Who knew having a girlfriend would change so much for Taealha? Wait, she doesn't have a girlfriend, not officially anyhow. That's the current dilemma she's facing, whether or not their relationship was even real. Of course, the human trusts the initia, but their first date was a while ago and yet there was no change in it. They still texted a lot, which the engagement was significantly decreasing day by day because of Ivy's work commitment. The human thought she was just being childish and immature about the whole thing, people could be busy and forget to answer, right? 

That's what she thought for the first few weeks. It wasn't until Ivy couldn't make it to a few more of their dates that caused Taealha to sigh. She was always away and she couldn't comprehend it. She had to be understanding but she could barely text without having to worry about timezones. Taealha realized she was getting impatient and had to sort this out before it eats her up even further. She decided to stay a while longer at the lab, thinking nobody was going to be there to greet her anyway. Her home has never been that much of a home, not when the human spends most of her evenings at the lab, sleeping at the backroom. 

Her phone buzzed on the table and the name displayed on the screen made her take off her gloves, tossing it aside as she swiped the screen to check the message. It was Ivy finally replying after 4 hours. "Ivy… can we talk? Where are you?" It was so hard to see Ivy and she wasn't sure if Ivy regarded her seriously as she does to her. Perhaps she was just overthinking this but Taealha can be quite insecure given the situation. The brunette leaned against the table and typed another message, "I miss you…" Oh how she would love to be able to call her right now.

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When Ivy had made the decision to let Taealha closer to her, to bring her into her life, she hadn’t been as cautious as she usually would. For once she had let her heart lead the way and now she was seeing the results that came from trying to hide a big part of who she was from the person she cared about. She’d been afraid, that Taealha wouldn’t see her the same when she knew about her work or that she wouldn’t want to be involved in such a crazy world. Hell she wouldn’t if the situation was reversed.

Being at work she had tried to keep contact with Taealha as much as she could but she knew the human was feeling lonely because she couldn’t always get back to her quickly as she needed to put her phone away for scenes and she’d had to cancel a few of their dates because filming had been extended. It made her sad knowing that something special seemed to be breaking down before her eyes and as much as it scared it her, it was time to confess to her what was really happening. It scared her, because Ivy had never been so serious about someone before Taealha.

Her flight had just landed and the Initia immediately got off the plane and followed through the airport, getting escorted to her car before she heard her phone ping. She looked down at it and felt her heart clench in her chest because the message seemed to have such a sad tone “I miss you more” she responded when the second message came in. Ivy knew where Taealha would be right now, they were a pair of workaholics and she knew the human rarely left the lab before the late evening, she asked the driver to change the path they were driving and before long she was outside Taealha’s workplace. “Come to the entrance of your building” she messaged her as she waited by the door.

She had a few clothes stored in her locker anyway, and there was a spare room she basically had made her second home already. While she was busy delving into her thoughts about the aussie Initia, her phone vibrated and the notification ping came in. It was Ivy replying to her message, saying she misses her more. If she wasn't focused on their current status right now, she would have squealed in delight to receive a message back. She was going to write another message stating why she wanted to talk to her so badly but it wasn't until she received yet another message from the other female. "You're here?"

Taealha got up instantly and didn't even bother discarding her lab coat before making her way up so she could exit her department and head over to the entrance of the building. It didn't take her long, by the time she was halfway there, she noticed a familiar silhouette standing just outside the entrance, exactly where Ivy said she'd be. The brunette greeted the security guard with a smile before stepping outside, it was a cold breezy night and Ivy looked beautiful as usual, while the human was sure she looked like a mess with her disheveled hair in a bun and her not changing out of her work clothes yet.

"I want to talk to you…" she typed and stared at her with an indescribable look.  How she wished she could just talk on the spot. "Can we go somewhere more private? I can get you a pass and we can talk inside…" Of course, she couldn't bring her into her office but there was a lounge before the laboratory and she was the only one still there in her department. 

