What can one say when they are proven wrong? That the person they had been so upset and angry towards for so long was right? Let alone about the fact they didn’t use you. That they didn’t murder someone. What do you do when what could have been the best thing in Lachlan life he made sour for years? Well for Lachlan the only thing he thought he could do was apologize, and tuck his tail between his legs and run. Yet it was hard for him to leave Irene's side. Especially learning that she was in fact right and there was someone out there trying to ruin her life. Fucking magic users was a phrase he had used more then once when it came to the Diviner bullshit he saw over the few months of Irene proving her innocence. Lachlan soon unable to face her found himself fading into the background of her life.

He buried himself into work and kept tabs on her, now to keep her safe. If anything felt wrong he would be by her side for it. It was the least he owed her. At this point he felt he owed her his first born child or something but he tried not to focus on that fact. He just chose to watch over her, in a not creepy way. Or so he hoped it would come off as one of his screens became dedicated to watching around the city for her, and the woman that had become her doppelganger. Though for months nothing exciting had happened and he had kept up with her, through text to not disappear out of her life completely. He just knew he didn’t want to mess anything else up. Months went by before something happened that raised alarm bells.

His screen that kept an eye out for her and her doppelganger started flashing as two Irene once again showed up in Evermore City. His eyes grew big as he watched the Irene’s draw closer to the other. “Shit.” He said as he quickly jumped from his seat and was out of his office, not bothering to explain to his team as he climbed in one of the cruisers and took off. His phone beeping with the location. The flashing lights going as he sped through Evermore. Before he knew it he was throwing the vehicle in park and jumping out of the car. He took off towards the secluded location that his phone read as he pressed the call button trying to get Irene to pick up. 

He could hear the ringing in the distance and as he came upon the scene he saw Irene laying on the ground with the doppelganger standing over her with a bat in hand. Lachlan let out a low growl and as the doppelganger turned to see him there she was gone in a flash. “Fucking magic users.” he mumbled out before moving over to Irene. He moved picking her up off the ground and settling back with her in his lap as he used his Lycan gifted ability to take her pain away in hopes that would help her wake up from being hit over the head with a bat.

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It has been a hellish week for Irene. Or month. Surprisingly, it wasn't the usual week where she felt like she wanted to choke someone to death for not doing their jobs properly or throw herself off the building from her window because of the stress. This time, it's just her hectic schedule making another appearance, in a good way. The blonde finally managed to close yet another deal with the broker and now they are underway a new project. And my, did Unruly Eve had a lot of those ongoing and upcoming projects under their belt. It got the company working back on their fullest potential overnight basically and she likes it. She's been attending her work almost every day except on Sundays where she suddenly decided, was a day off permanently since she needed some of the rest. 

At the end of the day, Irene Farley is a businesswoman. A successful one at that and so well brag about that any day. Except today. Unfortunately, today seemed to have her wind up with some bad luck. It was a few hours ago when she finally finished her shift an hour earlier than expected that she received an anonymous tip about Mira's whereabouts. Last she checked, Lachlan had kept a close eye on her and they do communicate frequently, as frequent as a detective and an executive worker can contact anyway. She probably shouldn't have believed the tip off but honestly, Irene was not a patient woman and she wanted to get this done as soon as possible. So of course, she took the bait. Willingly. She hurried down to the parking lot and got inside her car, putting her car keys into the ignition and drove to the said location that was pinned in the message. 

"You're behaving drastically" she mumbled to herself but it didn't stop her from not speeding on the pedal. Whatever it was, if Mira wants a piece of her then she'll get it. By the time she got to the park, she parked her car a few blocks away and followed the map to the pinpointed location, taking the secluded route off the main streets and into another avenue. She should've known her opponent was never gonna play nice, just because Irene decided to be a little bit nicer these days, doesn't mean Mira was. It was very dark, there were about 3 lamp posts following down the path but neither had their lights on. It was a suspicious place but Irene was hardly spooked over a few of that. While she was reading the message again to see if this is really where she was supposed to be at, she felt a blunt force hitting the back of her head, causing her to crumple down in pain. As if the first hit wasn't enough, a second strike came afterwards and this time she was really out cold. The entire world seemed cold and dark, she wasn't sure if she was really just picturing everything but her head was woozy. 

