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Not a normal walk home (Rosabelle and Ronan Closed)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Ronan Winters 9 hours ago. 3 Replies

The weather was changing as it was cold and storming when Rosabelle got off work. While coming out of the fire house, Rosabelle looked at the pouring down rain as she sighed. Many of her co workers…Continue

Lending a helping hand (Rosabelle and Lachlan closed)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Lachlan Remington ~Admin~ 3 hours ago. 3 Replies

It was a dark night when Rosabelle got off work when she decided to meet the Alpha of Alphas. Rosabelle wasn’t used to meeting new people but since he was her alpha, she needed to meet him. While…Continue


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BIRTH NAME: Rosabelle Iris Grey
DOB: February 14, 1994
SPECIES: Therianthrope (Ailruanthrope)

OCCUPATION:Secretary for Evermore Fire Station
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Therian Territory)
HOMETOWN:Seattle, Washington
SEXUALITY: Pansexual


HEIGHT: Five feet
WEIGHT: One Hundred and one pounds (Of muscle)
HAIR: Dark brown.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scar on her side from her attack.
TATTOOS: None yet
DRESS: Whatever is comfortable
SCENT: Books and Rain
DEMEANOR: She is skittish around a lot of people but warms up a little the longer to get to know her

Under the fur

POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, Patient, Trustworthy
NEGATIVE: Reckless, Timid, Insecure, Disorganized
HABITS:Looking down at her feet when nervous
HOBBIES: Reading
SKILLS: Learning how to defend herself slowly
Rosabelle Iris Grey

The Scared Girl

The Life of Rosabelle
Rosabelle was born on February 14, 1994 to Thea and John Grey in Seattle, Washington. Sadly, Rosabelle was taken from her parents in the hospital by a woman named Zoey Bradley who couldn’t have any children of her own. Rosabelle’s name was changed to Heather which luckily Zoey was caught and arrested for kidnapping after years of searching. When Thea and John got to Rosabelle, she was covered in bruises which were healing but her condition they saw her in made them furious. By the age of 13, Rosabelle was back to a healthy weight and was starting to be happy with her real parents when they were ambushed by a group of rather large men. Her father tried to fight them off alongside her mother but it wasn’t enough. Rosabelle’s family was killed infront of her eyes and she was about to be the next, luckily for her, one of the men just took her and forced her to be a slave for them.

As she was taken to their hang out, Rosabelle kept quiet before passing out from her gash losing blood. One of the men soon picked her up and got her medical care from their group doctor. Days passed when Rosabelle woke up in a bed, bandaged. She looked at the men as they only stared at her. Once she enough energy and strength to get up, Rosabelle was put to work as she was kind of their hostage but also slave. The group of men were hiding from someone but luckily were in a safe spot for them to stay a bit. Five years pass by when a rather large man came in and fought the group as Rosabelle hid in a closet during the fighting. When she didn’t hear anything after a while, Rosabelle was startled when the door of the closet was opened. Rosabelle didn’t know what to do as she coward from the man into the closet more. The young therian was covered in dirt and bruises as she hid from the man.

The man looked at her with empathy. Before the man could help her up and to his bike, Rosabelle collapsed to the ground, in pain. Rosabelle groaned as she felt her body start to rip apart, letting out screams as the pain was so much for her to take. Rosabelle struggled out as she didn’t know what was happening. Her eyes changed first before she let out a scream while she changed. A large man that stood over her before he backed up. Rosabelle let out painful sounds as she shifted into her snow leopard form. The large man bent down as he looked at Rosabelle and gently touched her fur. “Its ok. You are safe now.” He spoke. Rosabelle could tell he smelled different from the other guys laying on the floor. Rosabelle looked at him and laid down as she was finally able to rest for a few minutes before she shifted back into her human form. The young therian was confused and sore but grabbed clothes near by before she followed the man to his bike and left the awful place.

The man or Dom as he liked to be called, helped Rosabelle get into Evermore, giving her the money, he took from the men. Rosabelle was grateful for Dominic, who she found out was the man who helped her get away from the place. Rosabelle got an apartment near the Therian territory and got onto online classes by going to the local library to take and apply for them. The young Therian did start looking for the alpha from what Dom said she needed to be in a pack before he left Evermore for a while. Luckily, she found the alpha and asked to join which was accepted right away. Years went by and Rosabelle graduated college at the age of 26 and was on the look for a job since she needed the money to pay back Dom and her student loans. She looked around and constantly looked for jobs until she was able to find a job at the local fire station as their secretary. Rosabelle was even lucky to keep in touch with Dom while he was gone as he was like an older brother to her. She also met his right hand lady, Sapphire.Now Rosabelle continues to work while also being close to Dom as he was like an older brother to her. Sapphire was still in her life like a sister but Rosabelle knew that both were busy being guards and also having their own lives. Rosabelle still is worried about the men looking for her but she feels calmer when around Sapphire and Dom.

Dominic Howlett The Big brother figure
Dom saved Rosabelle all those years ago.

Lachlan Remington Alpha
Lachlan is her Alpha and she helps him with some of the work for the pack

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Lending a helping hand - Lachlan Remington
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"✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧“It is, I guess my dad wanted to be a locksmith or something but chose to be a cop instead.” He chuckled at the throw back to how he got the name. “Wonderful! I am such a tornado in the kitchen half the…"
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✓ Ronan Winters replied to ✓ Rosabelle Iris Grey's discussion Not a normal walk home (Rosabelle and Ronan Closed)
"Ronan smirked as he looked at the man he assumed to be the leader,” the last I checked, owning someone a slave was made illegal a few hundred years ago, and I should know the law “he exposed his police badge as the rain hit his skin and…"
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"Rosabella looked at him with his teasing before she smiled alittle as he spoke his name to her. "Lachlan? That's an interesting name." She said softly. Her nose caught the scent of food as she watched him look back behind him before…"
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✓ Lachlan Remington ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Rosabelle Iris Grey's discussion Lending a helping hand (Rosabelle and Lachlan closed)
"✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧Lachlan when he first joined and became the alpha of the Ailuranthrope under Orion's request, he wasn’t the easiest of Alpha to reach as his life became consumed by his task force. Now that he had taken on the…"
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"Rosabelle watched the man speak to the group as they froze while they held one man with a broken leg. The other glared at the man as the some pulled back. "That girl belongs to us!" One man growled as they stood up while the other men…"
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✓ Ronan Winters replied to ✓ Rosabelle Iris Grey's discussion Not a normal walk home (Rosabelle and Ronan Closed)
"The day was coming to an end” thank the heavens “Ronan sighed as he  waited for the barman to  poured 9  shots  of whiskey  the last 12 hours had been hard he  was  sent by his supervisor to a home…"
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