University life had been a really good and interesting experience for Jae, he spent a lot of time here, mostly in the library, studying and just surrounding himself with information. Jae felt like since he came to Evermore a lot had changed for him, learning to live alone had been an adjustment at first because he had to do his own laundry and dishes, food didn't make itself so he had to learn to make sure he always had something to eat and while he was practically living at Han's now, he definitely felt like that independence had a good effect on him. 

But the study was also important to him, he got the freedom to explore his writing and how to expand it, to completely immerse himself in stories and their meanings and generally feel like he was connected with something he had always had a natural talent for. There was a lot of pressure to do well of course, that was the nature of the way he was raised but he finally felt like he had some independence from his parents and the ability to make decisions for himself. So he did his best not to waste the opportunity and use as much of his education as he could, so if there were extra classes he could take or further study he could do, he tended to try and indulge in it. Not to the level where he didn't have a life outside of university but he could definitely be found in the library till late.

It was about 3 pm in the afternoon and he didn't have any late classes today so he was wandering the aisles of the library looking for some stories to analyse for one of his papers, except he wasn't able to decide which one he wanted to use and so he had about 7 books stacked up in his arms ready to carry back to his table in the hopes of being able to pick one out after reading a few pages of each. He had just managed to balance all of them steadily enough to make his way back to the table and took a deep breath as he started the walk.

But of course, his clumsiness was something that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake and he didn't see the petite girl coming in the other direction before it was too late. With how tiny she was Jae didn't even realize there was anyone there until his stack of books went flying and he tripped over one of them until he found himself on the floor, rubbing his head because he whacked it against the shelf on the way door and then noticing the young female who had totally just ran into "Oh my god, I am so sorry, I probably should have realized that a bunch of books and this generally unbalanced guy wouldn't work but" he pulled an apologetic expression as he looked back at her. 

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Taealha was anything if not practical. Despite how spontaneous the girl can make of her day, she has a schedule planned out every time of the day, written down on the back page of her journal that she carries around with her every single moment of the day, so she wouldn't forget to do what she needed to do. Knowing the human, she was quite the reckless klutz that sometimes forgot to eat her own lunch because she was too focused on the task she was given on hand. Earlier this year, she had started her graduate studies in Biochemistry at the Evermore University. It didn't take her long to further her tertiary education to obtain her next milestone in her life; to go home with an M.Sc in Biochemistry. Every morning, she would wake up at 6 and spend at least 35 to 40 minutes with her plants growing exponentially in the balcony of her apartment before hopping off to do her morning exercises by jogging for a few rounds in the neighborhood. 

Suffice to say, the human spent every second of her day perfectly, there was so wastage for she refuses to acknowledge that may even happen. Her classes usually starts at 10, which gives her enough time to get ready and walk to the subway so she could head over to her university located there. That's exactly what she did today, after spending 3 hours in her first class, she was already making her way to the library a few floors below because she still had a few more hours to spare before she was supposed to clock in at the laboratory. Despite being a student still, Taealha was offered the chance to work around her skills, four years ago. Having been recruited by the Organization that was responsible for making sure the supernatural world does not intercede with the human affairs here in Evermore, the raven-haired female was given the chance to delve better into her practical work by them. It was clear that as soon as she saw how advanced their technology, she wasn't about to leave. 

With one hand holding the strap of her bag, the other was holding her phone securely as she continued to scroll over the screen to check her notifications, completely not realizing that there was someone else in the direction of the corner that she turned to. It was partially her mistake for walking without looking because she was so engrossed on her phone, so when the male apologized for bumping into her, Taealha wanted to assure him it wasn't his fault but realized he probably couldn't understand sign language as her hand drew a few signs to communicate. Still lying on the floor, Taealha spared him an apologetic look and shook her head gently as if to assure him it wasn't his fault. Her hands stopped halfway mid air when she realized not everyone understood sign language so her hand searched for her journal that flew out of her hand when she fell, managing to pinpoint its location under the empty table next to them. 

