Feeling weak was something that Willow always hated. It felt that lately it was all she was feeling. Like many other celestials she was still haunted by her past. All the lost years. Something that would never go away. It took her a long while after to get better to go about day to day and not be panicked by ordinary things. It didn’t help matters with her brother Elias taking off when she needed him most. Leaving her to find her own way and place in the modern world. Almost starting afresh in a way. Something that many other celestials like herself had to do. Some of them have taken longer than others to adapt. Willow tried to keep up to speed and to date with how things are now. Whether it be with fashion or technology. Any way to fit in so she no longer looked like an outsider looking in. Even finding herself taking a job trying to get some normality in her life thinking it would help her to heal. Deep down she was still broken, haunted by her past. Needing to find some way to push past and let her anger out. Willow always hated feeling weak that she needed someone to look after her whilst she didn’t want it to be like that. Wanting to be able to protect herself to be ready if anyone was to go against her. Sure she was spending hours in the mirror room at the celestial castle that was made and designed to learn to use their celestial energy. Willow was looking for another way wanting to not only just rely on her celestial power to help her. Wanting to protect herself the old fashioned way through hand held combat. Knowing she would be no state of mind at the moment to look for weapons as a form of protection. 

It has always been something she’d never favoured but a skill that she knew but never used. Having her own reasons even if now would be the time she’d be needing it most. For the last few weeks, she has been trying to do her own research. Looking for someone who would be suitable to train her for what she was looking for. Finding out the city was full of different personal trainers but not many for what she was wanting. Figuring it out that it may be best if she looked for a trainer who was of the supernatural kind rather than human. Just in case her celestial energy went out of hand and something was to happen. Willow has always been the more cautious one out of her and Elias, thinking through everything beforehand. With weeks spent looking Willow came across a name that she’d seen and floating about from others of a trainer here in the city who was a valkyr. Thinking that he was her best bet she had for finding someone who filled all the boxes she was looking for.  Today was one of her days off away from the book shop. The day when she gathered the courage to go and seek Eirik Tostain out.

Leaving the comfort of the castle to go to unknown grounds looking for help from the opposite species. Willow took a chance of instead of going to Eirik’s weapons shop and go to the training grounds within the Valkyr comfinds. While looking for the training side rather the weaponry side. Hoping she was right she soon arrived at the Valkyr comfinds. Luckily she didn’t run into any Valkyr’s on the way slipping past people till she found her way to what must be the training room. Choosing the stay at doorway almost having second thoughts thinking maybe she should turn back thinking she wasn’t ready. Or was it all too late?

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Weakness was not something that the Valkyr exactly fond off. As a Viking; from a young age he had been taught that being weak, lacking in strength and skill was bad.It wasn’t the way of their people; and weakness would get him killed. Those words had been drilled into him; and it was something that he stuck by; pretty much his entire life. Trying to strive to be better. But of course, his mortal life had ended. A moment of weakness? Distraction during a battle; led him to his end; as an enemy managed to strike him from behind. At one point, he had been there himself; when he was first turned into a Valkyr. His denial and addiction to blood; made him weak. Or at least, in his own eyes. He was his own worst critic. It took him a while to recover from the past trauma/and accept what he now was. But that was centuries and centuries ago. Over his years of training the younger Valkyrs in his faction; Eirik often met those that felt weak; that wanted to be stronger and better. In themselves; mentally and physically. But Rik was never easy on his students; he pushed them to their limits. No one was easy on him either; but it was all in to bring out the best in anyone he taught. He might have seemed rough and intimidating, but he was a fair instructor too. If someone was more behind; he would start with the basics and work upwards till things got more advanced and harder. But his reputation as a trainer in Evermore; was indeed a high one.

Lately it seemed, like Supernaturals outside of his faction, were seeking out his help. Not that he minded. It was nice to see different faces/have other students besides the ones he was used to. Between being at his weaponry store; attending to orders and selling weapons and training. Eirik’s schedule was pretty much full on.

