The news of Emily's body being found was one that rocked Rashesh world. He remembered the phone call as if it was yesterday when in reality a year or so had passed since he was to make his return to Evermore. He remembered backing a bag quickly and leaving without a word, not even telling Cora the woman he had grown fond of, even started moving on from Emily with. Yet when Emily's parents called her to explain that her body had been found in Florida.

Rashesh flew down to meet with her parents, it was clear whoever had Emily took their time in killing her. Rashesh gained access to observe the autopsy, yet all answers pointed to a run of the mill so to say serial killer. Nothing supernatural stood out about her death. After her funeral, the finality of how she was no longer alive hit him harder than he expected it too. Coming from an immortal life he felt lost to the storm of his own emotions. He stayed in Florida for a long while trying to settle the estates and everything that came with the loss of Emily. She had left a lot to the star child. More than he felt he deserved.

After time had passed and he was unsure how much time had really passed he made his return to Evermore to the life he had placed on hold. His job understood what had happened and welcomed him back with open arms. His apartment was never a concern as he paid the full lease in advance. Yet with the return, the dust that covered the floor of his home it was clear he left one person behind that may never forgive him for how he left and never got back into contact. He looked at the picture of him and Cora taken on their first date that sat on his shelf covered in dust. “Always a fuck up Rashesh.” He muttered to himself before setting his things down.

He picked up his phone and set a message to Cora, ‘Hey, I know I left without a word. Emily was found, well her body was. If you want to talk more I am home now. I hope you are doing well Cora.’ his finger hovered over send as he knew there was so much more to say but couldn’t bring himself to send it in a text. He wasn’t even sure if she would show up but all he knew is he needed to clean up his apartment and return to some sense of normal.

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It’s not the first time she’s found herself having to battle her own demons and it probably wasn’t going to be the last. Feeling that she’s going to hell and back. Forever falling back, losing herself. Taking a few steps forwards then a few steps back. Finding herself going back to her old habits and old ways that she thought were long put behind her. Something that’s not happened for many decades or centuries at that. Yet all her hard work was gone. Feeling that she’s back to where she started off right back to when she became an Ailward Aspect. On the brink of a breakdown. With constant feeling of people all looking at her. Expecting for her to break just to explode for no reason. That it was like people were walking on glass around her all of the time.  Nobody really knew what she was going through. Choosing not to let anyone else in. With the one time she did, she ended up getting her heart broken. Putting her to where she was right now. Broken. Feeling hurt. All because of one person. Wishing she could take it all back, that she hadn’t fallen for him. Yet she couldn’t forget about him or let him go. All making it worse for her. 

Trying her best to forget about him and everything but it wasn’t so easy. Finding herself spiralling. Not knowing what way to turn. Nothing she does is the right thing. Feeling that she’s being looked down by her other siblings, with none of them understanding what was happening for her. Most nights she would spend out going to different parties with her bodyguard Peyton. Then waking up the next morning remembering nothing but just hungover. Still she was in Virideus’s bad books having stolen and used up his stash of weed whilst he was in one of his ‘staying cooped up in his room for a month’ moments. Now she was trying to repay him back. Helping to re-plant to water his new stash, promising not to take any without asking. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice. Her adotpive brother was trying to help her even if it was months too late but at least he was trying. That was something. 

Still she was nursing a hangover, which was nothing but the usual for her. She picked up some painkillers she kept on her beside side table, taking a few then her water. Hoping it would help to get rid of her hangover. A text appeared on her phone. Before she’d not looked to see what the time was. With how dark her room was, it was hard to tell what time of the day it was mostly. Picking up her phone she looked to see who it was then she was instantly regretting it. Seeing a text from someone who she hadn’t spoken or heard from for over a year. Someone who she tried so many times to delete from her phone but each time she couldn’t bring herself to go through with it. She felt anger fill her body reading the text with after all this time he chooses to message her. No goodbye or apology. That now he was back he was probably expecting for her to run back into his arms. How much he was wrong. Cora sat staring at the phone screen wondering what she was going to do. If it was best to just ignore it and carry on that nothing happened. Or to go and confront him. With all her anger and hurt having bubbled up in the last year, it's time to let it all out. 