The human crawled her way under the table and stretched her hand out to retrieve it, only to forget there's a whole table above her and hit her head after successfully obtaining the journal when she tried to stand up. A whimper escaped her as she rubbed the spot softly and took out her pen to write a message on the book, "It's okay. It was my fault too" and showered it to him with a sheepish grin. She had to admit though, his babbling was cute. 

Jae had always been clumsy, it was basically a personality trait at this point because no matter how much he practiced balance or worked on his hand-eye coordination he still found himself on his ass more often than not. From the floor, he was just laughing under his breath because he seemed to keep meeting people like this and it felt like a running joke in his life at his point. But firstly he scanned his eyes over the female to try and determine if she was okay. And she did seem to be until she crawled along the floor to reach for the journal she left on the floor and then he heard the crack of the wood against her head. He winced from the sound alone and moved towards her to see if she was okay “God that must have hurt I’m so sorry” he spoke apologetically before he watched her as she scribbled something down in her notebook.

He squinted his eyes as he tried to read her handwriting, he wasn’t wearing his contacts or glasses so it was easier said than done so he scooted a little closer so he could read the letters and then he laughed a little and shrugged. He pressed his lips together as he realized she was using this way of communicating. At first, he thought she might be deaf but that couldn’t be the case because she wasn’t even looking at him when he was speaking and she still responded. He took a long breath for a moment as he looked back at her, it had been a long time since he had gotten to actually use the sign language he knew in actual conversation but he still attended his online sessions for it so he was sem-confident.

He slowly moved as he mouthed the words he was trying to say hoping if he made any mistakes then she might be able to lipread “Are you hurt?” he asked as he rubbed against his head to show her what he meant. When she didn’t look completely confused by what he was doing and trying to say “I fall a lot” he signed and laughed softly, he was so used to falling now and always had bruises here there and everywhere like battle scars from his war was inanimate objects.

She had no one else to blame for the fall really. Not when she was busy with her eyes glued to her phone screen instead of the path in front of her. And technically, the male was carrying a lot of books so it shouldn't be his fault for this part either. Besides, Taealha couldn't bring herself to even go anywhere near to frowning in disapproving, much less scowl at the other male for doing something that was pretty much an honest mistake that anyone could do any day. Because she couldn't exactly talk verbally, she was searching for her journal, a book where she writes her responses because it was a natural approach instead of using the notepad app on her phone because shoving one's phone into another's face can be seen as rude and obnoxious. The bump that she gained from bumping her head against the table was definitely a big reminder that she shouldn't be reckless as much. Oh well, it's all done now anyway, there was nothing she could do now, only to rub the sore spot and offer the other male a sheepish grin. 

And god, was this guy attractive. He was taller than her, obviously, a lot of people are taller than her in general, even if she was sporting a whole 10cm heels. "Yeah, it does hurt" she wrote and gave him one of the most blank stares ever, only to shrug it off and write a quick I'm kidding underneath the lines. From the lines written on his face, Taealha concluded that he was still trying to figure out why she's using this method to communicate but then figured it soon enough. Over the years, during her training and therapy, it wasn't just urging herself to speak, it's to study the people around you and know their body language well because she lacked in one part which means she needs to be two steps forward so people would not need to fall back just to walk on the same line as her. A part of her did that because of another reason too; she didn't want people to put her disability above her label. She is more than that and being two steps ahead in everything is her way of proving that she's just as normal as them, if not a bit advanced, sometimes. 

Thankfully, lipreading is also something else she's mastered alongside sign language and texting at a fast pace. She shook her head in response to his question when he asked her if she was hurt, and proceeded to check if he was too by proceeding to write her words in signing, "Are you? That's a lot of books… and no doubt heavy in weight too. Are you okay?" When he said he fell a lot, she chuckled and crouched to help him pick up the books, "Don't worry, I'm not the most graceful human to exist in this world either. I couldn't count how many times I've pricked my fingers while tending to my roses because an idiot girl decided her roses loves her so there was no need for gloves. Definitely called that on my own, of course." After she finished picking up the books, she placed them on the nearest table, the one she had hit her head on, earlier. A hand was then extended to him, "I'm Taealha." 

