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Life is Choking (Venetus and Virindeus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Virindeus Ailward Nov 17, 2023. 4 Replies

✧ Life is Choking✧Virindeus wasn’t the best at keeping up with how long he would lock himself away in his room. Especially since the balance seemed to be in a swirling circle in the city of…Continue

A light in the dark (Cornelia and Virindeus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Virindeus Ailward May 3, 2021. 4 Replies

The news of Cornelia's death was something that shook the aspect to his core, yet only confusion set it shortly after. As his ties to the living suggest otherwise. He wasn’t convinced she was dead,…Continue

Florida Mission (Aeryn and Virindeus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Aeryn Zephon Constantine Apr 16. 23 Replies

Deus wasn’t one to go on missions often, in fact it…Continue

Something's Not Right (Cora and Virindeus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Cora Ailward Apr 23. 23 Replies

Virindeus wasn’t the best at keeping up with how long he would lock himself away in his room. Yet this time it came after his favorite plant had exploded trapping Reus and himself in his memories…Continue

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Choosen name
Virindeus Jeton Ettan Ailward
Birth name
Virindeus Jeton Ettan Trailel
Deus, That Green Aspect, Hippy
Looks 40's | Really 1279
date of birth
August 30th
r. Status
Single; all about free love
Aspect of Life; Part Time Vet Tech
Evermore City, Colorado (Ailward Manor)
Southern America
Aspect of Life (current)
Human (formally)
Athletic Figure
six foot three inches
Two Hundred and Eighteen Pounds
Black (Natural)
Dark Brown
Aspect EYES
Various Shades of Green
Various Shades of Green
Isaiah Mustafa
Various scars over his body from his slave days
Earth sigh on his inner arm, A few plants in various spots
Earth scents since he tends to be around plants often.

Other Side
Integrity, Generosity, Peace-lover
Disorderly, Obsessive, Vague
Drinking, Smoking Weed, Sex
Prefers to be naked but since its frowned upon he can be found in relaxing loose clothes, or dressed up when needed to be.
Gardening, studying science, perfecting the perfect foods.
Each aspect has a staff entrusted to them by the gods which allows them to turn into the form of a dragon. This allows them to travel the world to where they are most needed.
The staff is also the source of all powers. The Aspect has to remain in contact with it for their abilities to work. Without the staff, Aspects are mere immortal humans.
Each aspect's eyes will glow when the balance is jeopardized within their element or when they are using their abilities.
Each aspect has a natural ability to see the status of their element within the world.
The aspect of life takes the form of the green dragon, they are tasked with protecting the life forms on the earth, they keep watch over both the nature of the world and the living beings of the world including those supernatural beings who live extended lives, they do not protect species which are immortal.
Immortality: An Aspect is immortal, once they become an Aspect they do not age any further, however they can be killed via fatal wounds to the heart or mind.
Staves: Each Aspect is entrusted with a staff which gives them specific powers listed below as long as they're in direct contact with it
Flight: The staff also allows them to transform into a dragon capable of flying at speeds which make them invisible to the supernatural eye.
Visibility: Each aspect is able to watch and monitor their element as noted in the traits, though unable to directly do anything about what they see through their powers, it allows them to detect where problems lie within the world.
The Aspect of Life is able to create magical objects which grant immortality to their wearer, such objects are only entrusted to those who are deserving.
The Aspect of Life is able to communicate with all living animals and plants and get them to obey to his will.
The Aspect of Life also has healing abilities for non-fatal wounds, but in order to heal someone, he must absorb their pain into his own being.
Staves: An Ailward's abilities only work when they're in contact with their staves. Without it, they're reduced to immortal humans. Anyone in contact with the staff can wield its powers and cause destruction which is why an Ailward keeps it close to them at all times.
Magic: Aspects are susceptible to all kinds of magic and being exposed to magic for a long time can kill them.
Fatal wound to the heart or mind: Although immortal, if an Aspect is stabbed through the heart or mind the Aspect dies.
Service: An Aspect only lives to serve their element and when/if they choose to retire from their service they will pass away.
Overuse of Power: Though powerful, all Aspects are limited with the amount they can use their power before the power causes damage to them.
Separation: As an entity of a whole group, an Aspect cannot be away from the other Aspects for too long before they will begin to suffer pain and eventual death.
He is gentle, nautrally a pacifist, open to others and their problems
The Past

