Getting a cat hadn't exactly been on the human ambassador's list of things to achieve, hell she hadn't even had a goldfish when she was younger, but as she had walked home from work that afternoon and seen her little face from in the cardboard box, the blonde hadn't been able to leave her there. And so for the last 2 weeks she had been getting used to the faint meowing and company of her new feline friend whom she had named Ada, after her favorite computer programming language.

So far things had been pretty easy going for the two of them, Sariah would fill up Ada's bowl in the morning before work and when she got home, most evenings she would come and curl up with the blonde whilst she watched TV before they both passed out from exhaustion and later relocated to bed. This weekend morning however she had woken up and sleepily made her way down to the kitchen and poured out the cat food into the bowl as she did every day.10 Minutes passed and Ada still hadn't made her way into the kitchen to have her food. Sariah started to worry at that moment, being an indoor cat she had done everything she could to seal the exits to the apartment.

Her heart dropped as she thought of the window she had left half cracked open in the kitchen while cooking the other night as she dashed through the house towards it. Seeing it cracked even further open the panic started to set in as she looked around for a moment before grabbing her coat, slipping in on over her shoulders and heading outside and starting to search the area around her house. Sariah headed to her nearby neighbours and knocked on the doors asking them if they had seen her.

Sariah was doing her best not to panic, she couldn't imagine the kitten getting far in the matter for a couple of hours, she was generally timid and took a lot of time to brave enough to explore. "Ada!" she called out relatively loudly before falling quiet to see if she could hear any rustling or meowing in response to her calling. Much to her disappointment she didn't hear anything and so she continued to search, heading out onto the path that was in front of her house and crouching down to look in the bushes.

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She felt like she was forever picking up toys that were lying around everywhere in her apartment. On the floor, sofa, bathroom, anywhere that was accessible Whether it be cat or dog toys. That's the trouble when having pets, you buy endless amount of toys for them. They’ll play for them for a few minutes and lose interest ending up being the reason why the toys are everywhere. “I think that's all of them” The blonde muttered picking up the last cat toy and placing it in the toy basket she had bought a while back. Already knowing that soon the toys will be back on the floor in no time.

Sierra piccked up her phone that was on the coffee table seeing what the time was. It was around midday, she’d spent the majority of the morning doing some housework and replying to some emails. Any ambassador paperwork that was needed to be done, the usual work load. It was time for her to take her dog for a walk. “Jasper” Sierra called waiting for her dog to come running through. On queue she heard the clattering of paws on the wooden floor boards from the main hallway that lead from the her bedroom. A smile appeared on her lips as she saw Jasper at her feet sitting in front her almost as if he knew what the time was. “Walk? Walk?” Without saying any more, Jasper barked wagging his tail in excitement.

“Okay then let's go” She grinned walking over to the chest of draws that was near to the door. Grabbing a dog leash and some poo bags. She clipped the leash onto Jasper’s collar. Securing it making sure he couldn’t run off, as it was the last thing she would be wanting. One of the downsides of living in the city was the traffic. You weren’t able to take dogs out for a walk without them being on a leech. That's why Sierra always tried to take Jasper with her when she went back over to the Initia Territory. So he could run freely and not be restricted on a leesh.

She left her apartment block walking down the streets of Evermore in the human territory. Where she was was the more quieter part of the city which she liked. On her walk she came upon someone who was looking through the bushes. Stopping in her tracks, curious to see what she was doing. “What are looking for?” She queried curiously, as the person stood up. She recognised her straight away. “Sariah!” She greeted smiling softly seeing another fellow ambassador. “Have you lost something” She knew that or Sariah wouldn’t be looking through the bushes hunting for what she’d lost.

Well she had definitely fallen at the very first hurdle of being responsible she admitted with her shake of her head as she combed through the leaves, of course she wasn't convinced that her little Ada was in there, because she suspected the little cat would come if she was called but Sariah really wasn't sure where else she could look, if the neighbors hadn't seen her and she wasn't anywhere to be found inside the house then she must have wandered further than Sariah had expected.

