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Celestial Beacon (Mei Su + Open To Celestials)

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Mei had finally arrived in Evermore City, and settled into her new…Continue

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✓ Mei Su's Page

Name: Mei Su
Age: 24
Species: Celestial
Constellation: Cygnus
Face Claim: Cheng Xiao

The only thing the falling star saw during her descent was darkness, her eyes closed as if they were glued shut. The rushing sound of wind filled her ears, and she knew that she was falling. What she didn’t know was why she was falling, or how she even ended up in this position. The young female began to believe that this was the end for her, surely she would not survive such a fall, and as she tried to remember her past; she realized she had no memories of a time before the fall. With an enormous splash, her body collided with a large lake below her; and she struggled to get to the top of the water. How she managed to swim to the top was unknown, she can’t remember learning to swim, though it’s possible that she did learn and just couldn’t remember.

After swimming to the shoreline, the young girl lay on her back and looked up at the stars, her body shivering in the chill of the night. No matter how hard she tried to remember, her past was nothing but a blank space, as if she didn’t exist until that moment. Knowing that she couldn’t spend the night there in wet clothes, the girl began walking, searching for civilization. She walked for a good twenty minutes until finally reaching the paved road, now she just needed to pick a direction to walk in. Turning left, the young girl began walking along the side of the paved road, slowly due to the chilly night air causing her body to be cold. She wasn’t sure how much longer that she could stand the cold before collapsing, when she saw the headlights of a vehicle coming towards her. Before she could even stick her thumb up to try and hitch a ride, the vehicle was pulling over. The couple inside the vehicle got out of the car and came to the young girl’s aid. The male offered her his jacket, asking her where she was coming from and why she was soaking wet. She told the couple that she woke up in the middle of the nearby lake, with no memory how she got there. When asked her name, the young girl shook her head, stating that she didn’t know her own name. The woman told her that she should come home with them, and that they could figure out what to do next in the morning.

As the sun rose on a new day, the young girl’s memories were still as blank as they were the night before. Although the male seemed hesitant, the woman offered her the option to stay with them; at least until her memory returned and she could then return home. The young Celestial had nowhere else to go, so she kindly accepted the offer. The male was wary of the young Celestial, because he had his suspicions as to what she was; however the evidence up till now was only circumstantial. In the weeks to come, Mei finally remembered her name, but nothing else. Before her name was remembered, everything felt foggy about her past; and now everything in her past just felt blank. There was no fog, no memories, just a blank empty slate. Seeing how happy his wife was at having Mei around, the male gave up trying to discover more about the young girl, and accepted the situation. They lived together happily, which made Mei extra happy. She went from having nobody, to getting a family, even if they weren’t related by blood.

After being with them for about a month, Mei’s new ‘parents’ had both decided to try and get her to learn some new skills. Her father wanted her to be able to defend herself in any situation, so he pushed her towards martial arts; whereas her mother pushed her towards Traditional Chinese Dance. Not wanting to disappoint either of them by choosing only one option, Mei decided to take on the challenge of learning both. It wasn’t too difficult to work towards, given that both classes were never scheduled together, which made both of her parents happy. However Mei also decided to take on one extra class, giving her a total of three classes at once. Her third class was a Language Class, because Mei wanted to learn the Korean, Japanese, and English languages. The young Celestial was a nice person growing up, helping out whoever she could, whenever she could and it always put a smile on her mother’s face. As time passed by, her father began to stop trying to discover if the girl was in fact a Celestial, and started to enjoy being her father.

Mei studied in all three classes for ten years, bringing her skills in all three to their peak. She had essentially mastered the languages she wanted to learn, the Traditional Chinese Dance, and the Martial Arts her father had chosen. That didn’t mean young Mei would stop learning and practicing her skills over the years to come. During her eleventh year with the Su family, things were about to get crazy for young Mei. The neighborhood had been on high alert due to multiple break-ins that happened during the night, and on August 13, 2009, the Su family’s home was broken into. Her mother had interrupted the perpetrators and ended up getting shot. The people quickly fled the building and her mother was left on the floor of the living room bleeding out. Mei ran to her mother in tears, while her father went to see if he could find the people that broke in. Heartbroken, and not knowing what to do, Mei inadvertently used her Celestial power of a Star’s Favor, to heal her mother. Neither of them knew what Mei had done, her father on the other hand knew exactly what she was and what she had done. Now her father had a very difficult choice to make.

A couple days after the break-in, Mei was leaving the house to go to the store for her mother, when she was grabbed just outside her house by people she didn’t know. She was drugged so that she couldn’t put up a fight, and was taken away from her home. When she woke up, Mei found herself alone inside a steel cage, and she had no idea why she was there. It was a little while before anyone came into the area she was kept in, but when someone finally came, Mei was shocked to see HIM. There before her, was none other than the man who took her in, and even allowed her to call him father. “What is this? What’s going on?” she asked him frantically. Her father then proceeded to explain to her exactly what she was, and why she had been imprisoned here. He also told her that he requested for her to be taken extra care of, which is why she was separated from the others. She couldn’t help but ask him what he meant by ‘others’, and he told her that she wasn’t the first, and she isn’t the only Celestial they had in captivity. Mei asked her father why he had done this, and he told her that he was just doing his job, and told her that he was a retired member of the Ailward Guard.

Her father came to visit her semi-often, due to being retired, and she kept asking about her mother, but her father wouldn’t tell her anything. After a couple of weeks, Mei refused to eat or drink anything until her father told her about her mother, almost to the point of dehydration. Her father finally gave in and told her that her mother didn’t know anything about the Guard or the Celestials. He also told her that her mother believes that she ran away from home, because that was the story he fabricated for her. Mei yelled at her father, telling him that she hated him, and that she would no longer consider him her father. To her, he died the day that she was taken hostage. Mei accepted the food and water brought in by her ex-father, but refused to communicate with him in any manner. She had no choice but to listen to him, but she never spoke a word to him, essentially taking a vow of silence.

