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Unpleasant Truths. (Artemitra, Jem, Sirius)

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The weekend was usually a busy time at The Siren's Cove, and so it was normal for Sirius to wake up a little earlier than normal. The Celestial despised waking up at any time before seven in the evening, but for his club, he'd be up by 5PM to get…Continue

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“Comets, importing change of times and states, brandish your crystal tresses in the sky.” ~William Shakespeare.

CW: Drugs

sirius iordanou.
full name:Sirius Othello Iordanou
nicknames:Siri; Thell
date of birth.May 10th, 1972
place of birth.Icaria, Green
species.Celestial; Hercules
residence:penthouse; city center.
dating status:single; available


hair:dark brown; sun bleached
eyes:cerulean blue
build:sailor's build
skin:tanned; celestial glow
accent:greek undertones
scentnatural musk with hints of a sea breeze
occupationowner of The Siren's Cove
black market/drug dealer
tattoos/marks.poseidon; left bicep


Chapter I -- A Life At Sea

It was a clear, starry night on the island of Icaria when a star fell on that peaceful isle. When the locals flooded to the beach to see what had graced their isle, they were stunned to see a man lying unconscious in the center of a crater.

A man insisted on taking him in. He was an experienced seaman, and he insisted this man must have washed in with the tide. He brought him to his home, and took care of the unconscious man, nursing him till the day he opened his eyes.

When the man awoke, he remembered nothing. The seaman who looked after told him that he had nothing to worry about--this was normal, he assured. His name was Herakles, named after a legendary hero, he said. Herakles told the man that his life was one on the sea, and that if he wanted a chance of survival, he’d had to trust him and follow him. 

The man agreed, and the next morning, he boarded the Herakles’s vessel, and left Icaria behind him.

A fortnight passed before the man remembered his name. He was having a laugh with Herakles in the captain’s quarters when it hit him: Sirius Othello Iordanou. He told Herakles immediately, to which he nodded to, saying that it was about time. He told Sirius to come to the crow’s nest with him, and that when Herakles told him quite the story:

They were Celestials, Herakles told him. They were stars who had fallen from the sky down to earth, where they would not age and live an immortal life. Herakles had fallen in Icaria just a decade before, and he’d found out the hard way that they were being hunted. First, there were those who knew the power of taking the life of a Celestial: they would be able to go back to a point in history and change its course. Such an act was so dangerous, it could bring upon a horrible turn of events that could turn out for the worse. Then, there was the Ailward Guard. Herakles had fallen with his “twin” of sorts, and he saw the Ailwards capture his brother and took him away. It was then that he decided to take to a life on the seas, where it would be unlikely that he’d be discovered by either types of hunters. And that was why he offered Sirius the choice to join him as his first mate: Herakles didn’t want the young lad to suffer a similar fate. 

The two and their crew sailed out of the Mediterranean that month itself. Herakles was worried that tales of a man in a crater would travel fast and reach the ears of the Ailwards in no time at all. The best decision they could make was to get as far from Greece as quick as they could.

They sailed south, down to the continent of Africa. They never stayed in a port for long: just for a night, two maybe, to restock their supplies when needed. Traders were not uncommon along the coast, but Herakles was paranoid. They couldn’t risk raising the suspicions of one mind, so only their crew would leave the ship while the two fallen stars would stay hidden in the captain’s quarters.

They managed to stay hidden for another fifteen years, which was when tragedy struck. One of the crew, Sirius would later come to suspect, must have discovered the true nature of the captain and his second. The crew would sell the information to the highest bidder, a pirate who wanted to change his past to rewrite his future. He too knew the tale of what would happen when one killed a fallen star, and that was a small price to pay for him.

The fates smiled upon Sirius that night, as Herakles had given him leave to take a stroll in a port in the Phillippines. He had been away from the ship when the pirate snuck aboard, but returned just in time to see the man plunge a dagger into Herakles’s chest. He barely had time to scream in horror when a flash of light burst from his captain, and with that, the two had gone.

Sirius was devastated. For the next year, he would blame himself for not being aboard the ship that fateful night. He captained the ship in Herakles’s stead--he knew the man would probably haunt him if he left his beloved vessel to rot--but got rid of any of the crew whom he did not trust. The Celestial took to a life of piracy and smuggling for the next five years, as a way to cope with his anger. He knew it was a pirate who had taken Herakles’s life, and so he dedicated his life to attempting to track him down. Throughout the years, Sirius would find himself smuggling not just goods, but people on the run, or in search of a new life. He didn’t care what their story was, as long as they had the cash to pay him.

