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Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Cora Ailward Aug 17. 13 Replies

The news of Emily's body being found was one that rocked Rashesh world. He remembered the phone call as if it was yesterday when in reality a year or so had passed since he was to make his return to…Continue

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Aug 29

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Cora raised a brow a little, catching him in his words. “Vastly in love with,  huh?” She teased softly. “You wanted to protect me” The Ailward knew that he’d always want to protect her just like she would always…"
Aug 17

✓ Rashesh Patel replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"“Well telling people that the girl you are vastly in love with beat your ass seemed like a bad idea. Either they would think she was an abuser or I was lying. I never wanted anyone to think ill of you, especially knowing I deserved the black…"
Jul 2

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"“It was quite a good black eye, if I recall you used it like a torphy but wouldn’t tell anyone exactly how you got it” She teased back winking to him, neither of them wasn’t going to let him live it down. “You can be…"
Jun 6

✓ Rashesh Patel replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Rashesh gave a gentle chuckle from his lips as she spoke of giving him another black eye. “I would rather forgo that wrath.” He teased back as he smiled towards her for a long moment. “It may be fun but I also don’t think I…"
May 6

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May 6

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"He was right she could have overrated like before how she had been. Making him pay with a black eye being the price but this time around she let him off more easily. Forgtiving him more lightly than maybe he had been expecting. “I can always…"
Apr 16

✓ Rashesh Patel replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Rashesh gave a chuckle as he looked at her with softened black eyes as his fingers moved to lace with hers. “You know I am surprised at this moment you haven’t tried to remove my head for leaving. Since before you tried to remove it in…"
Mar 30

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"She’s spent months wishing for him to come back. Never losing hope even when he had left she hoped he would return. Believing what they had was real that it would be enough. Even if it would take him a while to realise then come back to her.…"
Mar 11

✓ Rashesh Patel replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Rashesh watched her with his dark eyes for a moment. He knew he messed up, his heart and brain seemed to be fighting with themselves on what to say and what to do in that moment. He took a step closer towards her, his hand moving to hold her face in…"
Feb 25

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward left a comment for ✓ Rashesh Patel
"Happy Valentines Day My Love/Nerd! <3 "
Feb 14

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"She never saw herself falling as much as she did. Before love wasn’t something she never thought about, that it didn’t exist for her. Believing for the longest time that she was loveless that nobody would want to love someone like her.…"
Feb 14

✓ Rashesh Patel replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"Rashesh would never forgive himself when it came to how he had hurt her. After all, he couldn’t expect her to forgive him. They may not have planned for feelings and emotions to get involved the way they did. Yet they did so on their own. They…"
Feb 11

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Feb 11

✓ Rashesh Patel and ✓ Macie Black are now friends
Jan 16

Ailward Aspect
✓ Cora Ailward replied to ✓ Rashesh Patel's discussion Darkness Abandon (Cora and Rashesh)
"The Aspect had a lot of time to reflect on everything in the last year. Imiagining what would happen if he would one day return wanting to see her. Just like it was happening now. For what she would say or do. Feeling that she deserved to let him…"
Jan 13

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time to dance among the stars

Rashesh Patel
Species: Celestial | Rank: Community Member
name.Rashesh “Mintaka” Patel
nickname.Ra, Starboy
Real age.Seventy
Apperance age.Thirty-Two
date of fall.November 30th
dating status.Single - Interested in darkness
Dating history/Past Ex Partners:Emily Oats (She has gone missing)
occupation.Medical Examiner, Doctor
sister.Anaya “Alnitak” Patel
sister.Zoya “Alnilam” Patel
hometown.Agra, India.
residence.Evermore City, Colorado
physical appearance:
faceclaim.Rahul Kohli
height.Six foot Four
weight.two hundred and twelve pounds
scars.slash mark across his inner arm.
tattoos/marks.Mark of the Orion Constellation on his left rib cage The Mintaka Star larger on his mark as that is where he fell from with his sister.
Personality Attributes:
The Good.Gentle, Intellectual, Empathic.
The Bad.Overly Blunt, Closed-off, Pessimistic
Habits:Alcohol and a cigarette every now and then.
Hobbies:Writing Fanfiction, Larping, DND
“I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.”
— sayer, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight.
The Falling Star:

Falling, Falling, Falling...Darkness, Darkness, Darkness...Water?

When Rashesh opened his eyes he pulled himself up and out of the water of in front of the Taj Mahal looking to the great building and then down beside him as two females popped their heads out of the water beside him. Confusion washed over him as he looked around catching a man running towards them, Quickly the man ushered them out of the water throwing sheets at them to wrap up and lead them back to his home.

The man told them he saw everything how all three of them fell from the sky and that they were not safe if they got caught. He was convinced that the three were siblings of some kind and looking to the two woman next to him he could understand that, he felt the need to protect them. The man asked what planet they were from. Rashesh said the only thing he knew was his name “Rashesh” and each girl repeated their own names.