Jae had always been a bit of a klutz so he was used to being on the floor but he took one look at the shoes she was wearing and opened his mouth in shock, he wasn’t sure how she managed to walk down the street in those without falling from side to side. He widened his eyes as he read her message about it hurting and furrowed a concerned brow before she followed it up with a second message where she said she was kidding, he laughed softly, he liked her sense of humor and the fact she could convey it without having to say a word.

Jae still had the question of why she couldn’t talk on the tip of his tongue but he didn’t find it appropriate to ask, it seemed like she found ways to work with it and that made him happy, to see someone able to have something holding her back and yet not let it define her either. He respected her will greatly and he hoped he wouldn’t totally screw up his communication with her because he wanted to get to know someone like that. They both stayed there on the floor for a moment and then he pushed himself to his feet and offered his hand out to pull her up.

“I’m okay” he responded in sign language as he looked back at her and grinned slightly sheepishly “I like to learn a lot so I need a lot of books” he knew his signing was pretty simplistic sentences but it seemed to be enough to convey what was trying to say. He stacked the books she passed him onto the table beside them deciding against trying to carry them across the room considering how badly that had gone the first time around. He watched her as she signed about roses and hurting herself with them and then needing to wear gloves “Ouch” he signed and then laughed softly “I want to learn to ice skate but I think I will get very bruised” he expressed and then looked at the stack of books wondering how many of them he would actually take home with him. When she signed her name he watched her movements intently and then spoke the name out loud to make sure he got it right “Taealha” he spoke softly and then shook her hand before putting back and speaking while signing out his name too “I’m Jae” he added with a proud grin, glad he was able to communicate like this.

When he held his hands out to her, presumably to help her up from her fall earlier, Taealha grinned softly in acknowledgement as she accepted his hand to stand up on her own two feet. Yes, surprisingly, she was able to walk properly without any problem in a whole 10 cm heels. The human was used to heels in general, she always loved to wear them so it was almost like a second nature to her. And her root of recklessness didn't stem from her choice of apparel either. Glad to see that she wasn't alone in that department too, though. She had rubbed the back of her head, the exact spot where she had hit the table at, earlier, it really stung but she'll have to forget about it. Hopefully, it wouldn't bruise because having a bump on her head was the last thing the raven-haired female wanted, people would ask questions. Especially people at her workplace. 

She wasn't going to lie, finding out that this guy in front of her, knows sign language, was amusing her. Taealha was impressed. At least, she could communicate better that way. Writing can be so tiring sometimes. "That's a lot of books" she grinned, even for someone who enjoys reading fictitious novels, Taealha could never find the time to do so seeing as she is almost always occupied with her research. When he said he wanted to learn how to ice skate but fear he'd bruise himself, Taealha chuckled softly, that's also something she was sure she would fail at too. "Well, the important thing is to try, right? If we don't try, then we'll never know how it works out. And to never give up. You'll be surprised to see how much a person's will can determine a lot of things for them." He doesn't look like someone who was quick to give up. 

Oh, this was one of those rare moments when someone got her name right on the first try. Though, she wasn't at all surprised. Her name was designed to be spelled in a romanized Korean way and he looks like a Korean. Her eyes lit up in delight as she nodded enthusiastically at his correct pronunciation. "Nice to meet you, Jae. I do wish we could've met under a better situation than earlier but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?" Her eyes were pretty much half way closed to form an eye smile that correlates well with her smile formed on her heart-shaped lips. Seeing the amount of books that he still needed to carry, no doubt, made the human bit her lip, "I can help you carry the books. I'm in no rush." Without even giving him a chance to even say no, Taealha went over to put a few books on top of each other, leveling up to 6 books on the table. "How did you come to learn the sign language, if you don't mind me asking?" 

Jae was pretty sure from looking at her a little while longer that she must be Korean, she had the distinctive features which he recognized from home. When she said he had a lot of books with him he laughed “And I plan to read them all” he responded and nodded a few times, Jae definitely had no problem finishing books, on a good week he could get through three entire novels and he never really tired of them. When she responded by saying he should try to ice skate even if he thought he would be bad at it he nodded a few times “A few bruises is better than regrets” he sighed out and pressed his lips together, what a profound bit of advice to get from a stranger he just met “Do you study here?” he asked with raised brows.