Ivy thought about replying to the message but she had the feeling that the human wasn’t going to read it and her hunch was right because before long she spotted a familiar brunette head of her dashing her way towards her. She let a smile cross her lips as she looked back at her, despite Taealha looking tired from a long day at work and her hair being tied in a messy bun, she looked as beautiful as ever to the Initia. She lifted her hand and spoke the word ‘Hi’ as she signed the word to go along with it.

It was something that had been filling all of her spare time lately, if she wasn’t working or eating, she had a book in hand and she was practicing her signing. She was much better at interpreting it than she was at doing it herself though so she had a habit of speaking too so the person she was practicing with could get an understanding of what she was trying to say. It was important to her to learn and she hoped her efforts would pay off now she could finally see Taealha in person “Me too” she sighed after she read the message.

“Actually...I was thinking maybe we could go to my place” she responded to Taealha when she asked if they could go somewhere more private “You said you wanted to see it and...I think it will match with what I have to say” she looked back at her and bit her lip. Ivy didn’t want to say too much yet because she wasn’t sure how Taealha was going to react to what she had to say. Honestly, Ivy wasn’t expecting things to go perfectly and rightly so, but she hoped that the bond they’d begun would be enough to make it through. She pointed to the car that had driven her here and shuffled a little on the spot.

When she saw the familiar silhouette that she instantly recognised to be Ivy's, she knew her heartbeat was twice the rate it was earlier, there was a mix of excitement and sadness. But she still very much missed the initia and wished to hug her, which is something she was trying so hard to refrain from doing right now because she had to remind herself that the setting is serious and she shouldn't allow the feelings to take over what was supposed to matter. But look at that smile, how could she not falter at the sight of it? And she did, Taealha briefly halted for a few seconds to take in the sight before her, in her messy look, she still couldn't forget how much she had missed the other female. 

Ivy had told her she's been taking up sign language lessons and while she told her there was no need to do it for her, Taealha was immensely grateful to have someone to care for her like that. It was as if her dreams were slowly coming to life, but of course not everything is pretty. There was still this issue on hand. "Your place?" To be honest, the human forgot all about it and it occurred to her that she has never set foot there yet either. Her eyes softened considerably and she bit her lip before looking back at her with a reluctant look, "Is that okay? I know I told you I wanted to go there but you don't have to really bring me there… if you're not comfortable with it yet" she had to say it, Ivy's been pretty busy and their relationship while looking pretty steady in long distance wise, hasn't been anything official. 

She didn't want to pressure her if Ivy did feel like she had to take time away from the human. But she did say it will match what she has to say which piqued her curiosity. Taealha pondered momentarily and sighed before heading over to the initia herself rather than the car, only to wrap her arms around the female and bury her face against her neck, breathing softly and signing on her back, "I miss you so much…" she could at least hug her right? When she pulled away, she noticed her reflection on the car's window and saw how messy she looked, "Oh my god… sorry that you had to see me like this…"

When Taealha stopped in front of her, she swore she could sense this thread between them which was trying to tug her in closer but when the human came to a stop before reaching her, Ivy did everything she could to respect her space. She looked as beautiful as ever, it didn’t matter to her that her hair was a little tousled and her makeup smudged from a long day at work, she looked so serene when she was in her element and that’s what mattered.

“No, no...I want to” she responded when Taealha said it was okay for her to keep that a secret, honestly the two of them were already tired of secrets and that’s why Ivy was here. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy to tell Taealha the truth, she might feel like she had no idea of the person she was dating but the truth was that Ivy felt most like herself with the human, she felt like she knew who she really was with her. “You’ll love it...I have a little area where I sit and read books while overlooking the city” she knew how much Taealha liked to sit under a blanket curled up with a good book and while some time away.

