Nayoung looked outside her room window, sighing at the silence of her house. When she finally got back to Evermore City, her dog was nowhere to be seen. She didn’t know if maybe her best friend had taken her dog to care for it in her absence, or maybe the dog somehow got outside, either way she was really missing the sound of her dog in the morning. This day was already going to be tough enough now as it is, and having a missing dog on top of it was making it worse, but she had to do her best to push past it. In the battle with her brother, Nayoung’s wings had gotten damaged so now she needed to try and bring her wings back to full strength. While the damage itself had healed in appearance, the damage wasn’t completely recovered underneath. So now she planned to exercise and let the wings stretch out, however she couldn’t exactly do that in her house, or the city. Not everyone knew of the supernatural presence in the city, so she had decided to head out into the woods where she could practice in peace.

After getting something to eat, Nayoung changed and prepared for the colder weather outside. Once she was ready, she left her building and got into her vehicle, heading for the woods. Rather than drive all the way into the woods, Nayoung parked her car at the edge of the woods, and proceeded to walk through the woods until she could find a spot that was perfect for training. She walked for about 30 minutes before finding a decent sized clearing in the woods, and upon inspection of the area, it seemed to be great for a supernatural being to practice their abilities. Nayoung let her wings come out and she shrugged her shoulders a little to brush off the initial pain of letting her damaged wings out. She started out with gentle flaps of her wings, just enough to give her a little bit of lift off the ground. Once she was off the ground, she decided to go big or go home, and she leapt towards the sky. This was not the right plan though, and she began falling towards the ground when her wings cramped up.

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Jett woke up with a start he looked around as he remembered he was home as he stretched he let out a yawn as long as a tigers roar before getting off the bed “ looking around he remembered he had a takeaway that night the lingering smell hot his nostrils as he drilled a little looking around for any possible left overseas he looked into the fridge as he opened the door the ppl orthos skin as he looked inside “ yes” he said to himself as his body done a little happy dance as he pulled out the leftover Chinese taking away dancing over to the microwave to heat up he smiled as he rose an arm to the cd player as he turned on some music station he looked at the timer he knew it was time enough to get dressed 

Walking back into the room Jett wore a black tracksuit ashe had songs to learn for a new gig in a few weeks and the best way he learnt was while running mas the microwave pinged Jett walked over grabbing a fork as he opened the door grabbing the hot pate as he walked over to the laptop as he began to look through his emails as he ate as he read the boring list from spam right down to adverts selling things before putting his plate down as he jumped around yelling " yes" he looked at the email again as he read it the gig he had been trying for years they had finally agreed to give a chance of 8 songs " smiling as he ate he grabbed his phone texting his step sister "  hey Saph I got it the contract for the gig I wanted " he pressed send as he continued to eat and stare at the email 

around 20 minutes later Jett left his appointment and placed his earphones in his ears as began to run as he [ressed the play on the playlist as he began to run as beat began to play in his ears as he ran before long the words began to play in his ears as Jeyy began to sing with the beat it was releasing and calming for him as he swerved between people and crowds smiling as he took breathes between song verses before long Jett was at a crossroad as he stopped running on a spot as he looked around as he decided what route to take before he looked around before he saw the route to the woods he smirked as he sprinted off I the direction running deep into the nature and wilderness 

Nayoung was falling towards the ground pretty fast, her wings cramped and in pain, but she had to try and regain control. The young Nephilim tried to regain control of her wings, the wind howling in her ears as she plummeted. “COME ON DAMN IT!” she yelled out at her wings. She was getting closer and closer to the ground, and if something didn’t happen soon, she would have a lot more than a damaged wing to worry about. With nothing seeming to work, the young Nephilim closed her eyes and braced for impact. However, just before she hit the ground, her wings spread out and slowed her hasty descent enough to minimize the damage. As she was about to land, a person appeared out of nowhere. The young Nephilim collided with the male, knocking him down, causing them both to roll on the ground.

When they came to a stop, she was on top of the male, her wings encircling them both as if to protect them. Rising to her feet quickly, she retracted her wings and looked down at the male, extending a hand out to help him up. “I’m so sorry. I don’t normally land like that” she commented, unable to hide the fact that she had just fallen out of the sky. “My name is Nayoung Choi. What’s your name? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before” she added, waiting for the male to accept or decline her offered hand.

Jett felt a sudden thud as he felt himself leaving the ground " this is gonna hurt " he moaned before bracing himself when he landed he looked up to see a female he took her hand as he was helped up" Jett Carson" he looked around you a Paraglider ? " he looked around " must have lost your gear in the trees " he padded his jacket remembering the packet of chips in a pocket as he pulled them out seeing they were crushed " he slumped a little before opening the packet "would you like some very small chips ?" he laughed as he shook her hand " nice to meet you Nayoung.

Jett began to walk back towards the city " care to join me we might as well go to the PD to report missing glider gear in case anyone reports a glider without an arider "" he laughed " that rhymed " he began to slow in case she was injured" so why did you choose all the way out here " he raised an eyebrow " there's a cafe if you need a break "
and you can tell me how you got into paragliding and how
and if im, not your hit-and-run victim " he laughed.

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