Ray jumped out of the cab as he took off his jacket and fireproof trousers as he pulled out his cell remembering it was today he was supposed to meet   Sofi hopefully his new mentor as he unlocked his cell he made his way int. The main hall as he began to text " Hi Sofi I know we are supposed to meet soon. I'm running a little late but. If you. Ask for the main hall at the firehouse I will be with you shortly  Ray Herald * he quickly pressed send as he passed the. pizza  box he lifted out a slice of pepperoni  as he made his way to the washroom  to clean up 

Ray stepped out into the main. Hall as he wrapped the fresh dressing over his arm as the chief walked past him patting his back  'Food job today " Ray nodded as he took another slice " anyone out front I'm expecting a guest: he watched aa the chief shrugged   Ray took it as I have no idea as he made his way. Towards the back of the firehouse, as he began to look for a quiet space for them to train as he looked around, he found a  door with a key still attached as he turned the metal key pushing the door open to a dark toom as he Fwltaround the wall observing the light switch as the light erupted into life revealing a dusty classroom with mats and chairs and chalkboard.

Ray thought to his self  " Perfect " he quickly wiped down the surfaces as he made his way back towards the main hall as the paramedic laughed as she flicked his ears  " you miss your ears every time " she laughed as they walked back to the main room seeing fresh coffee  Ray be lined for the coffee making . his self a drink before making his way to the front of the house where a ladder stood. Ray stood at the bottom making his way up a step at a time as he reached the roof he saw the usual sofas  sat atop looking across  evermore  Ray quickly took a seat  on the lone single chair as  he  could see the sunset   but also  see   anyone coming up the drive

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She's been a very busy woman lately. If that was any proof of an understatement. Sofi finally got around the city and managed to even befriend the human ambassador, Sariah, though that one was purely accidental when she found herself drunk off her ass at the bar. At least they had a splendid karaoke night. Only for her to wake up with a massive hangover the next morning while being surrounded by fortresses of her own paperwork scattered on her desk, a very messy pile indeed. She fell asleep again, right in the center and when she woke up, she was greeted by a familiar sight of a towering stack of papers. Ironic. Her office was already set up at Evermore General, as soon as she assumed the role of their neuropsychologist there.

 Thankfully all of that studying actually did pay her well. More than enough to suffice her current lifestyle as it is. Rubbing her eyes slightly as she ruffled her hair, Sofi glanced over to the calendar that sat prettily on the left side of her desk, squinting her eyes a bit as she tried to take in the date today. Oh. Oh. That X mark on the calendar was all that it needed to get the blonde up and going. Within the matter of seconds, Sofi was up on her two feet, scrambling to get find her phone that was somewhere in the messy office of hers. After a while of searching, she managed to locate it and let out a relieved sigh once she noticed she still had an hour to the appointed meeting. An hour was enough. 

Without wasting any moment, the Initia dragged her car keys and got inside her car after sprinting out of the faction house. She needed a change of clothes for sure. Who knew a 2 hour nap was going to give her so much hell? She was so sure she wouldn't fall asleep last night and actually came to the faction house early in the morning, only to doze off a few hours later on that particular desk. Thankfully for the Initia Grand Master, her house wasn't that far from the faction house, a convenience she found when she first settled here in the eternal city. An hour sure did pass by faster than she thought but Sofi managed to prep herself to look decent as ever, she curled her hair up into a ponytail before making her way back to her car so she could head over to the place she was supposed to meet Ray at.

 Ray Herald, when she heard a Fire Initia wanted to learn Psychic before every other element first, she had to admit, she was shocked. Surprised. She thought he would have a go with other earthly elements first. Definitely didn't expect Psychic. But who was she to say no? Especially when Ray displayed good integrity? When he suggested the firehouse as a place for them to meet, she was a bit weirded out but she'll only know once she gets there. The sight of the venue presented itself in front of her peripheral vision where she realized she needed to be careful as to not accidentally burn the place down, pun intended. Sofi made her way to the entrance, poking her head inside to see if anyone was present, "Hello?" 

