The sun was beginning to set as Venetus walked out on to the patio the breeze was cooler than  it had been during the day as he looked around  the manor was quite  apart from some on that was in the kitchen  as he  walked over to a stone table and chairs as he looked out into the view of the city as he leant forward  grabbing a glass from the silver tray on the table  as he lifted up the jug he began to  fill his glass the pings of the  ice cubes hitting his glass sounded like  a tune  as it reacted to the warmer water as he   placed the  jug back as he leant back in thought .

It had been a while  since Aurantia had returned from her assignment  that he had no issue with  that it was the fact she refused to have a guard go with her  much to his annoyance  and the argument  they had   he was wrong to lose his Temper   but Venetus knew how much danger that could be out there  his mind drifted  onto Aurantia’s body guard as he took the glass from the table taking a large  gulp as he   placed the glass down   before he rose to his feet as he walked towards the stone railing  as he looked at the ground  then to the sky before his mind  was distracted by the light from the kitchen as he decided to  to see  who was down there .

Walking from the stone balcony Venetus made his way down the hallway  of the manor  every few walls he could see that a guard or other Aspect  had made  an impression on there home as h smiled gently stopping as he looked down the hall seeing a lone figure  watching  out of a window  as he made his way closer he noticed it was Edward  he was  one of a few guards that stuck around  the manor unnecessarily  “ Edward  go have some 

fun   have a drink enjoy yourself “ Edward nodded as he replied” yes my  lord”  , Venetus laughed as he turned on his heel as he continued towards the kitchen “ Edward i was never a lord so don't call me one  “ he laughed as he ran his fingers  along the texture of the  wallpaper before cutting across to the bannister of  the stairs  as his heels  echoed   as he made his way  down the stairs

 The kitchen  was the next door to the stairs  Ventus slowed his steps as he grabbed the door opening the door stepping inside he saw no one  but the light was on “ Hello anyone here ? “he called out 

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Sapphire was in the kitchen, baking some cookies as she heard about Aurantia coming back as she was worried about her being her guard. She sighed as she looked at the bowl that she stirred as she thought that maybe Aurantia didnt need a guard. Sapphire sighed as she continued to mix the cookie mix when she heard someone open the door. "Oh Hello!' She said as she turned to look at who spoke. When she noticed it was an Aspect, Sapphire placed her bowl on the table and bowed alittle. "Hello sir." She said as she looked at him. The phoenix didnt know many of the Aspects besides from Aurantia, so she wasnt used to seeing other Aspects. Her mind kept wondering as she looked at him before she heard the beeping of the oven. Sapphire jumped and quickly grabbed the tray of cookies with her bare hands as she forgot to grab an oven mit. 

Placing the cookies on top of the oven as she then went to make another batch, Sapphire smiled. "What brought you in the Kitchen, sir?" She asked as she scooped dough out with a spoon placing it on another baking sheet as she smiled. 

Venetus chuckled as he watched the guard bow" no need to bow or call me Sir I want a sir before I am not now his nostrils were hit with the smell of cookies  as he looked around " I take it you like to bake ? They do smell delicious but if you are making it for  Erythreus  he likes alot of salt - he chuckled as he watched her as he made his way to the  stool at the kitchen counter " are you  ok Sapphire ?" He looked at her   before. Getting over  to the sink as he began to  wash his hands - if you would like some assistance Sapphire I'm happy to help. I haven't baked in a while 

Veneteus walked over to the kitchen towel as he rolled several pieces off as he began to dry his hands " last time I cooked it was for pigeon pie it was the in thing at that time" he walked to the trash before tossing the wet paper into the trash  as he began to walk to the counter" is everything ok Sapphire " he looked T her as he knew some changes can  be hard especially for Aspects personal guards    even though he refused a guard himself  he understood    being focused on one thing then nothing 

Sapphire chuckled and smiled softly.  "Ok Venetus, I just thought to be formal with you." She said as she smiled and went back to cooking while he spoke. "Yes I love to bake when I am either trying to cheer up people or just getting away from my computer for a while." She said as she smiled as she listened about Erythreus, which made her chuckle alittle. "I can make him a special batch if he wants." She said as she smiled and continued to cook. Her mind was wondering as she heard Venteus ask if she was ok. "I-I am kinda ok I guess." She siad as she noticed him washing his hands. "I would love some help." She said as she smiled softly at him.  Sapphire had been making enough cookies for everyone in the house as she tended to do that when she wanted to lift everyone spirits. 

"Well I guess you will have to teach me how to make a pigeon pie." She said as she smiled and went back to scooping dough onto the cookie sheet. When he asked if she was ok, Sapphire sighed and looked at her as she frowned. "I just kinda feel unwanted as a Guard really. I have been on missions but I was supposed to be your sister's guard but when she disappeared I just felt that I was a failure." She siad as she sighed softly. "At least I have my girlfriend." She siad softly as she smiled alittle and went back to scooping cookie dough.

