He was late. He hated being late but there was little sympathy when it came to the sign off process in the force, he had to file all his cases before the end of the day and thanks to a runner putting his schedule behind earlier he was still writing up the last of it. He pulled out his phone to send Alicia, Rosie's babysitter a message to say he would be late and he would meet her at the coffee shop, adding to treat herself and Rosie on him. He breathed a sigh of relief when she responded with 'No Problem' and got back to work on filing his final case, wiping his brow and shaking his head, working a full job was tough when you were a single parent. 

When Lici announced they were going to get hot cocoa, Rosie couldn't help but squeal excitedly before placing her hand into hers, they headed out of the house and she followed as they walked the distance over to the cafe they liked going to. It had only opened recently and the owner was really friendly, always giving her a candy whenever she came in. Before long they were heading inside and over to the counter. She looked around the room curiously before spotting what looked like a massive white cloud across the room.

Her eyes widened and she tugged on Lici's hand to point in the direction of the dog before pouting her lips as though to plead with her. When she nodded but asked her to stay in sight. She nodded before wandering closer to the white dog who was laying down and minding it's own business but instead of petting it, Rosie pulled out the chair opposite the owner and hoisted herself onto it. She wobbled a little before smiling softly "Hi" she tilted her head a little, trying to figure out what she was doing on her laptop.

"Your dog is very fluffy" she spoke softly as she looked at her and then back to the blonde girl "Do you have to brush it a lot?" of course she was fact-finding about dog ownership since she had been trying to convince daddy to let her get one for a pet. 

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Today was supposed to be a great day in her busy schedule. After months and months of planning and going through the work books to get this established officially, today is finally the day she could launch and open a dog cafe. Irene remembered talking about it with Leigh, her good friend. It was just an idea that came up while they were talking and soon after that, she quickly started outlining what needs to be done and also did her research. She dragged Leigh with her to the local animal shelter where they had plenty of dogs lying around waiting to get their own owner or be loved just as much. It was where the blonde found her beloved Samoyed puppy, Renfri. Now the puppy found a new home she deserved and she has been spoiled rotten by her owner who clearly has never had a pet much less a puppy before. It didn't mean she didn't love her all the same because she does. 

This was going to be the first premise but it certainly won't be the last, she played around with the idea of a pet cafe, rather than just a dog one. Perhaps later she would be able to open a cat one, a rabbit one and whatnot. It would give the abandoned animals a chance to be loved by the customers who come to bask in their company. The cafe has been launched for over 6 hours now and soon the reporters and media journalists were evenly spread out as they talked with some of the executives she invited begrudgingly. But half of her team was new as she took on new blood after the advice she received. It didn't take long for curious customers to come venturing, it wasn't done without a build up of course. She wasn't the best at marketing but years spent in the competitive market and industry, Irene knew what to do. Flyers and promos were spread out months prior. 

But work is also work, so of course Irene was glued to the laptop as she typed in a report draft from today's launch in the first half. Renfri was resting next to her while she had a cup of iced coffee next to her, until a cute girl came sitting across her. The diviner was dressed more casually today since it was a side project, her now slightly longer blonde hair was left cascading down and she was wearing a pair of jeans and navy blue blouse instead of the usual working clothes. "Hi?" She realized the girl was talking about her dog which made her chuckle as she nodded in response to her question, "A bit. She's growing fast so I need to make sure she isn't unkempt. Do you know what breed she is? Her name is Renfri." She really did grow fast. "What's your name, cute girl?" She looked around to see if she had any guardian too, who knows if someone lost their daughter. "Who are you here with?" 

He finished up the last of his paperwork, filing it away and then quickly headed over to the machine to clock out, before long he was throwing his bag over his shoulder and heading out of the station and towards his car. He felt bad for being late but there wasn’t much he could do about it, work was the thing that ensured that he and Rosie were able to live a comfortable enough life. It wasn’t anything fancy or crazy but it kept a smile of his baby girl’s face and that’s all that really mattered. Before long he unlocked his car, put it into drive and was heading out into the city.

Rosie had a smile on her face as she watched the dog’s owner from across the table, daddy always told her that she should be careful when talking to strangers but she made sure that Lici could see where she was. “She’s pretty” she commented in a soft voice when the blonde lady confirmed her dog was a girl “Is she a puppy? Cause she looked very small” she commented and blinked a few times as she tried to think about the dog breeds she knew that the dog could be “A pomsky?” she asked in a cautious voice, it was only her guess because she had been looking at pictures of them online before and knew they could be white and fluffy.