Thankfully the sign language meant they could talk as much as they wanted in the library without getting themselves in trouble which was nice because last he had checked it was pouring pretty hard outside which is exactly why he had decided to hide in here “If we hadn’t bumped into each other we probably would have never met” he signed hoping he was still remembering this right and he made sense to her. When she offered to carry the books he was about to assure her it was fine but she had already taken the initiative to pick some up and take them over to the table so he signed “Thank you” instead as he sat himself down at the table opposite her.

Her question made him smile a little, it was a little nostalgic to remember his friends from school and how they had all learned sign language together so they could communicate with the new student who joined. “I had a friend when I was younger who was deaf” he answered and nodded his head a few times “I miss her” he admitted but smiled, he was sure she was off doing important things with her life now, she had always been top of the class and he was pretty sure she got into one of the top universities “How do you like Evermore University?” he asked with a smile, he hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to many other students who weren’t his classmates so it was interesting to see if he could discover a different perspective.

Evermore had plenty of people from different ethnicities and even nationalities residing at every corner of the eternal city, so to meet an Asian, no doubt a Korean just like her, here in the library wasn't surprising. "It seems that you're quite the ambitious guy" she pointed out wryly when he said he intended to finish them all. "I don't know about you but I've done plenty of things I know I'd probably be bad at and while it hasn't been a pretty result, I tried and at the end of the day, I know I've accomplished something else in my book" she remembered she actually tried to do a flying fox activity while she was on her research period and it was worth it, even if she spent the entire time wheeling. When asked if she studied here, Taealha nodded gently, "Mhmm, I'm taking my Master's degree here in Biochemistry. You? What are you majoring in?" She tried to take a peek in the books he was carrying earlier but there were quite the variety of books so there was no knowing which department he hailed from.

 Meeting someone who knew how to sign made her feel relieved because it meant that she didn't need to write down every detail in a book and she hardly sees requesting his phone number so she could type better as the better option. So signing is their way to go, thankfully. "No, I wouldn't think so. Unless you're a frequent visitor here, I mostly do my assignments and homework here, but my table is located so far the end where there's more peace and quiet." And considering they were both from different faculties, it was more likely to see them passing each other without as much as a glance. The raven-haired female placed the books on the table gently and decided to take a seat across him, while offering him a kind and grateful smile, from what she heard a few minutes ago, the rain was heavily pouring outside and she wasn't exactly in the possession of an umbrella to help her get through the daunting weather. "You're welcome." 

Hearing that he learned the sign language to help him communicate with his dead friend easier made her heart warm, "That's very considerate of you. I'm sure she appreciates it" She knows she would. The only people who ever bothered to learn sign language to help her were Talia and Ariana. "Well, I've been here for a while, so I'd say it's nice. Don't get me wrong, living in a city filled with mysterious people with hidden secrets, what's not to like? But Evermore University is also reputable for its notable alumni just like any other universities, I mean surely you're here for a reason too, no? Especially if you've travelled across the world to be here. Must be pretty special." Taealha wasn't stupid, she knows a native when she sees one and for someone who was a friendly person in her own neighborhood, there was no way she hasn't heard or met this guy if he grew up here. 

He chuckled when she referred to him as ambitious and he shrugged slightly “I like reading stories” he responded with a soft grin on his face, it was clear his sign language was nowhere near as good as hers because he needed to stop and think for a moment before he responded and his sentences were shorter but he was glad she managed to understand what he was trying to say at least. “Trying hard can help you to succeed” he responded and nodded his head, he did believe that if you weren’t great at something then practice would help you to get better at it to the point you could be good at it. Sure you would probably never be the best in the field but determination counted for more than most gave it credit for. He made a wow expression with his face when she said she was doing a masters “That must take a lot of work” he responded noting that his course felt pretty full-on and he was only in the second year “My major is in English” he frowned for a moment not remembering the sign for the word literature so he added “Writing” to the end in the hopes she would get the gist of what he meant.

