The weekend was usually a busy time at The Siren's Cove, and so it was normal for Sirius to wake up a little earlier than normal. The Celestial despised waking up at any time before seven in the evening, but for his club, he'd be up by 5PM to get ready, and reach the speakeasy at 6PM. Today was no exception, and he arrived to see most of his staff already there, including his newest recruit: Jem Chadwick. Sirius nodded a greeting to everyone, shooting the young dhampir a smirk. Upon opening the door to the office, however, he was greeted by a small furry face. His brow creased in confusion for a moment before the pieces fit together in his mind: Jem had asked if he could bring his puppy over as there was no one to watch it. Assuring the Celestial that Buttercup was trained well, Sirius relented. The pup was incredibly cute, but he wouldn't admit that to anyone.

Setting his things in his office, the man let out a sigh, rubbing his face in an attempt to wake himself up. As a Celestial, he hated being up when the sun was out. Clearing his throat, Siri then made his way out into the actual nightclub, being sure to close the door behind him to prevent Buttercup from running out, and walked behind the bar. "Jem, my lad," he greeted the new bartender cheerfully, grabbing a glass from the hanging racks and poured himself a glass of water. "How's the job coming along?" He looked up at the dhampir then, an eyebrow raised in question as he leaned his elbows on the bar top, cerulean blue hues trained on the boy. "I hope it's not too stressful."

The door to the nightclub then swung open, catching the Greek man's attention. His brow creased slightly, his gaze darting across the room to see who could be coming to the club this early---people usually only came in at 9PM at the earliest. To his surprise, a familiar face appeared, bringing a smirk to toy upon his lips. "Artie?" he greeted, a questioning lilt to her name as he spoke, the man not moving from behind the bar as his fellow Celestial made her way towards him. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" A sly look flashed across his chiselled features, accompanied with an impish grin. "Have you been missing my Scrooge-y ways already?" he couldn't help but tease. His expression then relaxed as he turned his body slightly towards the array of bottles decorating the mirrored shelves at the back of the bar. "Can I get you anything to drink?" Sirius asked, his gaze then returning to rest on the Artemitra, an eyebrow still raised in question. "It's on the house, as always."

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It had been a while since the female Celestial had been at the Siren’s Cove. Mainly because of how busy her own schedule had kept her. But anytime she visited her friend Sirius’ club, most of his staff knew her and her order; as she always had the same thing as she had taken a liking to certain beverages on offer. Today was one of the few rare days that she was visiting Siren’s Cove again. This time to mainly drop off something for Sirius on behalf of their leader Ophelia. It was fairly early on in the evening; knowing it’d be a few good hours before the nightclub would be packed with people. So Artemis chose to head there now, rather than later. Not wanting to catch Sirius during busier hours.

Setting the box in the passenger seat of her car, the Celestial  soon started it upon sitting in the driver’s seat, seatbelt fastened. Her music came on, as soon as the engine rolled over. Humming along to the tune that was playing, as she drove over to the nightclub. Ever since Jem’s band-mate had given her the demo of their cd, the Celestial couldn’t help but keep blasting their tunes on repeat. It was rather catchy. Soon enough, the dark haired woman pulled up outside of the Siren’s cove, finding a good parking spot. The evening air brushed against her cheeks. It was still a bit chilly outside. But Luckily the Celestial was wearing her winter coat, ontop of her long sleeved turtle-neck top. Her boots clicking against the crispy ground, her jeans keeping her legs warm. Pulling out the box from the passenger's seat, she made sure to lock her car before she headed inside. The box in her grip, half blocking her view.