Rosie grinned slightly when the lady called her cute “Rosie” she responded and looked down at Renfri “What’s your name?” she asked back, she leaned her chin down on the table, propped under her hands, making herself comfortable “My babysitter is here while we wait for my daddy to come pick me up” she explained and grinned “Daddy has to work late a lot but he always lets me have ice cream” she giggled, she did love ice cream a lot “Do you like ice cream?” she asked curiously as she hopped off the chair “Can I pet her?” she asked with an excited smile.

What a cute girl, that was the first thing that came to her mind when her eyes landed on the girl sitting so boldly in front of her. “She is” she nodded with a smile and placed her hand on the side while leaning, causing Renfri to bark excitedly as she tried to climb up on her lap. “Mhmmm, she’s only a few months old. When I got her, she was smaller, but I guess her breed just grows quickly like that.” The Samoyed was not how Irene remembered her to be. She used to be so small when she first met her at the local animal shelter. The diviner knew she made the right choice to bring her home that day. It’s been a while since she had taken care of her and the puppy has already taken a shine on the little girl the way she did for the blonde. 

When she started guessing what type of breed Renfri could be, she chuckled and shook her head when she guessed wrongly, “Shall I let you keep going or would you give up?” she asked slyly, she was not a maternal person but perhaps it was due to the whole excuse of not having young people being around her. The youngest she has ever had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting was a 21 year old following his father’s trip to the office. 21. An adult already. Besides, her company didn’t exactly allow the employees to bring their children to work. There was no bring your kid to work day. She never saw the appeal in it, sure the children would be proud but it would take a toll on their daily productivity. 

“Hello Rosie, I’m Irene” she quipped softly, she didn’t know what was about this girl that actually made her avert her eyes away from the laptop but she found her to be much more interesting compared to the screen. “Daddy lets you get ice cream huh? Is that healthy for you?” she teased and pondered for a moment before answering when she asked if she likes ice cream, “I do. What kind of a miserable soul doesn’t like ice cream? Can you guess what flavor I like?” When asked if she could pet her, Irene chuckled and grabbed the white furball before placing it on the seat next to Rosie, beckoning for her to do what she wanted, “Go ahead. I promise she doesn’t bite. Unless you’re as chewy as her chew toy.” 

The drive across the city thankfully didn’t take as long as he thought, though there was a long wait at one of the red lights as a family helped their elderly grandma get across safely. It made him smile, it wasn’t always that you got to see a snippet of the good in humanity but this was definitely one of them. By the time he parked up outside of the coffee shop and got all his stuff together another 15 minutes had passed.

Rosie was practically squeeing as she stared at the puppy who seemed about as excited as she was “How big is she going to get when she’s an adult?” she questioned with wide eyes, the white fluffy dog wasn’t exactly small right now after all. The young initia pouted her lips slightly when the lady said her guess was wrong “I don’t know many” she commented in a soft voice to hint she wanted her to tell her the answer. “Irene” she repeated to make sure she had heard her correctly and beamed slightly “I’ve never heard that name before” she commented thoughtfully, she liked it, maybe she would name one of her new plushies after it.

“Mhmm, daddy let’s me have ice cream as long as I don’t tell grandma and grandpa that I have it” she commented and giggled, though what he didn’t know was that grandpa let her have ice cream too. Rosie pulled a thoughtful face when she pondered what the blonde’s favorite ice cream would be tilted her head as though she could tell before picking the first one that came to mind “Caramel or….raspberry” or maybe that was just the one Rosie liked the most. Rosie looked at the white fluffy dog and reached out her hand slowly towards her, letting her lick against her before stroking her under the chin “She’s so soft” she squeed excitedly.

“What do you think I should tell my daddy if I want to convince him to let me get a doggy?” she questioned, an owner of a puppy must have some suggestions for her right? She heard Lici call to say daddy was here but she lingered not wanting to leave the pup and their owner “The place we’re going has doggy ice cream...you should bring Renfri” she pointed out.

"Probably medium sized. Not too big, not too small. Since this one is a she, I imagine she wouldn't weigh as much as the males so probably 16 to 20 kg, give or take?" She is nowhere near that yet but with the rate she's growing up at, she may as well reach halfway very soon. "She'd be a bit to groom, that's for sure" thank god she could send her over to grooming services because there was no way the blonde would be able to groom Renfri all on her own without having her white fur everywhere. That's what happens when you have a thick puppy. She was too cute, especially when she was pouting and saying how she didn't know many. It made the usually not bright and cheerful diviner chuckle as she got up from her seat, but not before telling Rosie to stay there for a bit. After a while, she returned back with a book in her hand, pushing it towards the little girl, beckoning her to give it a read.

