The last few weeks have been more like tortute for him. Along with it being very confusing too. Spending the majority of it trying to figure out how he was able to get back to his people and his sister too. Hudson could remember when he had just about finished one of his missions. Helping a man who’d only lost his husband to move on, although he hadn’t expected for the man who he was helping with the grief to die too from a broken heart. Hudson was just about to return back to the veil with his Empath Master to find that they were locked out. No way of getting back home, everything they tried was no use. Soon finding out that they were stuck on Earth, taking them a while to figure out and learn how all the other Aurzain’s were stuck on earth too being locked out in the veil. More specifically where they all were, all the way in America. With how he was in England at the very time he was locked out. Making it even more difficult to get back to the others. No phone, no money and no passport too. Finding somehow he always seemed to make everything even more difficult for him. Hudson hasn't even been able to reach his sister to tell her that she’s all okay nor did he know if she was. Pushing him to try to get back as he could. 

He’s still finding it harder for him to adjust to everything again now he’s living on earth. Sleeping and eating was one of the main things along with finding out the hard way that sugar is not so good for them even how nice it tastes. Having slipped up a few times already. As cake always has been one of his weaknesses, something that was still the same even now.  Hudson spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how exactly to get back. Taking up a job in a local bar in London trying to make enough money for the flights, to get a phone and a fake passport. Luckily finding a few supernatural connections in the city. Hudson was amazed how the world has changed in the few years after he had died. Still trying to get used to it all but he knew he was like everyone else trying to seem like they are normal whilst in reality they're far from it. 

Making a few connection flights to get to Colorado then traveling to Evermore City. Feeling that he’s been travelling for days on end trying to get back to the city. To where all his people were. Now only he just had to figure out where exactly the Ailward Manor where Luke was waiting for him. With how Luke was really the only one who knew how he’d been trying to find his way back for the last few weeks. Expecting that he’s probably one of the last ones to make their way back. As Hudson was one of the few who was out on a mission finding themselves stuck far away from everyone else. Now weeks later here he was at the door of the Ailward Manor hoping he was in the right place if not it would be a little bit awkward to say the least. Opening and pushing open the door, Hudson went in walking into someone else's house. Soon finding a way around the living room spotting Luke there waiting for him. The Aurazin practically flopped on the nearest sofa with exhaustion. “I finally made it, three or four flights then few taxis” Cheering almost forgetting to greet Luke first. “Hey there boss, how are you?” He greeted grinning happily to see a familiar face after weeks alone. “Did Maddie get here all safe?” Eager to find out of his sister was all fine but knew too well that she would be and more likely be panicking about him more instead. 

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Luke had felt like he'd been standing in the middle of one of the many living areas of the Ailward mansion for hours now. Aurazin, aspect, and guard alike were all busy moving through the different rooms that connected this one. Everyone seemed to be in some kind of frenzied rush, but this is how it was everyday since their arrival to Evermore. The Ailwards were kind enough to let them make use of their home while the Aurazin gathered from around the world due to their fall from the veil and void as well as having already been here on a mission. His eyes moved about the different people walking around him; An aspect helping an aurazin find a room, guards huddled together talking about a mission. This was something he had never believed he'd see in his immortal life. Never had he expected to have to become a leader to his people in this capacity. 

Someone passing by him quickly gave him a clipboard before taking off again. Luke opening his mouth to say thank you, but the person was gone again in the sea of people moving about him. His eyes glanced over the paper and he realized it was the day's roster. All of the Aurazin who had made it to the mansion were listed here and everyday he searched for his wife. The thumping in his chest grew louder and harder against his ribs as every name he glanced at was not hers. He flipped the pages with some small glimmer of hope that she would be there, but as the last page came, her name was not listed. 

Luke swallowed the lump forming in his throat and let out a shaky breath, moving the pages forward to the beginning again and really focusing on the names. He wanted to see if anyone new had made it through the doors that he may have missed while he took the few hours sleep he could get and was forced to take by the others of the mansion. Sleeping and eating were strange to be doing again and Lucien was pushing himself far too hard. Or at least that is what the Aspects would tell him. Trivial human things such as those were not on the top of his list for importance when all he could think about was finding a way home for the Aurazin.