Of course, Sirius was the first person to greet her as per usual, making her smile back at her Celestial friend. “Good to see you too, Siri.” she greeted, keeping a hold of the box in her grip. Laughing as she shook her head. “I think you’re under the impression that I miss you too much.” There came a quick teasing quipp back at him. The two having a sibling like bond, always teasing and pestering each other. “Ophelia mentioned, you needed to do some research for something? I didn’t get the full details, but I brought whatever it is you asked for.” Artemis lifted up the box, to show him she was bearing gifts for him. It felt heavy, she would guess either files or some books. When Sirius offered her a drink, she smiled at him. “I’ll have my usual.” As their fellow Celestial took the box from her, Artemis let her arms drop to her side. Not having a strain on them and her view wasn’t so blocked anymore. Giving her other fellow Celestial a nod, of thanks.

Much to her surprise, she saw a familiar face behind the bar. “Jem?” To say that Artemis was surprised, would be an under-statement. Looking a bit confused, as to what he was doing there. Not knowing that he and Sirius knew each other. She couldn’t help but smile at the Dhampir. Since the last time they had seen each other, Mitra looked a bit different. Her hair looking a bit darker than usual, as she had dyed it black. But in some lighting, dark brown streaks could still be seen. “You two know each other?” Her question for both Sirius and Jem,  before she could question either of the males again; she thought she heard some noises coming from the office. Glancing towards Sirius office, she rose an eyebrow. For a split moment, it sounded like a dog barking. Trying to shake it off, it soon came enough again. Glancing towards Sirius with a confused expression. “Who’s puppy did you kidnap?” Artemis asked jokingly. As far as she knew Sirius, he never ever had a pet in his life, let alone one at the nightclub. He always complained about how messy pets were, so this made no sense to her. Shrugging off her winter coat, since it was warm inside, Artemis set it over the back of a stool  near the bar.

Trying to get back on track and clearing up his act was something he was trying hard to do. Having steered himself onto the wrong path so long. It was harder for him to get back on the right one. Making a promise to Sirius that he would do so in return for a bartending job at the nightclub that he had owned. Jem knew that it was his only chance he had to for any good job right now. Knowing that he’d be stupid to turn it down. One of the conditions for the job that he’d have to be cut off. Going cold turkey of drugs and alchol. That he wouldn’t be allowed the job if he carried on with his old ways. Jem knew that he had to do so. Finding that it wasn’t as difficult as he had first thought. It took a few days for him to come clean and staying back on track. He hadn’t exactly told his family that he’d gotten a job so to say. Knowing that Cornelia would only knowing that it wouldn’t go down well that she’d be paranoid of him working in one. Let alone her knowing that he knew the owner, that he was his drug dealer so to say. Luckily he managed to work around when she was home or not. One of the more difficult things that he’s found was trying to work out how he was going to look after his puppy since he was too young to be left around for too long then he didn’t want to let Cornelia look after him since Buttercup was his own responsibility. Luckily he managed to work it with his boss. That Sirius wasn’t able to say no when he first brought Buttercup to the club with all of the staff falling in love with the fluffy puppy straight away. The Dhampir was able to leave Buttercup kept in Sirius’s office when he was working and Clarissa wasn’t able to puppy sit. 

He was still trying to find his feet working at the club. With how it was his first proper job and in a club working behind a bar in all too. Trying to remember all the different types of drinks and how they were served was something he was trying to wrap his head around. Especially the cocktails that he was trying to avoid for long as he could. The working patterns weren’t a bother to him. How he was used to going to sleep early hours of the morning then sleeping right through until midday or afternoon. Yet now he’d be woken up by his puppy who wants to go out first thing. There weren't many people at the club just yet, able to guess it doesn’t get busy for another few hours. He noticed Sirius walking into the past whilst greeting everyone at the same time. Jem smirked back to his mentor before going back to the bar knowing that he’d soon be greeted by someone waiting in his office. It wasn’t soon before his boss had walked back out and behind the bar where he was. “Hey Siri He smiled greeting back whilst trying to try up some of the glasses. “It’s going good so far. I haven’t broken anything yet” Chuckling softly with how accident prone he was it was bound to happen. The Dhampir was putting away some glasses a bit further down by the bar as he heard a familiar name. 