"It's a book on dogs. I'm not sure if they have all the breeds there but there are a lot, that's for sure. They have colored pictures so you get to identify them easily enough and traits. Maybe next time you can tell me what dog you want." Hopefully there will be a next time, even though Irene is busy and most likely wouldn't come over to visit as often, she could… start making an effort even more. "I would think Irene is a common name but Ireanna, not so much. Is Rosie your full name or is it a nickname?" It feels like it's a nickname but she would know once she tells her. "What a sneaky little daredevil" she teased upon hearing her talk about ice creams. When she was guessing the flavors of what could possibly be her favorite, Irnee's eyes lit up when she said caramel, "You're surprisingly spot on with that part. I love caramel things. Everything that is caramelised has a special spot in my heart." She had a childish tooth sometimes. 

"Are those your favorites too? The ones you listed before?" Her reaction towards Renfri obviously showed that this girl wanted a dog of her own, and it almost made Irene want to get her one. But it wasn't that easy, the entire process could be made easy knowing the blonde but of course, the part on talking with her father is not. There must be a reason why he hasn't given her one yet. "If you convinced him enough, perhaps. Never say never, right?" She was a but disheartened when she heard someone call for Rosie, thinking this was going to be the last, until she invited her over for ice cream, "Doggy ice cream huh? Are you inviting Renfri and asking me to tag along or are you inviting me and asking Renfri to be the one tagging along, little missy?" It does seem like she was taking every chance to tease her. "I'd love to, but you'll need to ask your daddy first, he may not like you bringing a stranger along."

Rosie widened her eyes when Irene explained how big Renfri would get “That’s a lot of bags of sugar” she commented as she remembered daddy teaching her that one kg was equal to a bag of sugar. “She is pretty sweet though so...I guess it makes sense” she commented and giggled softly. “Her hair is long enough that she could have braids like mine” she would of course take the opportunity to show off the braids daddy had learned to make after she had pleaded with him that she wanted them for school. Rosie waited patiently for the blonde to come back and stared at the book when she held it out before taking it.

“This is a big book” she murmured but she opened it to take a look at some of the pages and pursed her lips, admiring the different dogs on the pages and then flipping to the next one “I never knew there were so many different ones” she commented and smiled excitedly, now there was something she could research. “Ireanna is hard to say” she responded, attempting to pronounce it but not quite getting it “My name is Rosalia but everyone calls me Rosie” she commented and nodded, daddy said it was because mommy wanted her to be called that. “Have you had a caramel apple before? They’re my favorite” well anything sweet was her favorite but the point still held.

She nodded excitedly when Irene asked her if they were her favorite flavors of ice cream “I can never decide which one I want to get” she commented and pouted, it was a shame she couldn’t always get both but they didn’t taste good when put together. “If I do lots of research then he will have to say yes…” she spoke softly as she tucked the book under her arm. She nodded and grinned when Irene asked if she was inviting her for ice cream “You can both tag along” she commented and nodded when she said she’ll need to ask. Rosie took off running towards daddy and threw herself into his arms.

Hyunjin chuckled, picking Rosie up in his arms and hugging her tightly “Hey there” he teased softly before looking at the book in her hand “What have you got there?” Rosie proudly announced it was the book she wanted to purchase with her pocket money. He thanked Alicia for staying late and as he set down Rosie he took out his wallet to give her wages. Before he could even process, Rosie was tugging his sleeve and telling him there was something she wanted to show him.

He allowed it, heading into the back portion of the shop before coming to a stop and staring with his mouth agape when he saw the blonde that was sitting at the table. He panicked for a moment wondering if he should run out before she saw him but her eyes were already on him, so he lifted his hand to wave a little awkwardly as Rosie announced this was her new friend and she was coming for ice cream “Oh is that so?” he questioned as he stepped a little closer.

