father who doted on her very much. 

Jennifer Aiken is just known for her last name and the youngest as well as the only daughter in the Aiken household for over a century. For about a century long, the Aiken never once bore a daughter or a female in their lineage which was why her father had been thrilled upon her birth on one windy evening in September 1958. It has been known for many generations that the Aiken family once mistreated a woman who ended up being revealed as a witch, back in the days. And unfortunately for them, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned who held a revenge that travelled deep in her roots, jealousy was a bad quality trait to have and the witch was definitely the worst. That one time mistreatment that rose from a single misunderstanding had resulted in their family being cursed for the generations that would come after them, and that exact same curse was still believed among everyone, up until today. Even Jennifer knew of it and to say that the child wasn’t at all shaken by it would be a vast understatement. 

She was very bothered by it and it continued to haunt her every day. It was undoubtedly bound to happen when she kept getting reminders and warnings alike from people around her telling her about the curse that rid the Aiken off any females after their 12th birthday. However, she never knew the exact reason to why it would warrant her worries, she only knew that she should be afraid when her 12th birthday approaches. That is all. 

The Aiken family is a proud family that ran over the businesses and settlements in Chinatown, everyone who's anyone knows not to mess with them. But behind that cover story that portrayed them as philanthropists, they also had another secret that was only known within their community; their entire family are consisted of Initia. In fact, they were known as one of the most prominent Initia families in the San Francisco tribes. No one knew for sure what the curse entailed because nobody from inside the family would divulge in the details, under a strict reprimanded warning issued by the head of the family itself. People knew not to cross the Aiken, especially Charles Aiken. 

Growing up, Jenni was often surrounded by bodyguards or members of the club, they run a deep bond with her, everyone likes her, but they kept a strong professional string between the two. Suddenly that all changed the moment she turned 7, when Initia mark appeared on her and her father suddenly went berserk like a mad man who’s on the hunt for blood. It scared young Jennifer. She never had any maternal relationship with any female due to her mother’s death due to childbirth. For a few years into her childhood, Jenni thought her father saw her as a figment of her mother, the woman he claimed to love very much, since they both held a strong resemblance to one another, from hair to the way they speak. She thought her father turned his gaze away from her because it hurts to see his beloved wife who died because of that same person he's staring at. Completely unbeknownst to her, it was not because of that, it was because she inherited the Initia gene. 

Why did he dislike it that she was a part of them? What was the big deal about being an Aiken Initia when their entire family are consisted of them? When she was 9 years old, she stumbled into her hiding spot in her father's reading room, and had unintentionally eavesdropped on his conversation with his second-in-command, or most commonly known to her as Chai, a tall man with a good physique that came with a matching set of intimidation and presentation at its finest. Chai Henderson could eat you alive with a stare, that's what she can remember telling herself for those 4 years of him babysitting her. Her father and Chai were conversing about an initiation, to what, she had no idea because before she could hear about it any further, she was lifted up by her collars, courtesy of Chai. As always. Her father didn't scowl surprisingly, and it left young Jenni in awe and confusion because all she could see from the look on his father's face were despair and pain. It didn't take a genius to figure out why Charles Aiken was saddened more than angry at his Initia daughter.

His only daughter. 

And the only daughter, their family will ever have if they got the misfortune of inheriting the Initia gene. Around the fledgling age of 9, Jennifer had already displayed her rebellious streak, she didn't ace her classes, she didn't even attend them. Her bodyguards would often scour around Chinatown and San Francisco itself just to locate the youngest Aiken. She was angry. At her father and everyone. And it was understandable. It was at that same age when she started to manifest her liking to an element; metal. It was an unusual element to be interested in due to the complexity it holds and there was no Metal Master in any of the San Francisco tribes to tell her anything more about it. This made her fall under a long term of confused period in her life where she wondered if she will need to struggle just to hold on to the element instead of opting for another. She would never notice it, but her father and brothers always stared at her with a longing look from a distance. Yet they never tried to show her this love directly for some unknown reason. 