Sariah hadn't been expecting to hear a voice as she searched aimlessly, probably looking like a mad woman to the poor passer by as she tangled herself up in the leaves. Eyes widening she turned around catching a branch in her hair as she did so. "Sierra!" she spoke almost shocked to see the other ambassador, before realizing she was in a residential neighborhood and therefore it wasn't all that surprising to see someone else out walking. Hearing the other woman's question she bit her lip gently and nodded "Yeah, my new kitten managed to get out of the house and no one seems to have seen her" she admitted before she turned to see the dog sitting quietly at the initia ambassador's heels.

Running a hand through her blonde hair she pulled out the stray branch tossing it onto the floor before fixing her glasses and looking around again "Who's this?" Sariah asked as she jerked her chin towards the well behaved animal a gentle smile on her lips as she did so, Sariah had always loved animals of all kinds but her parents had always told her no when she had asked for one of her own, in the end she had given up asking and instead just visited the local animal shelters when she needed her fix. Upon that thought Sariah snapped her fingers and pulled her phone out of her pocket, perhaps Ada had been handed into one of the local shelters "Can't say I'm doing very well at this new pet owner thing" she admitted as she Googled the number and dialed it holding the phone to her ear.

In all the time when spent in the city she had never encountered someone looking through the bushes searching. From a distance it would seem like it was just a mad woman going through the bushes like how homeless people goes through the trash searching for food. After recognising the other blonde, Sariah quickly stopped looking through the bushes. Surprised to see her. “ Soon learning what happened for Sariah to be looking through the bushes. “Oh no!” She gasped a little already feeling sorry for her knowing losing a pet in the city would break her heart.

Sierra had noticed how Sariah was looking a bit ragged from looking through the bush. “Umm you got bit of trig in your hair” She pointed out to her where the trig was so she could sort herself out.  “This is Jasper” Sierra introduced her dog to Sierra crouching down to stroke her Golden Retriever. He was already a year old, was once a little pup who she could pick up and carry around. Now he was a big dog already fully grown. Animals grow up so quickly, you’ll blink and miss it. “I was always more of an cat person but this one help to change my mind” She laughed before grinning a little. Being none as by her friends as a ‘crazy cat women’.

She could see Sariah was already admitting defeat too early. “Don’t beat yourself up, I’m sure you were doing a great job” Sierra reassured her not wanting Sariah to blame herself for all of it. “Kittens are like babies you gotta keep your eyes on them at all times” When her her cat Harry was a kitten he was always trying to get through little holes. “I’ve seen no other people looking through bushes to find their pet” Showing that she cared.  “Let me help, I’m sure the two of us together could find your kitten” Two pairs of eyes were better than one. 

The Initia ambassador's reaction to her current predicament actually helped her to center herself from the almost frantic mode she had gotten into alone, she supposed having someone else there helped you to keep yourself in check, at least a little. The gasp she heard from the other blonde made her heart lurch a little however, Sariah had only had Ada for a small amount of time but she had already become quite attached and the thought of not finding her little fur baby made her want to burst into tears. Of course that was by no means the best course of action, she knew that and that knowledge was one of the only things holding her together. 

Sariah blushed a little as she pulled the loose foliage from her head and she laughed softly, okay, perhaps she had gone a little crazy and she was sure she somewhat looked it. Upon the introduction to Sierra's pup the blonde dropped slowly to her knees to hold her hand in front of the animal's nose for a moment before gently petting him on his head with a gentle smile "I can see why" she responded with a warm smile before she slowly retracted her hand and slowly climbed to her feet "I've always loved animals but never really had the chance to take the leap until recently" she answered as she scanned her eyes around once more.