Pulling his pocket watch from his waistcoat, the sentry saw that it was nearing the end of the afternoon as his eyes glanced outside to see the quick blur of a familiar face he was hoping would make it to the manor safely. Lucien watched as Hudson came bounding into the living room which immediately brought a smile to his face. He watched as the empath quickly plopped onto the couch, clearly weary of the journey. Luke extended his hand to shake his fellow aurazin's in greeting, glad he was another who had made it safely to the manor. "I'm as good as anyone can be during these days. Your sister is here and worried sick, of course. I expect she'll be wanting to see you immediately. My words of comfort were not enough to ease her concern and I'm sure that will only stop once she sees your face." Grabbing the pen on the clipboard, Luke wrote in Hudson's name to the list. "How has being somewhat human again been to you?" Knowing Hudson's passing was not so long ago, Luke always was concerned about those that were on Earth so soon. The feelings of having recently died and being back among humans could become overwhelming to Aurazin and that is why most don't become full fledged empaths until years later after proper training. He could imagine how this new confusion, along with everything else going on, could prove one of the most difficult. 

Hudson had surprised himself at how he’d actually managed to do it all himself by making sure he reunited with everyone else. After figuring out where they were he’d planned how and what he’d need to do to get there. Finding he had it harder than everyone else being countries away, not making it easy for him. Yet he proved himself and others wrong managing to do it on his own. Working long hours in a job to make enough money for flights and travel, managing to find someone who could give him fake IDs. All different things he would need to help get him back. The most challenging thing for him was the flight itself. How Hudson felt panicked when he was sitting on a plane. Feeling almost he was back to that night, the flight where both him and his sister were in the plane crash that ended their lives. All the memories were flooding back to him, feeling that he was almost back there again. Haunting him. His death was something he tries to forget since coming back but like most other Aurazin’s they couldn’t easily forget it with how most died from a horrible death. Reasons for how they were given second chances at life again. Hudson just had to remember to get him through the flight that it’s the only way to get back to his sister and his people. So that's what he did, having his own coping mechanisms to get him through the flight and that's what he did. 

Luckily he was able to figure out his way to where all the others were staying in Evermore, having been good at directions. Finding his way. Turning up a couple weeks later but no time like the present, thinking he wouldn’t be the last one to turn up. As Hudson arrived he stopped Lucien there right away, seeing him there with the clipboard. Making him chuckle to himself seeing he was still doing roll call.  Quickly making his swift appearance so Lucien could check him off his list knowing he must have been getting worried if there still were people who yet to find their way back. Hudson came through in bouncing a little eager to reunite with everyone. Seeing how Lucien was glad to see him too, shaking his hand back as they greeted each other. Hudson was both happy and relieved knowing his sister was here and safe but knew she would be worried sick. Knowing what his sister was like and how protective she is still treating him like a little kid. “Oh shoot, she’s going to give me hell because I wasn't able to contact her '' He chuckled, shaking his head, finding little amusement in it. 

It’s been what felt like a long time since he was with his people feeling in the last few weeks he’s been aloe trying his best to get back. All on his own trying to come to terms with being alive again. “It’s quite weird, different. I know it has been that long since I died compared to other people” Hudson began to say but knew it was what everyone was thinking. Finding themselves in the same situation. “But I believe we were all brought back here for a purpose” He went onto saying. Hudson wasn't too sure how much they'd figured out since he’d only just arrived. “How has everyone else been coping?” He wondered curious to see how others were dealing with it all so he could wrap his head around it all. Trying to piece together the pieces. 

"Some are doing better than others," Luke answered, grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it forward to sit across from him. He sat up rather stiffly as he normally did; Always formal despite the companion in front of him who looked like he owned the manor from his position. "I can tell many are afraid of the disconnect. They don't know what to do with their free will and I can see and feel their anxiety and worry. Some of us haven't been on Earth in hundreds of years. They're so used to their missions and purpose, they've forgotten what it was like to be almost human." 