Cora knew what she wanted to do. What she’d been thinking of doing in the last year. Wanting to give him a piece of her mind. That he’d regret hurting and crossing the Aspect of Darkness. Cora quickly got out of bed and changed. Not caring if she looked half like dead. Taking Erytherus for a run of his money or that she still had the make up she was wearing from yesterday. Too focused on wanting to confront him rather than caring on keeping up appearances. Soon leaving the manor and heading to his place, remembering where to go. When she reached his apartment she could remember all of their happy times spent inside but to her now it all caused her pain. Knocking at the door she waited for him to open it. When he opened the door she didn’t bother to look up at him choosing to stom in, all guns glaring.  “So you think that now your back that I’ll come running back like nothing happened?” She stared to say or more like yelling. “You left without a word, no goodbye. Not even a phone call or text. You just up and left” Cora wanted for him to know the pain he caused her with how much of a dickhead move it was. “Were you embrassed of me? Was that the reason why you never wanted for anyone to see us out in public? Was I just a dirty secret?” With all the sneaking around. “Did you even take a moment to think about me? What would happen to me? And to think that I loved you…” Wanting to show him how much he hurt her, that he did this to her. That he had broken her. Not even realising that she admitted that she was in love with him. Something she had never said out loud or admitted but it was what she felt only making herself hurt more. “Was any of it real?” Tears started to fall down her face, feeling broken wanting for him to see that he did this to her. 

As Rashesh cleaned up the apartment, placing all the photos of Emily in a box, collecting the last of her things he didn’t box up before leaving, placing them away. Lastly taking the ring that was meant for her tucking it in his bag. He would sell it. Maybe it would do better for another. Once the dust was cleared and he pulled the shades up to let the light of the setting sun paint the apartment in a purple pink light. He found himself standing with a cup of tea checking his phone often enough to curse himself when nothing was sent back. He knew it made him a coward to reach out to her how he had after all, a year with no word, then a text instead of a call was a coward move.

Yet a knock came upon the door which caused him to turn and look towards the door. He moved setting his cup on the counter and moved to the door. He didn’t bother looking through the peephole. He could be assured that she would be the one on the other side of the door. So as he pulled it open he took her in, she seemed to look beyond exhausted, almost as if she was ill. Yet the fire she had as she pushed passed him into the apartment. He closed the door and turned to accept whatever lashing she planned on giving him.

Yet when the word love left her mouth he felt the tears touch the edge of his tear ducts blinking them away. “Cora.” He said softly as he moved towards her, his hands came to cup her face and pull it up to look him in the eyes as he wiped away her tears. “Of course it was and is real, what I feel for you. No I was never embarrassed of you, nor were you a dirty secret of mine. You wanted to keep it as hidden as I did in the beginning because we both were afraid to admit that we loved each other.” Neither of them had said it. Yet he thought of it many times when they were together. Yet he felt it was wrong to love her waiting for Emily to end things with her. To do things right.

“I was selfish, I know what I did was wrong. I don’t expect you to forgive me. Hell I didn’t expect you to show up or even message me any time soon. I expected you to make me have to show up outside of your room with a boombox over my head in the rain just to get you to talk to me. I was an asshole. Nothing I can ever say will take that fact away. I should have never left how I did. Can I do anything to make up for it?” He asked gently as he looked deep into her dark eyes.

The Aspect had a lot of time to reflect on everything in the last year. Imiagining what would happen if he would one day return wanting to see her. Just like it was happening now. For what she would say or do. Feeling that she deserved to let him know how much he had hurt her. Hoping that he would relizse what he had done. That he deserved to hurt as much as she had been hurt. That was the least she deserves. Wanting for him to know that he had broken her heart by leaving, pushing her to a downward spiral. She knew she wanted to storm in making a scene like always. Having been told she always likes to make everything dramatic but it was part of who she was. Soon as she stepped into his apartment, she gave him a piece of her mind. Not letting him get a word in edgewise. Until she let out all she had held in for so long. Putting and letting her walls down feeling vulnerable. She felt a pair of hands cupping her face sotly, wiping away her tears. Cora looked up Rashesh for the first time, seeing his dark eyes that too had tears nearly nearly falling out. It was all real. That they had felt the same but never before until now has neither of them outloud admitted it. “I did want it at first when we were starting to hook up but… then it all changed” She started to say. Their relationship was a long and complicated one at that. Starting off as enemies then turned lovers. “Then suddenly it all changed, the feelings and emotions all became real and more” Cora knew that it was the same for him too, that at first they didn’t know it would come to something more than just a casual fling. 

