Ven opened his eyes as he looked at the familiar surroundings of  his room as he sat up. He was a little surprised at his self. " At least you. Made it to bed this time Ven" he. Rubbed his face as he got out of his bed looking at the mess of papers around his room  the situation  with Ivar and the Aurazins. Had often left  him.   Making notes and  waiting for messages from above. But he assumed like him  he was stumped   he closed his eyes as he listened for foot steps before heading to get changed .

Stepping outside of his room Ven was in black cargo trousers and  a light blur. T-shirt and. Black trousers  as he made his away. Along the  hall ways he could here the  huffing of the  valkyr. Known as Edward who was in the training  area like clockwork. As he continued on   his fellow aspects remained in there rooms he. Was concerned for them but each one of them took  the own ways of dealing with things  . Making his way to   the front door of the manor he recalled the agreement he made with his new bodyguard. Pulling out his cell  phone quickly opening the message 

Sapphire. Heading out to look around  the city will text you if needed 


Ven walked out of the door the air was bitter as the city was deep in the  grips of winter as he shook himself.  He walked over to    the. Black jaguar  parked in the front  of the garage    getting  into the drivers. Seat he  turned the ignition  waiting. Fir screen to de ice he recalled a bar he wanted to visit     as the screen cleared he  set off down the familiar    path. He often took

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Ven sighed as he pulled into the nearest parking spot the traffic was a sluggish pace like it normally was at the time of day people on there way to there jobs or returning home from there night jobs  as he got out of his car he pulled out his cellphone checking the address that was given  as he  walked towards the  bar  .

 The bar was quiet  as he stepped inside the lighting was changing  from night to day drinkers. Walking up to the bar.  His fingers tapped againest the  wood as he looked around waiting to be served he noticed a quiet booth   as a barman approached him " americano  two shots and sone of this little biscuits you can get please " the  barman nodded as he dialed up the amount  as  Ven placed the  note on the side -" I'll be in the booth in the corner - he began to make his way over 

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