It had been a full month that passed since that night.  And thinking about it still brought this pain to her chest which she had never experienced before, heartbreak. The hardest part of it all was knowing the two of them still cared about one another like crazy but there was this massive wall between them which Ivy didn't know how to overcome. It had affected everything in her life, from people asking her if she had lost weight, to questioning if she was sick. Ivy was usually so good at hiding her emotions from others and putting a front but this, this had truly broken her and she had no one to blame but herself.

Her most recent movie had wrapped 2 weeks ago which meant she had free time since she came back to Evermore, her agent kept trying to convince her to do press opportunities or parties out in LA but she just wasn't interested in any of it. All she wanted to do was stay at home and stare at her phone, hoping maybe if she waited long enough and hoped, maybe she'd hear from the person she missed most. Was that too much to ask? She knew she was giving her space right now but this space was killing her, the not knowing where they stood was killing her. 

Her feelings weren't dulling down, if anything since they parted they had only made her long more and more for her. Ivy had just finished cooking dinner and settled herself in front of the TV in her pajamas, she had spent the past week or so like this, just trying to find anything to cheer her up. She was just getting into the story when she received a call from guard at the gate telling her there was someone insisting they wanted to be let inside. Ivy perked up for a moment wondering if maybe it was who she hoped it was before saying to let whoever it was come up to the house. 

In her curiosity and perhaps even desperation she completely forgot what she was wearing or the fact she wasn't wearing any makeup as she headed to the door so she could peer outside to see what was going on. 

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Has it really been a month since that fight broke out between her and Ivy? Can it even be called one? It's not exactly a fight if it was just one sided right? That time, only Taealha was feeling furious and upset whereas the Initia tried to explain to her, giving her exactly what she needed. She wasn't that mad, she was mostly just sad that there were more secrets at large but a week after that, the human pretty much moved on with her life. It wasn't as if she had a lot of time to herself anyway, being in her position meant she had to work around the clock and focus on her research. So she did. She spent most of her days at the lab once again, nothing out of the ordinary. She tried to bury herself with endless work because at least… she didn't have to think about how much she misses Ivy. God she missed her so much. 

She's been debating whether she should text her but every single time her finger hovered on the send button, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Somehow, that always happens. But today, little did she know she would be given the opportunity to set it right. Or at least, whatever that is close to it. Taealha actually went back home today because Leo hasn't hasn't eating well and when she saw him, he was being very sulky which made her worry because the ragdoll persian has always been cheeky and bright, never this quiet and gloomy. It was probably sometime over midnight when it happened. The human was doing her paper and was going to give Leo his midnight warm milk but the white fluff wouldn't respond. That's when she panicked. 

Dressed in only her nightgown and a cardigan to cover whatever's left of her decency and modesty, the brunette went from one clinic to another. But they were already closed and she was slowly starting to lose her mind over it. With the cat in the carrier, she kept trying to wake the cat up but it only whimpered silently. While she was crouching over the pavement, scrolling her contacts to see if she had anyone, her finger halted at Ivy, could she help her? Was she fine with her not really communicating for a month? There were so many questions in her mind but she couldn't afford to wait so she ordered an Uber, rushing over to the actress' place. 

As soon as she got there, the first thing she did was knock on her door desperately. The guard she recognised from the other day let her in. When the door opened, she threw herself at the other female and sobbed "Leo... Leo" was all she could utter softly.

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