"The party of the century!" Eliot walked around his house pre-party in his house coat and boxers. Cigarette hanging out of his mouth slowly burning away as he puffed. "Now time for the last touches..."He set up the drag bar which was an array of pills and powers. This was in the spare bedroom which hosted it's own bathroom, Large tv and Mini sitting area. A sign hung on the door 'Enter at own risk of a fun time', closing the door of the spare room he felt set. All the liquor was out. ice and snacks were stocked. He walked to his bedroom and dawned a toga and crown. Gold leafs stuck to his hair as he lined his eyes with a dark liner. He was ready and smoking hot. His eyes flashed red as candles around the house and Tiki torches. He was ready. 

The night had started. People flooded int he doors as Eliot made his way around the party. Greating people and laughing. Occasionally He would pop into the spare room. His eyes darting around. His face flushed ever so lightly.girls brushed up against him,Seeking his attention. He would make sure to spin them in the right direction of a more...willing man. People tussled around him as his attention fell to his couch. 

A girl sitting on the couch laughing caught his eye. She seemed to be in high spirit and having a blast with a small group of Nephilm he had just gotten to know. He sat down right beside her. His high brain locked on her features as she laughed loudly after one of her friends had made a joke. She glanced over at him as he rolled his jaw and glaces her up and down. "Your drink is almost empty. I haven't seen you around before. Such a beauty I think I would remember!" he laughed as he sipped his own cocktail glass and smirked. "The names Eliot, Eliot Lennox. The grand goddess of this party if you will! The proud mother!" He laughed at his own joke. 

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Life had a very funny way of throwing up the unimaginable, in the last year she had lost so many things, so many people - people she thought would be by her side for the better part of forever, yet throughout it all, she also gained so much. She had her good days, and she had her bad days, and when those bad days came there felt like no escape; however, nevermind how much she wanted to give up, she knew she still had other people relying on her. Not only did she have her last remaining  family and friends, but she also now had a whole Faction to stand up for, and support when things got rough. It was a lot to take in for a Nephilim who had spent most of her time alone, with bloody knuckles and a tongue for a sword, but she couldn’t deny that it felt good to be accepted, and needed in a way that wasn’t for darkness. Thus, when some of the Nephilim who resided in the Faction house requested her to join them at this prestigious house party, they made it incredibly hard to say no; when in reality, she had left that sort of lifestyle behind. 

Clarissa stood at the front door and twisted the ring which rested around her neck with her fingertips; this would be Isaiah’s scene, without a doubt. She took a steadying breath and walked over the threshold to be met by masses of people, loud music, alcohol and smoke; it certainly brought back many memories, some good and some bad but they were enough to bring the briefest of smiles to her lips. Despite the noise, she heard her name being called out by some of her Faction and they beckoned her closer with a drink already waiting for her. Rissa settled in and remained fairly quiet in the group, but their conversations did bring a series of laughter to erupt from within when in reality, that ‘within’ was where the most sadness resided. 

She was certainly surprised when someone other than the group she had found herself approached her; Clarissa couldn’t help but scoff at his flattery. “I tend to make my presence known to those who I think are worthy of it” She left the comment hanging, he could take as he liked - but truth was, she had never heard of him, and her likewise. “Oh, so you’re like Gaia? But the one true Mother of all parties?” She went on, her tone a little less harsh than before; she had to remember to play as nice as possible these days. “The name’s Clarissa… Bradford” She wasn’t sure why she hesitated on her surname, perhaps she just wanted to be someone else for a time; a person where her name doesn’t precede her. 

Eliot let his eyebrow raise at her comment as a even more devilish smile shows on his lips. "Ah, a  spicy one. I like it" He let his droplets of his drink linger on his lips before licking them and placing his drink on the coffee table. "Yes, I am the mother Gaia of parties or as other names I go by are, Dionysus, Bacchus, Silenus, oh and many others darling!" His eyes glaces over everyone else sitting there as he nodded to each of them before returning his eyes to Rissa. "Pleasure to meet you darling. Maybe now i'll be on your list of people important enough to grace them with her presence. Because to people as good looking as us, While we could sit up some trouble no?" With out asking what she liked Eliot reaches out for her empty glass and brings a little bell out of no where. With a slight shake of this golden bell a young man dressed in only a loin cloth shows up. Grabbing the cup Eliot whispers in his ear. as fast as he comes, he's gone. 

"Something special is on the way.." He leaned back and lights his pipe. Listening to the others around him and anything Rissa has to say. His body could feel any and all movement around him. The heavy heat from bodies, the thumping of music. His pupils huge and soaking in all the light them could. His teeth chattered ever so slightly as he re lifted his pipe o this mouth. Maybe no more drugs for the night. Just liquor and this new girl - Who he had already decided was going to be his entertainment for the night. As the younger man appeared with her drink, she would noticed it was a fine aged scotch garnished with a lemon, a single round ice ball and lemon seeds in the glass. A fine liquor indeed. 

He sat back, putting his arm around the back end of the couch. His finger tips brushing her shoulder on mistake as he did so. Tho his arm was not around her. just his hand behind her head resting on the couch. His other hand controlling his pipe and liquor intake. He listened to the buzz around him with the biggest smile. How he loved to host, to see the fun happening around him because of him. It filled his soul to no extent. 

Clarissa wasn't quite sure of what to make of the host who now stood before her; it was clear as mud that he had been doing far more than drinking and the occasional shot. Yet this news hardly surprised her considering the level of smoke and other smells coming from the house; not to mention the overall atmosphere and those who came in and out of the main living area that she was in. The nephilim nodded with a somewhat impressed expression as he listed off the different names. "Someone knows their Gods, particularly the wine gods" She mused with a slight shake of her head. "You surely can't go by all their names, that is very selfish of you. Let others have a go, hm?" Rissa quirked a brow as he automatically took her empty glass and called over a young lad to go and top it up; typically she would never allow such a thing, especially in an atmosphere like this and where she knew absolutely no one. Who's to say what he would fill it with? Yet, she wouldn't be opposed if it was something to forget elements of the last year. 

"We'll have to see about that" Rissa grinned, she was actually a very antisocial creature and typically any social activity made her skin crawl; even now despite her Ambassador duties. "Something special? Dare I even ask?" She questioned with a hint of skepticism, but in that moment she thought back to what Izzy would do and he would be to hell with it; the whole, you only live once moto, despite their immortal lifespan. Rissa glanced up at the boy who had returned with her drink and nodded in thanks for him before peering inwards to see what alcohol beverage he had brought her. She gave it a quick sniff before taking a swig, as the liquid coated her taste buds, she nodded. 

“I guess as the Queen of all parties, you only hire the best to make the best drinks hm?” She commented and glanced sideways at him; almost chuckling at his somewhat dazed state - it seemed he may have begun the party too early or perhaps he simply got a high from being the hostess with the mostess. 

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