With the morning off from work; Eirik was at the castle. Attending to his training duties. After setting up the training room; he checked the clock. His student was running a bit late. Exiting the room; in hopes of finding the younger Valkyr somewhere near the hallways; instead he run into a petite red haired woman. The former Viking rose a slight eyebrow. She didn’t look familiar. Eirik noticed the different aura/glow around her; which told him that she was a Celestial. The only Celestial, he had ever noticed visiting the Valkyr territory was Ophelia; when she came to visit his Ambassador/Leader Gideon; regarding factions business.  So to have another Celestial visiting, was new. At least to him. Maybe with his busy schedule; he never saw Celestial’s visiting the castle; if he wasn’t home.

“How may I help you, miss?” Eirik addressed her. His thick voice breaking the silence between them. An intense gaze, in his deep blue eyes, as he watched her with curiosity.

For the longest time she’s been one of those people who would stop themselves from stepping out of their comfort zone. Too worried of thinking of the worse case scenario. In the past she was better than she was now. Back to the time when there was no worried of being hunted down and locked up again. Now she was overly paranoid of everything that could go wrong. Like many celestials she suffered with flashbacks. Always putting on a brave face, pretending to show everyone that she was totally fine. Whilst really deep down she was still broken. Willow knew she had to find a way for her to let out all her pain. Thinking before that maybe her job in the book shop would be her way out to escape all of it but really it was just another way of her trying to find closure when she’s not found it yet. She never liked to bother anyone that's why she’s put off trying to seek help for so long. Not wanting to put any more pressure on other celestials than there is now. Willow knew that she could easily go and ask the help of someone in the castle. That would of been a lot easier than what she was about to do. With how she could of went to ask the help of Atticus Thornbrook, their Wayfinders Guardian. That he was at the Celestial castle if anyone of them wanted help. What he was there for but she didn’t want to bother him like usual. So Willow soon found herself back to square one whilst again till got the courage to go and seek the help of someone nobody else around her wouldn’t thought to do. Stepping out of her comfort zone for once, making a change. 

Willow was always the one good at keeping secrets, finding she was doing it now more than before. At least she knew she hadn’t needing to worry about Elias wondering where she was going with how both of them barely knew where the other was half the time. He lived and spent most of his time at the ranch, whilst for her she was at the book shop. So at least she knew she wouldn’t be caught out by him. Going to the place he wouldn’t expect her to go to. Valkyr compound. Willow soon found her way around the place, with being on strange grounds. Luckily she managed to not bump into anyone, especially with how it was her species territory. Until she bumped into the person who she was looking for, seeing he was confused as to why she was here. Willow knew by now most people try to look out to figure out what species each other was. “Are you Eirik Tostain? The Valkyr trainer?” She asked as she bit her lip now having second thoughts to back out, thinking maybe she wasn’t ready right now. That it’s all a mistake, especially with how she was on another species grounds making the celestial uneasy.

Waiting for the young woman to speak. Eirik had to say, it was pretty daring of her to be in the Valkyr territory; without an invite. Especially with crazy things happening around the city. But since their factions were allies; she was safe here. Especially in the Castle. “You’re one of the Celestials, aren’t you?!” Altho, it sounded more of a statement, rather than a question.That was one thing about Eirik; he could be very up front and bold with people. And not many were accustomed to it/could cope with that. “Don’t worry. No harm will come to you here. We look out for your people.” Reminding the young Celestial, that their factions were allies. Unless, she didn’t know that. Then it might be brand new information.

The Valkyr rose a sharp eyebrow, as she used his real name. How did she know it? The Former Viking, was silent for a few long moments. His brows slightly furrowed. “The real question is, How do you know my real name?” he questioned. Pretty much everyone, knew him as Oliver Trobeck. Only those closest to him and his faction members knew his true name. So she did spark his curiosity. It wasn’t often that someone knew whom he really was; without him disclosing that piece of information. Even though he directly didn’t answer her question. His own questioning, served as an answer in one way.

“Maybe we should talk in here.” Eirik gestured back to the training room. At least, they would be alone. And no chances of other Valkyrs walking in on their conversation out in the halls of the Valkyr compound. “Ladies first.” Whilst Eirik was predominantly tough and seemed quite intimidating at first to many; he was always a ladies man, a real charmer once people got to know him. A slight smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite...much.” He cracked a joke. 

