It had been about month now since she had come to the hospital as a volunteer. It was a demanding work schedule but she didn't mind because it let her do the one thing she had always wished she could do when she was alive, help people to feel better. In the short time she had been here she had learned a lot, mostly she helped with sorting out the paperwork and appointments, taking people to and from different places around the hospital and ensuring everyone was comfortable. It wasn't that different from her role as an empath, most days she would visit the patients who didn't have family coming in for them and just give them someone to talk to. 

Sometimes it made her wonder if she had been born in this modern age, would she have found herself doing this or would she be living a different life entirely. Because Arcadia knew someone from her old life in the city, she had chosen a certain persona for her work, she didn't look exactly like herself but she resembled herself enough to feel at ease when she looked in the mirror. Today had been a tough shift, she had been asked to do the suicide watch, which meant staying awake and watching a patient as they slept, someone who had previously tried to take their life. It was the middle of the night when someone came into the room to tell her she could take her break and they would keep watch for an hour. 

She headed through the familiar halls of the hospital until she reached the break room. She headed inside, going over to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. There were always usually people coming and going in here but since it was the middle of the night everything was quiet. But she felt her heart pound in her chest when she noticed the lone figure in the corner, with their head in their hands. Arcadia would recognize Cecilia Laterza anywhere. She took a deep breath, flipping on the kettle and pouring out a mug which she mixed a hot cocoa in before taking the mug and heading towards Celia.

Her eyes softened as she slowly made her way towards her, she knew she shouldn't have, Arcadia had done pretty well at keeping her distance from her until then but how could she stop herself when she could see how upset she was. She placed the mug down gently on the table in front of her "Seems like you could use something good right now" she spoke it softly. How badly she wished she could tell the Valkyr who she was and just be there for her but she knew the rules she had to follow. She was breaking them simply by approaching her or even working at this hospital but if there is one thing Arcadia wouldn't be able to take, it would be having to take Ce's memories of her away. 

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It’s been such a hectic day for Cecilia, who was forced to take on a double shift to cover her colleague’s absence. Maternity leave, how lucky, she grumbled to herself. The Italian had no qualms with the other doctor but it’s been quite the stressful week for her, with the number of rogues raising a rebellion somewhere in Rome itself and whatnot. She had to send a few brokers to check what’s going on instead of going there herself because she was handling her work here. The hospital has been short-staffed ever since they began to find more people who either hurt themselves or were maimed by another. The ER could only accommodate so much and while the number was nowhere near overwhelming, it was better to be safe. It started with mild cases, with minor injuries that the nurses could handle, until they couldn’t. 

That’s when the doctors were called into action and some of their shifts were doubled due to the short number. It was practically a living hell for some of them; namely, a certain brunette. Celia couldn’t remember the last time she had the time to calm down before being called in for another surgery. As a cardiothoracic surgeon, her job revolves around a lot of surgeries in general. That meant a lot of blood. Thankfully, she could control herself by sticking to a strict diet for the past month. It was one of those days she was glad to have centuries of experience under her belt to control her bloodlust despite having a certain period of her life that tainted that streak. Evermore General put out a notice to enlist a few volunteers to help with their limited manpower.

 Fortunately, the results were great since they had a few newbies who were excited about the prospect of learning more regarding the medicinal world. But they were trainees, nowhere near resident doctors either, so they could only aid so much. On this particular day though, it was another hellish day for the Valkyr who had to deal with a surgery that lasted for about 8 hours, only for her to lose another patient this week because they couldn’t stop the hemorrhage the patient suffered which also restricted her respiration. She was still so young, 26 years of age, and was found near the border of Evermore in a bad state with ruptured lungs and broken ribs. Upon exiting the surgery room, Cecilia quickly discarded her gown and washed her hands properly. She’s been in this field for so long yet she could never get used to losing a patient. Perhaps, it was because it’s a rare occasion for the Valkyr to have a surgery ending so tragically. 

