In and Around The City (Human Territory) (141)

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Dance, Like There's No Tomorrow (Chansol + Valentin)

Chansol’s feet slapped against the cemented pathway as he jogged along the lake of Evermore, it was a pretty city no doubt as he was glad t…

Started by ✓ Chansol Kyu

6 3 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Chansol Kyu


Challenging Obstacles [Fallon + Florian]

Focus. She thought to herself as her hand gripped tightly along the rocks on her wall, balancing herself properly as her mind continued to…

Started by ✓ Florian Krüger

0 6 hours ago


Seeking Help [Ace + Florian]

Florian was sprawled out in her queen sized bed in her bedroom at her apartment, her head was pounding with a nasty headache from the heavy…

Started by ✓ Florian Krüger

0 10 hours ago


New ink? Arken and Florian

A canvas of ones experiences, stories etched in line and shadings, being read upon arms, legs, chest and backs. A journal on the flesh. Tat…

Started by ✓ Arken Melchior Hazard

0 14 hours ago


Quartz (Taealha & Ivory)

There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. S…

Started by ✓ Taealha Kim

9 15 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Ivory Tessa Blake


Some Reindeers Don't Click (Julian & Eleanora)

Of all the festive seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas would make up high on his list. Simply because it was supposed to be a season where…

Started by ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart

33 15 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem


The Perfect Date (Sapphire & Katrina)

Katrina had been planning for what felt like forever. Katrina had technically never dated. All she saw were those cheesy romance movies and…

Started by ✓ Katrina O'Sullivan

0 16 hours ago


He's In The Rain (Joshua and Charlie)

"She's in the rain. 아름다웠던 널 그려보면, 흘러가버린 시간이 멈춰. (She's in the rain. When I look at how beautiful you are, time stops.) Dark gray clouds co…

Started by ✓ Joshua Byun

25 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Charlie Vizard


A tattoo artist in Evermore (Arken and Priscilla)

The one thing every tattoo studio has in common, is the guy who thinks he can hack a days session... -~- His natural golden skin has sunken…

Started by ✓ Arken Melchior Hazard

4 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Arken Melchior Hazard


You're Still The One (Baptiste and Elias)

Bap and Elias's last reunion had ended pretty awkwardly. And, while the Valkyr felt pissed off, bitter, and as if Elias might be trying to…

Started by ✓ Baptiste "Owl" Dupuis

0 yesterday


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