Shoving the door open with his hand. He held it open; letting the young female enter first. Since she seemed to know whom he was; he was waiting for her name and a decent explanation; as to how she knew his name already.

It would probably been a lot easier for her to find a trainer who was a celestial and lived in the castle where she lived too. Yet Willow has always been one to never take the easy option. Never has and never will. Way that she sees to get out of her shell of trying to meet new people. With how that was how she ended up getting a job at the book shop. Having gone there out of the blue one day not thinking that she’ll get a job  out of it. At that time she wasn’t even looking for a job whilst really deep down the was. Finding what she’s been missing was a job somewhere that would keep her busy and keep her mind off all the bad things that happened to her in the past. A new start. So Willow thought maybe training sessions would help her but making it more difficult wanting a trainer who was not a celestial. Where she wouldn’t need to worry or focus about using her celestial energy and power as a training tool. With how she’s been wanting to work on the physical side of things instead of hoping that she’ll find the right trainer for the job. That the best trainer would be a supernatural, a Valkyr at that. Willow just had to find and seek out him first. It helps that Willow has been good at making and keeping connections over the years. Even back before she was kidnapped and captured she had made some supernatural connections. It always helped to have some alliances, never knowing where it’ll come in handy for the future. Finding that it works out for situations like these. With how she knew and met Eirik before many years ago, she wonders if he still remembers her. 

Waiting to find out if she was right. Seeing as he spotted her she couldn’t leave or back out now. Thinking maybe he’ll recognize her but soon finding out that he didn’t. A soft frown appeared on her face before she nodded her head to his question. “I am” Willow knew and remembered that the reason why he probably didn’t remember her. Remembering back to capturing how the Ailwards did something to wipe the existence of celestials away. That probably affected Eirik as well. “Glowing of the skin is a right give away” She laughed, grinning a little with how she knew he probably looked out for that more to find out what species people are these days. “That's good” Willow knew that lately Ophelia been trying to form an alliance with the Valkyr fraction remembering seeing Gideon around the Castle every once in awhile for meetings. Able to put two and two together knowing how things worked at keeping other fractions in peace. Willow almost forgot herself speaking and using Eirik’s real name having heard that he’s known by another name. Forgetting and knowing she’s slipped up already with how she knew it not best to mention how they knew of each other in the past when he couldn’t remember anymore. “Umm us Celestials are old so we know things” Quickly hoping that he would believe her or not, the redhead was trying her best not to fiddle with her hands something she tends to do when she’s nervous. 

“Right” She nodded her head looking back to the training room where he was gesturing too. Following him to the training room where they could talk more, since she didn’t really want other Valkry’rs to see a Celestial hanging around their walls. Entering the place she knew she was able to speak to him better, letting him know why she was here. “I’m here before I was wondering if your up for taking on more students” She started to say looking over to him if she was doing the right thing. “I want you to train me if you’ll have me, I hear your the best so that’s why I’m here” Feeling the nervousness go away showing that she was here to learn and wanted to have the best trainer for it. 

Over the centuries of his existence; the Viking had met plenty of people. They come and went from his life...and he from theirs. Others, made more of an impact on him...others, he forgot easily. But the one friend, he should have remembered; he did not recognise. He wasn’t usually one to forget things easily. He always had a sharp memory. But this...this situation. It was entirely different.  Something about the young female, felt...almost familiar? But for the life of him, he couldn’t place what it was. It would probably silent bug at him, until he would figure it out.

The former Viking nodded. “Yep, bit of a dead give-away.” Eirik agreed, as she commented on the glow around her. Plus, she didn’t exactly smell like any of the other species; he had encountered. Usually, he could pick up on different scents, to try and decipher what species another person was. Having had his ways of telling, over the centuries. He never really minded other species; as long as they didn’t pose a threat to him, and those close to him; then he got along well with most of them. The only one’s he looked out for the most, were the rogues. Dangerous beings of the night. They didn’t pose a threat to just his faction...but to others around. No one was really fond of them, if he was to be honest. His brow slightly rose, at her comment about Celestial being old. He supposed that could partially explain it. They probably had old resources, and knew where to find them. “Mhh, okay….you Celestials and your ways.” he mused. But didn’t look particularly too happy...someone outside of his circle knew his real name,already. Not knowing she was in his inner circle, from the past. It was more so about keeping face, in the modern world. And part of that, was letting go off his past identity...in one way. Hence the new name..