She didn’t bother greeting any of the people in the break room and kept her head down before taking a seat at the furthest corner of the room. Until someone came into her view, which made the female lift her gaze up to the blonde, who had a mug of hot cocoa placed in front of her, she didn’t look familiar so she figured from the badge that whoever this person was, she was one of the volunteers. Celia choked up a chuckle and shrugged, “It’s been a very bad day for me… I feel like the entire world is trying to stomp on me by giving me a second death to put in my tally for this week only” 2 deaths in a week, she couldn’t grasp that. “You’re one of the volunteers, right? I’m Cecilia” she attempted to spare her a small smile, and at least, it was genuine even though it was clear the Valkyr was overridden by sadness.

She had told herself time and time again that it was best for her to stay away but every time she told herself that she felt herself weakening. Arcadia should have forgotten about Celia and moved on a long time ago but it was something she had never been able to do. Knowing that the person you loved was still living, still going about their life, the temptation always felt too great to just walk on by. That was why she had kept an eye on her through all these years, she just wanted to make sure that she was okay, that she was safe, that she found some sort of happiness and Arcadia could definitely tell she had found a sense of solace in her work.

She was supposed to keep her distance but seeing her so sad and broken at that moment drew in the empath in her and she couldn’t walk away. It was just one meeting with a face she didn’t know right? After they talked and she was sure she was okay and happy they could both be on with their lives as though it never happened. The blonde pursed her lips as she sat herself down opposite her. There were so many things she wanted to say to her, she wouldn’t really even know where to start given the chance but instead, she simply smiled, her eyes tearing up a little when she saw how choked up Ce was by what happened. She lifted the back of her hand to wipe her eyes to hide her own reaction.

She let a warm smile cross her lips, despite the sad situation Ce found herself in she still found a way to hold kindness in her voice which reminded Arcadia of the person she first met, the one who dreamed of being a doctor. “You know what they say about those who go into medicine or care” she spoke it softly “They’re trying to save the world, one person at a time” she had always believed that, there was no other reason to follow into the field than if you were really passionate about saving the lives of others “So we lose a part of ourselves when we can’t save everyone” she spoke it softly “But we will probably die trying” they were the same that way, they cared about others and cared about doing something that mattered.

Arcadia felt her heart flutter just a little when Ce introduced herself “Nice to meet you” she spoke but it almost felt foreign on her tongue “I’m Arcadia, as the shiny name badge reads” she pointed to it and grinned slightly “And yes, volunteer and hopefully one day apprentice” she responded, at least that was what she was hoping for if all of the experience went well anyway.

It felt like the week was a production of everything bad mixed together, Celia has been tired for the past month trying to keep the stacks of paperwork steady in her office but the on-calls were repeatedly the same, getting called into the surgery room reminded the Valkyr why she did what she did. Why she became a doctor, even when she’s had a history of bloodlust. This, this was it. Helping people, she loved doing that. She died as a healer and she was reanimated once more, it was only right for her to keep the promise she made to Cassie too. The thought of the youthful blonde in her memory only made the Italian tear up more, it felt like her tear duct wasn’t about to stop any time soon. She wondered, what kind of life would the flaxen-haired beauty lead today, if she was still alive? Would she become a doctor too? Celia was really sad, the loss of one of her patients today quite literally made a dent in her, normally she wouldn’t show such emotions in front of her colleagues, especially when it was supposed to be in a professional setting, such as this. 

This time, it was emptier than usual, she could only notice herself and a blonde who approached her earlier. She should have wiped those tears away but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. Perhaps, this time, she’s had enough. The other female sounded so well-spoken, her diction was on-point and even the way she carried herself seemed to exude a familiar sense of confidence, “It hits you harder when you’ve always maintained a streak too… I haven’t lost a lot compared to others… so when I suddenly lose them, I feel like the world is trying to mock me.” For a long while, she thought she was skillful enough to know how to fix the broken parts in the human anatomy, especially when involving the respiratory organs. But today proved her wrong, when was the last time she had a failed surgery? Right, 8 years ago, when she saved someone who would then turn out to be one of the most beloved people to her.