When Taealha faltered she was ready to lead her over to the car so they could leave this place and head to hers, she took a step ready to open the door for her but to her surprise, she felt the human’s arms come to wrap around her tightly. Ivy couldn’t help it as she buried her head against her shoulder and pulled her in closer. She felt Taealha’s fingers against her back and smiled softly, deciphering the words for a few seconds before speaking “I miss you too” she spoke softly. Her reaction to her own reflection made Ivy laugh softly “Taya you look as beautiful as ever” she complimented, biting her lip and opening the car door for her. In the distance she thought she saw a flash but when she looked again she didn’t see anything and so she shrugged it off.

Of course she was filled with happiness when she saw Ivy was really there in front of her. She knew she was busy and often flew to other places because of her work and she didn't expect her to meet her right now. When Taealha texted her, she only meant to set a date where both of them could meet each other, as hard as it was to make time for one another. But now that she's really here, standing in front of her, how could she stop herself from being putty again? The human was a bit apprehensive to go over to the initia's place but when Ivy affirmed that she's the one who wanted this, Taealha gave into it. It wasn't as if she didn't want to go there, if anything it's the opposite, she has been meaning to visit but couldn't find the right moment to ask Ivy about it. 

"That sounds beautiful…" Ivy was right, the human would love it, she likes having a space where she could just relax and read. There was no space like that back in her place, even though she made sure to tidy them, it was still messy with all the books. A proper nerd's humble abode. She missed this; the hug, the close proximity, the warmth they would share together. All of it. So when Ivy returned her embrace, Taealha couldn't help but sigh in content, despite being slightly upset with their distance, Taealha is still weak to her like this. Especially when they haven't been seeing one another for a while. 

To say she was embarrassed to see her messy reflection would be an understatement, but still, the compliment and reassurance Ivy gave her caused her to blush, "Of course you would say that'' she pouted and got in without being fussy. She remembered their first date, it was the first time she rode Ivy's car then. It feels familiar yet so foreign to the human. "I hope you're not… busy. We can schedule another time if you are. You must be tired..."

She knew it was a little crazy to come here unannounced and honestly she didn’t know if Taealha would be okay with it, her life was crazy and often turned upside down, doing things out of schedule wasn’t new for her but she had quickly learned that Taya was a planner, she liked to schedule her day, she had plans upon plans, so much so that it was hard to surprise her which told Ivy everything she needed to know about how much the human wanted to see her today. The Initia was tired considering she came straight here from the airport but she did her best not to let it show because there was nowhere else she’d rather be right now.

“It is” she responded and smiled softly, her hands held out in front of her so Taealha could clearly see what she was trying to sign. The initia wasn’t confident in her sign language just yet but she figured that Taealha wouldn’t judge her for a few mistakes here and there. When she hugged her, Ivy’s hand came up to stroke gently against her hair, it was honestly still shocking to her that she chose her, that this was reality. Someone who didn’t know who she was and have these preconceived thoughts about her before they even got to know one another, this was real, as real as it gets.

She offered a small smile when Taealha said she had to say that “I’m never too tired for you” she insisted as she got into the back of the car alongside Taealha. She knew the first question they were going to get was why didn’t she drive her own car here. Ivy shifted on the spot and glanced over at her “There’s some things you don’t know about my life” she signed slowly “Reasons why I’ve been so busy lately” she felt bad for always leaving her behind, she wanted nothing more than to be with her most of the time.

“But first I want to apologize...for not being here...I know you find it hard to be alone” she signed and bit her lip softly.

She could see how tired the initia looked and she really appreciated that she came all the way here to get her, even when she didn't expect her to do so. She expected a reply, not this. Her signing was getting better and while there were a few mistakes, Taealha understood her easily and that made her tear up when she figured what Ivy was trying to tell her. This is the same girl who learned how to sign so she could communicate with her without using their phones, how could she not fall for her? "But still… being tired is tired, Ivy'' she understood the exhaustion that comes washing over you as soon as you got off work, so she intertwined their fingers together and pulled her close. 

