In and Around The City (Human Territory) (114)

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It's That Time Of Year (Closed to: Claudia & Winther)

Each season holds a different meaning, time for things to come and go, that is why people favor one more so than the others. Claudia had o…

Started by ✓ Claudia Delaney King

0 15 hours ago


A girls night is needed. ( Holland and Sariah. )

Work was impeccably slow as of late. Ever sense the death of a co-owner. Everyone has been kind of in a ‘meh’ mood. Still showing up to wor…

Started by ✓ Holland Emery

11 16 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Holland Emery


Giving Back (Open to Tatiana and Sariah)

Sariah wasn't much for events, she tended to act awkward at social gatherings which usually left her dancing on her own or standing in a co…

Started by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~

13 20 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov

Instar Diviner

A spy meeting. ( aiden and arthur )

It was high noon and he was late to his own damn meeting. - What a way to start the afternoon. All he could do was curse under his own brea…

Started by ✓ Aiden Charles Hale

3 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn

Ailward Guard

In the name of Science ( Zandra and Holland)

Hearing talks about a attack on the science center was not an idea please Zandra wanted to be around. Chemicals, and many other things can…

Started by ✓ Zandra Hollyn Smoke

7 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Holland Emery


Caught Red Handed [Riley & Kaelyn]

The night crept in slowly as always, drawn out in a painfully slow manner every evening of summer and Riley constantly found herself laying…

Started by ✓ Riley Adams

9 on Friday
Reply by ✓ Kaelyn Brookes


A New Change (Open to Cameron Vaux)

Arthur had been adventuring out in the city today and he was enjoying himself as he watching the human's doing their daily chores and rout…

Started by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn

25 on Thursday
Reply by ✓ Cameron Vaux

Instar Diviner

A Touch Of The Dark Side (Cameron Vaux& Taylor Birsch)

Cameron lounged in the front of his tattoo shop, sketching out flash sheets at the receptionists desk. He had finally gotten done fixing it…

Started by ✓ Cameron Vaux

6 on Thursday
Reply by ✓ Cameron Vaux


Sandbox Love (Zeus and Reese)

Zeus gave a welcoming smile to each customer who came in tonight. 'Joe's Honky Tonk' was a club she had opened to remember her parents by.…

Started by ✓ Zeus McCartney

5 on Thursday
Reply by ✓ Reese Jacob Ornelas

Ailward Guard

What are you doing? (Zandra and Gabriel)

In the afternoon of beautiful but hot summer day, Zandra wanted to travel around the city and try to find things in case of a mission to bu…

Started by ✓ Zandra Hollyn Smoke

4 on Wednesday
Reply by ✓ Zandra Hollyn Smoke


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