Lachlan looked at her passed out in his arms, as he moved his hand he saw the blood from her skull. “Come on Irene.” She said as he looked around before letting out a loud growl. “I will help you find her, I will help you kill her if I have too. Just don’t you dare give up on me.” if he could feel he would know there were tears that slipped over. No matter what they had been through, no matter how big of an ass he was for not believing her. She would always be in his heart one way or another.

He stood up and looked around as he took off towards where he could smell Irene’s scent drifting from. He fumbled around patting her pockets until he found her keys. He unlocked her car door and slid her into the passenger side before moving to the drivers side. He placed the seat all the way back with a sigh. “Stupid small cars.” He muttered though most cars were small to him. After all he was six foot eight. He pushed in the press start and peeled out of the parking spot she had been in.

In a few passing moments he was outside of the ER. Tossing her keys to the valet as he moved to pick her out of the passenger seat. With a frown he moved through the doors and flashed his badge that was in his pocket. “I want her to tend too right now.” He looked down to Irene before moving to place her in one of the beds. “She is a VIP, you hear me?” he said in a demanding tone, not wanting to let the blonde’s hand go. His dark eyes moved back to her as he raised her hand to his cheek. “Come on Ireanna.” he muttered out her full name out of habit. It use to get a reaction out of her, so why not now.

When she came here, she didn't expect to be incarcerated like this. Not so easily. Mira was nowhere as strong as her and though Irene hasn't been dabbling in her magic for a while due to her busy schedule as the CEO at her company, it wouldn't change the fact that she was still a few steps ahead of Mira. Unless she was wrong and that the other female actually stepped into the dark and relinquished her hold over the light in order to get revenge. For something she didn't even do in a sound mind, it sounded absurd even to the heiress. Because she wasn't being as cautious, here she was lying on a pool of her own blood, thankfully not too much considering the assailant had only hit her head. But still, a metal bat. 

She's still a human. She didn't have regenerative abilities and she couldn't even heal herself using magic when she's barely conscious. That was when she heard a familiar voice booming, she moved slightly and realized someone was holding her. With every strength left that she could possibly muster, she fluttered her eyes open a bit and saw his silhouette; was that Lachlan? "Noisy… what are you being so noisy for…" she murmured groggily and groaned in pain. She could sense he was bringing her somewhere and though she normally would be mad at a stranger doing this to her, someone unknown, she couldn't bring herself to even care, at the moment. The pain in her head was too unbearable, it was hard to stay conscious. However, for the sake of it, she had to. 

The view changed a few times, first she was seeing the carpet of a car and then the blinding lights of somewhere white. A hospital? She couldn't make out her surroundings until she heard more voices around her. When she heard her full name, it was as if something shocked her with the highest voltage, not much to wake her up fully but enough for her to muster up the strength to speak a few words, "I told you I hate that name…" She could see it was him, it was blurry but it was something. "Didn't I say not to call me that…"

Lachlan held on to her hand trying not to hold it too tight since he didn’t want to hurt her more then she was already hurt. He knew with his inability to feel it was clear that he needed to be gentle. The tears rolling down his cheeks even though he couldn’t feel them. They were dropping from his eyes onto her hand. He knew he had been wrong for his past treatment of Irene but the pair of them had made up. They were on their way to a beautiful friendship even. Yet he failed to keep her safe. He would forever blame himself if she were to be taken by death's grip.

