In and Around The City (Human Territory) (118)

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★ Well That Escalated Quickly (Open to Aeryn and Scorpios)

It was just an average evening for the nephilim. He’d kinda gotten into a routine since coming to Evermore, work on the club with Mikael fr…

Started by ✓ Aeryn Zephon Constantine

15 11 minutes ago
Reply by ✓ Scorpios D'Angelo


A Safe Place ( Evermore General, Evermore Colorado | Caleb & Malva )

Caleb hated hospitals. He’d never enjoyed the white coats, brights lights, and odd smells of the super sterile environment required to hel…

Started by ✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

14 1 hour ago
Reply by ✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~


Collide (Open to Yeonseok, Hanseol, Jaesung and Daehyun)

Four Months. It had been four months since Yeonseok had decided to take a chance on Hanseol Park. Yeon didn't know exactly what it was abou…

Started by ✓ Yeonseok Lee

52 18 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Yeonseok Lee


Why do you look like her? (Lucius & Elle)

As a star of the sky, he has seen and lives many years. Many centenary from the time he got to earths soil to now. Meeting people and seein…

Started by ✓ Lucius Wright

1 23 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Elle-Mae Vivienne Lovett


Dancing On My Own (Otto and Euphemia)

The weather had been frigid lately, causing the Celestial to think about the day he'd fallen from the sky. Otto had fallen during the most…

Started by ✓ Otto Markov

10 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Otto Markov

Instar Diviner

Losing Yourself (Open to Dakota and Austin)

As she slammed the door for the last time the brunette finally allowed herself to breathe, in and out as she tried to get a handle over her…

Started by ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield

23 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Austin Connelly


Clutching At Straws (Open to Mirae and Yeonseok)

Nightmares. Everyone had them right? Yeon was pretty sure everyone must have experienced the unwelcome feeling of a dream turning dark, mem…

Started by ✓ Yeonseok Lee

3 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Mirae Stormwind


Through The Flames (Zeus and Justice)

It had been quite a long, stressful night for the Nephilim. Zeus had been getting little to no sleep the past several weeks, and on top of…

Started by ✓ Zeus McCartney

10 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Zeus McCartney


Broken Gears (Evermore General, Evermore Colorado | Caleb & Cornelia)

Caleb shuffled through the automatic doors of the building labeled ‘Evermore General’ too deep in thought to notice the crowd of people th…

Started by ✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

4 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~


★Keep Us Appart(Zeus & Nate)

An old saying claims that you can’t get along with everyone which is true. However are you supposed to be surrounded by complete morons?! A…

Started by ✓ Nathaniel Leight

19 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Zeus McCartney


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