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Ailward Guard

Making a splash. [ tatiana + arwyn. ] COMPLETE

Today was going to be a day of silence; without worry of whom is doing what and what needed to be done. Today was pure relation. A much nee…

Started by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov

22 Sep 22, 2018
Reply by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov

Ailward Guard

Finding a roommate (Sapphire Rizzoli and Siobhan Xapham Leslie) || COMPLETE ||

As winter was coming around the corner, Sapphire looked at her pug as she smiled. “What do you think about having another person live with…

Started by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

65 Sep 3, 2018
Reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli


Divine Intervention (Kaelyn and Siobhan)

Siobhan had been through a lot this past year as she managed to activate her Nephilim abilities fully, with the help of Dominic who even as…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

15 Sep 3, 2018
Reply by ✓ Kaelyn Brookes


You Again (Svet and Zephyr)

Going to the North East city corner had never been a smart idea of places to go for Svet, just to kill boredom. Each time she'd visited Vam…

Started by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

7 Aug 26, 2018
Reply by ✓ Zephyr Pierce


Curiosity of a broken man (Argent and Donovan)

“You have no idea to have fun, Donovan.” Ayra said as she pushed him aside “Leave me alone and don’t tell me how to live my life!” she scre…

Started by ✓ Donovan Hendrix

10 Aug 12, 2018
Reply by ✓ Donovan Hendrix

Ailward Guard

No Capes Here (Davis and Aurelia) ~Complete~

Aurelia need that night with Davis, he was right she need a new outlet and what he offered was a great one. As the next day came and they p…

Started by ✓ Aurelia Ivakov

22 Jul 31, 2018
Reply by ✓ Aurelia Ivakov


Starting with.. a horse? ( Jessalyn Reigns and Logan Reeves )

Another morning, another day at work. Jessalyn opened her blue green hazel eyes and stretched her hands up to the ceiling with a slight yaw…

Started by ✓ Jessalyn Reigns

14 Jul 10, 2018
Reply by ✓ Jessalyn Reigns


More a Risk Than Expected [Ben & Mal] *Complete*

It had been a few days since the hall of doors, tricks, mirrors and memories that he had walked down with Malva, granted it was really just…

Started by ✓ Benjamin Vaughn

16 Jul 5, 2018
Reply by ✓ Benjamin Vaughn


Kidnapped? {Logan Reeves and Audrina Kensington}

The day at the office went as it usually did for the young Kensington. Audrina would arrive with her mother in the mornings to open up, the…

Started by ✓ Antonia Bélanger

7 Jun 26, 2018
Reply by ✓ Rashesh Patel


Unexpected Run-ins (Rosalyn and Logan)

Logan rolled over that early morning to his phone buzzing. He sighed softly as he sat up pressing his feet to the ground and standing up. B…

Started by ✓ Rashesh Patel

6 Jun 26, 2018
Reply by ✓ Rashesh Patel


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