Sariah nodded gently in response to Sierra's words, she was right, it wasn't worth getting all worked up just yet when it could turn out that Ada was just around the corner "Thanks, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm sure we'll get there together" she answered as she held her hand up to signify 1 second as she called the local animal center and asked if they had any recent hand ins, much to her disappointment there hadn't been but regardless, they said they would keep a watch out for Ada. Ending the call she nodded gently to Sierra, she knew if she found Ada she wouldn't be taking her eyes off her again "You don't mind?" she asked before she pulled up a photo of Ada on her phone and showed the blonde it "Her name's Ada and I don't think she would have managed to get far" she admitted as she fell silent, listening for any faint meowing once more.

It’s easily done, you turn you back for one moment and then they run off. Just like children Needing eyes in the back of your head to keep an eye all the time. She could remember when her kitten- now cat Harry would run off in a blink of an eye and she would be spending ages looking for him inside the house. She couldn’t imagine if she was in the same situation as Sariah not knowing where her pets where, worse as its roaming the city streets. For Sierra her pets for everything to her. They were compan for her, so she wasn’t all alone all he time. Nowadays she felt that she lived by herself a lot of the time since her siblings were rarely home most of the time they days. Both having lives of their own not needing to spend all their time at home. So her two cats and dog keep her company these days. If she’d lost them she’d be distraught, wanting to go out and look high and low for her lost kitten. Sierra doesn’t blame Sariah for being out here and looking through the bushes as she’d do the same. “Two pairs of eyes are better than one” She added offering her help. The ambassador had nothing else planned so she was free to help Sariah look for her lost kitten. Even if they’d spend the rest of the day looking.

A grin appeared on the blondes lips seeing how Sariah bent down giving attention to Jasper. “I’d be lost without him too” Her little ball of fluff. “I’ve always wanted a golden retriever ever since watching Full House with Comet in it. So it’s like having my own Comet Jr. Jr. Jr.” She smiled, before bending down to stroke Jasper. “Getting a pet is always the first step after keeping a plant alive for so long” Sierra found it hard at first when she first got Harry but it became easier after her got older and wasn’t so quick on his feet. She looked to Sariah who was phoning up the local pet shelter to see if Ada had been handed in. She watched as a look of disappointment appeared on Sariah;s face. She could already tell without asking that the pet shelter had heart nothing so far. “It’s only a start, it was worth the shot” She reminded, it was probably too soon to be ringing up shelters. “I don’t mind” She smiled warmly, Sierra wanted to help. The blonde looked to Sariah’s phone to see the photo she had up of her kitten Ada. “Awwh! She’s a cutie” She grinned looking at the cute kitten on Sariah’s screen. “She’s probably around here somewhere, lost pets don’t go too far from home” Pets want to stay near home but Ada probably don’t know where her home is yet. She’d be hiding somewhere nearby at the moment.

This my have been Sariah's first pet but the little kitten had managed to worm her way into Sariah's heart in no time at all, she had been caught up in the honeymoon stage for the most part, blissfully unaware and fussing over the little creature more than she probably should have, before she knew it her apartment had been littered with toys and treats for Ada. Now she was realizing all the little mistakes that she had made so far and though she kept telling herself not to do it, panicking at little at the thought of her beloved kitten being out there and fending against the world alone. "Thank you, I don't know what I'll do if she..." the human ambassador trailed off and then shook her head a little "No we'll find her" she rephrased not wanting to jump to conclusions. 

Sariah had to admit that Sierra seemed to know what she was doing when it came to pets, Jasper as she introduced was very well behaved and she seemed generally knowledgeable when it came to cats "How precious" she answered as she stroked the golden fur of the dog gently before slowly raising to her feet and looking back at the other blonde "I just about managed the plant one too... albeit it was a cactus which wasn't exactly high maintenance and there was that one incident where I accidentally poured chocolate milk into the soil instead of water" she realized she was rambling and laughed softly. Sierra could obviously sense the uncertainty from Sariah and the blonde forced a smile in response to her words though it was hardly convincing "Yeah" she answered as she held out her phone to show her Ada "I know" she answered proudly in reaction to Sierra's compliment, Ada had her mischievious moments but for the most part she was a sweetheart.