One fateful night, Jenni was playing by herself in her garden, or rather, she was playing with a small dagger gifted by Chai who stayed by her side as her bodyguard and trustworthy companion. Charles decided he couldn't keep this secret a secret any longer, not when his precious daughter's life is in jeopardy. A few days before her 12th birthday, he confronted her and told her what's been on his mind since 5 years ago. He explained to her why he undergo such a drastic change in his demeanor that eventually fueled his actions. He told her she needed to hear this from him before her birthday, no matter what happens. She didn't know what he meant, up until he told her regarding the story that everyone thought a myth, as she did too herself. The curse was real. It was very much real and it was the reason for their terrible mishaps and accidents whenever it involves an Aiken female who inherited the Initia gene. Only it wasn't really an actual curse by a witch.

 The person who cursed them long ago was indeed a witch, but the curse was nowhere near the magical element portrayed in one. A curse that stated no Initia females in the family would live to see their 13th birthday. It was completely absurd at first and no one spared a glance to think of the possibility, but the threat was made right when one of their ancestors was murdered in cold blood. Someone lived up to their promises to exact her vengeance on them. More began to fall on the same pathway, and little by little, there were no more Aiken females who were Initia. It was precisely the reason why Jennifer's grandfather never had a female child and Charles did the same, to prevent any heartbreaks from drifting their family apart any longer. Things were perfectly fine because to their luck, they only ever had baby boys being born. Until her of course. When Jennifer was born, her birth was a complication that nurses and doctors had a hard time solving. Apparently, she would also symbolize Aiken's complication. Acting like she didn't exist would make it easier for them to wave goodbye once she goes which was why they never bothered to shower her with affection. 

But it wasn't as easy as people make it out to be. Contrary to other people's beliefs, her brothers had a hard time keeping their distance. Their family never allowed any superficial things to drive a wedge in their family, they love one another and their fidelity to the family had been long practiced since they could learn how to talk. And so, after she knew the issue that warranted her entire family's worries about her that was approaching her 12th birthday, Jenni decided to keep herself isolated inside the family manor and Chai wouldn't allow anyone else to meet her per her request. Not even her father could enter and he is the one giving her bodyguard his paychecks. It was a request for her birthday, he responded, whenever one asked Chai why he's even defying his own superiors' orders and demands to see the youngest Aiken. 

The few days period of isolation ended when her 12th birthday came around, Jennifer attended her first initiation ceremony who many thought to be her last, and that was when she received the mark of the Metal element on her back. Much like any other Initia tribes across San Francisco, the Grand Master of the local tribe in Chinatown had a deep fascination over Jennifer who manifested surprising traits they could find in no other youngster. She fawned over her antics, Imelda "Mellie" Kale. Unlike others who had already given up on her, Mellie didn't want to give up on Jenni before anything else, not when she displayed a certain fire inside her that spurred her growth over the years. If anything, her independence was what won the Grand Master over. Mellie couldn't help her train her as well in her element but since she is an Earth Master, she tried to mesh them together. Jenni wasn't a fast learner, that much was known by everyone. As it was said once ago, she's ordinary. As ordinary an Initia can go to be. She doesn't possess any skill of talent that surpassed her peers and the only unusual thing about her that caught people's attention was her element that spoke volumes to why the Aiken family allowed her to be furnished with sharp things like knives or daggers to be a part of her playthings.

The anticipation was killing everyone. Though many people respected the Aiken family tremendously, with their organization and influences spread widely across of all San Francisco, they were bound to have enemies on their tail. Jenni had a clock ticking on her time frame the moment she turned 12 and every day was a constant killer for her 6 brothers and father. Chai wouldn't leave her side at all and anyone could see that he would let anyone kill him before anything happens to her. Her days were numbered, or at least that's what everyone thought. It was only a matter of time until the news of her dead body found in the vicinity of her own bedroom. And so they waited… and waited. And nothing happened. Nobody knew how well she is working with her element but everyone was well aware of her control on wielding the custom-made katana that was gifted by her father. Firus, she called it. Many contradicted on the way Charles would have his daughter wield a katana at such a young age but it was that exact thing that saved her life. 

