The news of Cornelia's death was something that shook the aspect to his core, yet only confusion set it shortly after. As his ties to the living suggest otherwise. He wasn’t convinced she was dead, and yet he wasn’t convinced she wasn’t either. A few had been lost to the vail for a little bit of time, before their status was known. All he knew is he grieved the lost, for he couldn’t stop in and annoy her while she was working anymore. A few years past and he had grown used to the new life he had not having her around.

Though if he was honest the aspects became distracted with the chaos all around the world. Darkness seemed to be threatening to over take and there was nothing they could pinpoint. Deus suffered losses along with the death of his favorite plant that came out of nowhere. It was shocking. Causing him to spend time locked up in his room trying to figure out what was happening. He was losing the ability to talk with his plants as if they were dying and becoming husk of themselves. It drove the aspect mad, the silence that was taking over his life. 

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed that he had been locked in his room, as he threw the dirt across the table. With a heavy sigh he got up and moved towards his door pulling his coat from the hook. He made his way outside the manor and started walking around the city. With some time he found himself staring ahead of him. His brain going a mile a minute. That is when his dark eyes caught the familiar face, confusion crossed his face as he stopped walking. “Cornelia.” He whispered softly, not like the woman stopped.

He fell into steps behind the woman, needing to know if it was her. This would be one good thing to come out of the last two years. Maybe she was alive. Deus' hand reached out without him commanding it took and took hold of the woman’s wrist. “Cornelia is that you.” he asked out towards the woman not turning her around before realizing how bad of an idea it was to grab someone walking along the streets of Evermore.

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To be perfectly honest, Cornelia wasn't sure why she had picked up the habit of walking down the streets of Evermore with no sense of direction. While at first it was because she wanted to come across places and people that would trigger her memories, the angel-child soon found herself venturing more and more out into the unknown, as if she was actually running away from the very memories she had come to Evermore to unearth. In her defense, they had been quite overwhelming and often with the onslaught of memories came painful headaches that would bring the once-detective to her knees.

So when she ventured out that day, a long black overcoat wrapped around her lithe frame, the angel-child prayed not to run into someone from her past whom she inadvertently did not remember. She was aware that there were many relationships that had crumbled with her "death" and the ones who had greatly mourned her loss definitely deserved to know the truth but the whole conversation around how she was alive in the first place was daunting and frankly, tiring. If there was a way she could announce it to the world and get back to her life, she would've taken it.

When a familiar voice called out to her as she was walking down the streets, Cornelia froze to the ground. Against all her wishes, a plethora of memories flooded her mind, instances of him dropping by at the precinct, the two bantering over a cup of coffee, talking about life. However, she hadn't placed a face to the voice yet, too overwhelmed by the gush of pain that overtook her. She almost didn't notice the fingers that wrapped around her wrist but using the last of her energy as she forced herself to turn around, her white optics had turned into a dark shade of red, tears forming in her eyes, "Vir...?" She choked out, no longer being able to keep the pain at bay as her knees gave away.

When Cornelia turned around and locked eyes with him, it was almost as if he was seeing the years weigh in her mind. As she no longer looked the happy, friendly, Detective he once knew. If it wasn’t for the fact he knew her scent all too well, and seeing her feel so broken made his heart hurt for her. “Virindeus.” he spoke his name  to her softly as his other hand came to her under arm holding her up. The good thing about him being the aspect of life was that he knew when someone is in pain, and he knew how to help make that fade at least.

Not wanting to show his powers to everyone around them. He was quick to hug her close to his body and moved out of the way. Just into a cafe opening that didn’t have high traffic in it, since it was a midday slowness. He moved her into a chair as he crouched down taking her hand in his. His eyes turned green as he removed the pain that she was feeling in that moment. The pain hit him like a wave and he gritted his teeth before shifting himself from the ground to the chair across from her. “Shit how do you deal with that?” he asked her as he pinched his nose to force the pain down.

After a quiet moment when the waitress came over and caused him to turn towards her. “Two coffees, and scones.” When she walked away the darker skin male looked towards Cornelia for a long moment. “So, what is going on in that head?” He asked as he managed to lean forward and keep his gentle look on his face.

She felt a familiar pair of arms hold her up as her knees gave away. Cornelia had completely given into the pain, the strong throbbing hit the side of her head like a bulldozer slamming into a concrete wall. She clutched his shoulders as the male brought her close, desperate for the pain to cease existing but it only got stronger until she closed her eyes and let the memories overwhelm her.

By the time the pain faded away and Cornelia was back to her senses, the female was sitting at a table, the Aspect of Life crouched in front of her. "I'm so sorry," She let out in a raspy voice, knowing how unbearable the pain flowing through him was. It was incredibly selfless of Virindeus to absorb all of her pain and knowing the Aspect for as long as she had, she didn't expect him to be anything less than the perfect and compassionate being he was. 

"I owe you one." Bringing a soft smile back on her lips as she finally could take in her surroundings once again, Cornelia chuckled at his question, "Well, as you just saw, I don't deal with it." A shrug rolled off her shoulders though they both knew she was joking. "Are you not gonna ask me how I'm alive? That's usually the first thing people ask me these days." She watched as the waitress took their order before returning her gaze to the Aspect of Life. His expressions were soft and gentle and for a second the brunette felt at ease, knowing this was not going to be one of those tiring conversations where she had to explain to someone how she was alive and why she didn't seek them out sooner. "I lost my memories and that was them coming back," She said and then quickly added, "Well partly anyway." 

Deus took in a deep breath before finally looking up towards the Nephilim he had thought he would never see again. Something in the world was hiding life from him and it was starting to bother him. First his plant, now people he knew like Siobhan and Cornelia. How many more people in the universe had just disappeared liked them. “Don’t be, it will pass quicker being inside of me then you having to deal with it.” He said in his kind voice as his hand touched hers over the table once again. It was the upside of his abilities it burned through pain rather quickly.

“I am sure that I am not the first person that has caused that kind of pain recently to you.” He had to hand it to her. That kind of pain would put anyone on their ass. “Lets just say you are not the only person that has came back recently. Siobhan, I am not sure if you remember your old Second in command. Has returned after two years of us thinking she was dead.” He mumbled out as he crossed his arms on the table. It was all not sitting well inside of the aspects brain.

As she spoke of her memories coming back and how things where he gave a gentle nod. “So every time you get hit with memories it puts you on your ass? Almost.” He said softly as he shifted leaning back in the chair for a moment. “Guess you get tired of having to explain to people huh?” He gave an easy smile as he tossed her a wink. “How are you feeling now?” His gentle expression stayed on his face as an idea crossed his mind. “Well enough to go for a walk?”

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