As he was wallowing trying to figure out if he should risk biting her and turning her into a Therin when he heard her mumbles. His head shot up as he smiled towards her gaze on him. “I figured if anything could make you talk it would be me calling you that name.” He said gently as he placed her hand on his cheek for a moment. “You scared me I thought you were gone.” he muttered out as he stared into her unfocused eyes. “You are going to be okay, I am going to get her. I am going to stop her.” he said low enough so only she could hear him, even if she wasn’t processing his words.

When the doctors came in and gave her pain meds he watched her closely before looking to the doctors. Who moved to wheel her away to get her checked out and patched up. He figured they were going to do scans, so on. He paced the waiting room as he waited to hear she was fully okay. He rubbed the back of his neck softly as he looked at the time. It was close to two in the morning now, Lachlan was covered in her blood and really should go home and shower, not be covered in her blood but he couldn’t bring himself to leave fully.

Her head was spinning the entire time and she was so close to cursing out loud when she realized she couldn't move her hand to clutch her head unconsciously. The reflex move being refrained by something or someone else was causing the blonde to wake up, she peeked one eye open and saw an all too familiar build holding her hand tightly, but not too much as to not crush her bones. "If you hold my hand any tighter, I swear I'm going to rain hell on your life, Remington" she exclaimed bluntly, her voice still recovering from the deliciousness from earlier and god did her head pound like hell. When he responded by saying the name she grew to dislike would be the only way to get her to notice him then, Irene grumbled and sighed heavily, "You succeeded… but don't say it again" she really hated it with passion, and perhaps it won't be forever but for now? For how many years Irene Farley has lived? It's a reminder of her bitter past that she desperately wanted to forget. 

"You can't get rid of me this easily, I'm offended you think it'd be this easy to take me out, Lachlan" she scoffed, bringing her free hand to touch her head gently, "I have to admit though, she landed a really nasty hit… I feel like I just got hit by a truck… twice." And that wasn't even an exaggeration when she counted the other hits on her body. Upon sensing the growl in his tone, Irene closed her eyes and cleared her throat while still keeping it closed as if she was trying to collect herself and not to strain her eyes, "Careful… she's much more cunning and sneaky than I thought she'd be…" At some point, even she wondered what happened to the once sweet Mira Harridan. She usually didn't like pain meds at all but realized she wasn't in the position to whine and reject, and maybe… she really needed it. 

They brought her into a room for further checkup and did a few CT scans, thankfully it wasn't anything serious but she did suffer from a concussion and was advised not to work or do anything mentally or physically strenuous for a while, which of course had her complaining silently. She's a busy woman. Irene had a blanket covering her lap and was leaning against the wheelchair and resting by the time they were wheeling her out. "Thank god I didn't need to stay" she huffed, Irene wasn't a big fan of hospitals in general. It makes her sick. Noticing him in a lighter position now made the blonde furrow her eyebrows, "One might have thought you hurt or killed someone with the blood" she pointed out.

As the blonde started to rise from the forced upon her sleep her quip remark caused his hand to let go of hers. “Oh how I know those words ring true. I don’t dare risk the hell falling upon me.” He looked over her face though taking her in that moment. How a woman could take such a beating and still sound so fearsome. She truly was a force of nature he would rather not deal with on the bad end. At her threat he gave a gentle smirk of his lips involuntarily. “No promises blondie.” He said softly towards her, “But for now I shall stick with Irene.” He said gently.

“Everyone meets their end no matter how strong they are Irene. I guess I was worried that even though you are the strongest woman I know, you would be finished and I couldn’t stop it.” The fear ran through his mind. After all they had managed to mend their fences, to lose her like that when he was just miles away rested heavy in his mind now. As she spoke of how she was feeling Lachlan out a gentle scoff, “Magic users souping themselves up I am sure is not of any help when it comes to feeling like that.” Lachlan's head hung in that moment as Irene spoke on how Mira was cunning and sneaky. He knew this to be true. Didn’t make the blood lust of rage calm in his chest.

