The Woods (Therianthrope Territory) (28)

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I don't need anything (Helena and Sofi)

With this little mind of hers, Helena has no idea what to do, where to go, where to start… If she was going to be honest with herself, she…

Started by ✓ Helena Birkin

1 22 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Sofi Zahara ~Admin~


Am scared and don't know what to do (Seraphina and Orion)

The young kitsune had stayed at home for a good few days, she didn’t want to lead her house. Starting to get her life and comfortable but i…

Started by ✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

4 on Wednesday
Reply by ✓ Seraphina Valkyrie


These pretty plants of yours... (Helena and Lorenzo)

This particular area in the gorgeous forest area was most certainly pretty. The sun was fantastic, and the mist made it all the better for…

Started by ✓ Helena Birkin

1 on Tuesday
Reply by ✓ Lorenzo De Rosa


Meeting of the Minds [Orion, Lachlan & Harper]

The three Alpha’s hadn’t gathered for a meeting since Harper and Lachlan had taken over their positions. They all had their own lives, jobs…

Started by ✓ Orion Valkyrie ~Admin~

7 on Tuesday
Reply by ✓ Lachlan Remington

Instar Diviner

Just a bit of Blood (Wyatt and Hana)

Wyatt's fingers moved over the old tome as he internally translated some of the ancient runes within its pages. He was somewhat proud of hi…

Started by ✓ Wyatt Brookes

6 Aug 18
Reply by ✓ Wyatt Brookes


★ No Turning Back [Riley & Orion]

The air had began to shift with indicated that the full moon would soon to be upon them and despite Riley being a wolf for near a decade no…

Started by ✓ Riley Adams

8 Aug 17
Reply by ✓ Riley Adams


Him & I (Dominic and Siobhan)

Began with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and A Therian with good timing. Name: Siobhan Species:  Pure Nephilim Age: 21 Short Bi…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Leslie ~Admin~

166 Aug 16
Reply by ✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~


The Morning Hike (Nikolas and Justice)

As the morning sun came up to shine down on the city so did the Dhampir's clock on his phone telling him it's a new day, wake up since it w…

Started by ✓ Nikolas Peralta

1 Aug 15
Reply by ✓ Justice W. Lovett


Dark Moon vs. Raptors (Willa & Jordan)

Every year the Em-Power Self-Defense academy hosted a War Simulation Competition or WaSC as it had been shorten by the players over the yea…

Started by ✓ Jordan Castell-Laveau

2 Aug 15
Reply by ✓ Jordan Castell-Laveau

Ailward Aspect

Everyone Crashes Sometimes (Malva and Siobhan)

She was dreaming. She was actually dreaming. Mirrors of her figments were sprawled and mixed in the whirlwind. Malva was actually experienc…

Started by ✓ Malva Ailward

7 Aug 15
Reply by ✓ Siobhan Leslie ~Admin~


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