It has been a while since Seojun enrolled in Evermore University. He had chosen his course in criminology and remembered telling his Aspect of Light that it might be a good chance for him to pursue. Honestly, it was just an excuse to be able to see Argent more. Here, he could at least see her always and be by her side, in case anything happens. It had nothing to do with the fact that he has had this one-sided crush on her for the past century. Not at all.

Classes were as ordinary as it can get, he had two roommates who were annoying in their own nature but surprisingly enough, the therian grew to like their company. What an odd trio they were. He realized he had woken up late the moment his alarm rang for the fourth time and he kept turning it off, which resulted in Jihoon coming over to whack him because he was supposed to have his elective class.

“No fucking way…” he grumbled under his breath as he sprayed his cologne after washing up and dashed out without a second thought. As an Ailward Guard who was also a therian, he was agile on his feet, so he was able to sprint towards the faculty in 5 minutes with ease. By the time he got there, he realized the class has already started and cursed under his breath. How the hell is he supposed to get inside?

He peeked slightly and noticed there was a back door to the class and used it to get inside, being as vigilant as possible to not alert the lecturer teaching at the front. He snuck in silently and got a seat next to a blonde. He dropped his pen while taking out his book and reached down to get it, only to bump his head against the girl whi was also trying to help him. Freyja Silvermoon. How was it that he found her again in the big campus? “Well isn’t this a small world…”

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