When Rosie measured the weight using bags of sugar, Irene couldn’t hold in the laughter, “God you are one cute lady, aren’t you?” Her dad taught her how to measure weight by using kilograms huh? He sounds like he pays attention to her education too. “Mhmm she is very sweet, I’m sure she’ll be even sweeter once she gets used to you” But in order for that, Rosie would need to come in regularly for Renfri to see her, which does make the diviner slightly disappointed to know that there’s no way they could manage a time together, not when she’s drowned with her work and Rosie’s dad would need to find time too. “I’ve never braided them, but I guess one of these days I’ll probably do that.” It’s a cute suggestion.

Seeing the child beam at the sight of the book, she couldn’t help but feel a certain warmth washing over her, it’s been a while. But how can she not feel positivity, when all Rosie exudes, are those that are good-willed? It’s hard not to be charmed either. “No reason animals couldn’t have a bunch of variety as humans do, no?” She was right, her name is a mouthful and she wasn’t sure if there was anyone else with a name like that. “Let’s just say my mother was a classic person with a lot of flair to her.” Oh, she remembers Meredith Farley all too well, even if the latter didn’t. “Rosalia… that’s a beautiful name.” She purposely dragged her French accent just to make sense of it, “Sounds Italian. Is your mother Italian? Or your father?” There was a distinctive feature that made Irene wonder if Rosie is mixed but it clearly favors her Caucasian side more.

When asked if she has had a caramel apple before, the blonde shook her head, “I haven’t had a lot of things… so that’s not as surprising anymore.” She really wanted a dog, but it wasn’t surprising, she’s a girl who wanted to have her own companion too. The diviner is almost tempted to just gift her one for the sake of being able to see a smile on the sweet girl’s face. Before she could say anything more, Rosie had already taken off to the person she thought to be her father. However, it wasn’t until she saw who it was that Irene really froze halfway through her steps. Oh. She knows who this person is, how could she not? Her father, that’s him? She was screaming internally, because what in the world just happened? The one she couldn’t shake off from her head is Rosie’s father?

“I guess Evermore really is small” she murmured and took a few steps forward and realized Rosie had paid for the book she gave her, “Awww, I was hoping to give you that as a present.” She co-owns the place with Leigh, and that’s the least she could do, paying for a book. “Rosie’s father?” Who knows this guy could be her… brother? Or uncle. Renfri came running and went over to him too, barking happily, “Swear your family is making her whipped…” First, Rosie, now him? “Hyunjin… right?” It was impossible to forget his name, honestly. Not when she used it… quite a lot that night.

Rosie stroked against Renfri’s head gently as she looked up at Irene and smiled “Does she have many friends?” she questioned wondering if the puppy had other dogs to hang out with or even people to come visit her. She wondered if she couldn’t have a dog if maybe she could keep visiting one instead, that would be nice because then she would get to bring them treats and teach them tricks just like she imagined. “You could make a french braid or maybe she could have a fishtail” she grinned slightly, she liked having her hair braided and watched Youtube tutorials on how to do her hair. “Daddy might prefer a small doggy...then they wouldn’t take up too much room in the house” their house was quite small after all which was usually why he said they couldn’t get a pet.

“Your mom gave you a pretty name” she assured her and nodded her head, even if it was hard to say it sounded nice. She smiled brightly when she said she thought her name was beautiful “Daddy said that I was named after my grandmama” she smiled softly and bit her lip. She shook her head shyly when Irene asked if it was Italian “I’m not sure” she responded, she had been born and raised in America, she didn’t know much else. She gasped when she admitted she never had a caramel apple “You have to try one!” she insisted with widened eyes “They’re full of sweet, gooey goodness” which was definitely something she had picked up from an advertisement.

With Rosie in his arms, he was watching Irene with both a surprised but soft expression “It must be” he commented as he smoothed down his uniform a little as though to try and make himself more presentable. They hadn’t really talked about his personal background so of course, she must be surprised that he had a daughter “The one and only” he responded as he set her down and bit his lip “I hope she hasn’t bothered you too much, she’s talkative, she probably gets that from me” he commented and grinned when the puppy came running over, he knelt down and reached out his hand to greet her before scratching her chin a little “What a beautiful girl you’ve got here” he quipped before looking up at Irene and grinning “You didn’t tell me you were a mother” he teased rather ironically as he straightened up.

Rosie tugged against his arm again and pouted her lips slightly “Reeney is coming to get ice cream with us” she pleaded as though she was looking for his permission before looking up at Irene with a questioning look “Not everyone has the time to drop everything and just spend time with us I’m afraid sweetheart” he explained to give Irene a way out if she was feeling pressured as he knew how demanding his daughter could seem “But you’re both...welcome if you’d like to tag along” he commented with a half-smile, not covering the fact that he was very glad to see her well.

