Sofi was utterly devastated by the fact that she got herself in this situation. The blonde stared at the sight of the locked gate in front of her as she attempts to unlock it using her not-so-good pick locking skill. To be fair, Sofi was not at all well-versed in the arts of picking a lock because there has been no need for her to do that. If it was worth the ask, why didn’t she just break the lock?

The gate was specifically enchanted by a diviner asked by herself to make sure nobody would trespass if they don’t have the key. Said key could not be found in any of her belongings which made her think she might have misplaced them. But it was 2 am in the morning and there was no way of contacting the diviner that’s out of the city at the moment to get all of this down, which meant she ws stuck outside.

It was her own office and she couldn’t believe she lost a measly thing such as a key and all her important documents are inside. The ones she needed very badly at the moment for her to proceed with her consultations later this weekend. It was probably funny seeing a middle aged woman trying to climb up the gates, but the attempt was a fail because soon enough, the Initia found herself on the ground as she fell for a second time.

“No way… come on it’s just a gate. I can climb a freaking gate…” she huffed to herself and tried to climb again. To anyone else, in the middle of the city was someone trying to break into a secure office. It was her own office but people didn’t know that.

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Insomnia. It was a bitch. And it was a friend of the nephilim’s for as long as he could remember. It didn’t matter how many potions or pills were recommended, on the nights where his head decided to spin there was no hope. He was used to it by now, usually whiling away time with a book or listening to music but tonight his mind just couldn’t settle.

The bad dreams had been more frequent since he met Sofi, she looked so much like Marie that it was impossible not to flashback to those times and while it was very much established in his mind that they couldn’t be the same person, the resemblance baffled him. It had him questioning if there was some god out there who had it out for him and wanted to fuck with his head.

That was how he found himself out on the streets of Evermore so late, his feet taking him wherever they felt like it. He had been wandering pretty aimlessly for about an hour now until he heard the sound of rattling. Normally he would just put it aside as raccoons running wild but when he did a double take towards the noise, he spotted a shadow of a person.

And the recognition immediately set in. “There we go again with these cheap tricks” he mumbled under his breath, almost unsurprised that in the city with millions of people she was the one he happened to run into. He paused for a moment to watch in amusement as she attempted to scale the rather tall gates before deciding if he couldn’t beat the games being played, he may as well just enjoy the ride.

Heading towards her he tilted his head slightly “Decent form, but you’re definitely not tall enough to make it” he pointed out without really making his presence known.

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