Cora didn’t know what she was going to do. If she was going to forget and forgive so easily. That he had hurt her heart and all. She held back a laugh as he spoke of that he’d stand outside with a boombox. “This is not The Breakfast Club” She mused back softly remembering the reference to one of the films he had made her watch.  Was she going to let him get away with it so quickly? The Aspect took a few moments to think it through how she was going to go about it all. What could she do to test his loyalty? She could easily take him flying but that was too easy and he’d probably enjoy it. Then one idea came to mind that he could say no to with how it would be the opposite of hiding. “What about you come and live in the manor with me for a few months. To see how it all turns out. We wouldn’t have to hide our relationship anymore. Nobody would care anymore now” Cora kept gaze locked onto his waiting to see what his reaction was to her idea. Almost testing his loyalty and promise of making it up to her. “That too means walking Dawn in the mornings and night, I’m not the only one you got to make it up to” Quickly adding letting him not forget he had left her with the puppy they shared. Remembering how Dawn who now was no longer a puppy but still looked like one was sad when he had left. She knew that dogs knew when something had happened when someone had left.  At the start both of them were too paranoid wrapped up in worrying for what other people would think but now she could see they didn’t need to be. Seeing how slowly Aspects and Celestials were slowly making amends. That Artemis was one who played a main part in putting light in it all. In all this she had one of her friends back now she was hoping that she wasn’t going to lose Rashesh over this. 

Rashesh would never forgive himself when it came to how he had hurt her. After all, he couldn’t expect her to forgive him. They may not have planned for feelings and emotions to get involved the way they did. Yet they did so on their own. They both only wanted simple easy, nothing too attached. After all they should hate each other because they were once enemies and yet Rashesh could only see hope when he looked at her before. Now all he could see is the hurt he caused her, with how selfish he was for leaving without a word. He really could never forgive himself. He nodded at her words with a gentle sigh to pass his lips. “It seems the feelings became more real and neither of us could overly control the outcome that was to come. I just can’t express the regret I have to hurt you in my selfish nature.” He muttered quietly between them.

“The movie was actually Say Anything but that is besides the point.” He said as he ran his hand along the back of his neck softly. Rashesh's eyes went wide for a moment as asked him to move into the manor; it was a large step towards being out in the open . With her siblings and so on. “I…” He gave a heavy sigh looking around, he had no reason to deny her request. “I guess it's a good thing I haven’t unpacked my bags then.” He said though his smile was nervous, the last woman he had lived with was just found dead. Would his bad luck rub off on  Cora. Would he do more damage than good? He worried deeply about that.

He nodded his head when she spoke of what she wanted him to do when it came to the puppy he had gotten her as a gift. Really she had ended up just as much of Ra puppy as she was Cora. “I can do that Cora.” He said as his hand moved to cup her face for a moment as he stared into her dark eyes. “I am sorry I put you through such hell. I never meant to be a source of pain.” He leaned down, placing  a gentle kiss to her forehead.

She never saw herself falling as much as she did. Before love wasn’t something she never thought about, that it didn’t exist for her. Believing for the longest time that she was loveless that nobody would want to love someone like her. Who would want to be someone whose powers were so dark and deadly. People feared her more than those who loved her. Cora didn’t know what love was until she found it with Rashesh, then before she could admit her feelings it was too late he was gone. Now she had a second chance at love. Cora knew that she didn’t want to lose him. Not knowing what would happen if it happened again. Now she sees how it was and felt not to have him in her life, she wasn’t going to let him go. Cora could see how bad Rashesh was feeling to know how much he had hurt her by leaving. “You just have to promise to make it up for me” Almost telling him he had a lot of making up to do for it for him leaving her. 

The Aspect rolled her eyes as he corrected her when she said the wrong movie, he always did it. “Okay nerd” She laughed softly teasing him. At least she was trying. Cora was waiting to see how he would react to her offer of him moving in with her. It would mean moving in the same place with the people who had locked him and others of his own kind up. She knew it was a big ask but it was for her to make sure that he was ready to be with her. Testing his loyalty and promise to her by moving in with each other. Cora bit her lip looking a bit worried if he would say no. Seeing how the offer took him by surprise. Moments later all her worries faded as he accepted his offer. A wide grin appeared on her lips, as she was feeling both relieved and happy. “I’ll even let you bring all of her nerd stuff” She laughed, winking to him, knowing how attached he was to his nerd stuff and ugly jumpers. That it would all come with him even if she didn’t say he could. 