Chapter II -- The Kinzles.

It was in the early 1990s when Sirius would dock at Sydney, Australia. There, he would meet two sisters: Charlie and Laine Kinzle. He knew from the get-go that their documents were fake, but he wasn’t the type to demand the truth from his passengers. Everyone had their stories and their reasons, and he was the last person to judge.

The sisters wanted to hire his services to sail to the Americas. It was a little curious to the Celestial that they wouldn’t rather take a commercial flight, but he realised that the sisters were trying to keep a low profile. He named his price and agreed to take them, and so the day after, they left the port and sailed for the ocean.

Along their journey, Sirius grew to be rather good friends with the sisters. They wouldn’t tell him the truth about their identity, but there was one night where he overheard the two talking about their past. He’d never confront them about it, but would carry on as if he knew nothing. Over the coming weeks, Sirius and the sisters became very close, the first friends he had since Herakles died.

When they would dock in California some weeks later, Sirius would not let them pay their fare.  A part of him seriously considered selling off his ship and joining them on their adventures, but he told himself he would think it over for a night. He knew where the sisters were staying for the night, and he figured that he would meet them there the next morning if he decided to leave the life on the open seas behind him.

He would never get to make that decision.

Chapter III -- Captured.

That night itself, when he was just about to go to sleep, four men broke into his quarters. Sirius didn’t stand a chance, and he was taken against his will off the ship. The Ailwards had found him, just as Herakles had warned all those years ago, and Sirius was tossed into a cage. It when then he discovered that the sisters were simply paid by the Guard to lure him close to the Isle of Skye, where their hunters would capture them.

It was there that he met Artemitra, an older fellow Celestial who'd also been captured by the Ailwards. She would be the first Celestial he met after Herakles, and he would be lying to himself if that wasn't some sort of comfort---he felt less alone in this dangerous world. She told him of the Ailward's betrayal, and how everyone and ended up being there. This enraged Sirius even more, strengthening his will to one day escape his prison, and fueling his hate for the Ailwards.

It felt like centuries before Ophelia Dreyvalian rescued the Celestials on the Isle of Skye, and for that, he would be eternally grateful to the wayfinder. Artemitra and a few other Celestials then decided that they would celebrate their freedom by doing a little bit of travelling. Yearning to see the ocean and seas once more, Sirius joined them on their adventures. Eventually, the group would move to Evermore City, where they would make their home alongside others of their kind, hoping to make the supernatural haven their home.

Chapter IV -- A New World.

Sirius figured he would do what he knew best: smuggling and dealing on the black market. The Celestial opened an underground speak-easy club, and is known for his connections in the illegal world. He pays off the cops to look the other way, allowing for his business to thrive. He remains unbothered with the ongoings of the city, although there are days where he daydreams of taking off once more to the high seas, but there's something about the city that's keeping him rooted...


C U R R E N T   S T O R Y L I N E :

→ S I R I U S  is currently running an underground speakeasy club in the middle of Evermore City, and occasionally deals drugs (nothing too hard) on the black market. He's got nothing really going for him as he stays out of things, but drama is always welcome.

O N G O I N G   T H R E A D S :

While setting up the club for the night with Jem, who's now a bartender at The Siren's Cove, an unexpected visit leads to truths being uncovered.
Siris  is confronted by a young dhampir to whom he refuses to sell anymore drugs to, and now is determined to set him straight and back on the right path. 
Against his will, Sirius is dragged out to the Christman market with an old, very good friend.
When a smuggling job goes bad, Sirius calls in the contractor he'd hired to complete it, and doesn't hide his disappointment and frustration in the slightest.
Taking place in the past where Sirius was just gaining notoriety in Evermore City as someone who always seemed to get what he wanted, he finds out crucial dirt on a certain ECPD officer, and now is determined to get her under his thumb. 