As she was taken back he sighed out and moved outside where he took a long drag of a cigarette to calm his nervousness as the vision of the video caught in his brain. Watching her body crumble. Her voice filled his ears and he turned around putting out the cigarette and chuckled. “A busy woman you are not like you would let them keep you unless they had too.” He pointed out to her knowing her well enough to know she wasn’t one to be held against her will. He looked to the blood on his shirt and let a chuckle. “Not the first time I have come through these doors covered in blood.” He said simply as he then moved to get her keys out of his pocket. “Let me drive you home?” He asked as he held them up. “I can run from there back to the station.”

She was glad the one who found her was him, if she was being honest. Irene obviously didn't trust a lot of people, she was always walking on eggshells for a reason and the last thing she wanted to do was show how vulnerable and weak she could be. Even if a hit to her head resulting in concussions would definitely warrant the worry. "Yes please, stick with Irene. I don't need a reminder of how cumbersome and nauseating that name is" she even purposely gagged in front of him to show her defiance. The name brings back memories she would rather not go back to, and she would like to leave it at that. No point in walking back into the past when all she would find is her own pain. "Even if I was finished and you couldn't stop it, it wouldn't have changed anything" she pointed out dismissively and sighed.

"We can't do a lot of things, Lachlan. You can't stop destiny, isn't that what people often say anyway? If it's my fate then it's my fate, not saying that I wouldn't try to run from it but I knew the risks when I took it." Every day she wakes up, the blonde knows exactly what kind of route she is choosing to walk on. Today was no different. "So don't fret too much… I'm stubborn as hell anyway. One way or another, you know I deal with things on my own terms." They need to devise a better plan if they hope to beat Mira at her own game because it was clear as the day that the diviner was not playing fair. Admittedly, you wouldn't want to play fair with your enemy anyway so she could understand that. Doesn't mean she would tolerate it. "I have a lot of things to do than to sit here all miserable" she narrowed her clear hues towards the therian and huffed, expressing her displeasure quite openly. 

Irene pulled a face when he said it wasn't his first time coming through the doors with blood on his shirt, "I did not need to know about that but I'd prefer it if the blood didn't come from me so…" Her eyes caught a familiar cling from the keychain of her car keys and looked up, oh he had it. "Do you mind? I'd tell you I can go back home by myself just fine but I'm more likely to get myself in another crash while driving and end up here… again. Besides, I have something I need to show you anyway."

Watching her purposely gag at her own name, gave the large man a gentle chuckle from his lips. He always wondered why she hated her full name. It was unique and nice but he also never asked why she hated it so much either. Not wanting to beat a horse long dead he moved past it. “I shall stick with Irene, unless you are dying. I reserve the right to use anything I can to keep you alive. After all your hate for that name brought you back just now.” He tossed her a wink with a chuckling as she still tried to argue the point she wanted to make about how calling her by her real name would do nothing if she was finished. Maybe it was because of how he thought she would rise from the dead if she in fact heard her real name that made him believe his own argument in his heart.

Lachlan sat with that statement for a quiet moment as she talked of destiny and fate. “You know honestly I never pegged you as one that believes in destiny or fate especially since you shape your own way in the world.” He snorted. “Makes it feel like any success any of us have seem less then. Since why do anything if it's just meant to be anyways?” He raised a brow slightly. “I know you deal with things on your own terms but you also have to understand that you don’t have to do them alone now or ever.” He said softly. “If you would kindly stop being stubborn and allow me to be there that is.” He pointed out but knew that Irene was used to walking this dark path alone, just as he was too his own. As she huffed about having a lot to do he smiled softly to her. The same old Irene. It was nice to see that she was still her even after almost dying.

