Eliot had a calm morning. Sitting on his deck smoking pot. truly relaxing. He had just come to evermore city, buying a house here in the Initia territory. They had offered him a room in the main house but...Eliot was not about to live with a bunch of strangers. He never had a house to himself in his almost 30 years on this earth. 

Eliot had finally moved into his own home in evermore city! Just on the outskirts just finished un-packing. His house was mostly set up by servant's he had hired. Even with the break from his family his bank account was still well feed and fat. Giving him at least a couple years before he was flat broke. His main area was mostly filled with fancy glass wear, many bottles of liquor and a small shelf that seemed to have a variety of pills and powders. His own little collection away from the world. His eyes darted over his new 'Home'. Sitting down he started to make himself a drink Slamming it back rather fast he dawned his best dress coat and adventured to find where he was to meet Sofi. 

After 10 minutes Eliot found himself back at his door step "One for you, one for me... " Eliot muttered to himself as he made two cocktails for him and one for Sofi, his new leader. He was going to meet her at the main area but he could not find it after only 10 minutes of walking around. He figured like everyone else in his life she would wander on in to see him. So he remained in his little mansion he had bought out. Sitting in nicely in the base of the mountain range. Candle lit along his house as he wandered about tiding box's and such up. Waiting for sofi. 

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Months have passed yet Sofi only found herself thriving. She’s gotten more acquainted with the tribe members, especially the youngsters who were yet to choose their path between the mastery or diverse life. Everything was well now, but the busy life was something the Psychic Master couldn’t escape from, not that she was looking forward to it or even expected it. But, wouldn’t anyone who was working diligently want a break too? Sofi wasn’t excluded from that. A few months ago, she heard that plenty of people were looking for her, mostly for her services that she could provide; psychology. At least her PhD wasn’t wasted away. Whilst Sofi enjoyed her life as an Initia, that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her life as a person too. And Sofi Zahara loves working as a psychologist, or in her case right now, a neuropsychologist. 

Sofi closed the last of her patient’s file, pushing it aside as she neatly placed them in the cabinet, before promptly locking it using the lock she had around her keychain. She only remembered that she was supposed to meet someone today, or rather, a new member of the society that she has yet to induct into their community. It's a bit of a hassle when you're constantly busy, having to induct them every time there's a new member but to Sofi, she didn't mind it one bit. Induction ceremonies were the least of what she would do as the reigning supreme of the Initia tribe. More and more people are joining them over the months and she couldn't wait to show them all that Evermore had to offer. It's like being a tour guide trying to attract more visitors. 

Eliot Lennox, she had confirmed to meet him at the faction house just like anyone else would, but when she called in and heard he hasn't arrived, Sofi had to guess that maybe he could locate it. So in the end, she asked for his address from one of the Masters and found herself walking up to his doorstep. It was because she wanted to make a good first impression on the newcomer and honestly, maybe she could've done it at the faction house but his place was near enough, so it didn't take her too long to actually get there since it was in the same route she took to get to the faction house. She inhaled deeply and knocked on the door a few times, she was wondering why he didn't meet her at the faction house, which wasn't that hard to locate actually, but like anyone else, Sofi likes to keep herself in a positive mindset. 

Eliot was laid back in his living room chair - having been about 20 minutes of relaxing. Both drinks had been drank as he lit another cigarette that held onto his dry lips as if it was going to fall. Puffs of smoke lingered around him as he thought of this new tribe. Would they be ok with him? Would HE be ok with THEM? His eyes rolled as he realized he was looking for validation. "I need no validation' He whispered to himself as the bell for his house donged. Shooting up he fumbled his cigarette to have it leave a burn mark on the carpet as she yelped and stomped on it. He looked around making sure all the candles, large fire items and such were still flicking nicely. He wanted to show off a bit, but when didn't Eliot? 

His feet carried him rather fast to the door entrance where he fiddled with his shirt collar. It was like he was going to see his mom for the first time ever, His hands sweaty, his pulse going 100 miles per hour. His straighten out his clothes and hair before swinging the two large wood doors open. "Welcome Sofia! It's a pleasure to meet you. Eliot here darling!" His hand reached out and grabbed hers in a very excited shake. "Thank you so much for welcoming me and my sister jasmine to your tribe here in evermore. We promise we will be nothing but help! Come in come in!" He ushered Sofia inside as the doors closed behind them. 

The house was moderate in Eliot's mind but for the average person it was glamours for sure. The entrance way had a large center staircase that had walk ways on both ends. He grabbed Sofia's hand and started to lead her while rambling as he spoke. "As you know my affiliation is fire and my sisters is gravity" As the walked into the living room Eliot let go of Sofia's hand as he reached for the two glasses to re pour them drinks. "Cocktail?" He lifted the glass up as if to cheers with a large unwavering smile. 

Did she know anything about him? Not really. There were plenty of newcomers and Sofi had a lot on her plate so it wasn't surprising to see the Initia Grand Master not taking the time knowing every single person in the tribe. But, she did remind herself to look around and see what she knows about the said person before going over to meet them. Today was a weird occasion, it was usually them who went over to meet her first, not the other way around. It was mostly because they would know where to find her first rather than her to them. Fortunately, Sofi was able to locate where Eliot was going to be. Once she had knocked a few times against the door, she waited for a while, the sounds coming from inside, especially the steps rapping against the floor made it clear that the person in question was on his way to greet her. And that he did. 

The moment the door was opened, Sofi was greeted with Eliot Lennox. He had called her by her full name which did come off to her as a surprise, considering how the blonde didn't really associate herself with the name unless they were there in front of her at the office, addressing her in a formal way. She did have the title of a doctor in front, after all. But everyone else called her Sofi. Still, before she could say another word, he had already interrupted her, which left her smiling politely. This guy was definitely eccentric, she thought. "The pleasure is all mine, Eliot" she returned the same gesture and shook his hand, and allowed him to lead her inside. This was new. She wasn't very used to it and honestly, Sofi wasn't sure if he was just generally eccentric or he's just high, at the moment. Either one works, she guessed. "Please, our tribe here in Evermore welcomes anyone. No discrimination whatsoever." 

It was the kind of tribe she wished to lead, basically. One that was free of any judgment and gave an equal second chance to others who sought out a place they can call home and belong to. After all, she wasn't exactly a stranger to that concept either. "Ah yes, as far as I'm concerned, both of you are looking to be masters in training? For both elements?" While they do have masters of every element there in Evermore, being the first and only tribe to have all 8 elements in one tribe, their latest masters in training had graduated from their training period, which leaves a few room to be filled out in the vacancy table. When he offered her a drink, Sofi was a bit apprehensive but she didn't show it, one of the perks of being a psychic Initia meant she could trick others more than they could to her. "Why not, thank you." She could use a drink after a tiring day. "How long have you been here, Eliot? If you don't mind me asking, of course. We have a lot of Initia coming here lately, I couldn't keep track of it. I do hope Evermore is treating you well, of course."

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