Once she had entered the training room. The Valkyr closed the door behind them. He then turned to face the red haired woman. He could tell she had been a little nervous, from the way she had been fidgeting. Not the first person, in his presence to do so. As she expressed her wish, for him to train her. “Your kind don’t have a trainer?” he questioned, partially curious as he rose an eyebrow. Eirik would have assumed, that someone of a higher knowledge and power, in her faction would have been training the Celestials. “But very well.I am always taking on more students...one more won’t hurt.” He smirked slightly. “Just a little word of warning. I push my students to achieve the best, that they can. If I see potential in them achieving more than they show...I push them to their limits and more..” This wasn’t going to be an easy ride. Eirik never gave free rides, when it came to his students. Never doing things half-assed, as some people would have said. If she wanted to back out, of this, now that she knew he was firm with his students and pushed them to their limits and above; then she could. If she stayed, than it showed she wasn’t scared and willing to do what it took.

Willow had almost forgotten how Eirik wouldn’t even remember how that he’s like the others. Who’d simply just forget that Celestials have even existed. Willow knew how much of a clever plan of the Ailwards, people who were behind of their locking up. To make sure no trails were left so they couldn’t be tracked back. So they couldn’t be saved yet that didn’t work out so well. Willow was a little bit sad knowing that it means how Eirik had forgotten about their past their old friendship. That for her she still remembers whilst for him it’s different. Making a mental note to make sure that it doesn't seem like they don’t know each other even if she may have slipped up already. Yet she could see how he was trying figure her out, with how she knew the look on his face when he’s confused. That he’s confused when he shouldn’t be, that he’s trying to remember. Even when he clearly couldn’t which she knew would make him more annoyed at himself than anything. The Celestial almost decided with herself to let and wait for it all to come back to himself. Figuring it would be best instead of dropping all out him when she’s here trying to ask for his help. Not wanting to make anything more awkward between them with her dropping by for his teaching advice all unannounced and all. 

Sometimes she hated how easy it was for people to figure out she’s a celestial. With how people try to make sure to look out for their glowing skin. A few years back nobody would even think to notice it. “Oh well” Shrugging her shoulders how now she wasn’t worried of being the only Celestial in a castle full of Valkyr’s. With how they weren’t a threat to her or her people anymore thanks to the alliance Ophelia had made with Valkyr faction leader Gideon. Willow followed him through into the training room, looking around the room waiting for him to say something first. “Oh we do” Tilting her head looking over to him almost to say she knew she could go somewhere else someone part of her own faction but choose to seek him out instead. “I want to be trained in other skills apart from the Celestial ones” She went on telling the real reason why she was here. That she’ll learn more from someone who's not like her, that he’d understand more behind it. Willow wasn’t easily scared off by peoples threats anymore with how he was trying to warn her to already quit the training before she’s even started. If she wasn’t up for it. “I’ve been through a lot worse trust me” Shooting him a serious look almost to say that she wasn’t scared and it was the truth. “I’m prepared for anything you’ll throw at me, treat me like any of your other students” Willow didn’t want to be signalled out anymore. It was why she wants to show people how much stronger she is but needing more help to do so.

It was like his mind had been in deep fog the last 100 or so years. And with her standing right in front of him; it still hasn’t lifted. Whilst it bothered the Valkyr he couldn’t remember why she felt so familiar. Eirik partially narrowed it down to his busy schedule and most likely an over-tired mind. Right now, he needed to focus on teaching his new student and not trying to figure out, why he knew her. It would come to him, sooner or later. Hopefully.