“You know that having the condition I have, I get caught up in fights or stabbed and well blood. So yes I would prefer the blood not be yours also.” He said as he gave her a nod. “I would much rather make sure you get home safely and rest tonight. Therian orders.” He teased before leading her towards her car. Opening the door for her to climb in and he walked around to the drivers side and started to make his way towards her house. The quiet drive brought them to her home, he moved around helping her out and paused taking a deep whiff of the air. “I don’t smell her.” He said softly towards her before looking down to Irene, as he followed her to the door. “What did you want to show me?”

Despite their banter back then, Lachlan was a good company, he made her laugh, genuinely. So that was more than good enough. "Oh damn let's hope I don't die then, or be at the verge of dying… because the last thing I want to hear is that horrific name being uttered by anyone alive" she rolled her eyes, the diviner really does detest that name with all her might, all due to the painful memory it reminds her of. "I do still shape my own world, make no mistake of that" she retorted at the therian dismissively, as if she was somewhat offended that he thought she would think otherwise, "I'm just saying… People don't walk the earth just because the world is being generous. There's a reason why we were created and no, it's not because our parents couldn't keep it to themselves one night. Every individual must have had some type of purpose? I don't know…" 

Irene is not superstitious but she still believes that there's an importance, or at least a role that's assigned to everyone. The blonde stared at him before sighing heavily, "A, I'm always stubborn. That's my charm. B, I do things alone because I don't have people to help me. But I'll try… to find company, if you mean you" she may sound nonchalant about it but she was sure he knew what she meant. Irene Farley has never been one to play around with her emotions. She's a cutthroat harpy who runs a business empire, after all. "You're not expendable, Lach" she muttered, she thought he should take care of himself more often. "I'd love to get some rest…" and after what happened earlier, she could feel her head getting slightly dizzy but that one was probably from the sedative they administered to her which will die down after a while. 

The drive wasn't long and thankfully so because Irene was being nauseous from riding a car. She was just getting out of the passenger's seat when he told her he didn't smell her. The diviner unlocked the front door and beckoned for him to follow her inside, switching on the lights as she led him to the office, showing him a few pictures of Mira. "A few months ago, she was sighted in Vienna meeting 3 people, 2 males and one female. They look to be natives. I want to know why. Do you think you can find something about it?" She then slid him a book in a plastic sealed bag; a half burnt journal. "See if you can get an ID on whoever held this book last too… I'd try magic but whoever it was made it impossible to retrace it."

Lachlan gave an easy smile as he glanced over to the blonde woman who once had his heart, but now holds a different special place there.  “I know you shape your own world. Honestly you are the only person I believe could take over the whole world.” He said honestly as he glanced back at the road as he drove. He thought for a moment before he spoke, “I believe we came into the world with some reason if you look at it that way. Maybe we came into this world to be the reason for our friends, family, and chosen people in life. I guess I just always viewed destiny and faith about some grand saving the world plan.” He gave a gentle shrug, this was a new topic for them they had never touched on before, never one he even overly thought of either.

Hearing her sigh and her saying she was stubborn he smirked waiting for her hand to hit his arm or someplace when he said. “Stubborn is an understatement.” His tone was teasing before growing soft. “Thank you, it would make me feel a little less paranoid that you are going to be the next body I come across.” He was honest. He saw parts of the world that many got to turn a blind eye too willingly. Her next words made him blink and look at her before going back to the road. “I…” He wasn’t sure what to say. He had felt if he died, he died, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Yet her words made his heart ache, to the point the cold therian didn’t know how to respond.  “You will be home soon.” He said gently.

His eyes glued to Irene as he made sure she got inside and they moved into her office he never took her gaze off her so if she waivered he could pick her up. Taking the photos and giving a gentle nod of his head. “I should be able to find something on them.” He took the photos then the book and he gave a gentle nod of his head again. “I will take these with me tomorrow. But first.” He placed them back on her desk for the night. His hand came to her shoulders and he started to lead her towards her room. He remembered the layout from the few times she had brought him in for random investigating things. Once in her room, he scooped her up and placed her in bed tucking her in. “Sleep. I am gonna hang out on the couch tonight. Just in case.” He said as he moved out of her room. Finding the guest bathroom he took a quick shower. Wrapping up in the towel and throwing his clothes in the washer hoping to get the blood out of the clothes. After that he removed the towel and shifted into his animal form, curling up at the end of the hall.