He had to admit it felt a little nerve-wracking to test what he remembered about sign language on a stranger but she seemed to understand him so far which put him at ease, he could read hers much better than he could sign himself so he was mostly focusing his eyes on her motions so he could understand what she was talking about “You prefer peace and quiet like me” he responded and smiled softly, he came here often to get away from his roommates so he totally understood why she preferred to keep to herself but he was still glad he got the chance to meet her today regardless. Noting that after helping with the books she had taken a seat across from him he smiled gently up at her before nudging one of his favorites across the table to her “I think you’d like this one, it’s a love story, a little…” he paused not knowing the sign for cheesy so he made a gesture of a heart and made a dramatic sigh to represent what he meant “But a very good story” he nodded a few times enthusiastically.

“I hope so” he responded with a slight smile when she said it was considerate of him to learn sign language so he could communicate with people “I like making people’s day’s better” he explained with a small smile and he couldn’t do that if his friend couldn’t even understand what he was trying to say right? Besides, Jae had always been good at learning other languages and this was another challenge for him to add to his belt. He nodded slightly when she rationalized that he must have chosen to come to this city over others for a reason and noticed how she had come to that conclusion using clues about him “I liked the look of the campus” he responded and nodded “And how easy it is to get around the city” he explained further “It makes seeing friends easier” he added and nodded a few times. Of course, the classes were good too but it was hard to tell if that would be the case until you actually attended them. “Why did you choose Evermore?” he asked more broadly.

Upon hearing that he likes reading stories, Taealha had a bright grin curved on her lips, matching the same youthful and giddy energy she seemed to exude from the beginning, "I'm guessing you're a Shakespearean, after all" she teased, it's always fun to find people from other branches, don't get wrong, she admired a lot of people, especially from her own faculty since they were brainiacs but to find someone who could put all those words in an articulated manner, now that's fascinating. And her hopeless romantic persona could not get enough of those. Albeit not being fully well-versed in sign language, Jae was doing very well for someone who hasn't had practice for awhile, and his words as well as messages were easily interpreted by Taealha. A part of her wanted to speak in Korean so much, well, sign in Korean, but it felt so long ago. She's lived a majority of her life abroad, in a country that was predominantly covered by English-speaking people. But she could also relearn it and perhaps they could do that together. 

"Can you do Korean sign language?" A blush crept up when he expressed his surprise over her status as postgraduate student there, "I love learning" she shrugged, it's been something she's done for as long as she could remember. She saw the way he signed writing after English, which had her going whether he's learning creative writing or something, it was a bit unclear seeing as they have plenty of courses available, "Literature?" Taealha nodded gently, affirming his guess that she does like peace and quiet, "I'm not sure if my preference for that is influenced by my condition, but either way, I think I'll never know haha…" Unfortunately, the human wasn't able to withstand any pressure when it comes to hearing, and while she could listen so much better than others, her hearing was sensitive. When he pushed a book her way, Taealha quirked her eyebrows up on confusion and tilted her head to the side to get a better look, "Oh, really?"

 A love story, how ironic. The human does like to busy herself with a few of those love stories simply because she could fantasize about it. A girl's got a dream too. "I like love stories. It's always good for my imagination, as far as a girl's imagination can go anyway. I'll trust your judgement and read it, perhaps I can get back at you later" He said he liked making people's day better and that mad when grin coyly, "Such a charmer." She nodded in agreement when he described the spacious campus, Evermore University is a gem, really. Nobody really knew about it before but it's also a good university, especially in a city known for their supernatural inhabitants co-existing with the humans. "I've been studying here for about 5 years, I get what you're saying." Evermore is where she grew up, after all. She's a resident. 

"It's not as much of a choice to come here really, I was sent here" she chuckled and pursed her lips, parting it slightly before leaving it at that, "I used to live in Canada for a few years and of course, before that I was in Korea. But my family sent me away for a boarding school in Canada and then my foster family couldn't take me anymore so Ainsley Orphanage is a place for me, at least I grow up legally." She was sure almost everyone knows about the only orphanage in Evermore; Ainsley Orphanage. "To travel all the way here for a university, did you find anything you like? Here, I mean? The people maybe?"