When she told her that there were things she didn't know about her life, the human somewhat expected this, there was something amiss whenever they talk with each other, but Taealha didn't want to pry so she never really pushed for further information. Now, however, Ivy's got her curiosity piqued. "What is that supposed to mean?" Reason why she's been so busy lately? "Isn't it because you've been working out of the station? I know you said you work in the entertainment industry so it must be daunting and energy consuming so…" Even though Taealha wanted the initia to spend more time with her rather than just texting, she wanted them to reach a schedule for each other instead of putting the other down for their career. 

"It is hard to be alone… I feel like it's one sided but that's not it right? I'm not just imagining this, right? You… you love me too?" She wavered slightly because she realized it was as if she was trying to convince herself and not the other way around. "I just missed you a lot and I want us to sit down and create a schedule for it…" she took Ivy's hand into hers and pouted, "You're scaring me... is there something wrong?"

She could see how tired the initia looked and she really appreciated that she came all the way
Ivy did feel tired, mostly because days on set were long and then she couldn’t wait to get back to Evermore so she had hopped right on a plane. The plane journey should be the optimal time to sleep but she always found it hard to rest on them, no matter how many times she experienced one she always ended up watching a movie or reading a book instead of getting any rest, even for a night flight. “I know, but I wanted to see you more than anything” she could sleep after she managed to get everything off her chest.

Ivy wanted to tell her everything right here in the car but it didn’t feel like the right setting, honestly she didn’t like the idea of trapping Taealha in here and then telling her with nowhere to go, no space, no chance to process on her own, Ivy would feel resentful if someone did that to her so she didn’t want to inflict the same thing on her “It is and you’re right, it’s because I’ve been working a lot…” she sighed giving Taealha an expression that showed she didn’t really know how to word what she wanted to say, she was never good at people, she often made herself look a little awkward on interviews because she would say the wrong thing or not realize the implications of her words.

Ivy widened her eyes when Taealha said about it being one-sided only for her to confess that she loved her, the Initia hadn’t been expecting her to say that, she was completely speechless as she watched her with soft eyes “I wanted to say that first” she confessed, signing the words slowly before reaching up to cup her face gently “I love you too” she murmured softly as she leaned in closer to her, she wanted to kiss her so badly but it didn’t feel like the right time so she pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. Ivy looked down at the hand in hers and looked up at her with a soft expression “I’ll explain as soon as we get home okay” she assured her and thankfully just at that moment the driver pulled up outside of her place.

Without a second though she opened the car door and reached her hand out for Taealha’s so she could lead her to the place, though she was sure the human would have questions after seeing the very large home Ivy had, along with the security gates they were about to go through that were manned “I’m home for the night” she greeted Nigel who waved sleepily and then smiled and greeted Taealha “You must be the girl she’s been talking to much about” the Initia shot him a glare but couldn’t help but smile as her eyes rested on Taealha again.

Was she tired? Deadly so. Taealha has been staying up since yesterday to finish her work, even though most of them are mostly reports, she had to distract herself from everything that's going on with what she does best, which just so happens to be working. God, she felt miserable and pathetic just wishing to see Ivy when she was sure the other female was busy with her own schedule but was it so bad for her to see her when she misses her? It's been a while since they moved further. Seeing the very person she wanted to see is making her feel woozy. Ivy wanted to see her too. She didn't say a word about it, she just beckoned for the initia to keep on whatever she wanted to tell her. She's supposed to be the one receiving an explanation after all, right? 

"Take your time, you don't need to rush, I don't want to pressure you into explaining when… you don't feel like it." Of course she wanted one, but Ivy can very well take her time to word things better rather than just going straight to blurt them. When Ivy cupped her face, she couldn't help but close her eyes and bask in the warmth, god she wanted this, she wanted all the affection someone you like is supposed to give. Taealha felt selfish but she had to know if she was just being too overboard with this. It was better to know the truth than to keep giving herself false hope. It wouldn't exactly be the first time anyway. "Okay…" suddenly she wanted to arrive as soon as possible because she wanted to hear from Ivy so badly. 