 He was young too, younger than this girl, in a car accident, and they still hurried to pump life support on him even though he was practically a goner by the time paramedics got to the scene. Ce could remember how she insisted on performing CPR too. In the end, she saved him by giving him another chance at life. “Arcadia? Sounds like your parents either love you or the opposite to give you that name” she teased lightly, “Does it truly mean sanctuary?” It’s a unique name, she wasn’t even surprised if the blonde changed her name to that herself. Sounds a lot like a second chance. “How long have you been volunteering here, Arcadia? Are you aiding any specific departments? Or… are you eyeing any specific one to get into?” Most volunteers who are as dedicated usually have an eye on a certain department or two, sometimes the doctors would take a liking to their skills.

Of course no one was ever going to get things 100% right, but the fact that Ce cared so much about her patients to the point it had this reaction said it all when it came to knowing she was the right person for the role. “It’s unfortunately not possible to save everyone, as much as we hate death and try to prevent it, we’d be superheroes if we could win every battle” she nodded slightly, Arcadia could understand feeling down about it though, there was a certain trust placed there which probably felt broken now. “You should be proud though, I’m sure all those people you helped appreciate your dedication” she nudged the mug she had placed down a little closer to her to imply it was for her before leaning back in her seat.

She laughed softly under her breath when Celia commented on her name and she shrugged slightly “It was a nickname I had for a while and it stuck, before long it felt more like me than my original name did, so I changed it” he nodded slightly, it was her way of symbolizing that she was moving on to herself more than anything she supposed. “It does” she confirmed with a slightly embarrassed laugh “Probably a little narcissistic now that I think about it but I like how it sounds” god it felt like so long ago that someone had called her Cassidy, that person almost felt like a distant memory to her and yet as she looked back at the brunette it also felt like she was there all over again.

Arcadia smiled “Only a few weeks, truth be told I was a completely different path until now...I guess you could say I gave up on the dream for a while” she pressed her lips together “But now here I feels right, being here, being able to comfort the people in the hospital and learn about it at the same time” she smiled shyly and shrugged when she asked if she had a certain department she wanted to get into “Nothing decided yet. I still have my eyes wide open you could say” she nodded her head slightly “What’s your specialty?” perhaps she could get some ideas from knowing what she chose for herself.

She remembered how much she hated it whenever people tell her what she has done was enough and that she couldn't possibly do more to save them. It reminded her of the impossible that she really could've done. She saved Yeon, that was possible too. But Celia knew why that statement secretly hurt her, because she would be reminded once again that she could save others but not the person she wanted to save so badly. The one person she couldn't even try to save, no matter how many times they tried. Perhaps, it was pathetic. "I've never really liked superheroes" she chuckled half-heartedly, while wiping the stray tears away and turning her head to the side so she could see the blonde better, "I don't think I ever did. Everyone else would've marvelled over them but I've never been a big fan of them. Maybe I find them too obnoxious and unrealistic" To them, they were. There was only so much a superhero could do. And they would only exist long enough to serve others a reminder that everything was just a figment of their imagination. 

When she nudged the mug nearer, Ce gave her a surprised look, "For me? Oh… thank you" Hot cocoa can never disappoint when you're upset. Or when it's raining. She brought the cup to her lips and took a sip, sparing the other female who was kind enough to comfort her earlier a smile, as if she was thanking her. It actually feels good to have company, Ce never noticed that. "I like it. It sounds unique, it's not everyday you find someone named Arcadia. What would you name your kid in the future then? Utopia?" she teased and chuckled softly, that may actually happen, who knows? Utopia is a cute name. "I like the meaning, and the fact that you changed your name because it suits you says a lot. It's better to live your life instead of conforming yourself to what you've been born as." Cecilia was the name she chose to keep because she was her mother's daughter; the only person who cared enough for who she was that spread further than just a name.

 "Well, here you are now, I'm guessing things turned out for the better if you could still find your way back, no?" The medical field isn't sunshine and rainbows, it really stresses you out to be dealing with another's health and well-being, or their lives. When she asked her what department she is situated in, Ce grinned warmly and placed the cup on the table after she was sure she's drank half of it, "I specialize in cardiothoracic surgery and pulmonology. We're currently understaffed so they'd just call me whenever they have to" The two were very similar in studies anyway, Ce also did her residency in both respectively a few years ago in Italy. "Are you interested in any of that? Or would you rather have a go with pediatrics?" she mused teasingly, she wouldn't be surprised, most would prefer being in orthopaedic or general. 