"Well in that case I'll take you up on it" Sariah nodded gently, Sierra was right, they could cover double the space in the same amount of time. "I'm going to check down the back ally if you wouldn't mind looking around the garden area and around there" Sariah generally pointed to an area with several trees that she imagined a cat might like to hide in, at least she would if she was a cat. Heading down the alley she kept her eyes bright attempting to spot any movement whilst also listening out for any faint meowing.

Nothing was ever easy when owning a pet. Having to clean up after them all the time. Running round to make sure that they wouldn’t be scratching up the sofa or leaving dirty paw prints on the beds. Sierra knew how much it annoys Cedric when her pets would jump up on his bed and leave behind dirty paw prints. Especially when after Jasper comes back from a walk on raining days. To be honest she almost let them through to trash his room up just to annoy him but in the end it’ll be her who would have to clean his sheets because of his ‘your pets, your mess’ rules he’s forever using against both her and Jessalyn. Sierra could already sense the pannick arising in Sariah, she could see she was over thinking it all. Thinking of the worse case scenario rather than the best case one. “Hey, don’t think that” She reassured her stopping her from thinking any more to not jump to any bad conficloss. “We’ll find her” Even if it meant spending all night and day out looking to going to each pet shelter or making missing flyers. It made Sierra think back to one of her favourite childhood films. Garfield. When Odie ran off wanting to explore but not knowing the way back home. Although in this case Ada wouldn’t be catnapped to be aired on live tv adverts like in the film.

A smile appeared on the initia ambassadors face seeing how Jasper was taking a liking to Sariah. Although saying that he loved attention and everyone so she couldn’t say that. A chuckle escaped her lips hearing how Sariah rambled on about her she used chocolate milk instead of water to feed the plant. “How did you manage that?” She laughed shaking her head a little trying to imagine Sariah doing something like that. “We all learn by our mistakes, but that what makes us human so to speak” Being that she wasn’t all that human whilst Sariah was but she knew what she meant. Looking at the picture of Ada, Sierra could see how much Sariah loved the little kitten.

Enough chit chat the two needed to move things along so they could go out and continue looking for the lost kitten. Not knowing where she could have got to but not far they both hoped. Since the city was a big place for just a small kitten. “Right, I got it” She nodded her head in answer of Sariah’s orders who was best at organising the search party. Sariah could be right, cats loved to hide up trees. Not wanting to come down from them. “Come on Jasper” She ushered her dog follow and come with her. She smiled seeing how Jasper understood her and followed on with her. The two blondes went their separate ways in search for the lost kitten. Sierra hopes that maybe Jasper could pick up a scent somewhere that would lead them to her since dogs always could sense nearby cats. There was a nearby garden area, it was a place that she took Jasper to a lot. To let him run around. Keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of a small kitten running around or hiding somewhere. To look in any small spots of bushes. If any sign of any faint meowing she could here anywhere. With entering the small park she called out the kittens name. “Ada! Ada!” Hoping if she was here she could come out to her name since Sariah had mentioned that the kitten already responses to its names. Animals are very intelligent species.

Sariah didn’t mean to be overly pessimistic, she was generally a very optimistic person who tried to see the brightest side of any situation, she gave people chances more often when she shouldn’t and sometimes she came off worse for it, it was the kind of person she was at heart and in a way she was glad that the things she had been through hadn’t changed her. It was however brand new territory for her to own a pet and she was disappointed in herself for not knowing better. Ada unlike many of the people in her life, was very unlikely to ever let her down and so the blonde owed it to her kitten to never allow something like this to happen again. Lip trembling a little she nodded in response to Sierra’s encouragement, she was right, there was no point in letting negativity take over, there was still every chance that Ada was nearby. “Yeah you’re right, I really doubt she would have gone that far” with a new sense of spirit she looked around for a moment considering their options.

