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Morosis (Malva and Cora)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Malva Ailward Dec 2, 2021. 7 Replies

Nothing was ever simple for any of the Aspects. There was no such thing as…Continue

Darkness Collides (Abraham and Cora)

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The Aspect of Darkness was someone who never opened her…Continue

Friends or Foes? (Artemitra and Cora)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Cora Ailward Aug 25, 2021. 18 Replies

Sneaking out was always something she was good at even back many centuries…Continue



Basic Info

  • Cora Ailward

  • Darkness

  • Looks: 24 Actual: 1268

  • Ailward Aspect - Aspect of Darkness

  • Heterosexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Emeraude Toubia

  • Single


Rashesh Patel

Destined to be Enemies yet slowly becoming the opposite of it all. Rashesh is someone whose turned her dark heart light

Malva Ailward

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Erytherus Ailward

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Argent Ailward

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Virindeus Ailward

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Aurantia Ailward

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Venetus Ailward

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Aureus Ailward

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Julian Lockhart

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Crane Redthron

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Her Story

Cora Nyx Dalomir was born Necromancer in Northern America, she had a mother and father who were rarely around as they were members of the coven’s council so she spent the majority of her young life alone. When Cora reached the age of 13 her mother and father were so busy that they were forced to pay for a private tutor to help train the young Necromancer in the ways of magic and spells, however unknown to her parents the young man they had hired named Drelaus was as sick as could be fathomed, he took advantage of his position and the time he was able to spend with Cora and soon the young girl was terrified into working at his beck and call.

Cora’s hell went on for several years, her parents brushing off her pleads as pathetic and just a seek for attention, the young girl had learned nothing in the ways of magic and every day when she returned home from her daily chores she was faced with Drelaus and this threats. When Cora eventually reached the age of 18 she stood before the coven waiting for her claiming, in the back of the crowds she could see Drelaus watching her, waiting for her to return to him once again that night. There was nothing she could do to escape and nothing she could say to make the others believe in her torture, but as the sky turned black signifying that the girl had been claimed by the Necromancers she felt all of the anger she had bottled up within her explode.

The windows of the nearby houses shattered into pieces and all of her coven covered their ears as they heard her shrill screams through the night and then the young necromancer began to run as fast as she could away from the coven. The coven who had chosen to turn a blind eye to her pain and suffering for the last 5 years and to the man who she would no longer allow to scare her into silence, she would take life into her own hands and end the suffering one way or another.

Once she had made it far enough out of the territory that it was be almost impossible for them to track her down quickly Cora had stopped by a river. She stared at the currents below her and rolled her shoulders back, she was just about to jump when a hand snapped down on her shoulder. In her frightened and threatened position Cora had turned and attacked the person who had touched her afraid that is was Drelaus, but the man who was blown aback just looked back at her with a look of concern.

“I have no intention of hurting you” the man had spoken to Cora in a warm tone, something foreign to the young girl who had known nothing but pain. Cora had told the man that she had nothing to live for, she wouldn’t return home to her own personal hell and there was no other place for her in the world but the man hadn’t taken her explanation as an answer. The man who she came to learn was named Venetus told Cora of a plan he had for the future, of bringing everyone who had seen the world turn on them and for some unknown reason, Cora saw herself believing him.

Soon they could hear the footsteps coming through the forest, her coven were coming for her, coming to take her back to a place she didn’t want to go. Giving the river one last glance she had ran to Venetus’ side and together they had ran until their lungs were ready to give out. Venetus had brought her to the Ailward quarters where she would meet what would become her new family. Though the pain of her past kept Cora quiet and somewhat cold, with time she came to let in her fellow Ailward members and together they worked hard to speak for those with no voice, people like her who needed someone to protect them when no one else would.

Cora hadn’t trusted Mitus from the day the group had met him, there was something about him that screamed horrible thoughts from her past and for that reason she had done her best to steer as clear from him as she could. Cora had seen the man’s jealousy and upon the order of the Ailward’s execution she had not been surprised, many she had met in her life had stooped to such levels that from most it was all she expected. Standing alongside her fellow Ailwards upon her execution she wanted to lash out and to kill every last one of them but she knew that it would go against every value her and the Ailward group had built in the past few years, so she allowed death to come, except that it never fully did.

Upon her execution Cora’s spirit was directed to the realm of the Gods where she met with the Gods themselves, she wasn’t alone however, she was met there by her follow Ailwards. Together they were told of how they were to be resurrected as new beings, capable of creating a better future for the world. Cora was reborn as the aspect of Darkness, tasked with protecting the dark magic that existed within the world, she was also entrusted with a staff, the orb at it’s peak was that of a starry night, reminding her that there is always light through the darkness. The staff gave Cora the ability to shift into a dragon form, it was black as night but it’s eyes burned a stunning yellow.

Upon awakening, Cora and the rest of the Ailwards left America for the Isle of Sky, Cora remained the most reserved out of all of the Aspects and would often be found wandering the gardens in the middle of night unable to rest. Throughout the years she grew close to a guard member who was assigned to protect her, Thana Northwood, they both found peace in one another after coming from similar backgrounds and from there the two spent many afternoons together. Cora and Jasper both had similar humor to one another which allowed them to share jokes that others may have considered crude or crossing a line...

