In and Around The City (Human Territory) (134)

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Brothers, Twice. (Caleb and Caden)

( 2017 - somewhere in Texas ) The air was dry and dust caught in Caleb's throat as he hit the kickstand on his motorcycle and leaned back…

Started by ✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

1 5 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Caden Fowler


"I Don't Understand" (Roleplay Only Open to Clara and Scott)

Clara made a jump with surprise, she could almost hear the scream leave her mouth, but then again it could have just been in her head. The…

Started by ✓ Clara Carter

18 22 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Clara Carter


5, 6, 7, 8 (Open to Yeon and Clara)

It was getting rarer and rarer these days that Yeon managed to make it to run classes in his own studio which was a shame because he enjoye…

Started by ✓ Yeonseok Lee

19 22 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Clara Carter


When opposites attract ( Open to Clara and Ray )

Ray pulled up outside the. Fire. House as the. Cloudy sky. Turned to rain clouds as he took off his helmet he closed his eyes as ever drop…

Started by ✓ Ray Herald

47 22 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Clara Carter


Bookworms (Maddison + Aster)

It was the week-end and luckily, Maddison’s free time away from the small gift store that she worked at. Ever since landing herself that jo…

Started by ✓ Maddison Eliza Garcia

1 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Aster Gallagher


Divine Intervention [Alexi and Aiden]

The moon slowly showed itself in the darkening Evermore sky as Alexander sat by a beautifully hand crafted oak desk. The room around him wa…

Started by ✓ Alexander Sundfør

7 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Aiden Hale


Another Cliche (Open Hyunjin and Irene)

It was another average Friday night. Every week Hyunjin and his colleagues from the precinct would head out to the bar for a few drinks, th…

Started by ✓ Hyunjin Nai

16 on Monday
Reply by ✓ Hyunjin Nai


Booze and a Bargain. (Everson and Leona)

Breaking and entering was something Leo didn't do often. That, however, didn't necessarily mean she lacked the skill. She'd only use it in…

Started by ✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro

6 on Monday
Reply by ✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro

Ailward Aspect

Dear Hope (if you can hear me, don't go) Aurantia and Lake

So I will write it down, all the jagged edges The ugliness I've seen Until I change the truth, rearrange the letters For beauty underneath…

Started by ✓ Aurantia Ailward

0 on Sunday

Ailward Aspect

Morosis (Malva and Cora)

Nothing was ever simple for any of the Aspects. There was no such thing as living a simple life for any of them. How chaos and trouble alwa…

Started by ✓ Cora Ailward

0 on Sunday


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