Erythreus couldn’t remember when he’d gone from a an mostly happy Aspect fulfilled and inspired by his duties. An asset to his faction instead of a burden. During his first years in life there was no time for happiness. Showing mercy could mean life and death. There was no time for luck to spread only victory mattered. When becoming an aspect that had changed he had become a part of a family and wasn’t just accountable for himself but for a whole realm. It wasn’t an easy task. Often it was a heavy burden to carry, a burden that couldn’t be shared. Still he had liked it and felt fulfillment and pride every time he helped someone find meaning in their death and move on to the kingdom of death.

The blonde had never been the most social or cheerful person but he’d still felt hope for future. He could still see himself ending up with a women accepting and loving him for all that he was. Unlike now when he had gotten his heart broken one to many times. The last blonde he had given his heard to had ended in disaster. He couldn’t get the confirmation he wanted from her and she didn’t dare to throw herself into the unknown when he still kept his doors open to others if she would never commit to him. None of them had dared to fully go for it and that had become their fall. The last thing he had heard was that she had moved out of town and recoiled with her ex. There had been a few before her and a few after but none that had made such an impact on his life.

Not since his time on Skye a happier time, but also the worst time of his life. Life on Skye had been harmonious at first. They could be themselves without hiding from the rest of humanity. Using their powers freely not being afraid that someone would try and manipulate them for their own vendettas as the shield surrounding Skye prohibited anyone with unkind intentions to pass. Their faction had lived in peace with their now sworn enemy the celestials. Not an unstained relation but they accepted each other. That was until the powers of the world changed and he had been forced to make a decision dooming whatever trust was between the two species. It hadn’t been a decision he’d taken lightly on as the celestials seemed to believe. He didn’t do it because he was an evil soul or to gain something. It had been the best decision he was left with and Aureus had seen that it was most beneficial choice for the future. Any other decision could potentially lead to even worse consequences. Of course the stars whom had been captured didn’t see it that way. To them he was the obvious villain thee one to blame for the misery they had to live trough. He would have felt the same way. 

Before all of that had went down the aspect had almost dated a fallen star. It had been a secret fling but a happy one, easy. Or maybe it had just been exciting because it was forbidden and in the dark. Maybe their short relation never would’ve survived the light of day. He had meet Artemitra a few times after that but was only met with anger and distrust. It had been hurtful seeing the girl whom he had fallen for, for her ability to light up a room with her bubbly personality and beautiful smile, so hateful. Knowing that it had been his fault.

The last time they had met had been no different except the ending. They had been in the forrest trapped by some unknown force. He had saved her life. The broody aspect had avoided Artie since then. Afraid he would only give her more reasons to doubt him.  Another death to blame on him. It wasn’t something he could bear. The world had already put so much weight on his shoulder. He’d lost hope in love, he couldn’t fulfill his duties anymore the souls didn’t pass no matter what he did. They haunted him night and day driving him crazy.

All of this had lead to him isolating himself with liquor as the only thing easing his pain. Today was no different. He had successfully escaped the manor in the early hours before the guards would give him meaning looks and steal his booze, and was now roaming around the wood aimlessly just trying to get through the day. His head turned automatically when he heard a twig break and a woman appear. ”Oh great just the person I wanted to run in to at this godforsaken hour” Erythreus groaned sarcastically.  At least it wasn’t one of the guards ready to drag him back to the manor. 

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Resentful and Angry. Those were the two words that could describe the celestial for a long time. For the longest of times, she had been unable to move on and forget what had happened on the Isle of Skye. Many of her kind were captured, kept in cages; like some kind of an animal. Feeling like there had been no escape, from the torture of being trapped being steel bars for so long. Having lost her trust in the Ailwards that day, when she got thrown behind bars herself. Angry with all of them, for treating them like that, based on one mistake, based on something none of them had foreseen when their wayfinder tried to save one of them. Yes, the balance of power had been thrown off, but it wasn’t Phe’s fault. And it certainly hadn’t been theirs. But they all suffered for it.

It was after the fall of the Isle of Skye, that they finally tasted their freedom once more. And tried to forget the harshness of their captivity. Forgiving, was still something Artemitra herself was trying to do. It had taken her a lot of willpower, and time to even talk to the Ailward Cora and the Guard Damien, whom both once were close friends of hers. Slowly rekindling those friendships. Learning to trust again, came hard to the brunette Celestial. But she didn’t want to live in anger and resentment for the rest of her immortal existence. All of them lived in the same city. Knowing they couldn’t avoid each other forever. Artemitra would much rather try and find a way to be at peace with them, once more. Then constantly looking over her shoulder, angry and full of hate, for past actions. It was for the best, that they started over, fresh. At least, it was an option shared between her, Cora and Damien. 