Someone who had a crush on and being texting back and forth since they met. The Dhampir quickly ducked down behind the bar fast as he could, so she couldn’t see. Yet his idea didn’t work out as she spotted him straight away. Hearing how surprised she was that he was here. Knowing he couldn’t hide he got up from behind the bar. “Hey Mitra” He grinned waving a little trying to act casual that he hadn’t ducked behind the bar moments ago. Jem noticed that both Mitra and Sirius knew each other, but thinking of it now it made sense with how they were both Celestials. It was more confusing to her how he knew Sirius. “He’s my boss, I work here now. Being in a band don’t pay much” Knowing he’d forgotten to say that he’d gotten a job not wanting her to think that he had only just gotten one before. Jem heard Mitra quizzing Sirius about a puppy knowing that it was Buttercup. “Umm it’s mine. Sirius let me keep him in the office when I’m working” Quickly admitting the puppy she heard was his, before playing with his ear awkwardly. “Did I forget to tell you I got a puppy too?”

Sirius couldn't help but chuckle at the dhampir's remark about not breaking anything, then taking a long sip of his water. "Good to hear that, though don't stress to much about the glasses---there'll always be casualties there. Just try not to break the liquor---that's more expensive." He winked teasingly at the younger of the two before his attention was directed to the familiar presence that made her way through the club. Jem's reaction took him by surprise, however, as he noticed Jem duck down behind the bar from his peripherals, just as Arte spoke. He simply shook his, making a mental note to ask the dhampir what that was about later. His attention now completely on his fellow Celestial, he raised an eyebrow at the box clutched in her hands that hid most of her face, but smirked instead at her quip. "What's not to miss? I'd be guessing your life is terribly boring without my commentaries." A teasing glint shimmered in his wide eyes, but then he narrowed his hues, creasing forming on his brow as he nodded towards the box.

Before he had the chance to ask, Arte had already explained what was in the box and what it was for. Siri's face relaxed as he nodded, eyeing the box for a moment before his eyeline flickered back towards the woman. It was no secret to most of the Celestials that Sirius was heavily involved in the black market, but they also knew that if they wanted information on something, he could get it. He reached over and took the box from her grasp, relieving her of the weight. It was definitely heavy, and he chided himself for not taking it from her earlier. "Thanks, tell Phe have this all sorted by tomorrow," he said to Artemitra, smiling as he placed the box on the far end of the bar, nearly tripping over the crouching figure of Jem. When his friend asked him to prepare her usual, he nodded and put his hands to work, reaching for a glass and a few bottles.

When Arte called out Jem's name, a quizzical look etched its way onto the Greek man's features. He looked from the Spanish Celestial to the dhampir, who seemed to try to pop out from his hiding spot as casually as possible. One look at Jem's expression, however, made Sirius turn his face away to hide his smirk. It was written over his face that he had a thing for Artie, and Sirius made a mental note to tease them both about it when they were alone. At her query to how they knew each other, Sirius looked towards Jem, lips pursed together. Surely Artie knew he dealt drugs, but he was quite sure that she wasn't aware that once upon a time, he'd sold to Jem. She'd probably kill him if he knew, no matter what Sirius was doing to rectify the situation. Fortunately, Jem said that he simply worked at The Siren's Cove, and a wave of relief washed over the older man. He was not in the mood for one of Arte's infamous lectures.