Luke's eyes glanced down at the list again and mentally took note of all those Aurazin he was referring to. "But, just as you believe, there are others who share you sentiment. Some think that this was all part of some higher fate that I, well, we can't see yet." He was on the complete opposite side of the spectrum when it came to Hudson's thoughts on their expulsion. Luke believed something much more sinister was at work and not knowing yet what that meant for his people and his wife who he hoped was okay in the veil was agonizing with every passing day void of answers. Frankly, the sentry believed something terrible was going to happen if it didn't already start back at home.

"We're nowhere closer to any answers. We don't know why we can't get back to the veil or why we can't get in contact with anyone. We really don't know anything at all." Luke's eyes glanced to his makeshift office that the Ailwards had set up for him temporarily. "Some of the Ailwards were kind enough to show me how to use their computer and go through their archives to see if anything like this has happened before. The Aspects of realms, life, and death I thought might be the best to talk to about what might've happened, but they are just as in the dark as we are. They believe it's connected to some other unusual things that are happening in Evermore. They think our being here might've been done by some powerful magic, but for what, they do not know." 

It felt weird being back. Luckily for him it didn’t take him too long to wrap his head around everything. Being one of the ones who adjusted more quickly to being back on Earth, since it hadn’t been many years to him since he had died compared to many others. He was just happy he was back with his people. In the last few weeks being alone it made him realise how much he missed being around people. Always being a people person, someone who at times irated others by his personality. Like many Aurazins he was one of the more hyper ones probably had to do with how much sugary foods he eats when he knew he shouldn’t just not be able to help it. Now Hudson was back he was curious to find how much he’s missed out, always liking to be in the loop finding it hard being all on his own trying to find his way back. He looked over to his mentor nodding his head, listening to him wanting to find out how others were. Hudson understood completely, he too felt like he needed to live with a purpose. Feeling that's what he’s too been missing. “Has Maddie been copying well?” He wondered, knowing his sister and how much she worries. “Well aside from me being halfway around the world trying to get back” Laughing at his bad luck but knew if it was to happen to someone it would be him. “Even back when I was human I always wanted to feel like I had a purpose to help others, probably why I choose to be a firefighter and drawn to the missions and all” Feeling now there was a piece of him missing just needing to find and figure it all out

One of the things right on his mind like others was to know or try to find out what happened and why they were brought back being trapped out the veil. How it made everyone all stunned, nothing like that happening before till now. “I don’t know man, there must be more to it that we all just have to figure out. To find out fate” He was worried about it all even if he doesn’t show it having more of a relaxed set about it right now. Not being able to talk to others about it all with just getting back. “Lets just hope it won’t be too long till we’re back home, where we belong” Trying to sound optimistic. Hudson could tell that Lucien was stressed about to see the bags under his eyes, more than usual. All being thrown into the unknown and all, trying to to figure it all out. Hudson's face fell a little hearing that they’re not able to get in touch with anyone, that he was one of the lucky ones able to find their way back. “So we’re facing something that nobody never has ever known or seen before?” Still feeling in disbelief in it all, able to see how bad it all was. “I can help out with whatever you need or however much I can” Reminding him wanting to show that he was here to help and being supportive. Wanting to do what he could. “Have you figured out a plan for where we’re all going to live?” He wondered not knowing yet if it was all figured out or if he’d be sharing it with his sister or needing to find a flat in the city. 

Lucien reached out and placed a thankful hand on Hudson's shoulder. If ever there was an Aurazin he could've chosen from the many in the veil to have around when all the unknown and worrisome troubles began to loom over him and his kind, Hudson was the one he would've picked. Somehow he always knew how to find the right words, even if they were simple in nature. They were straight to the point and always full of optimism. The color of the Aurazin's aura had always been the brightest of yellows and oranges because of his friendliness, energetic drive, and happiness that exuded no matter what. Hudson was invaluable for that alone even when he was concerned just as they all were.

The sentry smiled to him as a follow up to the gesture, knowing that Hudson would understand that he was just thankful to have him there now, before sitting back and sighing as he continued explaining. "Nothing. Nothing like this has ever happened before that would cause this kind of discord between the veil and Earth. The realms had always worked in harmony with one another and with no indication from the Ones that gave us and the Aspects purpose in the first place, I just don't know where else to turn." His gaze moved back to Hudson's and he realized he didn't want to sound as concerned as he was. After all, it was up to him to help ease this new way of life in for everyone and always seeming like he was on the verge of having a complete outburst of frustration or going into his study and locking the doors for hours on end wasn't going to be showing the others that things could and would be okay.