The Viking could understand her reasons for coming to him. Claiming she wanted to learn more skills, other than the Celestial ones. That was a fair enough reason to coming to him, instead of her faction trainer. “Fair enough. You came to the right person then.” It seemed like the celestial female was quite brave, and set on training with him. Some first time students, would be nervous or intimidated; by the fact he wasn’t like others. But the fact, she wasn’t backing down, and sure she was ready said a lot. Hopefully, she will be a promising student. “Okay, take a few minutes to warm up.” Eirik instructed Willow. He didn’t want her injuring herself, if she wasn’t warmed up. Muscle injuries were common in training sessions.

The Valkyr himself, already felt warmed up; from the previous training sessions he had that morning. So he waited for Willow to get ready. Wondering, how much she knew already. “Once you’re ready, show me what you got. And then we’ll go from there.” Eirik needed to know what he was working with first; before he’d know what he needed to teach her. Every student was different. Some knew the basics, that needed polishing. Others needed more advanced lessons to up their game in combat and defence. Some liked to work their way through all stages. He wasn’t sure into which Category Willow would fit into yet. But he’d soon find out.

Willow knew now she had to be clever with how she’s to approach and talk to Eirik. To remember how she couldn’t easily go into how things were with how his memory had been wiped of her existence. Making things more complicated. Willow hated that aspect of what happened to her kind and the fallouts it caused for situations like these. How she couldn’t exactly tell him the truth anymore with how they were like strangers to one another. Just easier and less complicated to start afresh from the beginning even if it meant lying to someone years ago she called an old friend. Just how things were something she’s accepted from the fallouts for moving forwards. Willow was one of the few who quickly adapted unlike others of her people who were all stuck in the past of the old ways but she’s always been one to move with the new decades. Willow could see how Eirik was stuck in a way, how she knew he was trying to figure her out. Trying to remember but Willow knew it all would be a blank for him. How she was just a mystery that he couldn’t remember. All she needed to do and remember was to slip up all that may prove more difficult than she first thought it would be. 

Luckily for her, he had given up trying to remember who she was. So they could move to the reason why she came seeking him out, the actual training part. “I hear your the best of the best” She added turning her head to face him, not letting in how she had seen how he trains first hand before. Yet she wasn’t lying either. A grin appeared on her lips not expecting to start the training here and now. Thinking before she’d had to do more persuading and proving before they would be able to start. Luckily she was wearing working out gear just in case he said yes straight away like now. “Right, okay” Nodding her head as she listened to his instructions. The Redhead spent the next few minutes warming up, not knowing if she was doing it right. With how she normally tends to go out for a run or jog around Evermore lately. Best way she’s found to clear her head pushing past all her problems so she could still keep being the happy and bubbly self she tries to be around other people. After she warmed up, Willow made sure to stretch her muscles knowing that she’d be needing to use her physical strength and muscles she’s not used in a long time, until now. When she’s decided to do something about it. Willow looked a little confused to what he meant. “Did you want me to show you hand to hand combat or on the training pad?” She was fine with either but unsure of how he wanted her to show him what skills she already had. 

The Valkyr couldn’t help but steal a few glimpses at the Celestial.Taking in her youthful face, her reddish hair. He was sure he would remember her face; if he had seen it somewhere before. But it was a fruitless ending; as the recollection wasn’t coming to him. Maybe he had just seen her around the city before; but with how many people he saw on a daily basis. It would have surprised him, if her face stuck out among the others, for whatever reason. But it simple should have. Eirik knew he had other things to worry about, at present. So for now, he was dropping the subject in his mind. Even if it would be stashed away in the back of his mind.

He smirked slightly at her compliment. “Well, you heard correctly.” Besides his array of weapons at his store; he took pride in his Viking Heritage; and that included his ability to fight. It was unlike what most people saw. His brutal vikings ways, stuck with him. With his build; he was a fierce warrior. Had been bred to be one. Back in the older days; when he first met the Braelynd siblings; Willow especially. He had defended her from a rogue young Valkyr; that was thirsting for blood. The young Valkyr had been unskilled against the Viking, and took quite a beating, before running off. Eirik had woved; if he would try and hurt Willow again, that the young Valkyr would be dead. The threat had worked; and as far as he knew, the young Valkyr never bothered the Celestial again. At least, not in the time they knew each other. Eirik didn’t have much tolerance for those that thought they knew better than him, that young Valkyr had been one of them. The rogue could have endangered many, if Eirik hadn’t set him straight. Obviously, fear made the younger Valk want to be better.

