Multi-Role Management

Many people on the site have multiple roles, this group helps to track these multi-roles. All members with more than one role will need to follow the procedures mentioned below.

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Multi-Role Management

So you want another role! Awesome we love seeing lots of different characters on site!

When you wish to apply for a new role, you can do so by following 2 steps

1. Complete the activity form 

You should inbox Sariah with proof that you have roleplayed on all your existing roles within the past 2 calendar weeks.

2. Immediately sign up to the site after sending the inbox

    • Your first role will be known as your main role, so any accounts you apply for after that will be a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.
  • What is the name of your main role?
    • This will be your approved multi-role account. Please ensure to complete this correctly with your character's first name and last name.

So I've signed up, now what?

All you need to do is wait for the account to be approved, if you try to login to the account and it says it doesn't have a profile on the site, it means your request has been declined, this will usually be for one of the following reasons:

  • You filled up the sign-up form wrong and it was unclear what type of role or who your main role was.
  • Your activity check for your existing role was declined.
  • You have been banned from having multiple accounts for some other reason. E.G deleting and recreating accounts to enable you to change roles without approval.
  • You haven't provided your activity form for your role which is after the 4th role
  • You haven't had your most recent multi-role longer than a month

Once approved, the rules for multi roles are as follows.

  • We loosely expect members to keep balance of diversity in their roles, this means roles shouldn't majorly exceed gender balance (E.G If you already have 2 females, you should balance them out with a male or non-binary role)
  • You must keep your account information (profile questions) accurate at all times, changing the name of your multi-role and the role numbers where necessary.
  • If you want to delete your main role, you need to appoint a new main role and fill in the information across your other roles you are keeping.
  • If you leave on a multi-role account, you lose permission to have that number of roles, you will have to reapply and be activity checked again.
  • You need to wait 1 month after you most recent account has been approved

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