What was it that she wanted to tell her and would she answer all the impending questions Taealha had? Before long, they had arrived and the first thing that caught her eye was how huge the place was. Was this where Ivy lived? The entire time? "Is this where you live? Is that why you didn't want to tell me?" She signed and as they walked past the security, she blushed when 'Nigel' greeted them and implied Taealha was that person Ivy talked about. The human spared him a smile before following Ivy further, "You… talk about me with others?" The entire time, she couldn't keep her eyes away from how beautiful and lavish the place looked, was Ivy's job paying this much? She clearly had more questions now. "I feel like I'm walking into a place I've only seen in dramas and movies…"

The Initia could feel butterflies in her chest as she thought and overthought all the things that could happen after she told the truth, honestly she was just praying in the back of her mind that Taealha could understand why she had done what she did, even though she regretted not telling her sooner “You’re so patient” she signed the words out slowly and offered a small smile, Ivy wasn’t sure she deserved someone as kind and thoughtful as her, even when Taealha had every right to be angry or to demand an explanation she was so...understanding. It was one of the things that made the initia fall for her so deeply.

Ivy gave a sheepish smile when Taealha asked her if she lived here only to then question if that was the reason “It’s part of the reason” she signed as she looked between Nigel and Taealha and she let out a soft breath “The one and only” she responded to him before pointing towards the door to the house “I’m not expecting anyone else so you can lock up for the night” she spoke softly before placing her arm around Taya’s shoulders, guiding her towards the house and then opening the door and letting the two of them inside. “I know it’s a little...excessive” she signed as she flipped on the lights and then reached for her hands so she could pull her inside with her.

“At first I thought that maybe you were pretended you didn’t know who I was...but soon I realized that you really don’t know” she signed the words out as she stood there nervously “I don’t just...work in entertainment Taealha...I’m an actress...I’m famous” it felt so weird to admit something like this because it was honestly the first time she’d had to explain this to someone, usually they already knew who she was. “The reason why I’m always out in California is because I’m shooting a movie” she twiddled her thumbs as she looked back at her, waiting for her to say something...anything.

She didn't want to get mad at Ivy, but she should be upset with the Initia right? However, it was hard to let those negative feelings cloud her eye when the green eyed beauty showed up in front of her with those eyes she couldn't help but fawn over. She looked soft… despite her hardened exterior to others. And she loves every single part that makes her Ivory Blake. It's okay, you're not dimming your upset self, you'll just move it to another time once you have a place to properly settle and talk with her. That's what she reassured herself. "Being patient is part of the job description or else the lab will blow up over my impulsiveness" she signed, pressing her lips together as she fiddled with her hands, trying to take her mind off this. It was awkward, and somewhat suffocating. 

She was serious with her work but that was pretty much it, her seriousness doesn't stretch out from that department. When she saw the place, gawking was pretty much the first thing she did and Taealha actually had to cover her mouth to stop herself from looking idiotic and awkward. "Oh my god that is big…" This Nigel seemed to have heard about her which made her curious to know how much Ivy told about her to others. Was she as special as she thought she was? Or was she being delusional and too much? She was hoping it's the former. She told him she wasn't expecting anyone else, would it just be the two of them tonight? Now she feels nervous. If she was marvelled at the sight from the front, once she stepped foot inside was when she actually expressed her excitement as she couldn't help but not hide the squeal that escaped her. 

It was pretty, the minimalist kind of interior she saw in magazines. "What don't I know?" Now she's confused. "Is it the fact that I had no idea you're a rich girl?" Was that what she meant? It wasn't until Ivy revealed to her what she meant that Taealha found herself zoning out. "I would've recalled if there was someone… called Ivy Blake…" was this a prank? "Is this a joke? You… no way I wouldn't know who you are if so… I mean your face is kinda familiar but the name…" perhaps she was in denial. It doesn't matter though, because she still hid it from her if so. "Why… Why did you hide it from me? Is it because I'm gullible or not close enough to know about you?"


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