The rumbles of an engine halted as the humming of a motorbike came slowly to a stop. Not too long after, the motorcyclist took off the helmet that covered their face and a sigh left the figures lips as she glanced around. She seemed to be in the right area, and so she got off her Harley-Davidson and placed her helmet on top of the seat of the bike. She was sure nobody would make an attempt to nick it.

She had to meet the Alpha and so began to walk to where she assumed they would be. She has heard quite a few things about him, but if it was one thing, he was an ailuranthrope, and the alpha of alphas at that. She has come across people in positions of power before, but only because her mother had power in the fact that she was a police officer stationed in Yorkshire, a police officer was NOTHING like an alpha though. She knew she had to give the man a lot of respect, even if she was not part of the pack.

“Bout time…” A mumble. She saw a cabin in the distance… She was told that the alpha resided there. She intended to let the alpha know the reason why she was in Evermore. There was plenty of reasons for this and she figured it would be for the best to get things over and done with. Besides, it would be nice to make some connections while around Evermore in one way or another.

Glancing up to the sky, Helena sighed softly. There was not a cloud in sight, and the warmth was really nice. The breeze wasn’t too strong, and she was sure that very breeze made her hair dance and sway ever so slightly, a nice feeling for the biker girl after wearing her helmet on a warm day like this.

Finally, Helena was in front of the door and made the effort to knock on the entrance to the alpha’s home. She was sure that everything would be fine. After all, it’s not like her intentions were shady or anything.

Now, all she had to do was wait for the alpha to make an appearance in front of her. She doesn’t mind talking inside or outside.

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Lachlan sat on his porch in the quiet of the morning. It was a rare day he had off that he was actually taking advantage of, though it was mainly because the news of a new tharian entering the territory had him on edge. It was common for those to seek out the alpha to introduce themselves. He felt in the air that he would be meeting her soon. Figuring it was best to make it easy on them and staying put for the day. Raising his tea to his lips taking a long sip from it.

After a while a scent hit his nose letting him know she was on her way to his home. He shifted moving inside his home to make sure it was acceptable for guests. Picking up a few things to shove in the closet before the nock came upon his door. He raised his mug again taking another sip before moving over to the door.

The man pulled the door open and offered as friendly of a smile as he could manage not being able to feel the muscles in his face. “Welcome to Evermore City.” He moved to open the door wider. “Come in, would you like coffee, tea, water?” he asked as he moved towards the kitchen in his home. He waited to hear what she requested before they could sit down and talk about her business in the city. "Feel free to make yourself comfortable, my home is yours as they say."

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