Watching the Celestial stretch. His eyebrow slightly twitched at her question. Most students always were left stunned at his request. “What I want is, for you to try and attack me.” he explained. “That way. It’ll give me a peek at what I am working with. We can use the training mat for cushioning...unless you don’t mind the hard floor.” Each student varied. Some preferred to work on softer ground, so they wouldn’t get injured. Others were brave enough to tackle the first training session/attacks on the hard floor. Which could prove a bit more risky and slippery. “Ladies choice.”  Hopefully she wasn't scared to take that first step. It was a routine he went through with each of his students, to know where they stood at with skills. Then he knew where to pick up from, what to teach and what skills to help them improve.

Her mind couldn’t help to keep going back to when they used to know each other. She wasn’t so surprised to see that he hasn't really changed that much in the last few centuries. With how he looked like he just did except with the being of wearing modern day clothes. Willow could see that Eirik still kept his viking traits and looks still even after all the years. It reminded her of her people how most were still stuck in their olden ways not ready to adapt to the modern world so easily as she and Elias had done. The Redhead has noticed how Eirik kept stealing hidden glances at her but she pretended to not see knowing that it was his own way of trying to figure out. To why he was so stuck on her but only she knew the reason behind it, choosing to keep it from him for the better good. Thinking it was best to start on a clean page not wanting things of their past to be brought up, especially to how things were last left years ago. Part of her still was afraid of the confrontation and feelings she kept hidden for years. Always not able to help to self-doubt herself all the time even more so now to what has  happened to her since. 

So instead she carried on with how she didn’t know him, choosing to mislead him a little. Pretending to how she had looked up and done some research. “You a weapon shop too?” She added recalling having heard others mention it before but never brought herself going over to it. “I’m not much into weapons, I prefer to use my own powers instead” Willow knew that she couldn’t always rely on her powers to help her, especially now more people around knew how to counter it. Sometimes she would pick up a weapon in the training room but she’d never properly focus into learning how to use it. Preferring Celestial Energy over choice of weaponry. Although it hasn’t worked in her favour to save and protect herself against her enemies. Remembering back when her and Eirik first met he saved herself from a rogue Valkyr. The next time was back when she was attacked and taken hostage by the Ailwards. Both times she was taken by surprise. Unmatched. Another reason why she was wanting to do something to change it was thinking maybe if she’d be more willing to take the time to learn and train from someone's master. Next time she’d be strong enough to protect and save herself. Not wanting to always be the one who needs to be saved all the time, not wanting to feel weak anymore. 

Willow was all that new to the ways people choose to train their students. Almost expecting there to be more to it at first, to why she was double checking almost to what he wanted her to do. “Even if I might fail at attacking you” Smirking a little, to what he had to expect. “I don’t mind” Shrugging her shoulders a little. Back when she was locked up she was used to being knocked down on the hard floor. Willow quickly shook her head getting rid of the bad thoughts and memories. “Right” Nodding her head as she walked over to him after finishing up stretching. Getting ready in a stance position, thinking that's what other people do. Having her arms up a little but not high enough to block her face. Willow threw a punch at Eirik trying to attack him. Even if she knew he’d easily counter her punches so she thought to kick his leg trying to take him by surprise. Showing few skills even if they weren’t all that perfect and right ones to use.  

The Viking was never one for modern things; despite having been alive for centuries. Eirik was still very much old fashioned. And it tended to show in his own style. Keeping to his Viking routes. Technology was probably the thing that was beyond him. Eirik used it...if he had to. But most of the things relating to his work at the weaponry store, he kept in books. Trusting pen and paper more than technology. But he found that many of the elder beings in the city were like that. The younger one’s seemed to be more in tune with modern things.