He chuckled slightly when she said he would like Shakespeare and he nodded slightly “I would be a bad student if not” he responded and chuckled, he definitely had respect for his works along with a lot of the classic books, their stories had resonated with such large and diverse audiences and touched generations of people, someone like him could only hope to be anywhere near as good as them. He was watching Taealha carefully as they communicated and smiling softly each time that she understood what he was saying and then responded, she was far more fluent with her movements and how much she signed at a time which was to be expected but he was glad the two of them were able to talk with one another “A little” he responded when she asked if he knew any Korean sign language “My friend was a Korean-American so I learned some of each, it can be confusing” he responded and chuckled slightly.

“Me too, I spend so much time learning new things” he responded and nodded enthusiastically, he was impressed that she had made it all the way through her studies and yet wanted to come back to learn more. He nodded when she corrected his signing showing him the word for literature “Yes that” he responded and chuckled “Sorry, there’s some words that I forgot” but she knew all of them so talking to her would definitely help him to pick up the things he was missing again. “I guess sometimes it’s easier to be alone than have people not understand you?” he asked with soft eyes because it sucked that was a reality but he was pretty sure he was on the mark, she must have found it hard to connect with people because she couldn’t talk to them without the need for a pen and paper.

He wasn’t sure what it was about her that made him feel compelled to recommend a book but she just seemed like the type of person who would get it, it was just a sense he got from her and it seemed like he wasn’t too off the mark because seemed to like the idea “You’ll have to tell me what you think” he responded and smiled “I like stories that have heartbreak and hard times in them but end up happy” he added and nodded hoping he was making sense as he explained the way he felt about reading. When she called him a charmer he shrugged slightly “No bad intentions” he added in case she thought he was trying to hit on her and that was the only reason he was being nice “I just feel better when people around me are happy” he had always been like that, always making jokes or being silly, he was seen as a ‘mood maker’ back in school. “Wow” he responded when she said had been studying here for a long time “I am only one year in” he responded and smiled “Any tips for me?” perhaps someone with experience would have some wisdom to share.

“Do you miss your home?” he responded when she explained how she had pretty much been moved all over the place, it kinda upset him to hear that her parents left her in such a position that she had to be taken in by an orphanage, it sounded pretty complicated to say the least. “But you chose to stay here because you like it?” she was still here after all so he assumed that must be the case, especially because she was doing an extended study. “Freedom” he responded honestly to her reasons for wanting to come so far to study “Good people were a bonus I found afterward” he blushed slightly because one specific person came to mind when he said that.

"I mean, I've never met a literature student before, not English, but I'm pretty sure not everyone had a love for Shakespeare himself either. Preferably those who may opt more for creative writing" she quipped softly, she wasn't a big Shakespearean girl either but she does have a thing for love stories or romantic novels in general. A big fan of dystopian ones too but nobody would be able to get that out of her without getting her to blush like she was ready to bury herself 6 feet deep. Jae wasn't an expert at sign language but he was doing a better job than most people so she was impressed, especially when he could easily understand her when she signed. This way, she didn't need to be worried if there will be any barrier in communication between them as well as inducing any error. 

"Korean sign is not that much different but it's enough to confuse any other learners. But then again, all sign languages are similar yet so different in their own ways. It leaves room for plenty of interpretations." She wondered if she could even find a stronger bond of friend inside this kind guy, "I can teach you them if you want. I also know French and Japanese sign language" she exclaimed, French was a helper during her foreign classes and what kind of hopeless romantic wouldn't have French going off in their heads. Japanese simply because she was taught Japanese and Traditional Chinese characters called Hanja when she was young. Oh well, despite not remembering the details back then due to her PTA, it was still worth remembering that she still retained those skills. "Don't worry about it, you're doing great" she continued to encourage him because having someone to talk to, it's refreshing. 

