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Ailward Aspect

A Reason To Hope (Erythreus and Octavia) [COMPLETED]

All Erythreus could feel lately was a sense of doom. For the better part of his days, the Aspect of Death had been hanging his head low, an…

Started by ✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Admin~

20 Feb 4
Reply by ✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Admin~


Twilight (Open to Sunmin and Astraea) [COMPLETED]

Settling into a routine in Evermore City had been easier than Sunmin had expected it to be. Ever since he started working at the little caf…

Started by ✓ Sunmin Park

43 Jan 31
Reply by ✓ Astraea Wu

Ailward Aspect

The Road To Ambience And Tranquility (Malva and Wyatt) [COMPLETED]

What the hell is she even doing now.  There, Malva could be seen wrecking her entire room, searching for god knows what. Surrounding her wa…

Started by ✓ Malva Ailward

34 Jan 12
Reply by ✓ Malva Ailward


Quartz (Taealha & Ivory) [COMPLETED]

There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. S…

Started by ✓ Taealha Kim

78 Jan 4
Reply by ✓ Taealha Kim


5, 6, 7, 8 (Open to Yeon and Clara) [COMPLETED]

It was getting rarer and rarer these days that Yeon managed to make it to run classes in his own studio which was a shame because he enjoye…

Started by ✓ Yeonseok Lee

37 Dec 28, 2020
Reply by ✓ Clara Carter


Let Go (Open to Sariah and Sofi) [COMPLETED]

It had been about an hour or so since she first arrived at the bar, makeup done, nice dress, really making an effort for a girl's night out…

Started by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~

36 Dec 19, 2020
Reply by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~


Some Reindeers Don't Click (Julian & Eleanora) [COMPLETED]

Of all the festive seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas would make up high on his list. Simply because it was supposed to be a season where…

Started by ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart

138 Dec 4, 2020
Reply by ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart

Ailward Guard

Lights Down Low (Open to Octavia and Caleb) [COMPLETED]

To say that Octavia had a lot on her mind lately was an understatement. The Nephilim had seen many awful things in her time, things that wo…

Started by ✓ Octavia Grace Ivakov

77 Nov 29, 2020
Reply by ✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~


The Light That Never Goes Out (Hanseol & Jaesung) [COMPLETED]

Today has been the day he's been waiting for, the day Hanseol actually counted down the seconds until it reached 12 am earlier today. A Fri…

Started by ✓ Hanseol Park

43 Nov 9, 2020
Reply by ✓ Jaesung Moon


Open Heart (Leighton and Sangeun) [COMPLETED]

It had been a week since that night at the restaurant. They had come home, cuddled up with Minha, ended up putting a movie on and then fall…

Started by ✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman

54 Oct 7, 2020
Reply by ✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman


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