She had already forgiven him even if he had hurt and broken her heart, that could see how sorry he was, now she had him back. Cora closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him, having missed all this. “Just don’t do it again” She wanted him to promise her to not do it again. “So what do you want to know?” She asked, opening her eyes and looking around. They were standing around in midst of boxes of all of his stuff. Not knowing how quick he wanted to move his things to hers or if he wanted for them to get out somewhere. Now they didn’t have to hide anymore. 

Rashesh watched her with his dark eyes for a moment. He knew he messed up, his heart and brain seemed to be fighting with themselves on what to say and what to do in that moment. He took a step closer towards her, his hand moving to hold her face in his hand for a moment. He had never felt so comforted as he did in that moment in his life being close to her once again. “I know I have a lot to make up for. I was an utter jerk for leaving with no word. Then never contacting you while I was away.” Saying the words aloud made him swallow with regret.

Yet he found comfort in her calling him a nerd the teasing tone that laced her tongue. “Well I am sure someone in that manor has to enjoy the nerdy stuff also. So be ready to hear a lot of geeking out.” He smiled at her as he stroked his thumb across her cheek. “Though those can wait tonight. How about we just catch up? We could get a coffee and go back to your place. Well I guess our new place.” He said easily even if that worry was deep in his chest. He wanted nothing but the best for her. He didn’t believe he was the best for her. Yet he wanted to be the best for her.

His arms moved around her as he held her close to him in the embrace. His head is moving to lean against Cora. “I promise I am not going to do it again. If you want me gone you are going to have to kick me away with your pointest heel.” He believed it fully as he never wanted to see the hurt and pain on her face again. His hand ran against her back softly before pulling back. “I will get my things tomorrow, I will have to rent a van so all I need is my bag for tonight. So coffee or dinner?” He asked as he gave her a gentle smile. “Think your family will accept this so easily?”

She’s spent months wishing for him to come back. Never losing hope even when he had left she hoped he would return. Believing what they had was real that it would be enough. Even if it would take him a while to realise then come back to her. Thats what happened.She’s missed this. Missing moments like these. Missing his gentle touch. Cora knew she would hold him leaving her against him for a while. Just like anyone else would if it would happen to them. She knew she wasn’t to let him off too easily. Maybe she could use it to her advantage a little. “You ghosted me basically” She pointed out in simpler terms that people use these days. “I could have made you grovel more but you’ll have to do things for me for a while to make it up to me” She could his him as her personal assistant for a while so she wouldn’t have to lift a finger 

Cora was starting to regret her words a little by calling him a nerd imagining him making a club of sorts with other guards. “You and Liam together” A groan escaped her lips already having a headache thinking about it but she knew it was something that Rashesh loved. Even if she couldn’t understand most of it more than half of the time. “Coffee sounds good” He always knew the way to her heart. “We do have some catching up to do” She knew they had to sit down and talk through properly what happened, almost forgetting that his ex Emily had died and it was the reason why she left. Having focused on it all being about her instead of finding what it’s been like for him. 

They had always been affectionate to each other. He was one of the only few who saw her soft side. “Or I could use my powers on you” She smirked, teasing him reminding him a little of what she’s capatable of. “I think we’d have a van at the manor one that the guards use for some undercover stuff” She offered if she’d take it up or not. The Aspect was happy that Rashesh wanted to move in with her straight away. Surprised at there being no real hesitation even with how difficult it must be for him with what happened in the past. “I may have a box of some of your things you left behind” There were some things she’d tried to throw away but never had the heart to do. “Coffee” She smiled softly, not exactly looking presentable enough for a meal. Wanting something more simple. It was something she’d forgotten to think about what her family would think. Her turning up with a celestial they once imprisoned that he would be moving in with her. “I think they’d just want me to be happy” Reassuring him softly. Taking his hand she entwined their fingers and massaged his palm a little with her palm wanting for him to know he had nothing to worry about. “It’s different now. People of both sides have started to move past it” Cora knew that Artemis was in and out of the manor quite often whether it was visiting her, Damien or occasionally Erytherus.

Rashesh gave a chuckle as he looked at her with softened black eyes as his fingers moved to lace with hers. “You know I am surprised at this moment you haven’t tried to remove my head for leaving. Since before you tried to remove it in an alleyway when we met again after the fall.” He chuckled remembering how he brought her into work, braiding her hair and tending to her wounds. “I would do almost anything to make it up to you. You know besides overthrowing the government and murder. Those are where I draw the line.” he teased her.