The Greek Celestial rolled his shoulders into a nonchalant shrug, sliding over the drink to Arte before leaning his elbows on the countertop. A part of him wondered if she'd straightaway assume that Jem was involved with his darker dealings---of course, that wasn't the case. "Aye, the lad came onboard not long ago. He's not too shabby as a bartender---hasn't broken anything yet," he teased, flashing a smirk at Jem. "How do you two know each other, though?" It was then Buttercup chose to bark, the man groaning someone as it caught Arte's attention. At her query, he simply raised an eyebrow. "You know how I feel about pets, and you think I'd actually kidnap one?" He shook his head in mock-disappointment, clucking his tongue. "I thought you knew me better than that, Artie." Jem then answered that it was his dog, and when Sirius looked over at him, it pained him to hide his laugh. Awkwardness radiated from the dhampir, the elder of the two men finding it quite endearing. He then looked at Arte, narrowing his eyes slightly at her as he took the box from the table. "The pup stays in the office, Artie---don't you even think of letting him out." Eyeing his old friend for a moment longer he made his way around the bar, leaving the two alone as he went to put the box away. As he passed Jem, he quickly whispered, "Play it cool, man. You're stressing me out just watching you." 

It took him a moment to put the box in his office, the puppy making it little hard for him to get in without letting it out. Shaking his head and muttering curses at it under his breath, he set the box atop his desk. It took another moment for him to get out, Buttercup still putting up a fight. "You'll be far happier in there than out here once the music there, pup," he said to the dog, rolling his eyes at himself realising that he was speaking to a dog. Shaking his head, he locked his office door, making his way to take a seat at the bar. "So, what'd I miss?" he asked, raising an eyebrow as he reached for his glass of water, taking a sip.

Of course, Sirius had to tease her back. That’s how their relationship generally worked. “Pftt.” she playfully snorted. “If anything, you’d be missing me annoying you.” the female jested. But truthfully, she would miss him. He always seemed to make her life a bit more upbeat with his commentaries and banter between them. Giving the younger Celestial a teasing sisterly like smirk. Having known Sirius for a long while, she was well aware of his shady connections to the black market and dabbling in drugs. Not that she really approved of it all, Artemis found herself worrying about Sirius when he got involved in the Black Market, but he was also a good connection to have, if someone was after one of them. Whilst she did have a slightly reckless side, she wasn’t anywhere reckless like Sirius to be involved in the black market. Maybe a reason why some questioned their friendship. Nodding at what Siri told her. “Will do.” Artemis smiled back, relieved that he had taken the box off of her.

It didn’t go a miss, that her crush had tried to hide behind the bar. Raising a slight eyebrow, as Jem popped back up from behind the bar. His cute greeting made her cheeks slightly flush, smiling back at him. “Find anything interesting down there?” she joked, a little side-comment to her noticing him trying to hide. When Jem told her that Sirius was his boss, the surprise was still very much etched onto her features. “Your boss huh?” Now that was unexpected. Also not remembering Jem mentioning that to her, in all the times they kept in touch with each other. “I hope he’s not too strict on you. I know he can be a big ba-hambug sometimes, but he’s not so bad.” Artemis joked, teasing Sirius as she said that. Siri was one of her closest friends, she knew he took good care of his staff here, hence why his staff was pretty much everyone she knew so far at the club. Everyone seemed to like it here. Smiling softly as Sirius commented on Jem not being a shabby bar-tender. “You should know, he’s in a band. They’re pretty great. Would be great business for the club, if they had a few gigs here.” Having to stop herself from gushing about Jem’s band too much, but what could the girl say? Their music was kind of stuck on her lately. Not knowing, that Siri already had their demo.