Sariah chuckled softly, people tended to be surprised when they found out all the silly little things she did, she imagined it was because she came across as intelligent and well grounded to most. The truth however was that what she gained in intelligence was drawn back in her lack of general coordination and focusing on more than one thing at a time. “Well I was making breakfast and I was meaning to put water in the plant and the milk in my bowl, but well I wasn’t looking what I was doing and it ended up the other way around” she laughed pressing her hand against her face, to people who didn’t see in a work scenario she fully lived up to stereotypes about blondes. Sariah nodded softly in response “If only this didn’t put my baby in danger” she responded a little sadly and bit gently on her lip, she felt bad for not paying more attention but Sierra was right, she would definitely learn her lesson.

Sariah nodded as she walked away from the Initia ambassador and walked down the winding alley that circled around the back of the housing estate where Sariah lived, she had already checked around here a few times but she figured it couldn’t hurt to look again considering there were lots of places that Ada could have crawled into and she had a limited view into the back gardens of her neighbours. She had already been around to most of them and asked them to keep an eye out for Ada but if she was a kitten she figured a yard which could have some scraps of food out for the birds was probably a prime place that Ada might go. As she walked she looked between the gaps in the fences calling out Ada’s name as she went. Sariah dropped to her knees to peer through spaces and behind the sheds but she couldn’t see any sign of Ada. Sighing gently the blonde raised once again to her feet falling silent before she heard a loud clattering in the general direction of where she had sent Sierra to look. Widening her eyes Sariah ran back through the alley “Sierra?” she asked loudly her eyes scanning for the other blonde “Is everything okay?” she asked as she started making her way over.

Nobody was perfect, everyone had faults of their own. It's what makes them human so to say, since half of the city wasn’t. The faults are what makes them who they are. That's how Sierra sees it. Realizing what was important in life not to focus on the downsides but look on the positive sides of situations and aspects. Sierra could tell that the guilt of Ada escaping was eating Sariah up and now she was thinking of the worse case scanories. “Don’t blame yourself for her escaping, you won’t be the first to accidentally leave a window open and won’t be the last” Sierra reassured the blonde, everyone makes mistakes. You can take your eyes of them for one minute and the next moment they're gone. “See! That's it” She smiled, happy to see that Sariah was looking on the positive side of things. “Cats are very intelligent, they’ll sense if their in danger and run from it. She’ll probably be hiding somewhere waiting to be found” Cats always find their way back home, even if they need some help along the way.  

It has been a long while since she’d had a laugh, talking about random things. Like how Sariah accidently watered her plants with chocolate milk. Things that people do but won’t admit to anyone else. Everyone has blonde moments more so for blondes than others. There are many of times she’s gone to make a cup of tea pouring in the water and then forgetting the tea bag. Or putting milk in before the water. Where your not all thinking and before you realize it's too late. Very mundane. Sierra have spent too much time lately focussing on work, feeling that she’d forever backed up with ambassador work. Not having time to spend with others, with friends. Sierra needs more friends, it was nice to have a laugh with Sairah. “She’s not in danger” She reassured not wanting Sariah to blame herself againm she won’t to know that Ada could have gotten out of a small gap. It was a simple mistake anyone can make. 

The two of them split up to search in seperate directions. Since there was no point of looking together in the same place as it’ll just be a waste of time. They’ve already wasted time looking by talking and catching up a bit as Ada had disappeared a while before Sierra had found Sariah on her walk. She couldn’t have gotten too far that's what the two of them hoped and believed. Sierra knew that Sariah was a good owner sensing it already. Teaching the kitten right and wrong. Ada won’t have run off, she’ll come back. Walking down the streets Sierra made sure to check in anywhere that a kitten would hide, it was worth looking in any places. She too had help on her side with Jasper by her side. She was sure he would sniff out Ada’s sent, since dogs could always sense when cats wee nearby. Sierra headed to the nearby park that was close to Sariah’s apartment, a place that Ada could be hiding at. It was probably the first time Ada have gotten to get out and explore the outdoor surroundings. As everything would be all new for a young kitten. A park would be one of the best places, fresh air. Away from the fumes  and noises of the city streets.