"I swear my thumbs are strong due to all the texting I did from trying to communicate" A chuckle escaped her because she remember training them during her senior high school year. Was it easier to be alone? Perhaps. "I don't want to cause any misunderstanding over something I can very well prevent so… yeah. I do want to talk to people… maybe one day I'll improve and get to talk normally like everyone else." That's one of her biggest wishes ever. "You're a happy endgame guy? Cute. It's hard to find a guy who ever reads all of these stuff now, whoever's your girlfriend or… boyfriend, they're lucky." Taealha wasn't naive enough to know that people are free to decide their preferences in detail. After all, she too, had her certain preferences. "Not every good guy is trying to hit on everyone they meet at first try, don't worry. It's good to have someone nice to talk to." He seemed to have such pure intentions, wanting to spread happiness around him, she was fascinated. 

"Tips? On how to survive campus life or something else? I don't think I'm that much helpful though, seeing as I'm usually finishing my studies off campus. I work at the lab" It gave her endless source to widen her interests, studying about supernatural genetics had been a bonus for Taealha, who continued to be enticed by them. When asked if she missed her home, Taealha coughed and shrugged softly, still having the same gentle smile plastered all over her, "I think I would've… if I could recall anything about it. I don't remember the memories I made until 17 due to an accident. Whatever I know is what my sister tells me." Perhaps, that should be enough. But curiosity wasn't meant to be quenched forever. Where his her home? Is it not here in Evermore?

 "Mhmm, it's a resourceful place. You'll find yourself studying new things everyday, especially when you least expect it." The dark-haired female raised her eyebrows questioningly when he said freedom and the good people he found afterwards were a bonus, "Korea can be harsh. Good people huh? Anyone special?"

“I have always been quite good at learning new languages” he responded and smiled proudly, he had just always been interested in them, especially English and so they were the subjects he latched onto, the ones he got better grades than his peers in and generally felt more engaged in but he also learned them on his own terms, for example, sign language wasn’t on their curriculum but he had taken it upon himself to learn it. “I would like that” he responded and smiled brightly, though he did wonder if he would get them mixed up like he did with foreign languages sometimes. “Thank you” he responded and bowed a little towards her when she said he was doing well, he was glad she thought so and he felt proud that he was able to communicate with her today, she almost seemed relieved to find someone who knew how to talk to her the way she talked to them.

“Texting is a good alternative” he responded and smiled brightly “Please you get the added bonus of being able to use” he paused for a moment not knowing what emojis were in sign language because it was slang so he pulled some silly faces to imply what he meant. “I hope so” he responded when she spoke about her want for being able to talk, it seemed like she was determined to overcome her disability which was very inspiring, she didn’t seem to let it get the best of her which seemed impressive. “I think most people secretly want a happy end of the story” he admitted and smiled softly, everyone searched for happiness in one way or another, didn’t they? He grinned slightly sheepishly when she said his significant other was lucky to have him “A lot of people do” he responded and chuckled “But I am happily taken” he responded with a smile, he was proud to admit that.

He chuckled when she asked him what tips he was looking for “Just anything which might make university life easier” he responded and smiled, everything still felt new to him even though he had already been here for a full year, on the one side it did feel like his clock was running down and before long he was going to have to face his father and the expectations he brought along with him and then on the other he felt like he still had all the time in the world. “You must be very busy” he responded when she explained that she worked at the lab, she seemed smart and kind to him, that was the first impression he got away. “That’s a shame” he responded when she said she didn’t really have any memories of her home for herself, he pressed his lips together for a moment “You seem very strong, to be able to go through memory loss and still be” he gestured to towards her for a moment and smiled “You” he signed and nodded slightly.

“I have found that it changed my mind on the life I want a lot” he responded and nodded, so he agreed that it was a special place and also that it could be different things to different people. He grimaced slightly when she said Korea could be harsh “That’s an understatement” he wasn’t the only one in a family with such high expectations, it was practically the normal thing and everyone wanted to make their parents proud. “Someone very special” he responded and his face flushed because how could it not whenever he thought about Han “He’s my light” he added to the end and rested his hands on the table “What about you? Are you seeing anyone?” she seemed interesting to him, so much so it didn’t weird to talk with her about his love life.

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