She raised her brows for a moment when she mentioned that she didn’t like superheroes, the blonde pouted her lips in thought as she wondered why, but when she explained how she didn’t like the precedence that they said “I guess you could say the real heroes in the world are those who would never refer to themselves as such” she nodded her head slightly, it was people who gave up their time and even at times their sanity to make the lives of others better and then never even asked for something in return. Most people weren’t that giving but she had seen some really good ones out there “Besides the outfits they wear hardly seem practical” she teased with a smile in an attempt to chase away some of those tears.

Arcadia naturally smiled when she asked if the hot cocoa was really for her, it reminded her of the humble person she had known many years ago, it felt like forever ago, it was quite literally a millennium ago and yet she still felt this sense of familiarity being near her, like things had changed but still in some ways were the same. She laughed when Ce questioned whether she would name her child Utopia “Something tells me I should avoid doing that at all costs” she shook her head, just because she enjoyed having a unique name doesn’t mean she would want her child to have one, they could choose a name for themselves when they were older if they wanted something more outlandish “Maybe something like Serenity would work” she chuckled and smiled “People change with time, I feel like how we want to identify ourselves might change too” she was very open when it came to that kind of thing, she didn’t believe there were set rules on how to be yourself.

“Something like that” she agreed when she surmised that things had turned out for the better, truthfully she wasn’t sure how long she was going to have for learning and making something of this life on earth but she certainly wasn’t going to waste the opportunity, she was always one to reach her hands towards new things “I thought with volunteering I’d be able to get a bit of an inside look at what I’d be signing up for” given that she hadn’t been able to live in this modern era before now, she needed some time to adjust to the times but Arcadia wasn’t the kind of person to ever be doing nothing and so this was her middle compromise. “The names make it sound kinda scary” she admitted with a slightly nervous laugh “What is it that motivated you to choose that path?” considering Ce had been her inspiration for wanting to be a doctor in the first place, her answer was important to Arcadia.

She had a point when she put it that way, in a way, wouldn’t the frontliners who are constantly risking their lives and jobs are the ones who really should be thanked and praised as the real-life heroes? She has seen her colleagues suffering from insomnia and regular back pains due to the work constraint in their own respective departments. “You’re right… I mean, no offense, but why would you call yourself Batman? Because you’re wearing a bat suit and move like the ‘bat’ in the dark night? Why not refer to yourself as the dark knight rather than Batman then? It is so confusing” she shook her head, she could never fully grasp why people are so engaged and immersed in the thought of superheroes. It’s a notion that the world should always have people who would save it, rather than depending on themselves individually to make their own lives better. No wonder selfishness ran amidst their ranks wildly. 

Arcadia was funny and bright, she’d give her that. Celia couldn’t even remember she had been shedding a few tears earlier because the other female was so determined to give her something else to think about. Having someone to accompany you and listen to you, she’s starting to miss all those companies, maybe she should pay Yeon a visit again next time. “Well, the worst case is that people would still somehow manage to misspell her name even though you could literally google how to write utopia, or the kids her age would tease her to the point of no returning” Yikes, that doesn’t sound like a plausible option, honestly. “Guess unique isn’t for everyone.” When she suggested that the name Serenity would fit better, it left Ce to wonder what a bright girl that child would eventually grow up to be.

“You know, my mother used to tell me something when I was younger. She said it is very important to give your child a good name with a good meaning. Apparently, it sends a certain message and that they were blessed by the skies. It’s a weird thing to be thinking about, truthfully” But Celia couldn’t exactly bring herself to laugh at her own sickly mother back then. “It may sound absurd but I think it’s beautiful” And it also reminded her that she had once told someone very close to her this exact same thing. God, that felt so long ago already. It occurred to the Valkyr that she wasn’t going to be able to move on as easily as she thought she could. “Volunteering would give you an insight into what the medical world is like, true. Besides, I think it’s fun to dabble around before you eventually get to do your residency. You never know which department is your best bet, that’s why every med student tries their best to butter the head of those departments like hell. It happens every time, I swear” she chuckled, it was hilarious to see the same group rushing over the head of every department; especially orthopaedic because they pay well.