Sierra watched as Jasper’s ears pricked up, his snort was dropped to the floor as he was sniffing a scene.t Maybe Ada’s scent? “What do you smell boy?” She perked up stopping in her tracks, crouching down to look to her dog to see what Jasper could sense. Having a loud bark drown her ears she knew he had found something. Sierra felt as if she was being dragged as Jasper was starting to run off. She dropped the leesh not wanting to be dragged along, she knew Jasper wouldn’t run off from her sight. Sierra watched as Jasper ran across to the other side of the park where there was a bench with a bin beside it. He headed straight to the bin tapping his paws on the side, barking looking at the bin. He’s found something. Before Sierra could get her phone out to call Sariah to say Jasper’s found something she heard her name being called. Sariah had heard all the commotion, she looked to see the ambassador coming her way. “I think Jasper’s found something” She called over to her motioning her head over to her golden retriever who was barking at a bin. Wanting to wait for Sariah to catch up before they could go and check it out. Not wanting any false hope, it’s best if Ada sees Sariah first if it’s her. Rather than a stranger and a big dog.

Sariah was glad that Sierra was there to give her a reality check, she was right, many a person had made a mistake in the past and it was simply learning from those mistakes that made you better. “You’re right” she answered the other blonde with a nod of her head and a new wash of determination coming over her. Sierra seemed a naturally positive person, much like Sariah usually was and that was helping to calm the jitters which wanted to break the surface. “I read so many books on becoming a cat parent but it’s so different than I ever expected” she admitted with a half smile “Maybe once we find her you can give me some tips” she proposed considering that Sierra seemed to be quite an experienced pet owner, or at least it seemed so.

Sariah had never really spoken to Sierra outside of official city meetings, she found the more she spoke to the different ambassadors away from work, the more she came to like all of them, Sierra was selfless and kind, the kind of person you could rely on, Cornelia and Sariah were on similar wavelengths, despite being very different their humor and ideas reflected in one another and Orion was another story all together. Sar was all for growing closer with ambassadors, a better relationship with them would hopefully make for a better relationship for the factions and the factions needed to start trusting one another.

After their split Sariah started looking with a sense of calm she hadn’t had before, thanks to the Initia ambassador’s level head Sariah had a newfound confidence in the fact that they were only moments away from finding her precious kitten. Humming softly she searched in all the places she suspected that Ada might go. It was hard however to know that for sure because so far Ada had been a house cat and therefore hadn’t attained any favorite places or go tos outside of the home. When she heard noise from over where Sierra was searching she quickly made her way back to the central path where they had previously met and then towards where the other woman was searching.

As soon as Sierra confirmed that Jasper may have seen something she made a beeline to where they were standing her eyes scanning over the can, well Ada did like climbing into the garbage can in the house to see if she could scrounge any scraps of chicken or meat. Taking a deep breath Sariah knelt down pulling off the slightly displaced lid and peering inside. As soon as her eyes landed on her baby kitten a sigh of relief came from Sariah and her hand raised to press against her heart “Oh my gosh baby, how did you end up in here” she reached inside to pull out Ada cradling in her arms as she did so. Tears pricked at the ambassador’s eyes as she held the feline gently against her chest. Looking up Sierra, Sariah felt a wave of gratitude rise in her chest “Thank you so much, I was in full on panic mode before you came along” she answered before holding the kitten out slightly towards Sierra “Sierra meet Ada” she spoke softly as she reached a hand up to wipe away a single tear that had escaped.

The first time you get a pet of your own is the first step of responsibility. Having your own responsibility of your own, no one else's. More importantly so as animals are living creatures. Who need to be fed, watered and looked after daily.  It wasn’t like a plant you could leave un-watered for a week and it’ll still be fine. Or fish. Growing up Sierra was used to having pets around, although her parents had other people taking care of them. As her parents weren’t around half of the time, always away for work duties out of town or abroad. The cats and dogs she had were company for her and her siblings. Sierra already knew, sensing that Sariah was overthinking it all. It being the worst thing to do in situations like these. “I’ve never read any books about being a cat parent, I’ve just picked up things along the way” The blonde laughed lightly, shaking her head a little seeing how Sairah loved taking care of her kitten already, “That sounds like a plan” She smiled back at the fellow ambassador. Willing to share her knowledge of looking after cats with her. It's been quite a while since she’s spent time talking to someone, making friends almost. Being so used to just helping people out and that's it. Not being the one to make friends or have normal or random conversations with people. Always having her siblings around her she was;t used to it. Sierra was happy that she was getting to know Sariah.