When Sirius asked her how they knew each other. “That wasn’t the question.” she pouted at Sirius. “I asked you first.” Huffing playfully, that he turned the question back at her. “I met Jem at a party that another friend of mine hosted a few weeks back. Jem’s band was playing and Tori needed a photographer for the I accepted her offer.” Artemis explained to Sirius. Thinking back to the party and how Astoria had to embarrass her, by dragging her over to the stage. Once Siri had her drink ready, she thanked him. Taking a sip from her glass. Artemis was more of a cocktail girl than anything, when it came to alcohol. On occasion she would enjoy some wine, if she was out with friends. As Sirius teased her back about the puppy in the office, she soon learned it was Jem’s. Smiling softly. “I think you might have mentioned him. It’s Buttercup right?” Artemis asked with a smile. That was one thing she remembered. “I am surprised, Siri even let your puppy into the club. He’s usually strict and a spoil sport when it comes to animals being anywhere near.” Turning her attention back to Sirius “Yes yes, you always complain.” Trying to put on her best Siri voice, she couldn’t help but mock him. “Their fur always gets everywhere, what a high maintenance mess. Too whiny and needy all the time, I don’t get how people cope with having pets.” Sounding funny, as she tried to mock Sirius and how he always fussed over the mess pets made, giggling when she saw his expression. “What do I know? You could secretly be working as a pet kidnapper, when no one’s looking.” she shrugged at him. “You’d think after knowing you for so long, I’d know you but still you surprise me from time to time.” The Celestial admitted to Sirius, before she brought her glass up to her lips again.

Huffing when Sirius told her not to let the dog out. Pouting. “Awwe come on.” Artemis looked at Sirius. “You seriously gonna keep an adorable puppy away from me? Not fair.” Rolling her eyes at him, once he had his back turned to her, to get the box into his office. But she couldn’t help but notice the slightly weird and awkward looks shared between the two males, wondering what that was about.

“So, any other surprises besides you having a puppy hiding in Sirius’ office?” Artemis joked, as she asked Jem. The smile still lingering on her lips any time she looked towards the Dhampir. “How long have you worked here?” She asked curious, wondering how recent this job offer was. But it seemed like he liked it here so far. It wasn’t long before Sirius was back, Artemis bit her bottom lip slightly at his curiosity. “Not much? Just chatting?” He seemed a bit curious? Like he’d be up to something? Trying not to look towards the Celestial’s office. Artemis could still hear Jem’s pup whining and barking. It was tugging at her heart-strings.How was she supposed to leave it in the office? Tapping her fingers against the bar table. The Celestial bit at the inside of her cheek slightly, when she heard a pained whimper from the puppy, that was it. Seeing Sirius wasn’t paying much attention in her direction...her hand snaked it’s way into his pocket, where he kept his office keys. Hopping from her seat, she walked over to the office door and unlocked it. Yep, she had just pick-pocketed her friend, to get the keys.

“Awwe, I know you poor puppy. I know.” Artemis spoke softly, as the adorable fluffball barked at her, when the door was open. Letting the puppy out, she closed the door again. Leaning down to fuss over Buttercup, it seemed to soothe the stressed out pupper. Gently picking the puppy up, so it wouldn’t run around and cause havoc, she carried it with her over to the bar, where she tossed Sirius’ keys in front of him on the bar top. Rubbing the puppy’s head, as she sat down. It seemed like Jem’s puppy calmed down, when he saw Jem near by. Along with Artemitra’s affections keeping it calm and happy, as it was getting attention.

Jem was still trying to do his best not to mess up at work so soon that people were waiting to watch him slip up on something sooner or later. It didn’t help either how much a clutz he could be at times. “Don’t jinx me man” Shushing Sirius a little not knowing how his boss loved to see him sweat. Soon as Jem relizsed that Artemis walked into the bar he quickly ducked down in a flash not wanting her to see him. Jem didn’t know why he had done it but it was already too late. That he’d be confusing Sirius too for why he was doing it. Hoping that he wouldn’t tell her that he was here and that he’d just play along with it. Whilst being crouched down on the floor the cutriuousoity got the better of him and he tried to listen into their conversation. Able to pick up that Mitra and Sirus were close friends. Too he could see she was holding some sort of box but knowing Sirius god knows it was in it. Although the Dhmapir was curious about what was in the box, Jem already knew what the answer would be. 