Ray looked down the pathway as he saw the girl he had met when he went to Sofi's training area as he rose to his feet moving quickly to the ladder making his way slowly down back to the tarmac as he reached the ground he turned to see she had already made her way to the main hall " hey " Ray caught up to her as his mind. Drew a complete blank to her name " sorry. I'm terrible with names and a little surprised has Sofi sent you to teach me instead ?"

" would you like a coffee? Ray walked over to the counter as he poured the coffee into a flask then poured the remainder into two cups before he tilted his head towards the double doors before making his way towards a table placing it on the cups an old oak table as he pulled out a seat out for her " you look like you could do with a coffee " he took place in the opposite chair " i. I found this old training room . down in the basement. I think well I hope it will be ok for what we need. And quite apart from when the alarm goes off" Ray. lifted his cup taking a  swig of his coffee  

Her eyes were scouring the entire room, it was a bit spacious but while she was busy trying to evaluate the entire setting, she was greeted by a familiar voice; one which she recognized to be Ray’s. The sounds of her heels clicking against the pavement reminded her that he wasn’t aware of her identity as the Psychic Master that he had asked an audience from. Right. Sofi, how could you forget? The first time she met Ray, she had introduced herself as Yekaterina, a student of Sofi’s. Or at least, that’s what he believed. She couldn’t blame him for not noticing any earlier because when the blonde set her mind into hiding her identity, it was hard for others to discover her ruse unless they were kitsunes. 

“You can put it that way… yeah” she grinned sheepishly and followed his steps, trailing behind the male as he led her elsewhere for coffee. “Yes, coffee would be very much appreciated, thank you for your hospitality” When he said he could do well with coffee, the blonde laughed nervously and ran her fingers through her flaxen locks, “You don’t say.” When he took a seat across her, Sofi spared a small smile and took a few sips before placing the cup on the surface of the table, it was time she admitted who she was, right? Since they were going to train anyway. “To start off, I guess I should give you a reminder of who I was, since you said you were terrible with names. I’m Yekaterina. But I don’t use that as much because that’s my middle name. It’s nice to make your acquaintance once again, Ray, I’m Sofi. Sofiya Yekaterina Zahara, to be precise.” 

Nice to meet you then Sofi " Rau smiled gently offering his hand " I'm. just plain Ray herald the bartending firefighter " he chuckled as he raised his cup to his lips taking a gulp before placing the cup back down " so what kind of space would you need for lessons if we were here cause I can mean you anywhere you want. just can't leave the station much while on a call " ray jolted a little remembering " if you seen a squeaky redbone on the floor leave it exactly where you see it patch is blind as a bat spent two days looking for it when someone put it back in his bed " he chuckled a little

Would you like to follow me to a briefing room it's less likely to have ears listening in and do you know Spanish " ray moved out of his seat as he picked up his cup " if anyone asks your teaching me Spanish very unlikely but just in case " ray walked up to the counter " would you like anything to eat" Ray stopped mid-sentence as the tannoy came to life "Truck 1 Ambo 77 truck 11. battalion 15 Car crash boulevard cross people trapped " the once quiet room came alive with the sounds of people running and doors closing less then a minute later sirens screamed to life moving off into the distance " as with Gary about there won't be much left, and we could practice here as we are more or less lone, but it is up to you " Ray returned with a shiny red apple as he sat back down

Practising in a fire station with a Diverse Initia, things couldn’t possibly go wrong, right? At first, she admitted that she was a  bit reluctant to come because it’s a suspicious spot, not to mention, potentially hazardous to the both of them, or maybe just her, he is a Fire Initia, surely he could handle if anything went up to flames. The same couldn’t be said for her, though. Sofi wasn’t deadly terrified of fire, but she would rather not think that the flames would go anywhere near to licking her skin. But still, the Psychic Initia was determined to entertain the idea of teaching Ray. He had the determination and that drive was more than enough to send Sofi into her lane. She could appreciate people like that. Sometimes, you don’t see what others do, perhaps he had a better mental condition compared to the other students she’s had. 

The blonde won’t know anything for sure until she sees it for herself, of course. Which was why she decided to come today, to see if he had what it takes. “As long as you keep me away from hazardous situations, the station is fine” she assured, not the best choice for a venue but it’ll work, she wasn’t particularly choosy either. “I usually bring them out to the field but this works.” When asked if she could speak Spanish, the Initia shrugged casually, “Not the best but I’m decent.” The languages she could speak fluently without a miss would be Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, French, Norwegian, and Portuguese but Spanish is somewhere there. Perks of being born in a multi-racial island and spending her entire life line traveling from one place to another. 

