Feeling weak was something that Willow always hated. It felt that lately it was all she was feeling. Like many other celestials she was still haunted by her past. All the lost years. Something that would never go away. It took her a long while after to get better to go about day to day and not be panicked by ordinary things. It didn’t help matters with her brother Elias taking off when she needed him most. Leaving her to find her own way and place in the modern world. Almost starting afresh in a way. Something that many other celestials like herself had to do. Some of them have taken longer than others to adapt. Willow tried to keep up to speed and to date with how things are now. Whether it be with fashion or technology. Any way to fit in so she no longer looked like an outsider looking in. Even finding herself taking a job trying to get some normality in her life thinking it would help her to heal. Deep down she was still broken, haunted by her past. Needing to find some way to push past and let her anger out. Willow always hated feeling weak that she needed someone to look after her whilst she didn’t want it to be like that. Wanting to be able to protect herself to be ready if anyone was to go against her. Sure she was spending hours in the mirror room at the celestial castle that was made and designed to learn to use their celestial energy. Willow was looking for another way wanting to not only just rely on her celestial power to help her. Wanting to protect herself the old fashioned way through hand held combat. Knowing she would be no state of mind at the moment to look for weapons as a form of protection. 

It has always been something she’d never favoured but a skill that she knew but never used. Having her own reasons even if now would be the time she’d be needing it most. For the last few weeks, she has been trying to do her own research. Looking for someone who would be suitable to train her for what she was looking for. Finding out the city was full of different personal trainers but not many for what she was wanting. Figuring it out that it may be best if she looked for a trainer who was of the supernatural kind rather than human. Just in case her celestial energy went out of hand and something was to happen. Willow has always been the more cautious one out of her and Elias, thinking through everything beforehand. With weeks spent looking Willow came across a name that she’d seen and floating about from others of a trainer here in the city who was a valkyr. Thinking that he was her best bet she had for finding someone who filled all the boxes she was looking for.  Today was one of her days off away from the book shop. The day when she gathered the courage to go and seek Eirik Tostain out.

Leaving the comfort of the castle to go to unknown grounds looking for help from the opposite species. Willow took a chance of instead of going to Eirik’s weapons shop and go to the training grounds within the Valkyr comfinds. While looking for the training side rather the weaponry side. Hoping she was right she soon arrived at the Valkyr comfinds. Luckily she didn’t run into any Valkyr’s on the way slipping past people till she found her way to what must be the training room. Choosing the stay at doorway almost having second thoughts thinking maybe she should turn back thinking she wasn’t ready. Or was it all too late?

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Weakness was not something that the Valkyr exactly fond off. As a Viking; from a young age he had been taught that being weak, lacking in strength and skill was bad.It wasn’t the way of their people; and weakness would get him killed. Those words had been drilled into him; and it was something that he stuck by; pretty much his entire life. Trying to strive to be better. But of course, his mortal life had ended. A moment of weakness? Distraction during a battle; led him to his end; as an enemy managed to strike him from behind. At one point, he had been there himself; when he was first turned into a Valkyr. His denial and addiction to blood; made him weak. Or at least, in his own eyes. He was his own worst critic. It took him a while to recover from the past trauma/and accept what he now was. But that was centuries and centuries ago. Over his years of training the younger Valkyrs in his faction; Eirik often met those that felt weak; that wanted to be stronger and better. In themselves; mentally and physically. But Rik was never easy on his students; he pushed them to their limits. No one was easy on him either; but it was all in to bring out the best in anyone he taught. He might have seemed rough and intimidating, but he was a fair instructor too. If someone was more behind; he would start with the basics and work upwards till things got more advanced and harder. But his reputation as a trainer in Evermore; was indeed a high one.

Lately it seemed, like Supernaturals outside of his faction, were seeking out his help. Not that he minded. It was nice to see different faces/have other students besides the ones he was used to. Between being at his weaponry store; attending to orders and selling weapons and training. Eirik’s schedule was pretty much full on.

With the morning off from work; Eirik was at the castle. Attending to his training duties. After setting up the training room; he checked the clock. His student was running a bit late. Exiting the room; in hopes of finding the younger Valkyr somewhere near the hallways; instead he run into a petite red haired woman. The former Viking rose a slight eyebrow. She didn’t look familiar. Eirik noticed the different aura/glow around her; which told him that she was a Celestial. The only Celestial, he had ever noticed visiting the Valkyr territory was Ophelia; when she came to visit his Ambassador/Leader Gideon; regarding factions business.  So to have another Celestial visiting, was new. At least to him. Maybe with his busy schedule; he never saw Celestial’s visiting the castle; if he wasn’t home.

“How may I help you, miss?” Eirik addressed her. His thick voice breaking the silence between them. An intense gaze, in his deep blue eyes, as he watched her with curiosity.

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