 “I would tell you that the job isn’t as scary as the names make it out to be but then I’d be lying” she grinned sheepishly, in all honesty, her department was limited since it requires rigorous training and a lot of OTs, once excluding the fact that the on-calls would be far more stressful. “I work on the heart and lungs, it gets daunting and intimidating to handle people’s hearts, one wrong move and you’d be holding a no longer beating heart.” When she was asked what motivated her to become a doctor, Ce sent a small smile towards the blonde, “My mother was a very sick woman, albeit a young one. She died before she could even reach her 40s because of her illness and I came from a harsh area, it was hard to secure any treatment there because there was no proper hospital. After her death, my uncle took me in and I was given the chance to enrol myself in the most prestigious medical institution there” It wasn’t a lie, that was exactly what happened to Cecilia. “I just don’t want to be helpless when I have to help the people I care for… you know? But it stretches out a lot more these days. You? Why are you here?” 

She laughed under her breath as Ce went on a mini-rant about batman, she was glad to be able to take her mind off of everything and just let her be happy for a moment, Arcadia couldn’t stand seeing Ce sad because it made her feel sad too. “Sounds pretty egotistical if you ask me” she commented with a low chuckle and shrugged her shoulders, it was nice to see how easily Ce could still carry a conversation with a ‘stranger’. Arcadia smiled, the things they were talking about were small and funny in the grand scheme of things but she liked that, she liked being able to pick up the craziest topic and just explore it “Yeah it’s the teasing part that would worry me” she responded and shrugged her shoulder “Plus there’s no guarantee that they would even be a girl” she laughed softly, it was weird to think about the topic of children because honestly, as much as she wanted it to be, she didn’t think it was in the cards for her.

The blonde watched Ce carefully as she talked about her mom, it amazed her that even after the long life she had lived she was still thinking about her parents “That’s an interesting thought, though I’m not sure I subscribe to that belief” she shrugged her shoulders slightly “A name is just a name, I don’t think it has to define you” which is why it was okay to change it if you didn’t like the one you were given, or in her case, wanted to draw some separation to phases of her life. She nodded slightly “Truthfully I want to be able to help, even if I decide not to go for the full commitment and enroll, I still feel like I’m doing something good here” she liked to feel like her time was productive and since she would be on earth for the foreseeable, she wanted to make the most of the time she had. “Though I don’t intend to be a suck-up” she laughed softly “I’d hope I could stand out for my intelligence rather than my ability to follow someone around” she shook her head, what happened to the practice of earning things?

She nodded slightly, of course it wouldn’t be easy but then paths she tended to take weren’t the easy ones “See I hear you when you say things will be difficult but that only seems to make me want it more, knowing that it would be hard to achieve, that’s what tends to motivate me, you could say I aim for the impossible” she grinned somewhat sheepishly and then shrugged her shoulders, perhaps that made her sound crazy but that was just the person she had become. She remembered Ce telling her a similar story to this before, except back then it was much more recent and ongoing “It makes sense, so much of the world goes on around you can you feel like it’s all spinning out of reach...being able to reach and hold onto feels important” part of her wondered if one of those people she wished she could save was her “Someone I knew once inspired me” she responded nodding her head “I’m not sure if they ever remember be now but I’ll never forget how determined they were to take care of people” her smile was a somewhat sad one, she wished she could thank Ce for passing that on.

She sniffed and then smiled “Anyway enough of the heavy, I’m sure you’ve had enough of all that for today” she smiled softly “How much longer do you have to go?” she was hoping she would say she was near the end of her shift because it seemed like Ce needed a break and to be able to go and rest her head.

