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Here are all of the approved Original Character bios on the site, if your bio is not on here then your application has not yet been approved.

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Welcome to the ECRP Original Character group, every original character created for the site or submitted by our members can be found here.

However to find an up to date character please view the member who is playing the role, as all up to date details will be on their profile.


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If you are looking to view the the biography of a premade role which has not yet been claimed, please view our 'Premade Roles' page which will have the bio linked with the role. 


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If you have questions about ECRP's Original Characters please either contact the Ambassador of the species or feel free to seek out a member of the Head admin team.

Discussion Forum

Adriel Hansen

Started by ✓ Gideon Ashworth ~Admin~ on Monday. 0 Replies

Name: Adriel HansenAge: 27 (looks) 1206 (actual)Family: NoneSpecies: ValkyrFaceclaim: Toby Regbo…Continue

Priscilla Brone

Started by ✓ Clarissa Bradford ~Admin~ on Monday. 0 Replies

Name: Priscilla BroneAge: Looks 30, is 24Species: NephilimFace claim: Hannah SnowdenLightning…Continue

Hae-Ri Hwang

Started by ✓ Clarissa Bradford ~Admin~ Feb 16. 0 Replies

Name: Hae-Ri Hwang.Species: NephilimAge: 28Face claim: Bae Su-Ji…Continue

Fallon Rosenberg

Started by ✓ Sofi Zahara ~Admin~ Feb 16. 0 Replies

Name: Fallon RosenbergAge: 26 (Looks) 38 (Actual)Species: InitiaElement: FireRank: Master-In-TrainingFace Claim: Elizabeth Gillies| Regal | Stubborn | Closed-off | Head-strong | Intelligent | Strong…Continue


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