“Ouch!” He muttered, feeling himself being kicked by Sirius who nearly tripped over him with how he was still hiding behind the bar. Jem knew his cover was blown so he tried to play it cool. Grabbing a pen as he came up holding it up in the air. “Ah, Found it” He grinned widely but knowing he looked like a fool doing so. Playing it cool, pretending he hadn’t just hidden behind the bar just now. Jem gave Sirius a pleading look to keep all that happened in the past behind them not wanting for all the drug stuff to come up. Not wanting to scare her and mess everything up so soon but knowing him it was bound to happen. Jem could see that she was surprised when he said that Sirius was his boss. “The only thing he’s moaned at me for is slouching or leaning on the bar” He teased looking over to his boss who was good at playing good cop or bad cop with him. Jem moved down along the bar to where Artemis was, he couldn’t help to grin widely before leaning on the bar hearing her speaking and promoting his music. “Have you been listening to our songs huh?” He teased her softly seeing the way she was speaking about it. “Yeah about that I already beat you to it, I’ve already given Sirius a demo” 

Jem let her tell Sirius of how they first met. Whilst he knew that Sirius was hoping that it wasn’t when he was getting into trouble. Which he wasn’t, he was earning some cash, trying to get his band out there. “If I remember you didn’t do much photo taking at the party after” He put in teasing the Celestial, to how she got distracted by him and his band from the party. Jem couldn’t  help but laugh seeing how even though Buttercup wasn’t in the room he was still drawing attention. “Well my mum is out and my auntie couldn’t dog sit. He’s still young so he can’t really be left alone for too long” Chuckling as he listened to Artimis’s impression of Sirius complaining about dogs. “I think Buttercup has grown on him” Jem whispered leaning on the bar closer to her knowing that Sirius probably heard him but knew it was true. “You got to tell me of the old about Sirius” Wanting to know more about his bosses past apart from the whole dealer and bad stuff side. Knowing that there would be a good few tales to be told. 

Whenever he brought Buttercup to the club whilst he was working Sirius made it clear to everyone that nobody is to go into his office and not to let the puppy out. That some people even feared him a little with how serious he was about it. “Buttercup stays in there, trust me” Chuckling a little shaking his head. Just as Sirius moved past him he froze a little listening to the Celestials whisper confused for a moment. “I... am…” He stammered a little, staring at his boss getting a little bit defensive. Although he was right he was probably looking like a fool in front of his crush but he couldn’t help how he was. Plus he was clueless at flirting that even he’d caught up on it too. Soon as Sirius had gone with the box, Jem was quick to turn back to Mitra. “Sooo Aritemis, what's in the box?” He wondered trying to get it out of her, that he was just dying to find out. Not able to help it but he was curious of things like that but knew she’d probably not tell him. 

“Nope, nothing” Quickly saying although lying a little. “So you still have yet to show me the photos you took of the party” Smiling softly reminding her. From the photos she’d shown her, he was impressed by his work. “Reggie was wondering if you caught his good side” Jem added laughing, shaking his head, mentioning to his bandmate who was like a golden retriever at times. It wasn’t long until Sirius soon came back, joining them asking what he’d missed. “So has she made you be her photo model for pictures yet” Smirking a little, now knowing the two were close friends by what he could tell he wanted to know more about his boss than he already knew. Jem was first to notice Artemis slipping away but she’d managed to get her hands on Sirius’s keys. The Dhampir smirked a little already knowing where she was going and what she was going to do. So he went and distracted the other Celestial. “I haven’t told her everything about my past so can you promise me to keep it on down low?” Pleading to him almost that he’s able to see he’s trying to get to know Artemis more. Suddenly a dog little bark made them both turn away, Jem could see that Artetmis was walking back over with Buttercup in her arms. “So who's the puppy-napper now?” Jem laughed teasing her, before leaning over the bar to rub Buttercup's head. Already missing his puppy even if it hadn’t been long since he’d checked up on him. “He likes you” Smiling softly able to notice that his puppy had calmed and wasn’t barking like he’d normally do when he’s out when the club was open.

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