Mei remained trapped in that steel cage for years, she began to lose track of time after being kept there for only a few months. Her social skills definitely started lacking given her solitude, and her decision not to talk to anyone as long as she remained there. The young Celestial began to wonder if she would ever see the outside world again, or if she would be held prisoner for the remainder of her life. However, one night Mei began to feel everything around her shake. She could hear lots of commotion, but had no idea what was going on. What she didn’t know was that a rescue attempt was underway for the Celestials, but given that she was separated from the others; she ended up getting left behind. As everything started to get worse, the young Celestial began screaming for help, but nobody came to her rescue. The area she was in began crumbling, and debris was falling inside, and around her cage. Mei began getting frantic, looking for any way to escape; that’s when the young female got extremely lucky.

Some falling debris managed to damage the cage she was in, enough for her to be able to escape. Although she scraped her shoulder trying to get out of the cage, she pushed forward and got out of the area she had been kept in. Now she had a new problem, the young Celestial had no idea where she was going. All she could do now is run, and hope to find a way out. When she finally found a way outside the building walls, she fell through a hole in the ground that collapsed due to the shaking of the whole area. She caught herself before falling all the way through, but it didn’t last long and she soon fell into the sea below the Isle of Skye. While trying to get to the surface, Mei got hit with a piece of falling debris and fell unconscious in the water. However when she came to, the young Celestial was on land and away from the Isle of Skye. She had no idea how she got out of the water, but she was thankful to be alive. At this point in her life, Mei had nowhere to go. She couldn’t go home, because she couldn’t trust the man she used to call father anymore, and she had no other relations to seek help from. She also had no idea where she was currently located.

One could say her life had come full circle, and she was once again walking without a destination in wet clothes. Though this time she had memories of the past 18 years of her life to drive her. She wandered for quite some time, until once again she was picked up on the road by a couple; and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. This elderly couple took the young girl to their home/café combo in California, and it was there that she was offered a job opportunity to work at the café in exchange for a place to stay, with minimal wages so that she wouldn’t feel taken advantage of. With no other real options present, Mei accepted their offer, with the condition that she have her privacy. She didn’t really trust them yet, so she wanted to be able to keep to herself, without the worry of people bothering her. Her social skills definitely needed some fine-tuning, but the elderly couple were patient and lenient with her as she fit back into civilization.

Mei was a hard worker, and the customers of the café seemed to enjoy her company as well. She would often get caught up in conversations with the customers, and she even had some of the regulars invite her to their house for a meal. Despite having her social skills heightened, she still didn’t trust anybody enough to let them close, so she always declined going out to other people’s homes, as well as declining any dates that she was asked out on. After saving enough money, Mei moved out into her own apartment, and continued working for the elderly couple but at a regular salary now. The young Celestial didn’t mind living alone, in fact it felt peaceful, despite the six years of solitude on the Isle of Skye. She still didn’t know much about her species, or even what she could do other than bringing people back from the dead. She saw this as both a blessing and a hindrance. On the good side, it meant that she only needed to worry about not bringing anyone back to life. However since she didn’t know the other powers and abilities she possessed, it would be difficult to stop them from coming forth and revealing her once again.

Mei began to do some research as quietly as possible, hoping that nobody would know what she was doing. She couldn’t find a lot of information regarding the Celestials, so she just assumed that she wasn’t looking in the right direction. However she didn’t exactly know what else she could do, other than try to live a normal life and remain hidden from those who wanted to lock her up or worse. As the young Celestial continued to work hard, and remain hidden; she began to hear whispers of a supernatural haven of sorts. The details were sketchy, because she was never hearing the full conversation. However, now she had a new lead to follow. Mei continued her research, but this time she expanded her search to other supernatural beings that may or may not exist. She still didn’t get very far with her search, and she was beginning to feel like she was quite bad at research, so she once again gave up on her search.

It took years for her to get any more information of the supernatural haven, but she had overheard some of the customers at the café talking about it. Normally she wouldn’t be so upfront, but the young Celestial was getting impatient trying to find any information she could. So Mei asked the people about this supernatural haven. They were quite friendly and told her everything they knew about the place called Evermore City. They had told her that they visited the city once, but they didn’t exactly find any proof of the supernatural there. Mei thanked them for the information, and she couldn’t stop thinking about the city for the rest of the day. When the work day was done, she went back to her apartment and continued her research once again, this time with renewed vigor. Finally she was getting somewhere with her search. She discovered the location of Evermore City, and decided that she would have to check out the city for herself. If there were supernatural beings in the city, the odds of them being out in the open about their abilities didn’t seem right to Mei. She figured that they’d be more like her, hiding in plain sight mixing in with the humans that most likely lived there as well.

Now at the age of 24, Mei left her job at the café behind, and packed up to move to a new place. This time things were quite different. She had her own vehicle, though getting a license was a bit difficult given that she didn’t have a birth certificate at the time. Once she figured out how to get a birth certificate, everything else fell into place. Now she got a car, she even won the lottery a little while back, which allowed her to be able to consider moving like this. Now that she had a plan in mind, it was time to make it a reality. Before she fully moved out of her apartment, she needed to make sure that she would have a place to live when she got to Evermore City. She decided to start with an apartment for now, just in case she wasn’t going to be in the city for long. She could always upgrade to a house in the future, should she become a permanent resident of the city. With an apartment lined up, she packed her belongings and left California, headed for what she hoped would be a new beginning.

Positive: Helpful | Caring | Kind
Negative: Untrusting | Distant | Over-Cautious

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