"Anyway," Lucien quickly said, hoping to portray a more positive thinking, "your sister is fine. She's been worried about you, of course, but she seems to be taking it in stride as everyone else." He stood then and put the chair back, placing the clipboard along his side and donning a smile. "We are moving into a lodge out on the prairies. Malva has helped to restore it and it will easily fit us all there. I believe it was once used as some type of inn for travelers, but it's been given new life thanks to magic, and we'll all have a bedroom of our own. We're just starting to move the small bit of belongings from here that people have and taking it to the new place. We could definitely use your help and I'm sure you'd like to get settled in." Luke smirked then. "And those cars are something I don't think I'm ready to try and drive yet, so perhaps I'll ride alongside you."

Hudson always thought highly of Lucien seeing him a mentor. Someone who helped him a lot to begin with when he started off his empath training. Now it’s his turn to repay him somehow. Hudson knew he had more to make up for, how he was one who turned up late compared to all the others. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner” Trying to apologize. He’d only wished that he was with all the others when they were getting trapped out of the veil. How he should have been there, supporting the others and standing with his sister. Yet he knew that it wasn’t his fault, with how he was out on a mission at the time. Still he felt guilty, Hudson knew he spent longer on the mission that he should have. Back then he stumbled upon a different type of grief and loss he’s never seen before. Affecting him almost. Taking longer to process it all. Now he was back he wanted to share with the other empaths to see if they too experienced similar to what he did. Thinking maybe they would have, how he was still not finished off his training yet. Now he wasn't sure if he ever would, with all that's happened. Nobody knew anything at the moment. All being a new and strange world for them all. 

He was keen to hear all his missed feelings he’s been out of the loop. Almost hopeless. Hudson always was keen to help people, probably why he wanted to be a firefighter and now empath to have some sort of purpose. “It all seems very strange” He spoke out loud trying to process it all, to wrap his head around it all. If Lucien and the other Aspects were just as confused by it all. Then Hudson knew it wasn’t so good. As the conversation moved onto his sister, Hudson was relieved to hear she was all fine. Him and Maddie were always close, even more now after all she’s been through. He couldn’t help to feel protective over her. Not wanting her to be all alone. “That’s Maddie for you” Grinning brightly already able to picture Maddie organising and sorting things out like usual. She was always one to busy herself with anything she could. Hudson was surprised but excited at the same time hearing how they were moving into a lodge place. “Ooo that sounds exciting” Anything that includes moving excited him the whole aspect and excitement of packing up bags to somewhere new excited him. Maybe the reason why he had so many apartments in his past life. Plus it was a bonus to know he didn’t have to share with his sister how they would end up killing each other if they did. “Sure, I’m happy to help with moving things” Quickly offering his help even though he knew that Lucien would guess or expect him to step up with it. 

Hudson found it amusing hearing Lucien go on about staying clear from cars. Almost forgetting for a moment how it must be more confusing and different for him. All of them suddenly find themselves in the modern day, trying to place catch up. Whilst for him it hadn’t been many years since his death, so he’s one who easily adapted. “Don’t worry I’ll drive. You’d probably drive like an old man anyways” He chuckled teasing the Aurazin knowing he wouldn’t take it to heart. Back in his human life he was good at driving, even at times he was allowed to drive the fire truck. Something he always loved when he was given the chance. Just the thrill of hearing the sirens, the adrenaline pumping whilst you're preparing yourself to go into any situation. “Do you have a spare car that I could borrow till I find or save up enough money for one?” He wondered thinking that it would be something he already thought of and got prepared for. “I blew all my money on plane tickets and bus tickets to get here” He admitted sheepishly, grinning a little. Even as a human he was never that good with his finances. With how being a firefighter was never such a high paying job after finding a good apartment in LA. 