The man now known as Sai Patel frowned at them telling them they must have hit their heads as they landed in the water. He offered them his home until they could get on their feet. Twenty years passed and the elderly man who had once saved the three siblings had grown to be a father to them all. Putting them through school all three of them becoming doctors in their own fields and taking the man’s last name Patel as their own.

Rashesh loved the elderly man dearly and while he wished he could explain to him where they were from to make him happy he couldn’t as he still even twenty years later remembered nothing. The day came when Sai passed away, making it hard on the three siblings to stay in the home.

Zoya left the house first on a trip through Europe to find herself. Next left Anaya as she wanted to move to Africa to help with relief efforts leaving Rashesh alone for many years. Time seem to never slow for him until he began to notice he never aged. He knew it was time for him to leave New Delhi. So much like his sister Anaya he began to travel the world helping people, living in one place for a few years at a time. It wasn’t until he met a woman named Scarlett till he finally felt at home.

One night he met up with her, and things started to make sense he began asking her what he was and that is when he learned of being a Celestial. He found a group of people like him all of them fell from the sky as he and his sisters. Upon joining the community he knew he had to find his sisters and have them come join the community also. He put word out to his sisters but he hadn’t heard from them in years at that point as they seem to always have nomadic lives.

Then came the dark times as Rashesh was walking down the street in London, he was searching for his sisters all over, when he was yanked into the alleyway being knocked out and taken by men who had later been reviled as the Ailward Guard. They were locked up in steel cages and he coughed out when his eyes searched the room and landed on the pair of women he considered his sisters the stars that fell with him and he reached out towards them but it was no use.

It was as if upon what he learned was the Isle of Skye that they were no longer in the modern realm. They were treated as if they were monsters by one of the aspect and as it became clear to Rashesh the Ailward Guards some of them did not agree with what was happening. Some of the guards would sneak the captives more food and water trying to keep them alive. Rashesh tried to convince one of them to set them free but he knew it was a fruitless effort.

In the time being locked away he caught up with his siblings promising the girls that they would make it out of this alive. In all their time in captivity they could only listen of stories told by the other celestials, They all grew to know each other and their different life times. Hearing about Ophelia Dreyvalian and how she would save them all.

Rashesh through the years stopped believing that anyone could save them, not even themselves until Ophelia broke into the room with a glow brighter than any of the stars around her had. It was like a sudden wave of belief hit him and he knew that this woman was the one he should be following. With Ophelia they manage to escape Skye.

His sisters took their freedom and ran as far as they could finding their one ways to stay safe on their own as they didn’t believe in a Celestial community. Rashesh turned to Ophelia and swore to help her in any ways and would be apart of her community. Rashesh followed Ophelia to Evermore, Colorado and began his life within the Celestial community. Though there was something missing in his life and he wasn’t sure what it was till he found himself in Evermore, Colorado. He became the Medical examiner for the town. He enjoyed the job and the people there seemed to be drawn to him always talking to him.

While in Evermore he began seeing a human named Emily, Emily was beautiful and smart and shined bright to him. Emily drew him in, they spent a few years dating and Rashesh knew he wanted to marry her. Getting a ring and everything, as he came home that evening he was so nervous as he wasn’t sure he could keep his engagement a secret.

As he entered the home something felt off, Emily wasn’t home in the apartment they shared but all of her things were still there so he went about his day hiding the ring in his office as he cooked dinner for them to have that evening placing a flower from her garden on the table sitting waiting for her to come home.

Evening turned into Night, and night turned straight into early morning and Emily still had yet to come home. Rashesh had called her so much her voicemail was full and her job hadn’t seen her for hours. He called the police but they told him he had to wait 48 hours before making a missing person report. He understood but spent those two days looking all over the city for her finding her nowhere.

After that time put in the missing person report and returned to work but day after day any body that was wheeled through the doors he wonders if it is Emily and every day a wave of relief washed over him knowing it was her, but he still was so lost and confused on where she went with all her things in their apartment, he tried touching everything of hers to use his foresight to find her but nothing came into his view it was as if she didn’t exist anymore.

Whenever Rashesh was working of spending time with the Celestials he is searching for answers on where Emily went. He just needed to know she was okay.

Cora Ailward | Aspect of darkness | Love interest
Cora along with her siblings held the Celestial kind hostage for some time, keeping us locked away in cages as if we were animals. Once freed from their bindings, the aspects still kept tabs on the celestial faction. Cora choosing to keep tabs on Ra herself. The two reunited after Ra felt like he was being followed only to be proven right. Let just say the encounter ended with Ra having a black eye and yet still tending to the few cuts on Cora arm. This raven haired beauty seems to be someone he just can't shake fully, he isn't even sure if he wants to.
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