She chuckled when he told her he believed she could take over the world "See, when you put it like that, god that sounds so excessive and unnecessarily ambitious… so much effort, but hey maybe I should take over the world…" It sounds appealing if not for the amount of effort she needs to go through. 

She quirked her eyebrow and shook her head when he started being philosophical "Honestly Lachlan you've always had a thing with words it's crazy you're not working as a lawyer in law enforcement and not a police…" He certainly has a penchant for it. "I don't believe in fate or destiny… I believe in free will and honestly destiny has done well fucked me over these past few decades… there hasn't been a single thing where I haven't had to work for it myself. If anything, any relations to my surname and my family is dragging me down… instead of boosting me up" it wasn't easy to keep ahold of her company, she had to go through a lot. 

She couldn't help but reassure him that if he was seeing anything of her, it certainly won't be a dead body "Please, it won't be as easy to get rid of me… I dabble, remember? It's likely that I will come back haunting whoever tried to kill me." Irene still keep in touch with her roots if not more, she is still attuned to her dark magic. For once, she actually missed home. She wanted to go back and green her comfy bed and her puppy. She just stared at him when he scooped her up and brought her to her room, tucking her in like she was a child, but strangely enough Irene felt warmth and comfort, so she didn't fight him on it. She needed that. 

When he told her he was going to hang out by the couch and stay guard tonight, she pursed her lips and debated whether she should just let him sleep in the same room while he was in the showers. After a while and after changing herself out of the clothes, she limped slowly and poke her head out from the door "You can come and stay… guard in my room, I don't think my dog would take it lightly to a big… cat." Renfri was in another room and she feared the puppy being traumatised if she came outside only to find him like that.

✧ doppelganger mischief ✧
Lachlan gave a gentle gesture towards her and arched his brow towards you, “Taking over the world unnecessarily ambitious, are you sure you are Irene?” He moved his hand to rest on her forehead to make sure she wasn’t running a fever that was causing her brain to melt. “The world would probably be in better hands if you ruled it versus the others that are already in charge.”

Lachlan pulled his hand back and gave an easy shrug of his shoulder. “I would have never been good as a lawyer, let's be real there. I would lose my clue depending on the case and end up shifting in a courtroom. Especially in my younger years.” He knew how hot headed he had once been. Years have given him time to reevaluate his anger, keeping the rage that swirled in him in check. Taking in her words on the universe and how she had to fight through rough years and how she was more than her name. “You can believe in a bit of both, but I see where you are coming from. I know first hand how hard you have worked to get where you are in the current years.” He had watched her pour blood sweat and tears into the company she had hung onto.

He gave an easy smirk to her, “I know you dabble, still doesn’t stop my heart from worrying about you Irene.” He said easily, she was someone special in his life, one of the last few people alive he could allow himself to care about. He snorted hard though at the idea of whoever would end Irene would in fact get haunted by one of the most stubborn women he knows. “Well they honestly would deserve to be haunted if they kill you. I would imagine you would have some rather effective haunting ideas to use upon others.” He chuckled feeling like she could cause a whole new amenity vile horror home if provoked so as a ghost.

As he placed her into bed and gave her a gentle pat on the head, happy she allowed him to care for her for the night. He was sure in the morning she would try to sneak out but for now she was in a safe place to sleep. Since he was already in his lion form when she called him to come into the room he padded across the room into the open door brushing his nose to her hand before curling up onto the floor. He nodded his head to tell her to go to sleep again, not laying his head down till she was in bed and resting. Taking a sniff of the air he smelled the dog, one that probably wouldn’t like him since he was a giant cat.

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