“That’s a nice cover” she quipped, it was one way to avoid suspicions too. “No thank you, I had a big breakfast earlier today” she declined politely, when the sirens blared, Sofi averted her gaze elsewhere, people sure were busy all the time here. “Psychic training doesn’t usually require any physicality, at least not yet. You’ll pass that stage very soon, so I’m just here to test if your head is really as strong as your body.” She took a seat nearby and crossed her legs while analyzing the room for a quick moment, “How good is your memory span?” 

" good apart from remembering  names " ray shrugged a little, "I think its due to my    upbringing  my father we'll stepfather wasn't a  good man and  everywhere we went I had to call him a different name  but  since coming to evermore  my memory has gotten with names " Ray chuckled a little " the worse thing that can  happen is  we set off the fire extinguishers  or pack alarms " Ray sat listening to  Sofi  as he  nodded at the  times he thought were correct 

" yea I had to make up something can't tell your boss your   learning to do things with your mind   id be in a straight jacket " as he sat up  "  what sort of things should I expect  to happen " Ray   pulled his radio out of his holster as he  turned off  the control switch before moving from his seat   closing all the access points of the  room " so we don't get disturbed" Ray returned to his seat as he looked towards  Sofi

I am ready when ever you are " Ray no

Every second she spent here makes the clock's ticking sound a lot more ominous for some reason, Sofi didn't know why. It wasn't as if she was afraid of fire, well, technically, anyone who wasn't immune to fire would be a bit frightened by it and she wasn't excluded from the lot as she was sure some Fire Initia were too. No one is completely immune to the heat, the only people who came close to it would be the Fire Masters. Diverse Initia still could wield them but she wouldn't go so far as to describe them as immune. But at least Ray seems like he's gotten enough control of that element. "You call your grandfather different names? How do you even begin to remember?" she asked, it was just pure curiosity at this point. The whole key to playing this element safe was always to know your opponent's key points. That's why Sofi always tried to know more about the other male. That's the whole point of getting to know each other. Admittedly, she could just tap into his head to know more but that wouldn't be half as fun and knowing the blonde, she wasn't a fan of breaking the rules of privacy. 

The last thing she wanted to do was breach someone else's human rights. "Yeah, let's… refrain from setting off any alarm, please" she chuckled nervously, "I don't want to draw more attention to us than we already have. It's important to practice this at a place you feel comfortable with. Even non-living things have thoughts, you know. They could be intervening in the intermission between you and me, sometimes those don't end up well." But decent if they can block all of the disturbances. Though of course, Sofi wouldn't be expecting much from their first session together. When he asked her what sort of things should he be expecting, the Psychic Master shrugged, "To be fair, everyone is different. Before I can teach someone, I have to know their character first. What makes them tick and what makes them calm down, all of those. Now I can do all of that by just tapping into your head, it wouldn't be hard. But then it defeats the purpose of building resilience. So our first lesson of the day is blocking. It doesn't sound easy, I know." 

She cleared her throat and stared at the taller male standing across the room, "I'm going to start with the basics first. Close your eyes. Shut everything out. Every sound. Every commotion. Just imagine you're here in this room alone. And tell me what you can feel" It was then at the moment where Sofi decided to induce the room with a bit of commotion, nothing too intense but voices spelling things out as if they were trying to manipulate Ray. "Find my voice. See if you can distinguish which one is me amongst all of these… once you have, let me know." It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Blindly. 

Ray. relaxed into his seat a little as he closed his eyes as he began to  listen to Sofis voice as  he eventually  closed out her voice as he was mt in the mess hall   but something felt different about it  as he  moved his fingers " I feel peace  calmness like I'm in the middle of nowhere."