Latest Activity

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Virindeus Ailward's discussion Something's Not Right (Cora and Virindeus)
"Cora was quick to cut him off from saying any more before it would be too late. After having to listen and watch said movies and shows. Who knew there were so many marvel movies. Well she didn’t until she had to sit through a whole Marvel…"
Nov 18

Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward left a comment for ✓ Cora Ailward
"here is our thread as promised"
Nov 18

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Looking over to Rashesh she couldn’t help but think that this was their second chance. It was a new beginning. A new beginning for the both of them. One that she wasn’t going to take for granted. To cherish all of the moments. Before she…"
Nov 16

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Virindeus Ailward's discussion Something's Not Right (Cora and Virindeus)
"As soon as she mentioned the word Avengers, Cora wished that she hadn’t. Forgetting what men are like as soon as Marvel, Star Wars or things like that were mentioned. They would go on a tangent. Cora stopped to look at him with her arms…"
Jul 6

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart's discussion Trouble Maker (Julian and Cora)
"“Oh come on spoilsport, we had fun didn’t we? Just admit you like to break the rules once in a while” She teased the Nephilim a little. It wasn’t her fault that he was an easy target. “Have I ever told you that you need…"
Jun 27

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"It was the first time in a long time that she felt normal, happy. It was no secret that she was heartbroken after the celestials departure. Falling back to a downwards spiral and to her old ways. Keeping herself locked all away. Not wanting to see…"
Jun 25

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"“Is that so?” She spoke softly with a smile on her face. Lifting her hand she placed it under his chin making him look over to her for a moment as she leaned in to kiss him softly. Both of them were making their feelings known, able to…"
Jan 14

✓ Rashesh Patel left a comment for ✓ Cora Ailward
"Just so you know."
Jan 4

Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward replied to ✓ Cora Ailward's discussion Morosis (Malva and Cora)
"Maybe seeing Cora lounging around wouldn't be much of a rare occurrence if Malva actually bothered to come down every once in a while and mingle instead of just stepping down the stairs for her regular coffee fix of the day. Yeah… that…"
Dec 2, 2021

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart's discussion Trouble Maker (Julian and Cora)
"“I think that is the first time you’ve ever given me a compliment like that” She teased back to the Nephilim. They were used to throwing a few insults to each other but meaning none of it, like all other people in friendships would…"
Sep 13, 2021

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Cora Ailward's discussion Morosis (Malva and Cora)
"There’s always been so many people who have lived at the manor. With how many guards have chosen to live at the manor, who are close to their jobs. Easy to reach and ready for anything. Then there’s some who choose the most sane thing…"
Sep 7, 2021

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Cora Ailward's discussion Friends or Foes? (Artemitra and Cora)
"The Aspect always loved to explore. She could remember back when she did some travelling to different places with Julian how she’d be always dragging to and from places. Wanting to find the perfect spot. The hidden gems as people could call…"
Aug 25, 2021

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Cora raised a brow a little, catching him in his words. “Vastly in love with,  huh?” She teased softly. “You wanted to protect me” The Ailward knew that he’d always want to protect her just like she would always…"
Aug 17, 2021

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Virindeus Ailward's discussion Something's Not Right (Cora and Virindeus)
"“I guess we all have a hate love relationship with our pasts. Like you said it’s not going to go away, we just have to live with it” One good thing that did come from it all is that they found each other and became who they are for…"
Jul 23, 2021

Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward replied to ✓ Cora Ailward's discussion Morosis (Malva and Cora)
"When was the last time she saw Cora lounging around the manor? A while, she was sure. But then again, her judgment wasn’t exactly something she could trust on her own because the Aspect of Magic was rarely there. And by there, she didn’t…"
Jul 17, 2021

✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon replied to ✓ Cora Ailward's discussion Friends or Foes? (Artemitra and Cora)
"Cora did have a good point. It’s not like Artemis lived like a hermit...well not anymore. It had taken her a long while to get the courage to get out of the castle and to explore Evermore and see what her new home had to offer. But that…"
Jul 8, 2021

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Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward
At 17:28 on January 4, 2022,
✓ Rashesh Patel

Just so you know.

At 12:06 on July 4, 2021,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

Happy Birthday Cor,

Hope you been doing well.  Here's a little something for you on your special day. But this still calls for a few drinks

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I have returned, wonder if you will forgive me.

Darkness Abandon

At 17:08 on September 30, 2020,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Virindeus Ailward

Something's Not Right

Here is to Brother and Sister Clashing

At 21:38 on July 28, 2020,
Ailward Guard
✓ Peyton Holiday

I am always ready for trouble and chaos. Just say the word! 

Oh, this was definitely a mistake letting us get together but, let us have them figure that out the hard way. 

At 0:26 on January 24, 2020,
✓ Logan Reeves

Haha I just wanted an excuse to use that gif.

Anyway, I have a future plot idea I want to run by you! PM me  please when you can so I may share it! 

At 16:14 on December 22, 2019,
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As a fellow dweller of darkness I think it's time we banded together to make the best Christmas ever.

Merry Christmas

xoxo SS

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Trouble Maker

Because let's be honest, you're a trouble maker. 


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