Lucien quickly glanced around the manor one more time as people began moving out to head towards the lodge that was to be their home. Home. It was strange to still think of. All of his people who had fallen to Earth having to live together in one space, some barely knowing each other; scared and clueless as to what was going on while feeling completely out of place. The sentry let a light breath pass between his lips and though he was listening to his fellow aurazin next to him while not necessarily looking at him, Luke immediately stopped in the organization of his paperwork to give a slightly appalled expression when being called an old man. He gave Hudson a sly grin and put his hand in the pocket of his trousers to dangle a set of keys in the air. "After being called that, I'm not so sure I want to let you drive the ones the Ailwards are lending us."

Tossing the keys to Hudson, Luke closed the door behind them and headed down the stairs of the large estate, looking at the death machine they were about to get into. Works of art, really. Humans had done quite amazing things in his absence of the world. Despite knowing full and well the advancements of civilization, it was still a wonder to really see it when you were no longer in the veil and here on the ground instead. Luke's eyes went to Hudson then while sliding into the passenger seat of the car. The empath didn't miss a beat it seemed after his falling. He had adapted instantly and found his way across the ocean to get to the rest of his kind and especially his sister. It was incredibly admirable. "You know, you'll be a great asset to us, Huds, not that you weren't in the veil, of course. I just mean since your passing was not so long ago and all of this present is familiar to you."

The drive down the long driveway of the manor made him glance in the side mirror as it became smaller. That place had been a safehouse for him and the others. The beating of his heart quickened slightly as this was really the first time he'd been away from the haven that it had become since first falling. The trees went by in a blur and soon he was watching the hub of the city come into view and it was truly a marvel to him. The noise. The size of the buildings. The traffic. Luke wasn't sure he would ever get used to it. The size of his eyes looked like saucers as he caught his reflection in the window and sat back a bit in the seat and turned to Hudson instead. "Promise me you won't push yourself too hard." Lucien knew Hudson would do whatever he could to help everyone out, but he didn't want him to do it at the expense of his own wellbeing. "Just take it slow, okay? You want to find a job, great, but just be careful you don't get overwhelmed by it all too fast. Remember my door is always open if you want to talk too."

The Empath always liked to feel that he had a purpose. Always the one to help out put his name forwards to feel that he was doing his part. Not being the one to take a seat back and let others do all the work or take credit. From a young age he helped out anyway he could. Earning money cutting peoples lawns or helping out his grandparents. Signing up earliest he could for the fire fighting academy. Always keen and ambitious. Hudson could remember the feeling that he was powerless, feeling that he was useless back to when he was forced to take time off following an accident from work. That left him out of action with a broken leg and other injuries for nearly a year. Now he was put back on earth he wanted to do anything he could. Always feeling that he had to repay others for the chance of having a second chance at life. Now they were able to start again in a way. Hudson felt bad that he had left the others down a way because he wasn’t there at the start. Yet he knew it wasn’t his fault but he couldn’t help to blame himself that if he was not to come back a bit earlier from his empath mission he could have been there with his people. Knowing he should have been there. Always feeling protective over his sister, he couldn’t help it knowing all she’s been through. Feeling he was the older brother in a way when really it should be her looking after him but it’s mostly the other way around for him. He couldn’t wait to see his sister even if he knew that she’d given him hell for not getting in touch with her sooner. 

As they were starting to make their way out he couldn’t help to look around seeing how beautifully detailed everything in this manor was like. Already able to guess people who designed it must have taken a lot of time and thought into it all. Too it all seemed quite expensive to him not used to living the life of luxury. Soon as he had teased Lucien calling him an elder when it came to driving. “But then again you still will let me because we both know you can’t drive” He pointed out teasing him again, happy to have someone he knew to have a laugh with. Missing it all. Not having made many friends in his short time in England. A grin appeared on his face as Lucien tossed him the keys to the car they were taking. Feeling excited, almost able to guess that what vehicle they were going to take was an expensive one. Hurrying on ahead of Lucien to where all the cars were at front of the place. Pressing the open door button looking around to see what car it was, seeing a black Porsche lights flash. The empath ran excitedly to it, opening the door and jumping into the driver's seat. He had to put the seat all the way back, since he was very tall. Hudson looked over to his right waiting and watching Lucien get in, able to sense he was still a bit nervous about being in a car. Knowing that cars weren’t alive when he was last alive. “I have to say cars have gotten better in the last 7 or so years” Hudson pointed out, all amazed. 