Ray looked around the room as voices spelling things out began to play out in his mind as he spun around the room seeing several views spelling words out as his mind thought about his training she began to look around listening to the sounds as he slowly moved around the voices taking in the tone as he began to move around the room more as he. focused on looking for Sofi he wanted to call out fire department call out but knew it was not that type of situation  as he stopped the voice carried on speaking as he  took a deep breath she moved  towards the two voices  that he hadn't checked   feeling at ease  he opened his mouth  

" i think i found you " Ray kept his eyes closed  awaiting further instruction 

The first stage of testing someone is always easy. The only hard part is the individual trying to gauge what's surrounding them and giving too much thought into them instead of seeing it as what it already is. "Alright, deep breaths. Stay calm. Don't feel pressured. That won't do you any good, I'm here to hear you out not to evaluate you. We'll have plenty of that later when you're more acquainted with the element" she reassured, the state of mind is such a frenzy place, she needed to be sure that he was calm. From what she sees, Ray seemed to maintain the calm composure and she was delighted to see that. It's a good progress moving slowly. She decided to give him some time so he could take his time while trying to see which one is her. 

They were in the room filled with inanimate objects and since they were in a firehouse, the energy signature is considerably different than usual. It's more intense which may give into the thermal projection when trying to find someone. He could be locating her or he could not. What matters is his choice in the end. When he said he found her, Sofi tilted her head to the side and raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Not gonna lie there, you found me sooner than I thought. I'm gonna give it to you. You're fast and adept. But let's see if that's really messed that you found. It's generally warm in here, because we're at a firehouse, the heat messes up the thermal projection when trying to pinpoint a person. But who knows, maybe you're better at this than I thought you are" she pursed her lips softly and cleared her throat. 

"Alright then. Try to communicate with me. Say something. Nor verbally of course. In your head. If I could hear you I'll respond. If not, then you'll need to keep searching."

Ray spun around on his heel as the room changed to show inanimate objects some he recognised some he didn't as he began to move around the room his hands tracing over the objects as he passed them just like he would have done in a fire stopping at the odd. Item examining it like a blind man would use his fingers to trace images in his mind as he continued to walk around the room looking at things.

Ray stopped at a lighter-shaped item as he felt something different about it different to find a casualty feeling he walked away as he continued to search the room. as he came across a table in the far corner, he traced his fingers over the items as he stopped again as he spoke to his self in his mind unaware he was talking to someone " I admit I like a challenge, but this is tough but interesting " Ray continued to explore the room as he stopped by the door as he felt the weird sensation again in his mind he called out " fire department call out."

When she first met him, she wasn’t at all convinced that he could do this. Don’t get her wrong, she wouldn’t like to discriminate or put them in a category before they could do anything to prove to her that they’re the right kind of people to train in this element. But the Psychic element is not just any element, if anything goes wrong, which is actually quite likely if she was trying to calculate her chances since she’s the only one who knows enough about this element, there was no knowing whether she could dismantle their progress or not. If there was anything that Sofi Zahara hated most, it was the maybe’. She’s a doctor, a neuropsychologist, not a geologist who calculates the probabilities of a geographic change based on the climate. 

This is one of the chances she is going to give the Diverse Initia to take in his stance to know whether he could take the pressure of the Psychic element or not. Ray was running his hands around as if he was a blind man trying to read braille or picture the physicality of an object. With her arms crossed as her gaze never left him, Sofi pursed her lips as she watched him grapple again. “It’s supposed to be hard, Ray” she chuckled, at least he had a humor on him, that way she wouldn’t actually find herself being bored sooner than expected. When he suddenly called out, she could hear it, but it was very faint, “It’s there but it’s faint. I could only hear out… try again, louder this time” she exclaimed. 

Ray  began to trace over  the items again  as a  little doubt crossed his mind as  he began to look around hearing an argument he had  with his stepfather  over losing a firing spring to a   shotgun as he shook it off he continued  to  run his fingers over the objects as he made his way back  down he room  stopping at another item that spoke to him  as he  took a step[again he called pout in his head  like he was in a burning building  as he yelled  in  his mind " Fire Department call out "

Ray looked around as  he heard a  younger version of his self  repeating how to assemble and  disassemble  every weapon that was laid in front of him as he controls his breathing  as he thought to his self  its the past its not happening now your in evermore  I'm in the firehouse   Ray  took a deep breath as he calmed his thoughts as  he called out again loudly  in his mind " Fire Department call out 

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