"Exactly! Oh my god you have no idea how long I've longed to hear the same thing from everyone else. People keep raving on about batsie this and batsie that, or I don't know… whether Superman is better or not, when I think it's just… bleh" She remembered distinctly that she once got herself into a drunken bar fight over superheroes too. It wasn't a memory she could forget, but it was one that she desperately wished she could forget. Even though she's only known the blonde for no longer than 5 minutes, Celia felt a certain pull that makes her gravitate towards the other female. There was something about her that feels oddly calming and honestly? She needed that, right now. There was this breeze about her that makes the Valkyr wonder if they've met before because Arcadia feels familiar. Alas, she couldn't pinpoint anything from it. "Still, if they eventually end up being a girl, I imagine you'd let her choose her own name once she's legal enough to want to change? That's sweet" And not to mention, pretty impressive. 

Cecilia respects her mother greatly, even though she was forced to live an unfavored lifestyle because of her, she still gave birth to her and nurtured her with love. That was more than anyone else could possibly wish to get in their childhood. "It's a good myth for people who wanted to see the good by imagining it, I guess. I had no idea why she'd name me Cecilia if so, I don't think there's much of a name to that one aside from Saint Cecilia" she chuckled, the thought of it never crossed her head before but it was amusing. Her eyes softened considerably when she heard her talk about how she wished to make use of her time and contribute, "That's very noble of you. It's the intention that matters, right?" With intention comes passion. With passion, there were plenty of things one could do. 

"You don't sound like a suck-up, don't worry" she reassured lightly with a smile, she could detect hints of genuinity coming from her and it was strangely refreshing, who knows? Maybe they'll make a good doctor out of her just yet. "But talent itself could only last for so long, it's nothing without its craft. Especially in this field. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be recognized for your prodigal talents, we're in a competitive market, everyone needs to compete to be the best because you can't afford to make mistakes in this." Or else, you would be risking another's life. Even for Cecilia, that was something that didn't bode well with her. Her gaze fell on the clock ticking across the room and clicked her tongue, pointing her index finger towards the clock with a grin, "Technically I'm free now. It wasn't my shift today, I was just called for an emergency but that's over now… why? Are you planning to kidnap me?" 

She pulled her signature smile and shrugged her head slightly, laughing softly when she kept referring to batman as batsie “I feel like batman did something to hurt you on a personal level” she commented with a grin, Ce was always so passionate when it came to her opinions, whether they were right or wrong she would always make a compelling argument for her case, enough that she could make people listen. She nodded thoughtfully “Any child of mine would be encouraged to be every part of themselves, regardless of what that is” she was a true believer in freedom and personal choice and she wanted to see people do things for their own happiness.

She shrugged her shoulders slightly when she wondered why her mother named her what she did, it made Arcadia think about the name her parents had given her ‘Cassidy’, perhaps Ce was right in saying they put some thought into it because they had named her a name which meant clever. Part of her was feeling really conflicted about being her, on the one side, she couldn’t waste the time she had here on earth and she would be going crazy if she had to stay inside her home all day every day but then in the other she had to wonder if she would get herself attached to the life she got her. She knew seeing Ce today wasn’t going to help with that, especially because she had no idea how she would ever resist talking to her again whenever she saw her, she knew it was risky but she wanted to be in her life so badly.

She smiled, her gaze dropping for a moment “I have an offer from Evermore University for the fall” she admitted with a smile “But I’m still hoping to be able to do some on-site study here, you know, hands-on learning and all” she nodded slightly, she felt like that would be the easiest way for her to catch up. It hadn’t been easy for her to get the qualifications she needed to qualify for the course but she had a lot of free time since she came to Evermore and she was determined and resourceful “Anyway, I’m the crazy girl who tries to always get herself ahead of the game” she laughed softly. When she said she was free Arcadia pursed her lips “I know whenever I have a bad day, burgers and fries are a must, junk food fixes everything” she smiled softly “I have 40 minutes of my break left if you wanted to join me?” her expression was hopeful.

"Close, a guy in a Batman cosplay bothered me this one time and I may have actually sent him to a hospital… Guilty as charged but in my defense, he was annoying the hell out of me while I was trying to walk" she murmured, fiddling the helm of her doctor coat with a sheepish grin, she remembered telling a similar story to Yeon and the male had spent the past hour laughing at her. Well, it was a bit hilarious considering how she paid for the damages and even convinced herself to apologize. Arcadia sounded so passionate and wise, sometimes she wondered if she's lived an entire lifetime with the way she talks, there was something in her bright hues too, but Ce wasn't sure if she could detect it properly this time. Maybe it was just a flash of a light playing with her vision. She did just get out of one intense surgery, after all. "Gosh, you sound like someone who was giving a motivational speech on a pedestal, Arcadia" and somehow, it fits her. Being a motivator. 