She shook her head and smiled, “No, unfortunately, she’s the only dog I have so at home, the only friend she has is me, it’s the reason why I decided to take her here today, in hopes that she’ll get the opportunity to make friends, like you and me. Or you and her, Renfri seems to take you as one of hers now. Would you like to be her friend, Rosie?” Irene took a few strands of the samoyed’s fur and purposely tried to braid it in front of the child, “I don’t think fur is long enough to be braided, darling, but when she grows some more, perhaps we can try.” It does make sense to think her father would want a smaller dog, Renfri isn’t exactly the size you wanted for the first time, especially as a small child. Not to mention, it was not easy to groom her, hence why she always had her sent to a service every week. Though Irene does try to spend more time with the dog because she does love her. “Yours gave you a pretty one too” she chuckled and ruffled her hair gently, not too much so she wouldn’t ruin her hairdo, god knows the blonde could understand the frustration if someone ruined her hair, no matter the age.

“Your grandmama has a beautiful name too if her name is the same as yours” it sounded like a classic beauty, that’s the first thing that came to her when she thought about the name Rosalia. Irene tilted her head slightly to the side and pursed her lips, “Hmm you don’t look Italian but perhaps you could ask your father that.” And speaking of the devil, here he comes. Seeing the little girl’s enthusiasm towards caramel apples made her wonder if she really is just that withdrawn from society or Rosie is just really that bright to be excited over anything. Maybe a little bit of both. Did she want to see him again? For sure. But did she think she’d meet him like this? In front of the sweet little girl that so happened to be his daughter? Maybe not. But when has Irene ever gotten everything she wanted to go her way? Yeah, it reminded her how fond she is of that name after that night. Pushing aside how skillful he is in bed, the man was funny and a good company to be around. The diviner could recall everything and a part of her wished she didn’t. “No, she didn’t bother me, in fact, I think my dog is smitten by her... “

When Renfri came rushing to their direction and purred after being petted by him, she raised her eyebrows as if she was questioning her own pet, “and you, it seems.” Gosh, he was so much taller now that she could see him up close while sober. She wondered how tall he is, she’s not short herself but she didn’t always wear those devastating and torturous high heels. At least not going up to 10 cm ones. “You didn’t tell me you had a beautiful and cute daughter either and to be fair, mine likes to make an impression before I could introduce her as you can see.” Okay, maybe she was melting upon witnessing how soft he’s behaving with his daughter, how can anyone not? “I’d love to, I was just... hanging around with my dog, I’m not working today so” well the sight of her laptop earlier made her rethink it twice but how could she say no when he’s right… there. “If you don’t think I’ll be intruding on your quality time with your daughter, then count me in.” She texted Nadia to let her know that she’ll be stepping away for a bit and pulled out a blue leash from her pocket to put on Renfri, giving Rosie the leash, “Would you like to take her?”

Rosie beamed slightly, clearly pleased with the idea of being Renfi’s friend and nodded her head slightly “If she makes lots of friends then she’ll be popular and get lots of treats and people to pet her” she grinned, it made perfect sense to her anyway. “I’d love to! I have lots of friends but there’s always room for more” and her classmates would be jealous to know she had met such a cute dog. She pouted slightly when Irene said her fur wasn’t long enough for braiding “It’s okay Renfri, it took me a long time to grow mine out too” she comforted and patted her fur softly. “Her name is Rose and my mommy liked the name Lia so they put them together” she smiled softly, she was proud of her name because she knew how much her mom loved it.

Hyunjin honestly couldn’t believe how small of a world it must be to run into her again, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her since that first night and that only continued as time went by. She was really something and he knew he would never shake those memories, nor was he sure he wanted to. She looked refined today, even though she was casually dressed he could tell she put thought into the way she presented herself. “She has a habit of doing that, people, dogs, cats...strange rodents, they all love her” he chuckled softly, Rosie was the type of kid that everything seemed to gravitate to which was both and blessing and a curse for him.

He gave a soft smile when she said her dog seemed to like him “I’ve always been a dog person” he murmured softly before giving a somewhat shifty look because he knew for a fact that Rosie was going to use that as a good sign for getting him to agree to letting her have one “Samoyed’s get pretty big though, she’s gonna be quite the handful” he teased as he tilted his head slightly, he was sure Irene was quite capable though. “Mine likes to make an impression too, that’s why we have to add at least 20 minutes onto any activity in case someone gets chatty” he teased and ruffled Rosie’s hair a little. She was excited and bouncing because of getting ice cream and being allowed to bring her new friend with her “We have plenty of time together, it’s not an intrusion, especially cause she invited you” Rosie happily took the leash and was walking along with Renfri while he sidled up to the blonde.

