The Base of The Mountains (Initia Territory) (19)

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New Life, New Lessons (Scott + Sofi)

Being an Initia, Scott felt a little bit behind in his abilities than some that he had came to know, on his travels. Due to the life his mo…

Started by ✓ Scott Alexander Parrish

14 1 hour ago
Reply by ✓ Scott Alexander Parrish

Ailward Guard

Becoming a Student - Theodor and Sofi

Theodor had heard from Tia that there was a new Element a woman named Sofi the new Initia Ambassador wielded it, Tia was learning it from h…

Started by ✓ Theodor Dimitreu

4 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Theodor Dimitreu


Helping Hands (Scott + Eden)

It was another new day in the city of Evermore. It had only been a short few weeks; since Scott Parrish had arrived in the Eternal City. Th…

Started by ✓ Scott Alexander Parrish

8 on Wednesday
Reply by ✓ Scott Alexander Parrish


Meditation and Reunion (Open to Ivy and Calista)

Life in Evermore City was much quainter then the crazy existence she had lived in LA before she left, the contrasts were so stunning to her…

Started by ✓ Ivory Tessa Blake

2 on Wednesday
Reply by ✓ Ivory Tessa Blake


Wild Intentions [Scott + Jason]

The last couple of months had been rough for Jason but since it was a new year, he decided that new goals had to be in place. One of the ma…

Started by ✓ Jason Hills

11 on Tuesday
Reply by ✓ Scott Alexander Parrish


So it begins ( Open to Ray and Sofi)

Ray jumped out of the cab as he took off his jacket and fireproof trousers as he pulled out his cell remembering it was today he was suppos…

Started by ✓ Ray Herald

2 Feb 5
Reply by ✓ Ray Herald


Earth Help (Lorenzo and Athena)

Since a child Athena always have been determined. That if she puts her mind to something and tries hard enough she can achieve it. Always w…

Started by ✓ Athena Rosenberg

3 Feb 5
Reply by ✓ Lorenzo De Rosa


Fit to teach? (Sofi and Lorenzo)

Sunsets where one of the few things the Initia missed watching, even though he knew he was going to lose his sight to master the earth elem…

Started by ✓ Lorenzo De Rosa

10 Feb 5
Reply by ✓ Lorenzo De Rosa

Instar Diviner

Familiar Taste of Poison {Lorenzo & Castor}

Started by ✓ Castor Lavender

8 Feb 3
Reply by ✓ Lorenzo De Rosa

Ailward Aspect

Fixed (Malva & Sunmin)

Perhaps she was thinking too much on this. Malva found herself staring at the painting hung across her room, sighing softly to herself as s…

Started by ✓ Malva Ailward

7 Jan 30
Reply by ✓ Sunmin Park


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