C U R R E N T L Y   P L O T T I N G :


W A N T E D   C O N N E C T I O N S  :

C E L E S T I A L S 
As Sirius was captured by the Ailwards (like every other Celestial), it would be nice if he got to know a few of the other captive Celestials. Maybe they could have helped each other get through the ordeal.
→ A I L W A R D   G U A R D S / A S P E C T S.
It'd be cool for Siri to have some animosity with the Ailwards Guards and/or Aspects.
I'd also love a plot where he could come face-to-face with the Guards that captured and brought him to the Isle of Skye. 
→ S T A F F   A T   T H E   N I G H T C L U B.
Bartenders, bouncers, DJs---anything goes here! Sirius would be a rather cool boss, and he'd probably be friends with his staff.
→ B L A C K   M A R K E T   C O N N E C T I O N S .
Sirius deals in smuggling illegal goods, so maybe usual clients would be a good way to form a connection?
→ D I R T Y  C O P S / E C P D  C O N N E C T I O N S .
Sirius bribes cops in order to run his business without a hitch. A cop friend or two would be fun to play out. They could be friends, or we could do a SL where Siri forces their help using blackmail. He's a rather nice guy, but doing this isn't below him.

C OM P L E T E D   T H R E A D S :

Sirius finds himself faced with a blast from his past, a woman he never thought he'd ever see again. He would love to rekindle their relationship, however Siri realises that she has no memory of him whatsoever.
W A L K I N G  around in a Christmas market gives Sirius quite the surprise when he bumps into the blast from his past, and he hopes that she gets to know him better. They enjoy spending time, and Sirius leaves with the hope that Charlie's starting to finally remember him.
After posting out a job advert out for a bartender position in The Siren's Cove, Sirius did not expect a face from his past to turn up to fill it.

N O N - S U P E R N A T U R A L  S K I L L S
Sailing → Having spent most of his life on the open sees, Sirius is an experienced sailor. He'd rather live on a ship, but as there is a Celestial community in Evermore City, he's resigned to living on land for a bit.
Tracking → Sirius has had a natural talent for finding people or things that don't necessarily want to be found.
Navigating → Being an expert seafarer, Sirius has mastered of using the sun and stars to help him find his way anywhere.
Smuggling → Having been his way of life for decades, Sirius is a rather good smuggler, and can take things across borders without notice when needed.
Strategic → Sirius is an excellent strategist. He knows when to show her hand, and knows when it's best to disappear.
Survivalist → He's been on his own for decades, so Sirius knows how to survive with barely anything at his disposal. He can make a fire out of anything, knows how to hunt and fish, can make shelter anywhere, and has an extensive knowledge on what in nature can kill him and what can aid healing.
Sailing → There is nothing Sirius loves more than sailing through the seas, so he'll often take vacations to seaside towns to satisfy his yearning to sail.
Reading → To pass the time, Sirius enjoys curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book. He loves the classics more than anything.
Swimming → Would you have guessed that a seafarer would love swimming? Sirius makes it a point to swim a few laps at least once a day.
A T  A  F I R S T  G L A N C E →

As Siri is only out and about after 6pm, you'll usually see him in a short- or long-sleeved button down shirt in neutral colours paired with black chinos or straight-cut jeans. He usually wears leather dress shoes (either brown or black), but occasionally you'll see him in a black or white pair of sneakers.

Whenever there is an event at this nightclub, however, he decked out in rave attire. That usually consists of mesh muscle tops ranging from his usual black to every other neon colour out there, plus his favourite pair of black holographic sweatpants. On those nights, you'll definitely see him rocking a pair of sneakers.

His hair is almost always in some sort of tousled, disheveled mess. Only when an important, formal even comes around, he'll put in the effort to tame his hair. Other than that, he simply cannot be arsed.


D I G G I N G  D E E P E R  →

the siren's cove.
Sirius's Underground Nightclub.located: city center, in a dark valley.
access: a rusted steel door, down two flights of stairs
vibe: ocean themed.
S T A F F .
James 'Jem' Chadwick -- BARTENDER


J A M E S  ' J E M '  C H A D W I C K
"client" | responsibility
Jem first came to Sirius's attention when the young man wanted, well, drugs. Sirius didn't see a problem at the start, knowing that people around his age liked to experiment, and instructed his dealers to only sell the young dhampir the safe stuff. However, Jem wanted more, and Sirius couldn't in good faith let the lad go down a path like this. Subconsciously, he's now made it a point to steer him back on course, and get him over his substance abuse. 
C O R N E L I A  B R A D F O R D

A R T E M I T R A  B L U E M O O N
fellow traveler | a good friend
Sirius didn't know how he'd ever gotten through captivity on the Isle of Skye without Arte. She was the first Celestial he'd met after Herakles's death, and the friendship that formed between them kept him sane. After Ophelia freed them, a group of the Celestials took the opportunity to travel--Sirius and Artemitra were amongst them.
Bonded by their love for travelling and similar interests, the two both settled down in Evermore City, and never lost touch. Their friendship remains strong to this day.
insert relationship
insert description


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