Virindeus Trailel was born to a poor family in Southern America, as a child he had very little, his family couldn’t afford any sorts of education for him so from a young age he had learned to be very much alone. he would help his parents with any work which they could manage to scrape, be it spinning wool into yarn or helping to clean the houses of those who were richer than they were. As Virindeus reached into his teen years the young man was able to secure a small job of his own where he would clean a local nobleman’s house, the man was known to be a rather sleazy business man who tended to take advantage of others but Virindeus kept silent and kept to his work. The nobleman had a daughter however who was often found roaming the building, the girl was unkind and at times rude and often went out of her way to make Virindeus’ work harder. He didn’t know what he had done to deserve such hostile treatment but he pressed to continue regardless.

His boss then turfed him out of his home and shouted to him that he would never work again and he would ensure that no one would ever dream of hiring him. He had been right, Deus had tried his hardest to find more work and with his father falling ill he was in need of medicine which the family simply couldn’t afford. He passed away several days later and his mother fell into a state of depression she stopped working and before long she had also passed away from “a broken heart”. Furious that he had to sit and watch them both stripped from him without being able to do anything to save them he had decided to leave the village, there was nothing for him anymore and it wasn’t like his reputation was going to get any better.

Deus had travelled to the nearest city and had been forced to steal from carriages to keep himself alive, he hated becoming what they all accused him of but if he hadn’t then he would have been dead before he could reach the city. Upon arriving in the city he tried his best to find work but everyone turned him down, in a city like thim, a man in tattered clothes begging for work did very little to help his image. Broken, Deus had collapsed in an alley all alone letting his eyes close, it would only be a few days before it would be all over. That was until he met Venetus, the man had heard him cursing from the streets and found his way to him, he had knelt at his side and offered him him a hand. With no other options Deus had chosen to take his hand and follow him, after which they had spoken over a loaf of bread he had purchased for him. Deus told Venetus how he had been set up in his village and how everything had been downhill from there and Venetus had made him an offer, an offer of work of sorts, but not in the kind he was expecting. Venetus told him that the world was much wider than the young and very human Deus could imagine, there was all kinds of beings other than his own. Deus wasn’t sure he believed him at first however once he brought him back to the Ailward house he had met people capable of doing things which weren’t humanly possible and this swayed his beliefs.

It took some time to swallow but Deus found himself allies in this group that named themselves the Ailwards and with time he came to accept the job Venetus had offered and helped them, in exchange he received enough money to start getting his life together and a home he could return to every night. Through the years he helped to spread the word of the Ailwards and their message and he saw people beginning to look to him and treat him more than just a little slave boy. That was until Mitus. He had been utterly fooled by him, he had been pulled into council with the man and he was discussing the Ailward message with him and he truly believed that Mitus was interested in the cause the Ailwards were representing, but it turned out that he was just using him words to find a reason to bring the demise of the group and he had his way. Virindeus was furious once more, men of power in this world were the lowest of the low and upon hearing of how him and the other Ailwards were to be executed he was sick to his stomach.

Upon him execution Deus’s spirit was directed to the realm of the Gods where he was brought to stand before the Gods, he recognized them of immense power and bowed his head as a sign of respect. The Gods spoke of how they intended to resurrect the group as new beings who were capable of helping the world to be saved. Deus was afraid but also excited at the idea of becoming a supernatural being. he was to become the aspect of life, tasked with protecting the living people of the world, especially those in vulnerable positions who needed him. Deus was entrusted with a staff with a green orb at it’s peak which when looking inside was a beautiful garden within it. The staff gave Deus the ability to transform into the form of a dragon which was a beautiful Emerald green.

Upon their resurrection the Ailwards left America for the Isle of Skye in Europe, here they would place a protection spell upon the island preventing anyone who was not pure of intentions of entering, this protected the Ailwards from those who wanted to see their demise. Those who would make it through the barrier were pure of intentions and many of them came and left, others would make their way to the council and choose to pledge their loyalty to the aspects, this was how the Ailward guard was to be born and from here the Ailward following grew over the years.

Deus took his task seriously and would always do his best to help those who were in need where he could. he cared deeply for the values the Ailward group, to bring a better future to a world whose light was slowly dying. he would do him best to protect those who were like him and help them like Venetus had done for him.


Story here.


Something's Not Right - Cora Ailward
Florida Mission - Aeryn Constantine

A light in the dark - Cornelia Bradford (A)

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