“I won’t let you down Lucien, you can count on me” He reassured, smiling softly to his mentor. Hudson knew him and Maddie were the ones who were quickest to adapt to it all, since they were one of the newest empaths. “Have you worked your way around using a mobile phone yet?” Curious to see where he needed to start his help out, thinking that would be the best place to start. Hudson was clueless to where they were heading, luckily for him the car already had it programmed into its own navigation system making it easy for him. Soon starting the car out, driving down the long driveway heading to their new home. Driving was so used to him. It was natural for him, just like riding a bike. Easily able to filter through the traffic, back in his old life he was so used to knowing all the routes in LA. Like the back of his hand. Listening to Lucien it sounded something his sister would say to him. Hudson always was used to pushing himself, pushing his own self and body to the limit. “I can’t promise you that” Not wanting to keep a promise he knew he might not be able to keep, that Lucien knew what he was like. “I don’t know whether I should look into taking up firefighting again or something new” Still at loss for what he wants to do, that something he still has to figure out. “Thanks Lucien” Smiling at his mentor, grateful to have him here to help him. That he’d be lost without him, happy that he’s not forgotten about him. 

Luke nodded silently for a thoughtful moment, understanding that Hudson would always be Hudson. He was a dive in heads first kind of person and expecting him to easily adhere to the warning was easier said than done. "Then just try and think of me as the conscious on your shoulder. The excitement of being on Earth again can be detrimental and overwhelming. You know this. I don't have to give you the full lecture." Lucien couldn't help but smirk a little though seeing the happy auras shifting around the empath next to him. Despite being worried for him and the others, Luke admired Hudson for his ability to adapt easily. "I say you go with the familiar, though. Go back to firefighting. It'll be an easier transition perhaps. Not that the job is by any means a simple day at the office. A position like that will certainly be making your empathy levels fluctuate on a dime to great extremes. So again, as the broken record I shall always remain, be careful, Hudson."

The sentry's eyes moved to the computer screen in the car which was giving out directions and then to the cell in his hand which was provided to him by the Ailwards. "This new age of technology is astounding, really." His fingers twirled the phone as he pondered how such a thing was even possible. A satellite from space being able to pinpoint your exact location on Earth while directing you to a destination? Sorcery, really. At least that's what the feeble minds of his era would've said. Science had always fascinated him, even when it was at an infancy in his first life. "I'm starting to better understand it. I watched a video on a YouTube." The car's computer gave Hudson the final direction which began to lead them off the beaten path and deeper through some woods. It finally opened up into the wide prairies that ran throughout most of the state and to the land that now belonged to them.

Lucien's eyes scanned the vast open lands that stretched endlessly over the small hills and mountains. Their new home sat far back from the road and was indeed the grand log cabin that was promised by the Ailwards. Watching from the distance that closed as Hudson drove closer, he could at least see the expressions of his people which were mostly optimistic than afraid. He supposed finally having a place of their own would help with this new adjustment they were all experiencing. 

His feet touched the soft ground as he stood and closed the car door behind him. It really was a beautiful place they could call their own. The shortgrass blew in the breeze gently and a small ache in his chest burned as it felt much like the veil. Luke looked over to Hudson as he exited the car and then back to massive lodge. "Wonderful, isn't it? It'll easily fit all of us and definitely feels like a bit of home."  