He raised a brow at the name Liam but was sure it was one of the many that lived in the manor. As she agreed to coffee he moved to pick up his bag to toss in his car so they could just head to the manor after coffee. “I figured talking and catching up over coffee would be the best way to catch up. Especially since my need for caffeine is through the roof.” He moved to take hold of her hand after opening the door. “After you my queen of darkness.” once outside of the door he locked the door noting to himself to get a moving company to move his things to the manor. “Are you sure  I could use the van. I could just as easily get a moving company.” He said softly as he returned his hand into hers.

“Kept my things, did you?” he asked as he looked to her making their way to the elevator pressing the button for the lobby. “I kept things that you gave me on me. I never forgot you.” He said with a reassuring smile towards her as he looked into her eyes. “I am sure they want you to be happy.” He said softly as he raised her hand to his lips giving it a gentle kiss. “I think most of us want to move on from things now. It’s an era of healing.” He said softly as their hands rest back between them. Making his way out of the elevator when it stops he tossed his bag back in his car. “Did you drive here?”

He was right she could have overrated like before how she had been. Making him pay with a black eye being the price but this time around she let him off more easily. Forgtiving him more lightly than maybe he had been expecting. “I can always give you another black eye so it can take you right back to like before if you want?” She mused softly giving him the option if he really wanted her to react more dramatically. When she last gave him a black eye she could remember how proud he was of it, like it was a trothy. This time instead of reacting badly she thought maybe she’d take the not wrapped up in wanting to seek her revenge or payback for him leaving. “Overthrowing the government is fun” The Aspect sulked, teasing the celestial as he listed the things he wouldn’t be able to for her. “I’ll be making you pay for a while” Not letting him get off so lightly just yet. Maybe she could use an assistant to go shopping or get things for. Normally she’d use a guard but maybe she could use Rashesh to be her personal slave. 

“We all live and die for coffee” Everyone knows not to get between anyone with their coffee if not there’s hell to pay. One time they ran out and since then they learnt to be fully stocked.  Cora smiled hearing her old nickname being used that only he uses. She’s missed this, missed him. “There’s plenty of spare vans or cars at the manor that you can use” She knew that he didn’t want to be a bother since he’s moving into a place without anyone knowing just her invitation and all. “We’ll find some way to bring all your stuff over, even your ugly jumpers” For the most part she doesn’t mind his ugly jumpers but she wouldn’t admit it out loud there were a few that weren’t so bad. That he did make ugly jumpers look good for once.

“A few shirts and bits and pieces” Sometimes she would sleep in the shirts that he left behind. They still had his scent on them, that she wasn’t ready to let go in even back then. “You did too?” They were in each other's minds always “We’ll be happy together” She smiled softly looking back at them as they were walking out of his place to his car. “Oh I got an uber” Shaking her head these days didn’t drive her car much like she used to. Especially when she took some of Deus’s weed. “Are we going to the usual coffee shop or another one?” Luckily for him not much around the city had changed in the time he’d been gone.

Rashesh gave a gentle chuckle from his lips as she spoke of giving him another black eye. “I would rather forgo that wrath.” He teased back as he smiled towards her for a long moment. “It may be fun but I also don’t think I would be able to do it successfully. Or you know make it out alive and all.” He chuckled to her just happy to see a more playful expression on her face then before. “I wouldn’t expect anything else.” He spoke to her in the manner of her making him pay for leaving her the way she had. “Well as long as there is plenty of coffee I will be able to move in fully within a day. Though I may leave some of the nerdy things behind just so I don’t over take your room with it.” He chuckled for a moment.”Just admit you love the ugly jumpers.” He teased her as he moved closer to her to kiss her head softly.

“Well then that makes it easier car wise.” He gave a gentle chuckle softly. “Then after you, Darkness.” He said as he opened the door for her. Pulling his bag with him. Down to his car he led her and opened the door for her. He made his way towards the trunk opening it, placing the bag back into the trunk where it had been only a few hours earlier. Walking around he came to his side and climbed in before starting up the roar of the engine. “Well you see I think we should go to the coffee place around the corner since we can be open about being together.” He said trying to show her he was proud to be with her.

After a moment of just taking her in, he pulled out of the drive and went the block or two it took to get to the coffee shop before parking and climbing out. He walked around to her side and opened her door for her before offering her his hand. “Milady.” He said with a gentle bow. “Your cup of joe waits.”

