Multi-Role Management

Many people on the site have multiple roles, this group helps to track these multi-roles. All members with more than one role will need to follow the procedures mentioned below.

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Multi-Role Management

So you want another role! Awesome we love seeing lots of different characters on site!

Whenever you wish to apply for a new role account, all you need to do is sign up with a new email on site and complete the sign-up form with the following questions:

  • What type of role is this? 
    • Your first role will be known as your main role, so any accounts you apply for after that will be a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.
  • What is the name of your main role?
    • This will be your approved multi-role account. Please ensure to complete this correctly with your character's first name and last name.

So I've signed up, now what?

All you need to do is wait for the account to be approved, if you try to login to the account and it says it doesn't have a profile on the site, it means your request has been declined, this will usually be for one of the following reasons:

  • You filled up the sign-up form wrong and it was unclear what type of role or who your main role was.
  • Your activity check for your existing role was declined, please make sure you have roleplayed on the forum or profile once or more in the last 2 weeks on all of your roles and then apply again. (also make sure your latest activity is available for view)
  • You have been banned from having multiple accounts for some other reason. E.G deleting and recreating accounts to enable you to change roles without approval.
  • You haven't provided your activity form for your role which is after the 4th role
  • You haven't had your most recent multi-role longer than a month

So what rules are there for the first 4 multi-roles?

  • If your first account is female, your second must be male or non-binary and you may never have more than 2 female roles.
  • You can only have 2 roles in the same species maximum and only one role in the  Ailward Aspect species.
  • You must keep your account information (profile questions) accurate at all times, changing the name of your multi-role and the role numbers where necessary.
  • If you want to delete your main role, you need to appoint a new main role and fill in the information across your other roles you are keeping.
  • If you leave on a multi-role account, you lose permission to have that number of roles, you will have to reapply and be activity checked again.
  • You need to wait 1 month after you most recent account has been approved

What about roles after the 4th (5th, 6th, 7th etc)

  • Your odd role must be male or non-binary, your even role can be male, non-binary or female. (E.G 5th is male, 6th is male or female, 7th is male etc)
  • If you mark your application as your FINAL new role, you may make your odd role a female but you will not be approved for any further roles.
  • You must complete the below activity form and inbox it to Sariah BEFORE you make an account, your application will not be approved if the activity form is not provided.
  • You must never have more females than males/non-binaries once you have more than 4 roles.
  • You can only have 2 roles in the same species maximum and only one role in the  Ailward Aspect species.
  • You cannot apply for another role until you have been active on your most recently approved role for a month.

Activity Form:

Main Account Name:
Second Account Name:
Third Account Name:
Fourth Account Name:
Fifth Account Name (If already approved):

Add roles as appropriate

Thread Count

Total number of active threads:
Main account active threads:
Second account active threads:
Third account active threads:
Fourth account active threads:
Fifth account active threads (if exists):

Add roles as appropriate

Please link (number of roles you currently have) threads you have been active on in the last 2 weeks (preferably from different roles):







Is this your final role? Yes / No

For 8th Role +

You will also need to submit a consistency check as follows

1. Count the number of replies you have done in the past month and divide it by 4. The resulting number should be provided and should be 7 or higher. For higher roles this may get more strict.

2. Separate your reply count into weeks for the 4 week period before you applied. Your weekly scores should be consistent or close to consistent.

3. For each role you should provide a link to a full RP thread that was completed and moved to the completed section of the forum within the last 12 months, completed threads must be at least 2 full pages of RP long. 


Week 1 - {number of replies done}
Week 2 - {number of replies done}
Week 3 - {number of replies done}
Week 4 - {number of replies done}

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