Hudson knew he was reckless at times or most of the time. One to jump in, rushing in like he usually does. Never thinking of the costs, always putting other people first rather than himself. Taking risks. His sister would always say he was reckless. At the beginning when he started out being a firefighter his captain had given him a few warnings to pull himself together. Before he would do something to endanger himself or his team. Finding he just had some growing up to do. One thing he never did have was a proper father figure. His father was no more than a person to him, just nothing. Hudson had no one to guide him at the start before he joined his first firefighting family, not used to other people looking out for him. Too busy putting others before himself. “I know Maddie is always telling me the same” Nodding his head listening to his mentor, Hudson knew Lucien was only trying to look out for him. He respected that, happy that others were wanting to look out for him. Hudson waited to see what Lucien thought he should do for a job, what next to do in this new life. His opinion still mattered for him. At the mention of going back to firefighting, he couldn’t help to grin. Hudson knew he was right that it was the path he should go back to. Before dying and becoming an empath, fire fighting was the only thing he loved. All that mattered and he felt he was able to feel that he was able to make a difference to help people. Now he knew he could do it in different ways for helping people. Hudson knew he could do both. 

“I love fire fighting. I always have, I have to admit I have missed it. Back when I was going on different transfer flights to get back here. I stopped by LA, my old home. Don’t worry, no one saw me. I wasn’t going there to make my presence seen or known. I just wanted to see it one last time” He admitted, looking over to him to see how he would react. It was their golden rule to leave their old lives behind, and all those in it. Yet he was different, still able to have Maddie in his life. “Seeing there my old fireteam, the red firetruck. Hearing the sirens. Made me realise how much I miss it but I know I can make a difference here”  Showing how much he cared and was passionate about the job and helping people. It probably made him one of the chosen people to become an Aurazin. How both him and Maddie came from similar backgrounds for helping people. 

The Aurazin was looking forward when he could explore the city after he’s all settled in and helped his people too. Hudson always did love to explore new cities, new surroundings. Something he would need to do if he was wanting to become a firefighter here. Back in LA he knew all the streets in his own distraction like the back of his hand. All the shortcuts to take. Hudson couldn’t help to laugh hearing his mentor speak of modern technology. How he knew it must be more strange for him especially. “Things are more advanced for sure. It’ll take you a while to adapt” Pointing out, remaining with him. Already able to guess that he’d be teaching him some things soon for sure. “There’s a YouTube video for anything these days, no more looking through a book or manual” He mused lovingly how easy everything was now, even part amazed how Lucien knew what YouTube was too. 

Where their new home was away from the center city, deep in the mountains and hills. All was a lot different from the scenery that he was used to living near. Used to living in a center center, The noise of traffic and sirens was so normal for him but here there was nothing. Soon Hudson spotted a large log cabin that seemed far better ones than he’d ever seen. Able to know straight away that it's the one. “Damn, you’ve done good at getting us this place” Still in awe over the whole place. Not noticing his mentor already got out the car and was already making his way to the cabin. “Wait up” Soon getting out of the car, jogging over to him to catch up. Not talking matter of moments how long his legs were. His sister would often tease him of taking long strides whilst others took smaller steps. “It’s amazing, yeah it does feel like home” Feeling both happy and excited for it all. “So have people already started to call dibs on which room is which?” He wondered curiously, knowing he probably had the last pick. With how late he was coming compared to everyone else. Knowing on his sister she would have her room all finished by now. How Hudson knew his sister was a perfectionist like that. 

Lucien let his hand glide softly over the grass, watching as it swayed through the wind like a dance. Of all the places they could've chosen to stay whilst they were on Earth, he couldn't imagine a better place. It was uncanny to the veil. When one finally was able to escape the darkness of the void, its beauty was the first thing that a soul would see. The endless green fields and rolling hills stretched on for an eternity of light as that was the epitome of the veil. Having the reminder here as their new home was comforting and he hoped the others would agree, but he supposed it could also make the yearning to return back to the veil that much more apparent as well. Regardless, it wasn't as if he could bring them all into the hub of a city again. It would be unimaginably difficult with the sensory overload and it wasn't as if finding a suitable place to live would be easy with so many people and no income to speak of. He would always be grateful to the Ailwards for their charity.

His head swiveled around as Hudson jogged closer, smirking as he watched the man's eyes widen and light up while taking in the property. "A few Aurazin began moving in early this morning," Luke began, nodding to the few cars and truck that were parked nearby, all loaners from the Ailwards. "There are plenty of rooms and then some, but the ones with the best views you might have to fight over." He let his tease hang in the air for a moment before chuckling and ascending the stairs. The heavy double wooden doors opened wide as people were busy moving back and forth while they settled into their new home. "I'm sure your sister will have found one of the best ones by now. She was one of the first here though I found her staring off through a window or nothing at all at times because she was so worried about you." It had been quite a few restless nights between Miss Garcia and himself. Sometimes they were both completely silent, but sitting in the same room for hours, just having the company between them as comfort from their daunting thoughts. 