The Elder Valkyr nodded. “Yeah. It’s not far from the castle. It’s quite small but has everything a weaponry store needs.” It was quite the business. “But it’ll soon be expanding. Me and a friend of mine, decided to put our stores together for expanding/ a partnership.” Knowing with him and Joaquin working together, their business would thrive a lot better than them running two seperate small stores. But it was still very much a progress. Eirik knew where she was coming from. Using one ability was handy. But not always needed. “I think you might need to consider getting yourself familized with weapons too. It might come in handy...when your abilities won’t.” It was something he tried to help teach all of his students. If they somehow couldn’t tap into their supernatural abilities; that’s where combat and weaponry could come into more use, when it came to protecting them-selves.

He slightly chuckled at her comment at failing. “Well, then we’ll work on where you’re going wrong.” But for now, he needed to know what she knew. As she threw a punch at him. Eirik’s arm quickly blocked her punch. Shifting out of the way as she threw a kick at him. With his grip on her arm, he pulled her against his chest. With her back pressed into him. “You need to work on your fist...and don’t throw such loose punches.” Eirik told her. “They wouldn’t get you anywhere.” Taking a few moments to show her the proper way to have her fist. Tight but still flexible. “Your fist needs to be strong, tight...yet flexible. If it’s too loose, you’ll be losing power behind punches.” Letting her go. Eirik stepped away. “You also need to work on your leg work.” Her leg muscles needed toning and work; to throw better kicks.

Willow was surprised at first when she first learnt that Eirik was living in the same city as her. Thinking he would have prefered an old town or village somewhere far away rather than to be right in the middle of a city full of chaos around every corner. Seeing how he kept up the viking look, not changing in the years. Similar to Erythreus too. Whilst for herself she’s the type of person to keep up with all the trends. Something she had always done even before her capture. Wanting to be with the times, to blend and fit in with everyone else. Mostly back then it was so nobody would suspect her of not aging, having worked well for her back then. Both her and Elias were one of the first Celestials who were to adapt to the modern world so quickly than others. Whether it would be for clothes or use of modern technology. Even now she would be the one who would end up showing others how to use a phone. At the shop she’s able to use different spreadsheets and some other organizing software for logging new and old books. Finding it was not that hard to figure out herself taking a few online courses. At times she’s even better than her boss Leigh at it all. Willow’s always been an organised person, why she’s found working and helping to run a few small shops so easily. Almost how it’s in her nature, the opposite to her brother who was less organized than her. Having to make sure to keep him up to check with how he tends to wing and chance everything all the time. 

She had heard a few other Celestial mention a few weapon shops but she never found herself going to one. Preferring to rely on her Celestial powers rather than other types of weapons. Only seeing now how it’s not the way. “You’ve probably done some trade with some of my people” Although she knew that was nothing new, that he probably did trade with every species. All who were wanting to get their hands on all the weapon choices there are but she’s stayed away till really now. Willow was a little surprised hearing how Eirik was telling her he was going into business with someone else. Able to tell that it’s all new and still in the planning process but could see it was something he’d been wanting. Willow found herself being caught out by Eirik how she wasn't one to use weapons. “We have a weapons room back in the castle but i don’t use it that much” She did have the choice but never wanted to do it by now realizing that it might not be the best thing to keep putting it off. “I’ll look into getting back in the swing of things weapon wise soon” Something else to add onto her list but she knew she could easily use her brother to help her like the old days even if he doesn’t like to be used as target practise. 

Moving back onto the actual training part the reason why she came here so she could see all she’s been doing wrong not being a natural in physical training like others are. Willow knew there were probably a lot of things she needed to do better. Yet she was trying her best. Each time she threw a punch, Eirik easily blocked it and was moving away too. Suddenly she felt him grabbing her arm and pulling her closer to Eirik’s body so her back was to his chest. Almost making her breathe a little bit more heavily. Willow listened to his tips and watched him closely. Seeing where she was going wrong and what to do next. “Can you tell I don’t work out much” Laughing softly now starting to regret her choice of choosing to train using mussels that's never really been used before. Along with trying to build up the strength she’d lost with being locked up for so long. As Willow was let go she quickly threw punches at him but this time having more of a fist and force. Trying to make it more powerful, putting his tips into action as well this trying to put her arms up trying to shield her face from his punches too. Already able to tell it’s going, take her a lot of tries and go before until she makes much progress. 


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