“It was quite a good black eye, if I recall you used it like a torphy but wouldn’t tell anyone exactly how you got it” She teased back winking to him, neither of them wasn’t going to let him live it down. “You can be quite a clutz at times” Having seen for herself his fighting skills or that he easily trips over nothing. He’d be rubish at anything, any type of missions or carrying out anything that required set skills. Anyone these days is addicted to coffee. It was like they lived and breathed for it. The Aspect was still slightly hungover still from the previous night, having gone out for a few drinks that turned into many. Like usual. Normally she’d steal some of Virideus' homemade remedies to cure hungovers but she’d totally forgetten this morning having been pre-occupied finding out Rashesh was now back. Lots of things all happening at once. “You can leave your dolls in storage if you want” She was quick at telling him that. There was only so much nerdy stuff she could handle clogging up her room. Whilst at the same time she knew what he was like that he’d say they are all collectible. To her they just looked like nerdy junk. Cora rolled her eyes at his teasing, still they were forever going on about his collection of ugly jumpers. “Maybe only you can pull them off” She laughed softly finally giving in before smiling as he kissed her head. 

“So you didn’t get a new car whilst you were gone?” Seeing how he was still driving the same clapped out car that had seen better days. Cora could remember times they had been out in it for day trips or a few weekend ones to get out of town. All different memories they shared everywhere. She was just now happy that they didn’t have to hide or be so secretive about it. With them both agreeing to be happy even if others arent’. “Our first official coffee date, huh?”  She grinned happily, feeling the happiest she’s felt in a long time. All the weight and worries were off her shoulders. Before they’d worry if they were caught, maybe back then they were just a tad bit over paranoid. Probably were worrying about nothing. 

The car journey was really short to the coffee shop with how it was the one a few blocks away. “We could have walked here” Although saying that she was wearing a pair of high heels like usual that wasn’t meant for walking. Still she was paying the price of going on that hike with Virideus a while back, whilst wearing heels too. Soon as they arrived at the place she watched as Rashesh quickly got out and was already around to her side opening the door for her. “Why thank you Sir” She couldn’t help but laugh as he bowed to her as he opened the door of the coffee shop. “You’re such a dork” Shaking her head a little as she teased him like she always used to when he did things like that. Looking around the place she could see it was quite empty, just how she likes it. She always hated when places were overcrowded and you could barely hear yourself think let alone whoever you were with. “It looks quite quiet today, you can choose our spot” Choosing to let him decide for them, they didn’t have to go to their usual spot right in the back tucked up in a corner in case anyone who they knew would see them.

“Well telling people that the girl you are vastly in love with beat your ass seemed like a bad idea. Either they would think she was an abuser or I was lying. I never wanted anyone to think ill of you, especially knowing I deserved the black eye.” He pointed out and sighed for a moment. She was right he was a Klutz it was why he chose to work with the dead and not the living. Hard to hurt what was already dead and gone. “They are not dolls.” He shot back quickly with a roll of his eyes. “They are action figures, pops and figurines. Dolls in an insult.” He shot her a pout quickly before sighing. It was her place and he would respect that, “How about I keep paying for the apartment and keep most of my nerdy stuff here so I don’t force it all down your throat?” He asked, trying to find a way for them both to be happy.

“Why would I get a new car?” He asked in confusion as he patted the wheel of the car. “Shelly has gotten me through with little trouble.” He gave a gentle chuckle from his lips. “Besides, she holds a lot of memories of us also.” He said softly looking at her with a gentle gaze before taking in her big smile. “Our first official coffee date in Evermore that is. Hope your brothers don’t seek me out to beat me up.” He chuckled softly though that was a real worry for him. It was never far from his thoughts they could lock him up and throw away the key for the rest of his life for hurting Cora.

“We are going back to our new home…” He said thinking about how he never even seen her room. “That is the only reason I drove.” He said back with a smile and looked down to her feet and back up. “Though would you really want to walk in those heels Darkness?” He took her hand, giving it a gentle kiss before they made their way inside. She enjoyed being able to get a laugh out of her as he opened the door for her and bowed. He came behind her, his arms wrapping around her before he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “You like my dorkiness.” He said in a dark tone in her ear before pulling back to look around.  He pulled her to a table that was in the front of the shop and pulled her chair out for her to sit down first. “Milady.”

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