“Talk about a small world huh?” he commented as he glanced over at her “I thought...daughter talk might have been weird for a one-night thing” he explained almost guiltily because he didn’t want her to think he was a liar or out to pretend to be someone he isn’t, that wasn’t the case at all.

Irene hummed and nodded softly, her hand itching to just stroke the little girl's hair but the diviner refrained herself from doing that. "I'm sure she would love to be popular, that's exactly why she's friendly with everyone" she hasn't met anyone who hasn't fawn over the Samoyed. She chuckled when she said it took her a long time to grow her hair too, "When she grows it out, maybe you can braid them for her" if she could see her again, she would love to see how Rosie would braid Renfri's fur. It would look cute. "Rose sounds pretty, and her daughter is even prettier." She shouldn't be this giddy upon seeing this guy again, but she is, and Irene was trying her best to keep it down because the last thing she wanted to do is expose how happy she is to see him again. Admittedly, the blonde has been thinking about him ever since that day. 

Maybe the day is starting to get better, she already had a good one with accompanying Renfri to the opening day but now, she wasn't sure just how much better it could be. "Who wouldn't love her? You have a lovable daughter, you should be proud" Irene has never been that big on being generous with children but god is she just there to tug on her heartstrings. "Really?" She raised her eyebrows when he said he's a dog person, "What's your favorite breed then? Can't be Samoyed, no?" She's curious, she wants to know more about him if possible. More than she probably should. "She is a handful, she's active and very enthusiastic. So she tends to just go out of it sometimes."

The picture of them both standing next to each other makes up a pretty one, she likes it. How lovely can a family of two be? She would think that they could be pretty lonely but then again, she's used to being lonely too. At least Rosie had her father who obviously pays attention to her and loves her, while the same couldn't be said for her. She watched as Rosie bounced happily while walking Renfri who looks as if she just fell for another human once again, barking endearingly at the person holding her leash, "Well, Evermore isn't that big compared to other cities to start with" she joked, but she could understand why he didn't think the daughter topic is one he brought up during an intimate night, especially when it was supposed to be a one night stand with strangers.

"I get it, but I really didn't think you're a father. A police officer with a cute little girl, how quaint. You won't mind if I steal her right?" She wouldn't worry much about him keeping the information because she didn't exactly tell him much about her either, or the fact that she owns one of the biggest interior companies.

Rosie nodded enthusiastically when Irene said she could try to braid Renfri’s fur once it grows out, she couldn’t wait to go home and do more research on Renfri and other dogs like her, she loved to learn new things and was always searching for more things she could add to her list of knowledge. Rosie beamed brightly when she said she was pretty “You’re pretty too” she complimented, anyone could see that.

Hyunjin couldn’t help but be endeared by the way the two of them interacted and how patient and polite Irene was with Rosie, he knew how nosy his daughter could be at times so he appreciated it “She is pretty spectacular” he agreed with her, despite all his worried about letting her down or doing the wrong thing, she had already turned out to be quite the remarkable person. “My parents always had Akita’s growing up so I have a soft spot for them, though they’re a little large for...my home” he commented and shrugged “Samoyed’s are cute though, pretty rare to see one” he petted Renfri again and nodded slightly “Sometimes the distraction must be nice though, I know having someone to take care of did wonders for me at least” he shrugged slightly.

He watched cautiously as Rosie led the way with the fluffy white dog, who thankfully seemed to behave herself and not try to send her flying “She’s got excellent manners for such a young pup” he complimented as he turned to Irene “Compliments to the training you must have given her I’m sure” he commented thoughtfully. “It’s still an entire city though” he commented and pressed his lips together for a moment “And yet here we are huh?” he was happy about it and it was evident in his smile as he walked along beside her.

“You’ll have to go through me first” he commented in jest when she teased about stealing Rosie, it wasn’t the first time someone had made that joke either which said everything you needed to know about his daughter’s charisma “Every day I get up and go to work, it’s all for her” he commented in a soft voice, he wanted her to have the whole world and he would do anything to get it for her. “What about you? You must do something pretty impressive to be able to take on such a high maintenance dog” he gave a hint of a smile, he was curious to know more about her.

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