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Name: Dexter Malcolm
Species: Dhampir
Age: Looks 35, Real 65
Weapon Affinity: Katana Sword
Colour Affinity: Pure White
FC: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dexter belonged to a traditional Dhampir family, set in their ways to protect those in danger of persecution. However, they were more progressive than most families, determined to continue to bridge the barrier between human and Dhampir, human and vampire - to promise the safety of all species. His childhood was typical of his ancestry, strict and demanding. From six years old his father would have him training 16 hours a day, dawn to dusk. His father was of significance, ruthless, strong - a leader his people. Although he knew it was his designed purpose, what he was ultimately born to do, Dexter grew more and more resentful of his father's harshness, and hence less cooperative with his parent's wishes for him to follow in their footsteps and work for peace with humanity. He was an only child, foreign to the custom of love and acceptance. His mother, although having loved him dearly and once upon a time loved his father the same, was weak beneath his father's established dictatorship; he couldn't remember a time when his family had ever really acted like a family. His life always felt like more of a prison, or a military camp, their prime objective to train, progress, and protect those of higher prestige.

Although his childhood could be described as rough, he was at least grateful for the pressure his father put on him to train, and never stop training. Turning seventeen, he was amongst the strongest in his region - he handled almost every weapon with precision and was highly skilled in the art of defence - but he was also the most unpredictable. In his later teenage years, Dexter had grown to be more defiant of his parents, allowing his arrogance, strength and skill to get the better of him. He believed himself ready, eager to be allowed away from the small town everyone else called home to set out and do what he had been training to do for the better part of twelve years - because Dexter didn't call it home, he called it temporary.

Tragedy hit the Malcolm family later that year when a partnership with local humanity went horribly wrong; his family had been victims of a human attack on the local dojo, fifty to ten. It was at dusk, the dojo full of Petrona’s Dhampir officials speaking of the upcoming wave of claiming ceremonies that were to take place over the next few months. They attacked undetected, setting fire to the establishment before firing on any who were unfortunate enough to escape successfully. His father was amongst the few unlucky to be shot dead, the rest burning alive within the walls of their most sacred architecture. It was a memory that continued to haunt Dexter, overlooking the damage, the slaughter of his people, killed by the very species they were trying to protect. The killers were captured and suffered the consequences of their terrorism at the hands of their own authorities, however to say that the Dhampir-human trust was fragile was an understatement. Dexter was an orphan at age seventeen, only months away from his claiming ceremony at which he would finally be given the opportunity for a weapon to claim him and begin to fulfil his purpose. But Dexter didn't feel any purpose - he felt lost and alone in his grief. Stolen of the chance to make his father proud, show him that all those years of training were worth it - that he could live up to his father's high expectations and prove himself a worthy of the Malcolm name. Dexter was a changed person following the deaths of his parents, darkened by the violence of the human radicals that ended their lives.

At eighteen, he attended his claiming ceremony at the local dojo; it was quite a private affair, the only ones to attend were his temporary foster careers that happened to be close friends of his mother's and the dojo officials. Like his peers, he expected the event to be short and sweet; that Atticus, his personal dojo official, and one of his father's closest friends, would distribute him various different weapons of choice, he'd handle them as professionally as he did everyday in training, and one would claim him, established by his born Rune shade. This was unfortunately not the case. He went through weapon after weapon, each handled with perfect order, but none personally attuned for him to bear. That was until he picked up his father's prized katana Samurai sword - it was ancient and more of a decoration to him, but Dexter had always held a deep fascination for it, and yet he never would have believed it would be the very weapon he'd be yielding for the rest of his days. He drew the sword from its carrier that he had strapped to his back, a dangerous aura of power surging through him as the pure white glow of his Rune illuminated the blade.

That was his last day in Petrona, his small hometown on the outskirts of Dhampir territory - he took his Samurai, now a permanent fixture to his back, and disappeared down a long road trying to find a place where he felt that he was meant to be. That was when he stumbled across Evermore city. He left with a hatred for humanity at his core, against everything he was ever taught as a child - but that night of death had darkened his perspective. He refused to cooperate with the species that had once endangered the existence of his and continued to pose a threat to their way of living. Despite this hate, he did not go out of his way to terrorize the human race for he believed that this would not make him any better than them, nor would it avenge his parent’s deaths - at worst he simply held an attitude towards them and refused to go out of his way to protect them when he believed they did not deserve his protection. This made him very vampire-sympathetic, ruthless, but still a determined warrior. He was perhaps unorthodox in his methods, but he was not alone in these beliefs. Once he reached the Evermore, he enlisted into the law enforcement, honing in all his skills and talents into protecting others. People were impressed by how advanced he was in the art of battle at such a young age and being there with them, healed his broken soul, and gave him a new purpose - the progressive ideals of his parents and building a bridge between the supernatural worlds.

He also became an active member of the Dhampir community in the city and now resides there, having established a life for himself. He also trains the new members and helps them improve there skills, while also working with the police force to ensure the safety and protection of everyone in the City. 


Positive Traits: Passionate, honest, loyal

Negative Traits: Reckless, stubborn, hot-tempered.

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