Venetus chuckled as he walked back to the counter " I believe it is now illegal to kill pigeons now but hey could always pigeon shaped cookies" he listened to Sapphire as he nodded in response  to what she was saying"  it's good to have time away from the  manor guard duties   I am glad you have hobbies and  some one to be with". He looked   at the ingredients - you may find another  person to guard   I'll speak to Damien as well to see what he suggests "

Venetus turned as he looked to Sapphire. You are not a failure things happen  and paths change  I saw how you felt when Aurenta left  and when she came back " he watched her " people change   but  if you must know we did argue about her not taking you. I can understand a bit   but I see her side. And yours " 

Right you are gonna  to show me how to make cookies" he smiled gently as he picked up the flower

Squeezing it a little causing the bag to explode 

Sapphire nodded and smiled as she continued as she even made some of the cookies in to pigeon shapes like he joked earlier. As they talked, Sapphire felt relaxed as she smiled softly. "I hope Damien may have an idea of what to do." She said as she continued to bake while she listened to him talk about how she isnt a failure. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned to listen to him. "I see both sides really. I know she wanted to be independent but still I felt that she needed someone there to watch her back while she was gone." She said as she chuckled when he sneezed. "Well first thing is to not waste the flour." She said jokingly as she smiled and grabbed the bag from him as she sat it down, handing him a towel.

Venetus smirked as he wiped himself down as looked at her“  right where do we start “he smiled as he looked at her“  you know me and Aurentia had a big argument about her not taking a guard with her “he sighed a little closing his eyes “Damien will have a suggestion  he looked at her“ my responsibility is to you and the guard and my fellow Aspects, and it is hard especially with the current Ivan issue “he smirked“ Erythreus told me I need to get a life, but it is hard “he smiled as he waited for instruction as he began to scan the table 

With the current Ivar situation if I had my own way all guards and Aspects would be confined to the manor grounds, so I could protect you all but you all have your lives to live,“ he watched her“  you have Katerina and Aureus has his books Ery his rum “he chuckled “

Sapphire helped him get cleaned up as he asked where to start. "First we will start mixing the dry ingredients in it. So we will make a sugar cookie since its the easiest." She said as she helped get the dry ingredients for him as he spoke. "N-No not really." She said as she looked at him when he then spoke about Damien and how he would have a suggestion. She nodded as she handed him the spoon with the dry ingredients. "Just start stirring for a moment while I get the wet." She said as she sighed. "Yes." she said as she then heard him talk about the other aspect telling him to get a life. Sapphire chuckled as she looked at him. When he talked about the Ivan issue, Sapphire listened and frowned as she gathered the wet ingredients for the cookies. "True I would have Katrina, but if that does happen, will Katrina be able to live on the grounds with me if we get married?" She asked as she looked at him.

Veneteus listened  as he chuckled listening to the instructions he was given commencing them as he was told to“ cooking when in my day was more go hunt kill a boar then put it on a spike and cook it for several  days, so cookies is new for me, and I'm happy to learn from the cookie master” he smiled as he watched Sapphire“ I did try a millionaires shortbread one year, but the Carmel went everywhere “he laughed   as he waited for the wet ingredients as the rest the spoon in the bowel “

 Venetus leant against the counter as he looked at Sapphire” I don't recall but were you with us when Skye fell“ Venetus froze as his mind recalled the night it fell“ Aurantia took the death of the guards we had badly and since then she has put everyone before herself“ he stopped like he came out of a trance “do not gt me wrong I fully understand why Aurantia why she never took you   she must have felt you may have been in danger, but I was also concerned that she never took you  with this Ivan situation we can't afford to be sloppy “he looked to Sapphire“ what do you know about Edward Star hawk“ he looked back at the ingredients before continuing“ he has requested a meeting about something 

Sapphire smiled as she told him how to do it. She giggled when he mentioned back in his day as they continued to make to cookies. "Oh really?" she siad with a giggle as she smiled at him. While the two continued, Sapphire smiled and looked at him as he spoke. "I-I dont know if I was." She siad as she looked at him. "I dont think I was." She said as she continued and listened. "It could be for any reason she didnt want me going." She said as she looked at him and tilted her head. "Edward? Oh I have been giving him lessons on the modern day stuff like phones and how certain things work, we are really good friends actually now. Why is he requesting a meeting?" She asked as she put the dough on the pan to place in the oven. "I think he mentioned about being a guard...but I cant remember." She said 

"Is Edward  asked for a meeting some time ago, but he has not come to see me "he looked at Sapphire as he paced the equipment down  as he thought " Henri  has been on  mission  a long time  and with our current situations " he looked to her " Ms Rizzoli would you like to be  my Personal guard " he looked to her "   I'll clear it with Damien " he smiled as he looked at her " now whats next .Ven folded his arms as he  recalled the last  meeting with Henri they were  playing  chess as   explained the information he had to investigate  it    with reluctance  he allowed it  but he never thought he would never be gone this long  

Sapphire looked at him as he talked about how Edward asked for a meeting and they havent met yet. The phoenix worked on the timer for the cookies as she listened to him talk about Henri. "Yea he has...I havent really been on many missions and I think I am no longer a personal guard to a Aspect anymore since I havent talked to your sister in a while." She siad as she then heard him ask about being his personal Guard.  "I would love to be your personal guard, Venteus." She said as she smiled softly when she turned to look at him as she nodded to clear it with Damien as she smiled softly. 

He nodded as he listened to Sapphire"  Sapphire each member of the guard is as important as the next guard  and hey you are my personal guard now" he smiled gently as he looked at the timer "  If you wish to go on a mission all you need to do is ask   just aslong as I know where you are " he folded his arms as he looked out to the night sky" the fall of Skye  affected everyone. That fought  on the battle field it  each aspect and guard deal with things differently" he smiled  as he watched her " and if you wish I'll. Speak with  the others to see if bwe know of any buildings close to the manor" he took the dishes and walked to the sink as he began to wash them .

" With Edward please ensure him that he can come to me especially. If it   is regarding to our family

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