She reminded herself a bit of someone she misses until today, but a bit different too which made the Valkyr tilt her head to the side in amusement. She's cute and interesting. The Italian definitely could use more of this company if she was going to meet her again within the walls of the hospital. Upon hearing that the other female had an offer to attend Evermore University under the same course, Celia gaped in awe, clasping her hands together to give a small round of applause towards the Aurazin, "Oh wow, that's news. Well, if I wasn't mistaken there's a programme that enables you to do both. Evermore wants to nurture future nurses and doctors, I'm guessing. And if you were able to get the head of the department's seal of approval on a letter, you may actually station yourself here as a volunteer for some extra credits." It's a smart initiative, they will have plenty of hands-on experience while also learning under a doctor's wing. 

Where did this girl come from? Ce could swear she's met her somewhere, her presence feels familiar the longer she spent her time talking. Unfortunately, she still couldn't pinpoint anything on it. Maybe once they are better acquainted with one another, she'd remember. Who knows? "Nothing wrong with wanting to be ambitious, Arcadia" she chuckled and winked playfully, "You won't get up to where you are if you don't crack some competitiveness in, we all have our own specialties that differs us from other competent opponents too. Be ambitious, and don't let anyone pull you down." She could go far, Ce had confidence in that. The suggestion on dining in with junk food made the Italian female chuckle and shrug, "Why not? I could use something to fill myself on. Aside from tears of despair, of course. I just need to take a few things and change my clothes at my office, you're free to follow if you want, or you could wait here?" she stood up and took the mug in her hands, making her way to the sink and washed it before waiting to see if she was gonna come with her, "You will have access to that floor, so you can look around" and maybe, just maybe, she wanted her to follow too. 

Arcadia widened her eyes at the story about the guy in the batman cosplay bothering her, there was a part of her who would want to warn the guy off too but of course, a stranger wouldn’t be that protective over Celia so she played it off “I’m going to guess he deserved it” she commented casually and shrugged her shoulders, Ce could have a temper but she was sure she wouldn’t have actually hurt someone if they hadn’t made her feel uncomfortable or even a little threatened. She shrugged when Celia said she sounded like she was giving a motivational speech “Hardly” she laughed under her breath and smiled “I just have a little experience with having those around me tell me what I can and can’t do” she shrugged her shoulders slightly, this modern world was much better for that, it was legal now to be with someone of the same sex, women could work just the same as men could, not everything was bad.

It was really nice to be around her again, even though she couldn’t know who Arcadia was, it was nice to be the cause of a smile on her lips or simply just to hear her voice, she had missed hearing her voice so much. Arcadia ducked her head in embarrassment when Ce applauded her getting a placement in Evermore U “That’s the plan” she spoke softly and nodded her head “Though I started the volunteering before I even applied for the program, I just wanted to get my head around what I’d be getting into” she nodded slightly “It seems somewhat stressful and challenging but honestly I’d be bored in a workplace which wasn’t” she nodded a few times, she liked being busy and organizing things, if you gave her a reasonable path to get somewhere, she would be on her way “Wish me luck” she joked because she knew there was a whole lot of work ahead of her.

She laughed “I’ve always been more ambitious than most people seem prepared for” she commented with a smile, you could say she had always been ahead of her time and therefore much more suited to a time period like this one. She wondered if there was some sort of reason why it was this specific time that she had been delivered back to “Thanks” she spoke softly and nodded, she appreciated the encouragement. Even with Celia having no idea who she was, she was encouraging her and making her push herself. She swore she practically lit up with excitement when Ce agreed to come and get some food with her and so she was already on her feet before the brunette could say she needed to change clothes “Oh yeah, I’d love to come explore a little” she commented and followed behind her as they headed towards the elevator.


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