Luke's gaze fell on his office which was in view from the entrance. It was a space dedicated to himself and had bookcases lining three of the four walls. There was a large desk which he imagined would be where most of his time would be spent. His bedroom had barely anything in it and the only time he was ever there was to change his clothes or to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night at his desk. It was common for one of the others to come wandering into the office he was using at the manor to wake him and Luke imagined it wouldn't be any different now.

Whoever had owned the property beforehand had lost the financial obligation they were required. The details of the whole history about the place wasn't exactly clear to him, but most of the furnishings had been left when it was turned over to the state. It had sat here for years without anyone taking the place up again until Malva had done so for the Aurazin. He couldn't imagine the magic and not to mention money that was needed to even do so. They had plenty of debt to repay to the Ailwards. Luke's fingers wrapped onto one of the many white sheets that covered the furniture and pulled it away to reveal the chestnut brown leather sofa underneath which no doubt was a matching set to the one nearby which was also covered. The dust particles lifted into the air and were seen floating in the air thanks to the sun streaks coming into the many windows of the lodge. Lucien coughed lightly and chuckled, waving his hand in front of him to be rid of the dust. "Welcome home."

Hudson has always lived in a big city right in the heart of it. Used to see the large skyscrapers out of his window with the busy streets below. It was the same after he had moved to Los Angeles to become a firefighter. Never used to there being peace and quiet. Almost with nothing all around. It was why he was so taken aback when seeing with his own eyes where his new home was. Expecting for them to be in a place within the city but instead they were out in the sticks. Now thinking back he could see why Lucien and the other Ailwards chose for them to be further away. With how they were still one of the cities new cities. That's it’s better to have them further away. How Aurazin’s always liked to keep to themselves. Hudson was too distracted, caught in his own thoughts to see that Lucien already went ahead leaving him behind. He’d managed to job over to catch up with him within a few moments. 

He was relieved that he wasn’t going late not wanting to be the last one to move in. Yet he was known to always make a scene or stand out for some reason. Mostly back then it used to be his reckless ideas back when firefighting that would do the trick. “So I just have to hope all the good rooms aren’t taken, huh?” He chuckled, shaking his head still taking in the place as he followed Lucien’s lead. Looking around he could see some Aurazin’s walking in and out moving things all around. He couldn’t feel but worry for his sister. Feeling that he’s always had to worry for her now he knew he’d probably made it worse. “Maddie is always the first when it comes to anything” Pointing out to how his sister was always the planner and organsier, that he was sure she helped to figure out the whole movie. Hearing how Lucien spoke of Maddie staring out of the window waiting for him to come back , he couldn’t help to look worry. Blaming himself. “She’s been through a lot in her life, and now with everything on top going on. Don’t worry, she’s a strong person. She’s a surviver” Always speaking of his sister with admiration. Hudson knew that people choose to keep their own personal secrets to themselves only when they are ready they would open up. That for Maddie she still wasn’t ready. 

Looking around he could see that the place wasn’t brand new but it wasn’t old as one would thing but white sheets covered a lot of the furniture. Luckily they didn’t have to buy much furniture. Hudson was hoping his room would be mostly furnished since he didn’t have much money to buy new things until he finds himself a job. Picking up some of the white sheets he helped to make the place feel full again. Yet he couldn’t help to cough feeling dust go back in his throat, he was sure he wasn’t the only one. “Home sweet home” Hudson grinned along with Lucien, he was happy he was finally back with his second family where he belongs. “Does this place have it’s own drinks cart yet?” He wondered looking around curiously, thinking a place like this would have one. Where people can help themself to a drink after a long day. “Or should I go and choose a room first before I get distracted?” Hudson chuckled softly knowing he was already getting himself distracted with other things that are less important. Knowing him he’d end up with the last pick if he doesn't get a move on. 


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