But the one person, she couldn’t really seem to get any closure, or fresh start around was the Aspect of Death. Ery and herself had been closest back in those days. So maybe his betrayal of locking her and her people up, hurt her the most. It also didn’t help, that the last time they had seen each other; that an unseen powerful force tapped into the distrust and her anger towards him, fueling the argument of the past, further. Something or someone wanted them to hurt each other. And they had almost succeeded. If by some will of nature, they stopped themselves from using their abilities to a bigger extent. Of course, that night didn’t end exactly well either. Artemitra ended up in the hospital, after taking some poison. No, she wasn’t usually suicidal. It had been against her own will and choice; like something had forced her to do so. If it hadn’t been for the aspect, she would have been gone. Whether he knew it or not, she was thankful he saved her life. Not that she ever had the chance to tell him that. As when she woke up in the hospital, he was nowhere to be seen. And Artemis couldn’t seem to catch him either, as he seemed to be avoiding her. Maybe for a while, she had avoided him too. Out of sheer awkwardness, to say the least. Not sure what she would even say to him, if she saw him again.

However things since then had changed, for the better. At least for her. She was happy again. Finding happiness and a new reason to feel safe. That reason being a musician Dhamphir Jem. Slowly finding herself moving on. But she knew to fully move on, she needed to talk to the aspect. To try and put the past behind them…so they both could fully move on, and find some peace. But trying to talk to him wouldn’t be easy

That morning, Artemis thought she’d try and catch him at the Ailward Manor. Having been there a few times; mainly to visit Cora or Damien. Hoping he wasn’t off hiding somewhere.  It was still fairly early in the morning. Having been an early riser. As she made her way through the familiar path towards her destination. Her glow lighting the way for her. Maybe it was pure sheer luck, when she spotted the familiar figure ahead of her. Before she could announce herself, the snap of a twig beneath her feet, did it for her.

“I see your sarcastic greetings, haven’t changed.” Artemis said with a sigh. Not that she was expecting a nicer greeting. Especially with how things ended up the last time, they were around each other. Seeing the bottle of booze in his hands, and the dark gloomy expression; Artemis wondered what he was brooding about now. Looking glummer than most times she had seen him. She was about to ask him how he had been. But knowing it was probably unwise too.

“I know, I am probably not the person you want to see right now…” She began, not sure how to phrase her words. Almost like they weren’t coming to her. “But um…I just wanted to say thank you, for bringing me to the hospital and saving my life, the other night.” Knowing, the other night felt like forever ago. But this was a long overdue conversation.

The celestials weren’t the only ones who were affected by his decision even tho they certainly gotten their fair share of suffering. The aspect of deaths world had been impacted as well and he lived with the consequences every day. He had long ago accepted that an entire faction hated his guts and wished he would experience something worse than they had had to endure.  What many didn’t realize or wanted to see was the things he had lost. Erythreus had also lost his home at Skye. He had lost closed friends, someone he thought he loved and that he had believed loved him.

The decision to turn his back to that and do what him and Aureus had seen played out best for the future had not been taken lightly. He wasn’t heartless or at least he had not been. Right now he didn’t know it had been so long since he had let himself feel anything. The misery of his last heartbreak and failures had become too much for him to bare so now he wasn’t very engaged emotionally. But before that he had tried exploring every other option having many sleepless nights before finally being forced to take action.

”I hear your positive cheerfulness haven’t change either” He replied rolling his eyes. It had been one of the things he had liked most about her in the beginning of their relationship. So opposite to his pessimism. Now that trait only annoyed him. Reminding him of an Ery long lost to the worlds trials. The last time they had meet something had been really wrong Arties merry personality had been washed away and replaced with a self-destructive version. It had scared him. Had he done that to her? Turned her life so horrible she could see no other solution?

Seeing her lifeless body was memory he didn’t want to revisit. He had saved her, maybe she hated him for that too? Didn’t seem like it at the moment. Thats why he had left her at the hospital and not visited. That and another one of his exes worked at the hospital. Another life he could’ve had. Another broken happy ever after.  ”Yeah you’re welcome, couldn’t just leave your body in the forrest now could I? Even tho most of you celestials believe I am a monster”

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