It was a stormy night, the clouds shrouded over the area, leaving them to the warmth of their abode. Jenni was just training with her katana, one that she had impressively shown interest and progress through and through. Chai left her alone in her bedroom per usual and excused himself since her father was requesting for his audience. It was only for a while, but it's shocking to see what a mere 10 minute wait could do to one person. Or two. While she was busy humming to herself, she wasn't aware that someone else had entered her room; someone completely uninvited. She didn't have the time to comprehend what was happening for the first few minutes of her struggle with the assailant. The only thing remained in her head was that this dangerous stranger wanted to kill her for some reason, and she wasn't about to allow that to happen. Her entire life had been build up, fearing this day would come to claim her and Jenni had one thing that he was clear on, the grim reaper would have to knock on her door personally if they want to take her.

Despite being a 12 year old, she had shown impressive strength over the katana, as if it parted and molded into her hold, but she was also just a 12 year old. It was clear a child like her wasn't about to win a fight a grown person, much less an experienced assassin sent to kill her. Acquiring her death was the assassin's mission and he would not stop at it. She managed to deflect his hits but she was growing tired of the incessant jabbing and tripped on the carpet. While hovering above her, just before he could deliver the killing blow, his legs were wrapped by the metal from Jenni's bed since he was just next to it, it was only brief but it was the brief the raven-haired child needed to grab her katana from the ground and stab him. It successfully incapacitated her opponent and the last thing she remembered before blacking out was his body writhing as he fell in a pool of his own blood. 

So it was known that the only daughter in the Aiken household in over a century lived to see her 13th birthday. And her 14th, 15th, 16th and the number goes on until her 18th when she was given the choice to further mastery or diversify her elements. Over the years, Jennifer had exhibited plenty of strong-leveled person, wherever she goes she always had her katana with her, which is a good thing she was then homeschooled after the assassination attempt on her life 6 years ago. It was also after that, her father and brothers began to embrace her, to cherish their time together for as long as they can have. Her skill with her katana and any weapon was known throughout the entire organization and she made a name for herself. She wasn't just the only daughter anymore. Her resilient and stubborn self promoted her own self worth for people to know her beyond the cover they see. The entire organization wasn't surprised when they heard her choice to further mastery. Unfortunately for Jenni, they didn't have any Metal Master that could teach her which meant she had to go and search for her own. 

Her father and brothers gave her their blessings and wish the best for her as she embarked on her journey to go and search for a Metal Master, and opted to seek out the one Mellie recommended to her, in Massachusetts. Eira was her name and that was all that Jenni knew of other than her amazing abilities at wielding the Metal element. After training with her for 38 years, Jenni took her leave so she could explore and learn more of the world as well as stopping by to visit her brothers and father. They were proud when she went back to Chinatown despite being disheartened that she decided not to stay there as their tribe's Metal Master. However big and influential their family were, neither one of them chose mastery. Only she did, and she remained to be the only one who ascended that level which brought pride to them. She promised to go back every once in awhile to visit and asked that they too, visit her. 

One of her brother, Steven, came over to her the night before her next departure to Siberia, and told her regarding the eternal city, Evermore. It was rumored to house many, if not all, supernaturals and humans alike who found a way to coexist peacefully with one another. The idea of peace struck the female and she wondered if that place was real. In search to figure out if the place was real, Jenni delayed her trip to Siberia and changed her course to Evermore instead. What she found there was so much more than a person could hear from, it was a beautiful and magnificent city. It was not without flaws for sure, but it was a good home and she had already felt that sense of homeyness seep in during her one week stay. Jenni came across their diverse Initia tribe that consisted of almost all element Masters and plenty of diverse ones. 

The new Grand Master was also rumored to be a Metal Master as well as Psychic Master, an element completely unheard of by many. Sofi Zahara was her name, and the Ukrainian blonde asked her to stay and join their community as Metal Master. It was such an overwhelming offer but the woman was anything if not convincing. Perhaps, she can start from here. Plant her roots in and flourish here, where she's needed. 

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