Deciding that it would be best for the two of them to split up to continue the search for Sariah’s lost kitten. Having already spent more time than searching already. The longer Ada was missing. Sierra knew that if she was in Sariah’s shoes she too would be worried. As her cat Harry and Dog Jasper meant everything to her, she'd be lost without them. Looking around, Sierra was calling out Ada’s name. Searching to see if she could see and find a kitten matching the picture Sariah had shown her. Seeing nothing yet she continued on looking. Having an advantage with Jasper, her dog at her side. He’d be able to track the kitten down as he’s always able to find her cat back in the apartment when he’s hiding up. 

Moving to the garden area that was near to where Sariah’s apartment was, thinking it’ll be the best place to go searching at. It wasn’t too long till Jasper had sniffed out something, running off to find it. Sierra made sure to call out to Sariah as it was important for Sriah to be one to see first if what Jasper had found is Ada. Right at the direction of the garbage can. Sierra watched as Sariah was opening the lid of the bin looking inside it. Hearing the excitement from the blonde’s voice she knew that they found the kitten. Watching as she was cradling the kitten in her arms, not wanting to let go. It warmed her heart seeing how the two were reunited. “See! I knew we’d find her” She grinned happy that they’d both found the lost kitten. “You just needed faith” As Sierra was the one to reassure her so that she wasn't going fll crazy. “Awwh, your a cutie” Admiring the little kitten reaching out to scratch behind its ear. That all cats love. “I remember once when my cat Harry was a kitten he’d go after the chicken that was left over from dinner. He’d jump up ending up in the bin, all covered in gravy” She laughed, remembering pulling out the ginger kitten covered head to toe in gravy and left over roast dinner.

Getting Ada had never really been a plan and considering that the human ambassador loved to plan it had been a huge change in her life when she had brought the little gray kitten home. The two of them had quickly gotten used to one another however, establishing feed times and watching TV on the couch together. Ada was good at keeping herself entertained with all sorts of different things, one morning Sariah had come downstairs to find her caught up in a battle with the blinds much to her hilarity. “Well I’m quite literally throwing myself in at the deep end” she joked with a gentle smile “I wouldn’t trade her for anything though, she was exactly what I never knew I needed” she laughed at how cheesy it sounded but it was true, with all the complication with Orion, Ada had been there to listen whenever Sariah needed to get her emotions off her chest, of course she knew the cat had not idea what she was talking about, but it was comforting all the same.

Sierra helped to keep the human ambassador grounded and remind her to keep a level head, when you were by yourself it was easier to fall apart over little things but in the company of others it was easier to keep up a brave face and a brave face was exactly what she needed in order to find her lost kitten. Now, thanks to the Initia ambassador and her very well behaved dog the blonde held her beloved cat in her arms holding her close as though she might disappear into thin air if she let go for a single moment.

“You are quite the cool head in a crisis Miss Reigns” Sariah complimented in a joking tone, they tended to refer to one another by last name in the council meetings, formalities and all that, though Sariah would often slip up and call people by their first names, especially Orion and Cornelia who she was closer to. She smiled proudly as Ada purred gently at the ear scratch and Sariah laughed a little before speaking “Careful, if you keep doing that she might never let you leave” she laughed again as she heard Sierra’s story imagining the little furball managing to get itself covered in gravy “Can’t say I envy you having to bath him after that” she responded and grimaced knowing how hard it was to get Ada clean when she managed to cause a mess. “Hey, would you like to come in for coffee? Jasper’s welcome to roam the house, I think I mostly managed to animal proof it” she chuckled softly “Well except for the open window which I’ll be fixing momentarily”.


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